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Naruto comes back to visit everyone after being gone for a year and a half. He was feeling homesick so Jiraiya said he could have two days in Konoha. And here he is walking around in the park because everyone was on missions or busy.

He notices a woman running into the park crying. Naruto wants to see if she is ok. But when he gets up to the woman, it was team eight's sensei Kurenai Yuuhi. Naruto moves up to her and places a hand on her shoulder.

"What's wrong Miss Kurenai?" Naruto asks in his caring voice but when Kurenai looked at him, he notices she has a black eye and cut lips. He becomes mad because someone did this to her. Naruto has had a crush on her for long time now, but he heard that she was married to Asuma.

"Asuma, if you did this to her I swear you're dead!" he thought.

"Who did this to you?" He asks her as he healed her black eye and lip with the medic jutsu he learned in his training. He was not a great healer, but he could heal little wounds like these.

"I'm ok, don't worry after all I'm a jounin" She says to him with tears in her eyes but what Naruto did next shocked her. He pulls her into a hug and slowly strokes her hair with his right hand.

"Who did this and why?" Naruto asks her again. But this time she knows that she has to tell him.

"My husband Asuma," She whispers to him as she buried her face into his chest. Naruto pulls her back and wipes her tears away. Which again shocked her but this time she blushed little bit.

"Why did he hurt you?" Naruto asks in a caring voice but she could tell he was pissed and wanted to hurt Asuma. Which she has no idea why he does because its not like he likes her. But maybe he does. "Why does he care so much about me?"

"I asked him to stop smoking again. He became furious. He said he doesn't care if I want him to stop smoking. Then he just start yelling about it and ending up him hitting me again." She said something that she soon began to regret. She can sense Naruto's killing intent growing and she was worried that he would try to hurt Asuma. But again she can't think of the reason why he acting like this, unless he does actually like her. "Does he really like me? But why me?"

"Please calm down Naruto" She said to trying to calm him down. Which he did but only after he pulled her back into a hug. He then rested his head on hers. Kurenai couldn't help but smile because he acts more kinder then her own husband.

"Where are you staying? If you go back now he may hit you again." He says as he begins to gently stroke her long black raven hair again with his right hand.

"I was going to head to a hotel after I stop crying" She says to him with a sad and happy tone of voice.

"Why not come with me? I'm staying at a hotel" Naruto asks her. She gives him an odd look.

"How do I know you're not trying get me alone in a room?" She says to him in a carefully tone of voice.

"I would never hurt you and if I wanted to I wouldn't need a room. That's because we are by ourselves right here" He says to her as he caresses her cheek with his left hand.

"Thank you but why do you care so much?" She asks him as she just looks at his eyes.

"Its nothing, really" He says to her but she could tell he was hiding something.

"Do you like me? Is that it?" She asked him in a low tone of voice.

"Yes I do but I know that I can't be with you, so only thing I can do is help you when you fall down." He replies as he kept caressing her face. She just looks at him and smiles.

"You're the kindest man that I have ever met and you're only fourteen years old." She says to him.

"When you have a crush on something for about three years it kind of helps" He says with a blush on his face. But Kurenai just smiles at him. She had no idea that he liked her for that long.

"Let's get going. You must be tired because of the long day you had," He says to her as he helps her up. He looks at her and he can't help but smile at the angel in front of him. Kurenai looks at him and what she did next shocked her. She moves up to him and kisses him. Naruto got shocked of a lifetime but he kisses her back and wraps his arms around her lower back.

When the kiss ends Kurenai tries to run away. But she couldn't break out of the hold on her with his arms around her lower back.

"I must be some kind of bad wife or something," She says to him as tears come down her face. Naruto wipes her tears away and just looks at her.

"You are not a bad wife. You did what you did because you have a husband that's mean to you and hits you. If he hits you again I'm going hurt him because no one has the right to treat you badly like that" He says as he kisses her and she kisses back. They kiss each other for a few minutes.

"I think we should get going to the hotel. That way no one can see me kissing you" He says to her because he was worried someone will find out. She was having the same kind of thoughts. But she didn't care right now because for once someone that likes her is nice to her and not mean. Naruto and Kurenai walk to the hotel that Naruto is staying at. When they get to the hotel both of them walk into his room. Naruto lays her on the bed and was about to go lay on the couch but Kurenai grabs his arm.

"Can you lay next to me?" She asks him as he looks into her beautiful ruby eyes.

"Sure" He says to her as he lay down beside her and wraps his arms around her and moves her head onto his chest. She looks into his blue eyes and couldn't believe what she been doing with him. He was younger to her but he was kind to her. He liked her maybe even loved her.

But she was married and she knows this is wrong but…the only thing Asuma ever did after they got married was yell and hit her. He was a totally different person after the wedding and she doesn't know why. She knows what she about to do is going against what a wife means but she can't help it.

She slowly kisses Naruto's lips and Naruto was shocked at first then kissed back. He kisses her neck as he earned a moan from her. He then kisses her ear as he put her earlobe in his mouth and play with it with his tongue and teeth. She moans again and then ran her hands over his body. She knows this is wrong but she can't stop doing it.

Naruto slowly kissed her lips then down to collarbone. He took off her red shirt, revealing a black bra and her perfect body. He slowly moves his head onto her stomach, kissing above her bellybutton. He then kisses around her bellybutton which causing her to moan as he did it. Naruto removes her bra and slowly sucks on her nipples. He licks around her right nipple causing her to moan again. Then he took it inside his mouth and started nibbling on it with his teeth. By doing that caused her to moan louder and grab the back of his head.

She couldn't believe how much pleasure he was giving her. This was new to her because only other person she did this kind of thing was her husband. And, well, he just did what he wanted and never really pleasured her like Naruto was doing. He was forcing on making her feel good that he forgetting about himself. Naruto kissed her neck again and starts nibbling on her neck as she moans again. This time it was louder then before.

Naruto then removed her black pants revealing a black thong. Naruto looks up at Kurenai who just nodded so he knows that he can kept going. He removes her black thong then slowly licks the outside of her pussy lips causing her to have her first orgasm. Naruto licks up all her cum then starts to lick inside of her pussy. He licks slowly then faster causing her to moan and start to lose it. He then started to kiss her from her pussy to her lips. Kurenai couldn't believe that all he done so far was just kiss her and lick her.

"Its my turn to pleasure you Naruto-kun" She said to him who just looked at her.

"You don't need do that" He replied.

But she ignored what he said and got him to his feet. She removed his pants then boxers. She was shocked to find that he was bigger then her husband. She starts to stroke his member then put it inside of her mouth. Then she starts to suck it slowly trying to get use to how long it is. She then begins to suck faster, causing Naruto to moan as he moved his hands to the back of her hand. She finally can take ¾ of it as she feels his member about to blow. Naruto moans again as he cums inside of her mouth. She swallows his cum then gets to her feet and wraps her arms around him.

"Can you please be with me even if it just for tonight?" She asks him in a loving tone of voice.

"If it means being with you then, I don't mind hiding it for long time" He said as he moves her onto the bed then moved her legs out wide. Naruto looked at her beautiful ruby eyes then moved his member into her.

She begins to moan as he goes in and out of her. Naruto kisses her lips as he grabs one of her nipples; he starts twisting it between his two fingers.

Naruto moves in and out harder which cause Kurenai to moan out his name loud. She can't believe she's cheating on her husband but he really wasn't her husband anymore.

Naruto has be more gentle and kind to her then Asuma had ever been and its only been one day and she been marry to Asuma for a year. She watches as he goes in and out of her and she moans Naruto's name. Naruto slowly sucks on her right nipple as he kept going in and out of her. Both of them yell out together.

"I'm cumming" Both of them said as the same time. When they get done cumming Naruto kissed her lips and just looked into her eyes.

"Do you really mean that you'll be with me even knowing that it means that I am having an affair with you?" She said to him but his only reply was a kiss on the lips.

"I said I don't mind as long I'm with you" He said to her in a caring way as he caresses for her cheeks with his hands.

"Thank you Naru-kun" She said to him as she kisses his lips. Naruto looked at his angel and couldn't believe that he really with her.

"I only back today and tomorrow but after other 8 mouths I'll be back for good" He said to who causing her to smile at him.

"I guess tomorrow. I better spent it with you and say that I going out with friends" She said to him, which had made Naruto smile at her, and then kisses her lips and neck. After few more rounds of fun they both fall into a deep sleep holding each other.

Next morning Naruto woke up and get out of bed without waking his angel. He then ordered room service for breakfast. When it got there he hears the knock on the door and opens it. He moves the food inside and pays the man a tip.

Kurenai woke up to the smell of food. When she opened her eyes she sees Naruto

standing next to the bed with food that most have been room service. She was happy that Naruto did order food for her and without waking her. She sat down and Naruto carefully handed her food to her. She smiled as she took the food and started to eat. Naruto did the same but his eyes couldn't leave his angel. She just looked back from time to time and smiled at him.

"I have to go, but I'll meet you later at six pm and don't be late" Kurenai said to him as she got her clothes back on but not before Naruto gave her a quick suck on her lower area causing her to blush then he kissed her lips. When she left, Naruto got new pair of clothes on after he took a shower.

With Kurenai

She was at the dango shop as Anko came up to her.

"So you must have had a busy night?" Anko asked, knowing that she did because one she had white spots on her clothes. She wondered why she had the same clothes that she had on last time but the thing Anko can't think of is: She is marred and if it was her husband who she had last night. Then why is she in the same clothes?

"I don't know what you're talking about" Kurenai replied back to her friend.

"Don't give me that! You have white spot on the same clothes you had on yesterday. Tell me what happened or you know what I will do" Anko said to her and Kurenai worried that she may tell Asuma. But Anko was her friend for a long time so she trusts her.

"Let's go to your place to talk. That way I can take a shower and new clothes to wear" She said to her as Anko nodded to her.

Back with Naruto

Naruto was now sitting on his bed. When he hears the three little demons from hell, meaning his three little foxes. The first fox that comes at him was one tail orange fox. The other foxes were a two-tailed orange fox and last one was a three-tailed red fox. He picked them all up and put one on each shoulder then put the red one on his head.

"Let's go out and say hello to everyone," He says to them and received a bark in reply from his foxes. Then he walked out of the hotel and headed for the hokage office so he can say hi to the old hag.

With Kurenai and Anko at Anko's place.

"Now tell me what happened?" Anko said to her as they walk inside her house.

"Well Asuma beat me again and I ran out of the house crying with black eye and cut lips. I ran into the park but someone saw me and put their hand on my shoulder. When I look around to see who it was, it was Naruto and he calmed me down and healed my eye and was so gentle to me. Then I found out that he has loved me for three years. And he's being so nice to me and was more kind then my own husband is to me. Then something happened and we had sex. But I think I have fallen in love and now I'm having an affair with someone I think I may really love." She said to her.

Anko was now in a pretty bad state of shock. First she just found out that her friend having an affair. With Naruto of all people! Anko just looks at her friend who just stares back at her.

"He is a better person then Asuma is I guess" She said to her.

"Yes he really did something Asuma never does and that is pleasure me in bed" She said to her, which shocked Anko again that a fourteen year old can out beat an adult.

"Tell me" Anko said to her in her teasing voice.

"He made me cum with just kissing and licking me" She said to her with a smirk.

"He pleasure me and didn't care if he didn't got pleasure. But I pleasure him back to thank him" She said to Anko who was now shocked that there was a guy that only cared about pleasuring the girl and not himself.

"How many times did you do it?" She asked her.

"Four times" She said back, blushing which Anko smirked again but realized something,

"Did you use?" She asked.


"Shit we forget!" Kurenai yelled and was worried that she may get pregnant and get found out by Asuma. Anko is now trying to calm her down and then she realizes something else.

"If you do have a baby then its not really bad is it? You are 28 years old" She asked her with a normal tone of voice.

"But he's only fourteen!' She yelled out her.

"I bet he would love to be a father and how about I go talk to him for you?" She asked him in a normal but helpfully tone of voice.

"No, I'm going to see him again at six. Can you help me lie to Asuma and say that I'll be at your place?" She asked.

"Sure I don't mind lying to that asshole," She said back to her worried friend.

Back with Naruto

Naruto walks inside the hokage office to see a sleeping hokage on the job. Naruto walks up to her and whispers in her ear. "Tsunade you're naked in the middle of Konoha" That woke her up fast and when she sees who said that she got pissed at him.

"You should stop sleeping on the job" Once he said that she just looked at him and then she realize it was Naruto and grab him into one of her death hugs. Naruto got out of her hold and looked at her.

"Why you sleeping on the job?" Naruto asked her.

"Evil paper work. Why are you back sooner then you should be?" She asked him with little worry in her voice.

"First you should use shadow clones to do the paper work. And 2nd I'm just visiting for two days and today is my last day" He said to her and she almost fall over in her chair because she never thought about doing that.

"I have to go and said hi to other people now" Naruto said to her who just replied back with a nod of the head.

It was almost six and Naruto was waiting for her outside the hotel. He then sees her but she's not alone because the jounin from the chunin exams are with her. He looked and wondered why Anko was here with her.

"Hello Naruto. You remember Anko?" She asked him and he nodded to her.

"Hello Kurenai-chan and Anko-chan" He said to them in a normal tone of voice.

"Kurenai tells me that you two have been being doing things" Anko said to him in her teasing way.

"I was going say something about you two" Naruto said back causing Anko to turn red.

"Not funny and I don't do that kind of thing" She said to him.

"I know, but it was a good comeback" He said to her who just blushed again because it was a good one.

"You out-teased Anko ahaha" Kurenai said to them and Anko was now mad.

"How come you're both here?" Naruto asked his loving girlfriend and her friend.

Kurenai looked at him and then smiled because no matter what, she was going to be with him, even if she did have a baby. Anko looked at Kurenai and Naruto back and forth. She couldn't believe that Kurenai, the ice queen, had finally melted and she was starting to wish she had someone that was like him for herself.

"Anko was just walking with me till I got here and she's going home now" She said back to Naruto who just looked at Anko who just smiled and nodded to him and started to walk home.

"Was she really going home?" Naruto asked her who just looked down.

"No but I just don't want her to see us having things" She said to him and he just looked back at her face and kissed it.

"Let's get her back here. And later when she goes home we can do the things you're thinking of." He said to her as he walked over to Anko who was shocked that he was there.

"What is it gaki?" She asked him, wondering why he had stopped her. Knowledgeable

"You don't need to go home now and besides I know you're planning on spending time with your friend, so come back" He said back to her in a caring tone of voice. She just looked at him with a blank face. She wondered how he could tell that Kurenai just told her to go home just now.

"Sure if you don't mind" She replied back to him. Naruto nodded to her and both of them walked back to Kurenai which them all three of them walked into the hotel then into his room.

"Kurenai has something to tell you" Anko asked causing Kurenai to blush because of what she has to tell him.

"You know that we had sex four times last night and we forget to use" She said but was cut off by Naruto lips. When she looked at him and Anko was smirking at this.

"Don't worry! If you get pregnant then I'm going to help you rise it" Naruto said as he pulled her into a hug as she sat on his lap. Anko was smirking once more at them because her friend was finally happy and not being hit by some asshole.

"Naruto-kun thank you" She said to him as she looked at Anko.

"I'll leave you two alone and Kurenai? We're having a long talk tomorrow." Anko said as she walked out of the room.

"We need find her someone," Kurenai said but Naruto just smirked.

"I think I may know someone," Naruto said to her, which she just looked at him wondering if he really does.

"He's kind of lived through same life as her, but he's only sixteen and he has curse mark. And he was backstabbed by that snake freak after he trained him" Naruto said to Kurenai who was shocked because his friend and Anko may get together.

"That a good idea and when you come back, bring him with you" Kurenai said to her lover as he just kissed her neck.

"What do you want to do my Kure-hime?" Naruto asked her as he kissed her lips again. Kurenai couldn't help but smile at him.

"Let's order some food then watch a movie that's on TV. There's this one that I really like…" Kurenai said to him. Naruto got up and ordered the food.

Once the food got to them, the man who delivered it set it next to the on the couch. Naruto gave him a good tip because of it. The movie they decided to watch was called 21. *A great movie you should all see it*

Naruto looked at Kurenai as the movie ended which it was now 9:35 pm and Naruto had an idea.

"Kurenai you want me to take you to the park for a bit?" Naruto asked his lover who just smiled at him and then kissed his lips.

"I would like that Naru-kun" She said to him as both of them get up from the couch.

Naruto opened the door for Kurenai, which she thanked him by kissing his cheek.

When they got outside and in the park Kurenai was shaking because of the cold air. That's when Naruto put his jacket around her and she was shocked that he did that. But she then leaned into his chest and closed her eyes. Naruto just looked down at his angel and wrapped his arms around her from behind.

"Kure-chan can I ask you something?" Naruto asked his angel as he held her.

"What is it?" She asked.

"If you do have a kid, are you sure you really want me to be the father?" Naruto asked her, wondering if she really does want him to be.

"Yes, because I know that you will be a great father" She said to him as she turned around and kissed his lips.

"Let's go back to the room before you get a cold." He said to her but she just smirked and moved her lips to his ear and whispered.

"You want to go and try to make one?" When she get done saying that Naruto blushed a deep shade of red and then kissed her lips before pulling her into a hug. Then they started to walk back to their room.

When they got inside the room, Naruto kissed her neck. She just looked at him with a smirk on her face.

When morning came Naruto woke up to see a fully naked Kurenai asleep on top of him. Naruto lightly kissed her lips and she moved in her sleep. Naruto woke her up with a kiss on the lips. He then grabbed her butt, causing her to jump. She looked at him smirking at her then she playfully slapped his face for grabbing her butt.

"No grabbing that Naru-kun" She said in a playful tone of voice but Naruto wasn't going down without a fight.

"But Kure-hime it's just too cute not to grab" Naruto said back in a playful tone of voice causing Kurenai to blush.

"I guess this is goodbye for another eight months?" She asked him with tears in her eyes but Naruto wiped them away.

"I promise I'll be back and I hope that you do have a kid. I want to see it get born" He said to her who just smiled at him then thought of something.

"I promise not to sleep with him and that way if I do get pregnant, it will be yours" She said to him and he just smiled and kissed her lips.

A few hours later Kurenai, said goodbye to him after they had a few last rounds of bedtime fun.