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Chapter 10

Training Together

"Po! Tell me a good reason that drugging me into kitchen, or I'll swear--" just before Tigress finished, something has blocked her eyes.

The Dragon Scroll!?

The same blank scroll, that it was suppose belong to the Dragon Warrior, appeared in front of her and the others' eyes. But why?

Before Tigress could ask a question, Po interjected, "Look, Tigress. I know this maybe an awkward. But I…mmmm…want you to have it." Po hesitantly said.

"Why?" Tigress asked with a frown up.

"Because…that day it was me who had crushed your dream, just when you're an inch close to get chosen to be the Dragon Warrior, I proof! It got vanished." Po explained with pity.

The feline master understood what he meant, as she slowly lowed her head faced to the ground, didn't know what to say or ask. But one thing she did know…

"You haven't changed."


"I said," she chuckled, "when Master Oogway got picked you to be the Dragon Warrior, me and the rest of the Five were so mad, we were thinking; How can this big, flabby, fat, stupid panda who didn't know anything about Kung Fu, could be the Dragon Warrior? We tried to get rid of you, even Master Shifu wanted to, but you didn't quit, that had impressed us."

"Really?" he asked in disbelief.

She nodded with a smile and continued, "Before and after you defeated Tai Lung, when you were living in the Jade Palace with us, you have slowly…changed us."


"We were coldhearted and defeat the enemies without any mercy, but when you came, it became different…" she softly said, "You have brought us laughter that we have long lost, a warm feeling that we had never felt, the hysteric occasion you made us laugh or make us smile, every joke that we never experienced or heard, and every moment we taught you, sparring with you, it was different. You have filled us, Po, and me too." She said with ember eyes watered and an awkward smile.

Po was speechless as he watched tears stared rolling down her cheeks, when Tigress has snapped, she quickly wiped them out, "I'm sorry, I don't know what's in to me…"

The next thing she knew, she was embraced by two black strong arms. Her face was buried into his chest and she could hear him whispering in her ears, "No matter what happens, I have no regrets to be a Giant Panda, because that's how we met."

Tigress's heart was melted by his speech as she slowly relaxed into his warm, black and white fur. But it wasn't so long as she was being pulled by Po, who handed her the Dragon Scroll. Even though it was blank, it doesn't mean it was useless or pointless, it only knew that it was in the right hand and where it belongs after all.

"There, it has finally found where it belongs." Po softly said with a smile.

Tigress clutched the scroll, she was actually touching the Dragon Scroll and felt it, the carves of the scroll was beautiful for Tigress, "I...I don't know what to say…" she was speechless.

"You can say 'thank you', or…" without a second, Po's lips were touched, with Tigress's!

At first, Po was shocked, but slowly he slowly accepted it as he slowly pulled her hips by his caress paws. And then they have shared a passionate and full of love kiss. But romantic atmosphere need to be crushed as there was fake coughing behind them.

"A-them!!" coughed from behind, they turned and saw the rest were at the entrance of the kitchen, staring at them, blankly.

"You know, we would have left you two lovebirds alone if you had only just asked." Monkey teased, Po and Tigress's faces were burning and blushed deeply.

"So…what? You guys are going dating?" Mantis asked, with heavy sarcasm.


"Of course."

"Why?" Crane asked.

"Because…I have a crush on her when I was a teenager, I thought you understand." Po explained.

"Oh, we understand! We were just wondering what's wrong with her head." Mantis joked.

"Mantis, I know this maybe awkward for you all. But I think Po is sweet, funny and cute." Tigress sweetly replied as she nuzzled Po's chest. That was totally not the Tigress they knew!

"Did you put something in her food?" the other members of the Furious Six joked.

"Hey!!" the couples cried and glared at their friends.

"Kidding!!" they defended back.

Suddenly, Tigress noticed Viper and Crane as their wing and tail held together. She smirked as she began to tease, "Well, at least we're not the only couple around here." She said as she slightly swung her head directed to Crane and Viper.

The other masters looked at the two masters, who were blushing in embarrassing, but there was nothing to be afraid. Love is stronger than anything, nothing to be scared and nothing be separated. Crane and Viper admitted their love that they felt the same to their friends.

"Well, that wasn't a shock." Mantis snickered.

"Hey, are we going to chatting with an empty stomach or what?" Po declared as they have all in their seats, witnessed Po's remarkable cooking skills.

"I guess it wouldn't be bad of breaking the rules." Tigress joked.

"Wow, didn't expect to hear that from your mouth." Monkey teased and they laughed as quiet as they could.

"Order up!" Po announced as they delivered each a noodle bowl, "Sleep well, I have a surprise for you." He whispered.

"What surprise?" Mantis asked.

"I won't tell if you want to ruin it."

And so they enjoyed Po's noodles and for the first time, they disobeyed Shifu's punishment. However, they didn't notice that the red panda had witnessed everything, surprisingly, he grinned and let his students having their late-dinner.

Before the dawn, Po gently rapped the paper door from Tigress's room. The South Asia Tiger was yawning and Po quickly covered her mouth from not to awake the whole Palace. Po shushed her, and Tigress furiously pointing at his paws, Po got it what she meant as he quickly released is paws for let her gasping for oxygen.

"What you were thinking? Choking me to death!?" she growled, merely whispering.

"Sorry," he apologized in whispering, "but could you wake up the rest, be as quiet as you could, okay?" he offered.


"I told you I have a surprise for you all."

"…this better be worth."

"Don't worry, it'll change your whole life." Po declared. "Meet me at my Dad restaurant." He added and then he tiptoed to leave, but with his overweight body, he had crept up the bunkhouse steps and the floorboards creaked loudly.

Tigress was sweat-dropped and felt silly of his covert operation as she dapped every paper door that Po asked of her. All of them were tired and yawning while they were walking down the street to 's noodle restaurant, where Po was standing there.

"Po, this better won't make you my fists." Monkey said, yawning.

"Okay, trust me. Have I ever let you down?" the Giant Panda asked.

"Um…Let's see, first time we disappointed you were the legendary Dragon Warrior. And then the Dragon Scroll was blank. Oh, not to mention you did-" Crane was cut by Po's paws as he clutched Crane's beak.

"Okay, maybe I had," he didn't expect that Crane had a good memory, "Anyway, follow me." Po said as he leaded the way.

During their walking, they didn't notice that the young bunnies have awaken so early as they curiously followed the Furious Six, tiptoed without making a crack or creak sound.

--Po's Training Field--

"Wow…" the five masters were exclaimed of what they saw.

The ground was in perfect wet temperature as the solid was also soft and comfortable. The area was surrounded by the tall, shiny grass as their heights. There was a bamboo forest beside the field. And the view was facing the endlessly pool, with lots of lotus and blossoms everywhere, no crocodile bandits seemed come to taint it.

"See? I told ya it'll change your life." Po proudly said.

"Yea, it's beautiful. No wonder we have been living in this valley for many years, we never noticed this place." Crane claimed.

"Ever." Mantis added.

"Here, catch!" Po shouted as he threw some long bamboo stick like Monkey used to one each. They looked confused until Po spoke, "This place gives me awesome energy, I bet I am ready for your kung-fuy." He challenged.

The five masters stared to each other and then their eyes have changed as both new what that meant, "Are you ready?" Tigress asked as she swung her bamboo stick in the air, and held on her fighting stance, and so did the others.

"I was born ready." Po gave Tigress a lustful smile.

When a ginkgo leaf fallen onto the solid ground, the auras of the field had became different. There was a showdown in the Po's Training Field, "HIYA! HIYA!" Po let out a fighting cried as he swung a bamboo stick wildly in the field and attacked his friends as a sparring, thinking that he could develop himself awesomeness kung fu skills of his own. The five returned the flavor to Po and so as he took it.

The bunnies have witnessed their admired heroes' awesomeness kung fu skills, and covertly watching them without any sound or noticing. Of course, The Furious Six were too preoccupied on their practicing and sparring as they didn't expect that somebody was spying on them.

"HIYA! HIYA!!" they finally let out their final scream and then there was another cried behind them, "HIYA!" he was sure that that wasn't his screams.

They turned around and saw the bunnies have both their own bamboo stick and stick-shaped tool of each, the Furious Six couldn't help themselves as they chuckled, "Hi ya." they hesitantly replied.

"So, what are you guys doing here? It's too early for you guys and today also no training class either." Po curiously asked.

"We want to be like you guys, Po. Hiya! Hiya!" a bunny declared and showed up some of his fighting skills. At last, he fell down and every bunny laughed at him, even the Six.

"Haha, very funny. But me and the five are still practicing the moves." Po replied of trying no to disappoint them.

"Please." And so the other bunnies followed, "Please! Please! Please!" they all pleaded the Furious Six.

Po has finally given up, "Okay, I think I guess I can show you some a few moves." He said, but there was another voice cut in.

"Po and the Furious Five are going to teach us how to kick butt!!" Sha declared as they have gotten overexcited.

"Whoa! Whoa! Fighting!? Remember what I told you, kids, Kung Fu means-"

"Excellence of itself." Te bunnies finished Po's speech.

"Right!" Po commented.

"Hey! Are we going to learn kung fu or what?" the bunnies started to complain, the masters chuckled of that.

"So, Tigress, guys. What do you think?" Po hit Tigress's shoulder and pulled the rest of the warriors closed together as a secret conversation.

"Are you kidding? I'd love to!" Viper excitedly said.

"Beside, these bunnies are the next generation of kung fu. They need to learn some defense moves first though." Crane said.

"I agree with that." Monkey added.

"Same by me, so how about you, Tigress?" Mantis asked as they have all eyed on the feline.

She sighed, "…Well, I guess teach them a few moves wouldn't hurt." She said.

"Alright, then that's settle!" Po showed out his paws and the five followed as they made up a team-high-five. They turned and faced to the bunnies.

"Okay, since you all know the secrets of being excellent, but do you know the secret of the fighting?" Tigress asked and just as they suspected, they all shook their heads.

"Well, fighting is the small part. The most importantly is, to be gentle on the outside, and at the same time, will be tough on the inside." Viper said.

"But how can you be gentle and tough at the same time?" one female bunny asked.

"Yea, I want to be the tough!" Sha declared and they cheered in agreed.

"I know this is sort of difficult for you to understand. But this is also the secret of kung fu as the world is full of opposite." Crane replied.

"To be a good warrior, you must learn all about the balance." Monkey added.

But the bunnies stared at the masters weirdly and confused, the masters scratched their heads of headache, "This must be harder than I thought." Po said.

"Ya think?" Mantis added.

Finally, Tigress and Viper then got an idea, they knelt in front of the bunnies as the same height of easier to talk, "Let's see if this help, it's easier to explain." Then the two female masters began to sing.

Tigress: Earth, Sky, Day, Night

Viper: Sound and silence, Dark and light

Tigress and Viper: One alone is not enough, you need both together…

Winter, Summer, Moon and Sun…

Tigress kicked a bamboo stick which it was on the ground and leapt it up in the air, and she caught it with her awesomeness leaping technique,Tigress held it in her Tigress style, and so did Viper.

Tigress and Viper: Lesson Number one!

Bunnies: Wow!

The bunnies began get themselves each a bamboo stick, now the boys have finally known how to make things straight, through singing. Monkey started first. He leaped beside a group and showed them a performance a correct stance of fists.

Monkey: Like a rock, huh-huh.

You must be hard, huh-huh.

Po: Like an oak, mmmuh.

You must stand firm, huh-huh.

Mantis: Cut quick, like my blade.

Crane: Think fast, huh-huh


Soon, the bunnies have finally understood their meaning as they tried to follow their actions.

Bunnies: Like a rock, huh-huh.

I must be hard, huh-huh.

Like an oak, mmmuh.

I must stand firm, huh-huh.

Cut quick, like my blade.

Think fast, huh-huh


"That was quick for them." Monkey commented.

"You'd bet. Don't stop, keep singing!" Mantis shouted.

"Okay Masters, I'm ready!" Sha bravely announced.

"Uh huh. But you're still out of balance." Crane teased as he slightly pushed him a little and Sha got easily fall down. The bunnies laughed at him and the masters chuckled.

"You're only halfway there." Viper and Crane said in unison, which made them blushed. And it was the bunnies and the rest of the Five and Po laughed hardly at them, which made their faces blushed into crimson red. Tigress wiped her tears and began sing and Viper and Crane both snapped.

Tigress: Like a cloud.

You are soft.

Viper: Like bamboo.

You bend in the wind.

Creeping slow.

You're at peace because you know.

It's okay to be afraid.

Viper then gracefully gave half of them a ribbon. And they started to dance like Viper as a ribbon dancer.

Bunnies: Like a cloud.

I am soft.

Like bamboo.

I bend in the wind.

Creeping slow.

I'm at peace because I know.

It's okay to be afraid.

The Furious Five and the Dragon Warrior couldn't help but chuckled at their quick following. And sooner and later, they slowly mastered their basic moves and a big step to the excellent of kung fu.

Tigress: One alone is not enough. (Bunnies: One alone is not enough.)

Viper: You need both together. (Bunnies: You need both together.)

Po: Winter, Summer, Moon and Sun. (Bunnies:Winter, Summer, Moon and Sun.)

Crane: Lesson # 1!

Whether the Six made a cartwheel, the bunnies followed. And when they swung their fists, they followed as copying.

Bunnies Group 1: Like a cloud.

Bunnies Group 2: Like a rock, huh-huh.

Bunnies Group 1: I am soft.

Bunnies Group 2: I must be hard, huh-huh.

Bunnies Group 1: Like bamboo.

Bunnies Group 2: Like an oak, mmmuh.

Bunnies Group 1: I bend in the wind.

The Furious Six: You can fly!

Bunnies Group 2: I must stand firm, huh-huh.

Bunnies Group 1: Creeping slow. I'm at peace because I know.

Bunnies Group 2: Cut quick like my blade. Think fast, huh-huh

Bunnies Group 1: It's okay to be afraid.

Bunnies Group 2: Unafraid.

The Furious Six: You have begun!

All: Lesson # one (x5)

Lesson # 1!!

The bunnies cheered from their glee, the Furious Five and Po congratulated them, "Alright, nice job! Not bad to for the rookies." Tigress commented.

"Indeed you are." said a voice which behind them, it was Master Shifu who was standing behind and had been watched them the whole time.

"Master Shifu! We can explain!!" the Six tried to speak, but their master held up his palm to stop them.

They gulped as they didn't what he would do about them, all they could do was watching his every single move. He walked towards to the bunnies, and asked, "Tell me, how was it feel?"

"Huh?" The Six and the bunnies were surprised in unison, what kind of question was that?

"" a bunny was stammer, but the other bunny cut himself as he bravely said, "It was totally AWESOME!! I mean, having training together with the Furious Five and the Dragon Warrior, it was the best thing ever in my life!!"

"Yeah, me too!!" another said.

"Me too!"

"Yea!!" all chorused.

The masters were touched as they didn't know that the children were so support them, but when Shifu opened his mouth, he said, "They are no longer the Furious Five and the Dragon Warrior," they gasped as tears were already stand by. But then he grinned and spoke, "They are now the Furious Six, a team that combined in one heart." he announced. The Furious Six smiled as they thought that their elder master had already overheard them last night, they smiled at their master and bowed deeply and so did the bunnies. Shifu returned their bow as well.

The new day of dawn has arisen...