Stay a Little Longer- EPOV

Done as a special request for demon-inside-me-666. This explains the guitar hero!

God, I loved her. I loved her laugh, and her smile, and her voice, and her everything. It was all I could think of when I was… away. Away. It was more like gone, or elsewhere, or apart. Apart from her, apart from Bella.

Bella. It felt so good to say that now, to let the name roll off of my tongue. Bella. I couldn't bring myself to regret coming back, as I thought I would. Instead, I loathed myself for leaving and began to crave for Bella when I wasn't with her.

Which I wasn't now. I felt so guilty, but I needed to hunt. I could feel my control waning, my actions slipping. I held off for a while, because I needed Bella more, but I couldn't wait too long. After I finished my meal, I headed towards my house to change. I jumped through the open window into my room. I changed as quickly as I could, as I was running late as it was. I had promised Bella I would be there by ten, and it was midnight.

As I walked downstairs, I caught Alice's scent. I found her leaning against Jasper on the living room couch.

"Alice, I thought you were with Bella?" I nearly screamed.

"I was. She freaked out when you didn't come as quickly as you said you would."

"So you left?" I asked angrily.

"She needs to learn to trust you. I had to."

I would never understand my little sister. I ran as fast as I could. When I was a mile away I could hear her heartbeat, and soon I could hear her whimpering. I ran faster, if possible.

When I entered the room, she seemed to calm down, her breathing slowed. I could tell she was barely awake, still crying silently. It was a heartbreaking sight; my love curled into herself on the bed, gripping her pillow like it was her life. She was still so beautiful; it made my dead heart ache.

I rushed to her, and quietly snuck onto the bed next to her, and pulled her into my arms. I tucked her impossibly tighter under the covers so that my body temperature wouldn't affect her. I kissed the top of her head, and softly began to hum her lullaby.

Her heart beat sped up, and I knew she was no longer on the verge of sleep.

"Open your eyes, love. I know you're awake."

Her doe-like eyes looked up to me in shock.

"You c..came," she whimpered.

"Of course, love. I always will. I always will."

She continued to question my hold on her, as I silently fell to pieces next to her.

How could she doubt me? She had once before, but I thought she knew I was back. I knew that the impact that my leaving had on her was catastrophic, but I was just beginning to feel the aftershocks of the earthquake.

I continued to answer her questions, but I hoped she didn't notice the distance in my thoughts.

"Just don't leave me. Never leave me," she pleaded.

"I wouldn't think of it," I responded


"I swear. You are and always were the most important thing to me."

"Stay," I said.


She fell asleep soon after. She was curled up on my chest, her arms in a death grip around me. While she slept, I pondered our possibilities. I had proposed around a week or two ago, ten days to be precise. She hadn't refused me, technically, but she hadn't said yes. I knew that she was mine in my heart, but I wanted to make sure that she was sure of her decisions. I had seen Bella as a vampire before, in Alice's visions.

She walked into the room, 5'6 to my 6'2, golden eyes, long, wavy mahogany hair. She was smiling, her teeth a bright white. She was perfection. She walked and sat next to me, and I immediately pulled her closer, with an urge that I couldn't describe.

Upon seeing the vision, I understood why she called me, a monster, an angel. She looked as if the halo was waiting to be placed upon her not-so-delicate head. On the other hand, the Bella who was in my arms right now could stay that Bella for her entire human life. Not that who she was would change, but her sole purpose in life might change from love to blood. I couldn't let that happen to the one I loved.

But she wanted it. She had had my family vote on it. Vote! I couldn't help breaking the flat screen. It wasn't my fault! The only person who agreed with me was Rosalie! Rosalie has always hated Bella, but when it really mattered she had sided with me. Bella just didn't understand the consequences ;and my worst fear was that she would receive her wish and then regret it.

Soon enough to pull me out of my thoughts, Bella began to sleep talk.

"Edward," she said.

"I'm here."

"Don't let me go."

"I couldn't if I tried."