Dear readers, fans and countrymen

I am thankful for the majority of HAPPY and Encouraging reviews I received while compiling this work of crossover fiction.

However not everyone was happy with it, I mean come on, it has to be better than Cleavland, seriously? he gets his own show and a talking bear and what is with Rallo? is he meant to be snoop dogs and lois griffins son or something? anyway enough of that, I do have some more great ideas which even involve francine and peter combining their rather dull sense of intelligence together and lois and mr america Stan himself running for presidency hee hee plus I like the idea of Stan and Lois together, for one lois knows who the Presidents are and were, peter well he is peter, he likes side boob and pepperidge farm and would vote for anyone who brought back the "Bird is the word"So anyway that is where I am at and yes I will continue the meg and steve romance as they are so perfectly matched it makes me want to write more and more about those two weirdos and how well suited they are...

so please let me know

and as for stewie, roger, klaus and brian? well i could imagine stewie and roger Auditioning for a Marilyn Monroe musical? Smash anyone?

Brian could always...finish his novel and not base it on a well known book turned movie but an actual original and Klaus well no one cares about him, he has been human and that episode was a bit of a fail IMO so yeah

let me know what u would like to see more of...

Steve and meg

Hayley and Chris? not together but possibly involved in some scheme or animal saving thing that in turn saves the entire world from destruction?

Lois and Stan getting together and Francine and peter just getting it on basically

please tell me and review and i promise to add another chapter once I am abroad as I fly to england next week so Ill be away from my laptop