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Drake "You just realize that,

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Naruto is walking into the village along side his sensei Jiraiya. Naruto found out over the last eight months that the orange book could actually be helpful. He is also wondering if he can use some of the things with Kurenai. Naruto can't wait to see Kurenai because

she's been on his mind every night.

"Ero-sensei, I'll let you give Tsunade the report," Naruto said as he started to run towards the place. He knows where she will be at this time of day. When he gets to the dango shop he notices Kurenai by herself, but the thing that shocks him is the fact that her belly's a lot bigger, because she's having a kid.

Naruto walked over to her happily but with a saddened face because he thinks its Asuma's kid. She notices his face and was happy to see him and to tell him the news. But she wonders why he is sad.

"Naru-kun why are you sad?" She asked him which he just looked at her then her belly. She realizes that he thinks its Asuma's baby. She gets up from her sitting position walks over to him. She then moved her lips to his right ear.

"It's not Asuma kid; it's your Naruto-kun. You're the father." Once she said that Naruto locked his lips onto her. Which made her blush because she didn't see it coming.

"Is it really?" Naruto asked in a nervous tone of voice, which made Kurenai smile because her lover was nervous about being a father. She took his hand and put it on her belly and Naruto could feel the baby kicking, which makes him smile at her.

"Let's go to the Hokage office. I have to tell her before he finds out and does something to me or you" She said to him as he nodded but and then picked her up bridal style, which causes her to blush but gives him a happy smile.

Naruto begins to carry her to the Hokage office as they jumped from roof to roof. He looks down at her belly and smiles. He never would have thought that he would be a father. He just hopes that he can be a good father to the baby and not mess up like his father did. Naruto didn't know who his mother and father were but he believes that they just left him to die because of the Kyuubi.

"Kure-hime I love you, it is a boy or a girl?" He asked his love which she just smiled at him.

"It's going to be a girl, I have a name for her but I don't know if you would like it." She said as she buried her face into his neck. Naruto just kissed her head and then her lips.

"What's the name?" He asked her which she smiled to him then began to talk.

"I was going to name her Yuna, our little Yuna Uzumaki." She said to him as he smiled and kissed her lips.

"You have picked a great name for our baby girl." He said back to her who just smiled and buried her head into his chest.

Naruto jumped in the Hokage office through the opened window. When both Tsunade and Jiraiya see Naruto holding Kurenai lost was something that can't say how they're feeling right now.

"We have something to tell you!" Naruto said to them which both of them regained their minds.

"What is it, is it something to do with the two of you?" Tsunade asked them which Naruto smiled at. When he put Kurenai in the Hokage sit "What" causing her to blush. He

then looks at his sensei and hokage with a big smile.

"Maybe, "You see, Kurenai and I are having a baby!" He said which he got a hit on the head by Tsunade and a pat on the back by his sensei.

"That not the bad news, the bad news is that Asuma thinks its his." he said which Tsunade get pissed because Naruto. Who she sees as a son had slept with a married woman, But Jiraiya on the other hand is proud of his student but he just realized one thing.

"So the reason you started reading my books was because you wanted to learn things to do with Kurenai?' He said causing Naruto to blush and hide behind Kurenai.

"What the baby's name going to be?" Tsunade asked Naruto who is like a son to her.

"Yuna Uzumaki." Kurenai said to her as Naruto wrapped his arms around Kurenai from behind.

"Why are you telling us everything?" Tsunade asked them. Naruto looked at her before he started to speak again.

"Because Asuma may try to do something to her or the baby" Naruto said as he looked down at Kurenai and the baby inside of her.

"I see. I'll try to make should that he doesn't." Tsunade said to them which Naruto smiled at before he kissed Kurenai lips.

"There's one last thing we need talk about" Naruto said as she looked at him strangely.

"What is that" She asked before he pulled out three files and handed them to her.

"My new team, I was hoping that you will allow them to be leaf shinobi" He said as she looked at him again.

"Before I look at the files who are they?" He asked him.

"Drake Yuuhi, missing shinobi, also known as flaming demon." When he said that Kurenai's face lit up and Naruto just smiled at her. "Zadok was once a cause mark user. But he now turned away from snake face and he also a summoner of snakes. That caused both women to be shocked then they looked at him.

"Why should we trust him?" She said to Naruto who just looked at her.

"Because he saved my life on more then one day and just because he worked for someone in the past. That doesn't mean who he is now" He said to her who just nodded to him.

"The last person of your team will be Kakashi Hatake" She said and he nodded to her but before she stopped talking she added a few more words. "I'll talk to Asuma now, you better go before he comes." She finished talking and then called the ANBU in to get Asuma.

"See you later baa-chan." He said as he picked up Kurenai and jumped out the window leaving two smiling adults.

"He's finally grown up…" Tsunade said as Jiraiya patted her back as he watched his student leave.

A few minutes later Asuma was now standing in the Hokage office.

"What is It Hokage-sama?" He asked her as she just looked at him as Jiraiya was behind him at the door. If he tries running out hoping to hurt her then Jiraiya would stop him. He may not have been there when Naruto needed him for the first twelve years of his life, but he'd be damned if he doesn't help Naruto now.

"This is about you and Kurenai-san." She said to him as he just raised a eyebrow.

"Maybe, "What does my personal life have to do with the Hokage?" He asked as his anger started to rise.

"Don't get angry at me Asuma! I'm just here tell you not to do anything when you find out the truth!" She yelled to him as he just looked angrily at the hokage.

"What is that?" He said as he tried his best to hold back his anger towards her.

"Kurenai-san's child is not yours, its Naruto Uzumaki's kid." When she said that he was about to kill someone as he ran for the door but was stopped by Jiraiya.

"Let me out so I—" He said but was cut off by him Jiraiya "So you can do what! Hit your wife again! I may not have known that they were dating but I did learn from him that you beat you wife, and sorry I can't call you her husband if you do that!" He yelled and Asuma just got more pissed off by the second.

"What I do with my life doesn't have anything to do with you!" He yelled at him as the 5th just walked over to him.

"But being a wife beater is against the laws. So if you pick to hurt them, then I will put you in jail for abuse and trying to hurt a fellow leaf shinobi. If you don't try hurting them then you're free to go." She said to him.

Asuma looking at what he got himself into and just sighed, as he knows he lost this. "Fine I will not try to hurt them," He said as he walked out the door which Jiraiya let him go this time.

Back with Naruto and Kurenai as both of them get back to the dango place. Naruto then helps Kurenai sit down in her chair. When he gets her into her chair he notices both Drake and Zadok coming their way. .

"My sister's having a kid and who's the father?" Drake asked in a happy tone of voice.

"The father is Naruto and I'm happy to see that your back again." When he heard her said the father was Naruto. He walked to Naruto with an angry face.

"Why did you fuck my sister!? Who said you could date her!?" He yelled at Naruto as Kurenai slapped him in the back of the head.

"No yelling at the baby's father and my boyfriend." She said to him as he just looked at Kurenai.

"But," He was cut off by her. "No buts and no hurting him understand?" She asked in a bossy tone of voice.

"Yes ma'am." He said to her as both Anko and Yugao walked over to them.

"Hello Kure-chan and I'm guessing you told Naruto?" Anko asked her as she just smiles and nods.

"I still don't like this one bit." Drake said to them and Anko just hit him again.

"You need to learn how to shut the fuck up." Zadok said to him, which Drake just looked at him like your fucking die.

Anko notices Zadok's neck has a curse mark like she does. "How did you get that mark on your neck?" She asked him as she sat down next to Kurenai.

"Same place you got yours…" He replied back to her as she just looked at him.

"Kurenai-hime, when is she going to be born?" He asked her as she just smiles at him warmly.

"Anytime the doc said." She told him as he just smiles at her and moves his head to her neck.

"Please no lovely things, I just had food." Zadok said and Naruto just hit him over the head.

"Now you got hit." Drake said as he laughs at him.

Kurenai just feeling it move and feels pain. "Naruto get me to the fucking hospital now!" She yelled at him causing every male to fear for there lives. Naruto picked her up and start to run there fast because he was more worried about her killing him.

Few hours later with Kurenai holding their baby with Naruto beside her, little Yuna had black hair and blue eyes, which make Kurenai, smile and Naruto kissed Kurenai head.

"Now we have little Yuna Uzumaki." She said to him, which he just gave her a warm smile. Then people started coming in but they had no idea it was Naruto and Kurenai's kid. The only ones that know are not shocked. When her team walks in first their shocked to no end.

"Wait its Naruto and your kid, not Asuma's?" Kiba said, as he was about to pass out from shock. Shino was not having any better luck. But he was as shocked as Kiba.

But both of them were handling this better, no, a lot better then Hinata as she just runs out crying. She's crying because she failed to tell Naruto that she loves him but she was to shy to and is still too shy.

"I wish I told her sooner." She said as Kiba looks at her then back at where Hinata ran away.

"Yes and I don't think she'll get over this soon…" Kiba said as she looks back at his sensei.

"But welcome to mother life." He said with a smile and Shino nodded to her.

"Thanks for coming." She said to them who just looked at her.

"We would never miss are sensei's baby!" Kiba said and Shino nodded again.

"We should get going so others can come in…" Shino said and this time Kiba nodded and both of them walked out.

The next two people that walked in were Sakura and Kakashi. But Sakura was shock and little pissed because no Sasuke and Naruto was now taken. Kakashi is more shocked because well his student had a child with his best friend's wife.

"What's going on here?" Kakashi tried saying as he was still in shock.

"You see Asuma was beating her and I found her one day when I was visiting. We got to talking and we ended up having sex…" He said as both of them were shocked.

"He beats you?! So he wasn't joking when he said that as he was drinking?" Kakashi said as Sakura looked at him.

"No Sakura didn't bring him home." He said and Sakura become pissed.

"Why not!" She yelled as everyone just sighed.

"Because he's working with snake face and he's pure evil. He's doing anything that he can for power and killing innocents for it too!" Naruto said to her who just looks at him angrily.

"My Sasuke-kun is not evil and doesn't kill innocent life!" She said, as she was about to walk over to hit him only to be stopped by Naruto.

"I'm not going let you hit me anymore Sakura and leave me before you get hurt! He said, as she couldn't believe that he was really stopping her this time. She walked out pissed with smoke coming out of her head.

"Good luck on your new life together Naruto and Kurenai." He said with a smile under his face. He then walked out leaving them happy and mad. Mad about how Sakura acted and happy that Kakashi was not mad at them.

The last six people that walk in are Anko, Yugao, Drake, Jiraiya, Tsunade, Zadok and Shizune.

"Hello everyone' Both Kurenai and Naruto said to them which their just get smiles from all six of them.

"Who's the godmother and godfather?' Anko asked her as everyone else nodded.

"Jiraiya and I can't be because he's Naruto's godfather and I'm his godmother." She said to him and everyone nodded again.

"It's going to have to be either Anko or Yugao, so they have to pick." Kurenai said to them who just looked at each other.

"I say Anko." Yugao said as she said that Anko hugged her.

"I don't know who the godfather is, ask Kurenai." Naruto said as they all looked at her.

"Because it can't be Drake; that's because if the child calls him godfather and uncle she will go nuts. I haven't known Zadok for a long time. I said maybe Kakashi," She said and everyone nodded and Zadok thanked her.

"I'm not kind much of a family person so thank you." He said as he gives her a happy smile.

"Let's leave the two alone, so they get some sleep." Tsunade said as she moved over the other bed so he can sleep with her.

"Thank baa-chan" He said to her who just want hit him but held it in and walked out of the room then hit Jiraiya.

Naruto got on the bed and lay beside his beautiful Kurenai.

"When she gets older I bet you are going make her into the greatest genjutsu girl, like her mother is." He said to her who just giggle back to him and kissed his lips.

"Yeah and maybe she will be a ramen lover like her father." She said back to him who just smirked at her.

"We need to stop Kakashi and Jiraiya from turning her into a pervert." He said to her who just nodded to him then moved her head onto his neck with the baby girl in her arms.

"Goodnight my hime and angel." He said as he kisses her head then goes off to sleep with her.

When they woke up they see Tsunade walk in to the room.

"Naruto close your eyes because it's time teach Kurenai how to breastfeed." She said and Naruto blushed and closed his eyes. Kurenai just giggles as she removed the hospital gown. When she showed her how do to it and she was done Naruto open his eyes to see the baby off her nipples and her putting her gown back on.

"Babies are lucky they can do that when they need milk." Naruto said and Kurenai just smirked and playfully slapped his head.

"Just wait till I'm back to full strength and we can find someone to baby sit." She said and then kisses Yuna's little head.

"Our little angel!" He said and she just nodded to him.

"We're going be living with my mother is that ok?" She asked him who just smiled at her.

"Yeah and that's good because my place wouldn't fit three people." He said as she giggles to herself again.

The baby started crying and Naruto picks her up and rocked her back and forth as he started singing a song he remember his mother used to sing to him.

(Vienna Teng Lullaby for a Stormy Night)

Little child, be not afraid the rain pounds harsh against the glass

like an unwanted stranger.

There is no danger I am here tonight…

Kurenai couldn't help but smile at Naruto as he sang this beautiful song. As he sang, with

Kurenai watching him they don't notice a long red haired woman walk into the room.

Little child be not afraid though thunder explodes

and lightning flash illuminates your tearstained face

I am here tonight

The woman just smiles at him and the baby. She looks at Kurenai who notice her and wonders why she's there. "Could that be Naruto's mother?" She thought as she

continues to listen to Naruto singing.

The baby stops crying as she slowly falls asleep.


And someday you'll know that nature is so this same rain that draws you near me falls on rivers and land and forests and sand makes the beautiful world that you see in the morning

He keeps moving Yuna back and forth slowly as he sings to her. The baby makes a little smile as she listens to the song. The woman starts having tears in her eyes. She remembers the day she sang him that song but she was told that he had to die with her husband. Haruno told her that he had die with him but I guess she lied because she

couldn't have Minato for herself.

Little child be not afraid the storm clouds mask your beloved moon and its candlelight beams still keep pleasant dreams I am here tonight

He keeps singing to his little Yuna as she closes her eyes more and Kurenai just smiles at him and her. The woman cannot believe that her son is a father at such a young age. She

happy for him and glad he remembers the song so well.

Little child be not afraid the wind makes creatures of our trees and the branches to hands they're not real, understand and I am here tonight

Naruto keeps singing and he notices the woman but he would ask her why she was here later. The baby makes a little yawn as he tries grabbing Naruto nose.

And someday you'll know that nature is so this same rain that draws you near me falls on rivers and land and forest and sand makes the beautiful world that you see in the morning

Naruto just keep singing to his baby girl as he kisses her head again.

For you know, once even I Was a little child And I was afraid But a gentle someone always came To dry all my tears Trade sweet sleep for fears And to give a kiss goodnight

The baby slowly falls asleep as she listens to her daddy's voice.

Well, now I am grown and these days have shown Rain's a part of how life goes But its dark and it's late so I'll hold you and wait 'til your frightened eyes do close

Kurenai moves her head to his shoulder then looks at him and her baby girl.

And I hope that you'll know that nature is so this same rain that draws you near me falls on rivers and land And forests and sand Makes the beautiful world that you see in the morning

The woman moves over to Naruto's left side and sits beside her causing Naruto to wonder why but he wants to end this song for Yuna.

Everything's fine in the morning the rain will be gone in the morning but your still be here in the morning

As Naruto sings the last words little Yuna falls fast asleep.

"Can I ask who are you?" Naruto asked the red haired woman and she just smiled at him.

"First I want you to know I'm your mother and the reason I left was because, Miss Haruno told me you had to die with your father and the only reason I was living in this village was because of you two. If I had known you were still alive I would have been here for you…" She said as she wrapped her arms around his neck and starts crying on Naruto's shoulder.

"You don't need to cry. I'm not mad at you." He said as she looked at him and smiled at him.

"Thank you and I see that I have a grandchild and you're only fourteen and a half…" She said as he just smirked and Kurenai smiles at both of them. She was happy that he finally found his mother and she didn't hate him.

"Who was my father?" He asked her which she just frowned at him.

"No one told you? (Jiraiya I'm going to make you feel pain for this.) Your father was the 4th hokage and he sealed the nine tail fox inside of you. You should know that he didn't want to but believed that you could hold the fox back." She said to him, which caused Naruto to go into shock then he start to talk again.

"I don't blame him because doing that cost him his own life." He said as both women smiled and hugged him.

"Kurenai-hime can she stay with us?" He asked her who just nodded and kissed his lips.

"How about we get her clothes and we go to your place?" She asked them and both nodded to her.

Few hours later at Kurenai's mother's home she knocks on the door as Naruto is holding the baby. When she opens the door to see her daughter and Naruto she just smiles at them.

"Come in and who may this be?" She asked as she looks at Kushina.

"My name is Kushina, Naruto's mother." She said to her who just smiles back at her.

"Naruto are you going to take your father's surname?" Kurenai asked him.

"Only if the people let me." He said back to her.

"What's your father name?" Kurenai mother asked her who he just looked at her.

"Minato Namikaze" He said and she was shocked that the 4th hokage had a son and a wife.

"I forget tell you my name. My name is Katie Yuuhi and my younger daughter who you'll see soon is Shiva." She said to them.

"Nice to meet you Katie-kun." He said to them but Katie makes a pout.

"If you're going to marry my daughter you have to call me Kaa-san." She said to him and Kushina nodded to him.

"Okay, guess I have two Kaa-sans now." He said to them who just smiled at him.

"Let's go lay down together Naru-kun" Kurenai said to her lover who just nodded to her as he followed Kurenai to her old room.

When they get inside they see a baby bed for the baby when she's not lying with Kurenai. Naruto also notices all the stuffed-animals and dolls. He smirks to her who just playfully slaps him upside the head" I was a little girl don't give me that smirk!" She said as she grabbed a pink bunny and laid down holding her baby and the bunny.

"I think you mean you still are." He said in a joking sort of way, which caused her to blush and give him an evil look.

"Get you butt over here or else Naru-kun." She said to him. He lay down next to his love as he watches her hold the baby and play with Yuna and the bunny.

"You and bunnies….?" Naruto said to his love who just gave him another evil look.

"What is wrong with loving bunnies?" She replied back in a childish tone of voice.

"Nothing, Kurenai-hime." He replied back as he couldn't help but smirk at her. This in doing so earned him a slap upside the head by his love.

"You can be so mean at times…" Kurenai said to him with a pout on her face.

"I'm sorry Kurenai-hime." He said back to her as he kisses her lips.

"I'll forgive you this time but only this time." She said in childish tone of voice again.

Both of them fell asleep in each other arms as their baby was on Kurenai's chest. Both Kushina and Katie were smiling in the doorway seeing their children resting like that.