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Life can be filled with happiness, sadness or heartache, but as long as you hold on, and don't give up life becomes something that can't describable in words. Life can change in a blink of an eye and if you don't do anything you will let so many wonderful chances go by, you without even having noticed them.

Naruto wakes up to see his beautiful goddess, the woman he loves, sleeping quietly next to him their baby sleeping on her chest. He lightly kisses her forehead as she starts to wake up. He smiles at her as her eyes slowly open, her ruby red orbs greeting him with a soft glow.

"How is you, my goddess this morning?" Naruto asked her as she smiles at him, which causes his smile to widen. 'She really is my goddess.' He thinks to himself. He slowly moves his lips to her as she lets him kiss her. Naruto moves his tongue to her lips but she doesn't open up. As Naruto pulls his lips away, she moves her tongue to his lips asking to be let in. Naruto let her tongue softly explore the inside of his mouth.

Kurenai swirls her tongue inside his mouth, slowly licking the roof of his mouth with her tongue. Then changes for soft to forceful, igniting a tongue war, going from slo and subtle to hard and passionate. She slows down enjoying the taste of his mouth, she can taste ramen. It wasn't a big surprise to her, as she knows he eat ramen almost every single day of his life. She knows no matter what she says to him, he is never going to give up that bad habit of his. She just hopes their baby girl doesn't grow up to have that bad habit that he does. She doesn't know what she would do if her baby eats ramen everyday of her life.

When she's thinking to herself Naruto moves her tongue back into her mouth which he enjoys the tastes of her mouth. In doing so starts another, longer tongue war that both of them enjoy doing together. When they end the kiss Naruto kisses their baby's head as he notices she starts to wake up.

"It looks like our baby girl is starting to wake up now." Kurenai looks down as she nods her head to him. Naruto just can't be happier as he looks at his baby angel that is on his lover's chest.

"She looks just like you Kurenai-hime and I'm truly glad we have her in our life." She looks at him with a smile but to her their daughter looks more like him because she has his eyes.

"She looks more like you because she has your ocean blue eyes and I too, am glad we have her in our life." Naruto just moves his head into her neck but she just snuggles into his chest. She was glad she could be with someone like this, to have someone care about her and be with her. She loves this warmth that she feels from Naruto and hopes she never loses this warmth feeling.

Naruto slowly moves his arms around her belly as she keeps snuggling up to him. "This life is perfect because I have you but also because I have our baby girl. There nothing else that could make me happier. You two have made me so happy, even if it has only been a day, I'm glad I come back to this village sooner that day." Kurenai smiles to him as she hears him talking to her. She is also glad that he was the one to found her in the park that day. That was the day that changed her life for the better and now she has a loving lover and a baby girl.

"You want go see if breakfast is ready or do you want play with the pink bunny some more?" Kurenai playfully slaps him on the head for making fun of her pink bunny. She then lets the bunny slap him playfully on the head, Naruto love seeing her childish side of her come out. It was fun to watch and he hopes to see more of it.

"I think we should get something to eat and no more jokes about the bunny." Naruto nodded as he watches his love start to move out of the bed. He soon fallows after her but before there leave the room. Naruto gives her a nice slap on the ass that makes her turn around and kiss his lips.

"You most like getting your ass slap then?" Naruto asked her in a teasing tone of voice. Kurenai just looked at him as she moves her mouth to his ear and whispers "Only if you're the one slapping it. If you're the one slapping it then I don't mind standing here for hours as you slap it nice and hard." Naruto face is now blushing as he thinks of doing that to her. She just smirks and opens the door leaving her lover blushing and daydreaming behind her but she does love the fact that she got him like this.

When he hears the door open he comes out of his daydreaming and follows his lover walking out of the room. When they're walking to the kitchen they see a little girl around ten run up to them. She had long black hair and red eyes. Naruto was guessing that this is Kurenai little sister Shiva hadn't met her yet.

"Hello big sister, what's her name?" She asked as she looks at Yuna. Kurenai was smiling seeing as it had been little awhile since the last time she had seen her little sister. It was good to see Shiva again because Kurenai had missed her dearly. But having a busy life comes with being a shinobi. That is one of the good thing she was glad about Shiva because Shiva understand that her big sister was a busy person thanks to her job.

"Who's is this?" Shiva pointed to Naruto which he smiled to her as he moves beside Kurenai and wraps his arm around her waist. Shiva didn't like how he was touching her sister but if this was the person that she had a baby with then she doesn't have a say in the matter.

"This is my love and the father of Yuna. The baby name is Yuna Namikaze which I hope you can get along with her." Shiva nodded her head, holding out her arm to try and hold the baby, smiling Kurenai lets her sister hold her. She was glad to see her little sister holding her baby. Naruto move his head on top of Kurenai shoulder and he watches his baby being held by Kurenai sister.

Katie starts moving to them as she sees her youngest daughter holding her new granddaughter. She smiles at both of her daughters and Naruto, Kurenai's lover. Maybe one day soon he'll be her son in law. She just hopes Drake doesn't kill him first because then she needs to yell at Drake.

"Breakfast is ready for everyone and you better come and eat." Kurenai hears her mother said so she takes her Yuna from Shiva hands. They start to walk to the kitchen. Naruto following after while he looks at her from behind. She was just an angel in his eyes which he hopes soon he can have the guts to ask her to marry him. He doesn't know why but he just can't ask her but this is the first time he didn't have the guts to face someone.

When they sit down at the table they see Kushina walk in and sit down at the table. She is glad to see her son but she wishes that she was here when he was growing up and needed her. But she is great to have a granddaughter and swears that she'll be there for her granddaughter. This way she could try to make it up to her son who she wasn't there for.

"What are you two planning on doing today anything good?" Kurenai looked at Naruto then back to his mother because she really didn't have anything planned to do today.

"I was thinking about going to stay home but I know Naruto needs to meet his team. So Drake better get his ass up and soon." She says that but she doesn't know that Drake is right behind her.

"I'm up and you don't need to be so evil in the morning, man I just get back and everyone being mean to me." Kurenai come close to jumping out of her chair but she glad she didn't because she still has Yuma in her arms. Kurenai turns her head around to face him with a pissed off look on her face as Drake is now doomed.

"Don't do that again! You scared me and I have Yuna in my arms." Drake just moved back from her then walks to the other side of the table and sat down on his chair but his fear for his life didn't go away.

"What are plans for today Naruto?" Naruto just looked at him funny he still can't believe that Drake still being lazy. He's the leader of the team and not Naruto but how in the world doesn't he know what they doing today but his leader asking him of all people.

"You're the team leader not me fool." Naruto was cut off by a raging Drake. "HELL NO I NOT BEING LEADER! I'M NOT DOING FUCKING PAPER WORK! I VOTE KAKASHI STUCK DOING IT AND NOT ME!" Everyone went deaf after that. Which baby starts to cry now and that means Kurenai isn't happy about that.

"You two leave now! You're making baby cry!" Naruto starts to drag him out of the house because he really didn't want to make his love anymore mad then she is right now thanks to a damn fool named Drake.

"Why I'm I being dragged out of my own home?" Naruto just looked at him like you should know why you scared the baby. Naruto sometimes can't believe how dumb Drake can be at times like this.

"It's not my fault if Kurenai is mean in the morning. So if the baby cries a little but that what babies do cry?" Naruto just slaps Drake upside the head because he knows that what Kurenai would have done to him for being a dumb fool. He knows one thing about Kurenai now. When she has a baby in her hands don't talk aloud or she will make you leave the house. Naruto is hoping that he doesn't get force to leave the house by her. He only here because he's on Drake team and Drake was the one being kicked out for being dumb again.

"You are the one that yelled fool and you need be quiet around a baby." Drake then thinks about it and Naruto is right he was the one to yell. But in Drake mind he still didn't' do anything wrong.

"I need to stop somewhere. See you later" Naruto watches Drake walk away which he wonders where Drake is going but right now he has too much on his mind to worry about that.

He truly doesn't know what to do because he didn't think he would have a kid this fast but he was truly happy that he did. He knows that he has to marry Kurenai but he doesn't know when or how. He truly never though he have to think like this as his age but now he does and he has to face it.

Naruto is walking down around the village still thinking who to ask for help but as he is thinking. He bumps into Anko who looks at him and Naruto just smiles to himself because someone must really like him right now.

"Hello gaki why are you out here all alone and without Kurenai?" Anko said to him but he just sits down and looks at her, he hopes that this can help him on this thing but if she can't then he's out of anyone to really ask for help.

"Hello Anko-chan." He looks at her but Anko is really starting to stare at him deadly for looking at her some much. She didn't want find out her best friend's lover is trying to hit on her or something.

"What are you doing around here?" She asked when he looks up and notices it's the dango shop which he is little bit shocked that he was walking this much.

"Thinking about how to do this one thing and maybe you can help him" He closes his eyes but he has sweat coming down his face because he didn't know how to ask something like this to anyone before.

"What is that? Is it a shinobi thing or something to do with training?" She asked at she sits down in one of the chairs waiting for her dangos to be done.

"No it's nothing like that." Naruto tires his best to come up with a way to say what it is but he's too scared to ask for help on this.

"Then what is it, it can't be that bad so just tell me." She asked him in a calm voice which he barely every seen before. All the other times he talked to her she had used a teasing tone of voice never once a calm one.

"You know that I and Kurenai have a kid right?" He asked which she just hits him upside the head for asking her a dumbass thing.

"I was there remember or did you forget already?" Naruto just smiles to her and nods his head; he realized that was a dumb way to ask something like that. How could he forget she was there with them?

"Well I'm trying to think how way to ask her to marry me." Once he tells her that Anko looked at him like he was crazy. She didn't understand why in the hell he should ask something like that at his age.

"Why would someone your age want to marry someone?" Anko asked still thinking this is a joke or something but if he is a joke she's going to hurt him badly and hope Kurenai doesn't mind.

"Because we have kid together and it the right thing to do or I think it is, that what everyone tells you that you should do when you have a kid with someone right?" Anko just smiles to him because even if he's only fourteen he truly cares about Kurenai and trying to do the thing right for her and their kid.

"Are you doing it because of the kid or are you doing it because you want to be married to her?" She asked him in a deadly tone of voice causing him to sweat and become somewhat scared of the purple hair woman in front of him.

"I want to married her and be with her forever and I want our baby to have a mother and a father that are married, that's why I need help with this because I don't know what to do right now." She smiles a true happy smile now because she doesn't know how Kurenai could be so damn lucky like this.

"Then let's go find you a ring to give to her and you can't say no to this so shut up and take it like a man." She told him when she starts dragging him away from the dango place which old man yells that she's forgetting her dangos.

When they get to the ring shop Naruto looks at her wired but she just looks at him because she didn't have anything on her face or she didn't think so, also she had her clothes on so she didn't know why she would be getting a face like that to her.

"What gaki, I really don't like being stared at like that so just tell me what the hell is wrong this time." She looks at him closer before he just rubs the back of his head.

"How do you know where this place is, I didn't think you are into this kind of things?" Naruto asked which she blushed then looks away but she looks back at him and moving her finger to her lips.

"I want someone to ask me to marry me someday is that so wrong of me?" Naruto just smiles to her but she didn't know why in the world he's smiling but she starts to think it's because he has blackmail things now on her or something like that.

"I bet someone is going be with you soon so don't worry so much." Her worries of blackmail fades away and she nods her head to her.

"That's right who wouldn't want to be with Anko the hottest woman in this village?" Anko told him in a happy tone of voice.

"Let's go find you a ring for Kurenai-kun and it better be a good one or else you will get hurt." Anko said to him and he followed her in. When the two of them got inside the place they see tons of rings behind glass windows. Naruto starts looking for a ring which Anko smirks at him and is glad that her friend has someone that loves her like this.

Zadok notices Anko in the doorway for a ring shore. He walks up to her and taps her on her shoulder when Anko turns around she sees Zadok in black pants and a white shirt. His katana is on his back this time.

"I would never think I would see you at this time of place." Zadok said to her in his normal tone of voice, she's guessing that he doesn't really show any emotions to people.

"I'm here helping little Naruto find a ring to ask Kurenai to marry him that's all." She can tell that he's staring at her eyes but looks away because she didn't want people to do that when she's not used to them.

"I see and hopeful he finds a good ring for her and what are you doing tonight" He asked her which she just stare at him like he's crazy.

"Are you trying to ask me out?" She asked him in a somewhat shocked voice but Zadok just smirks.

"Yea, so will you go out with me?" A smile comes across Anko face before she moves her finger to her lips to think if she'll say yes or not to him.

"I guess I could give you the pleasure of taking me out on a date tonight." Zadok just shakes his head before looking back to her. "Where do you want me to take you tonight?"

"You will take me to dango place and meet me at Kurenai house at eight and if you are late, you'll never know what it like have sex with anyone." Zadok catching the hidden message but his hands go to keep his area safe from her.

"Anko-chan how is this ring?" She looks at the ring Naruto has in a box which ones a platinum and 18kt yellow gold handcrafted, comfort fit, and 7.0mm wide wedding band. The ring has a beautiful hand crafted braid in the center that has a matte finish. The rest of the band is polished. Different finishes may be selected or specified.

"That's beautiful but how did you buy it?" Naruto just smirks because he had done tons of things over his training trip. "I done tons of missions with that pervert and I saved up money."

"Kurenai-chan lucky to have someone that willing to spent so much money and hell this tons of times better than one she got from that asshole Asuma." Naruto just smiles before putting the box in his jacket and looks at the two of them.

"What are you two up to?" Anko just moves her arm around Zadok and smiles causing both of them look at her funny. "He's agree take me on a date at dango place." Naruto can't help but feel sorry for him because she can eat tons of dangos.

"You two have fun you two." Anko just nods her head before walking away and Naruto starts to head for Kurenai place but he only need now is to think of a plan to ask her to marry him.

"Maybe kaa or Kurenai's kaa can help me find a way to ask her to marry me." Naruto continues to keep walking back to the house.

Drake is now standing in front of a gravestone at the Inuzuka clan house. The name of the grave is Motoko Inuzuka which said that she was a loved Wife and died in her duty. He hears someone behind him but when he turns around he see Tsume.

Tsume didn't know what to think because she is coming to say hello to her older sister but didn't think that she would see Drake again. She had though he would never return to this village after losing Motoko but right now he's there and about to leave again.

Tsume reaches out and grabs his arm causing him to stop where he is and not keep moving away. "You're back now?" Drake nods his head before looking at her and she can see that he still feels blamed for what happened by the look in his eyes.

"You aren't the one that's to blame for her death to stop it please; she wouldn't want you keep blaming yourself like this." Tsume starts to cry on his chest before he pulls her into a hug and look at the gravestone.

When Naruto gets back inside the house he pulls his kaa and Katie into other room away from Kurenai and the baby. "I need your help on something." Both of them are now looking at each other before looking at him.

Once he tells them what he needs help on both smile because they would happy that he's doing right thing for the right reasons, too many men run away when they find out that their girlfriends gives birth to a baby.

"I know that my daughter loves candles and homemade food." Kushina comes up with an idea once she hears that. "You could do what your father did for me and it would help on Kurenai by the sound of it."

"Your father took me to our bedroom that had tons of candles and music but also homemade food that he had made himself. It was just so great and when he asked that was one fun night." Naruto just looks at her like no more. "Kaa stop just stop I don't need hear that part!" Kushina lets out a giggle when she thinks of the last part but Katie and Naruto just shake their heads.

"Your kaa does have a point that would work if you want you can do it few days, we can help you set things up and get Kurenai away from the house for awhile." Naruto nods his head and opens the box to show them the ring causing both to just stare at him.

"She better say yes to you." He just looks at Katie who looks at Kushina. "If she doesn't then I don't know what wrong with her." Naruto didn't know what wrong with them and he closes the box to put it back in his jacket.

"I'm going have a daughter in-law soon." Kushina is smiling before staring at the two of them but Naruto just shakes his head before looking at the door that leads to the room that Kurenai is in and hopes that she does say yes to him because he didn't know what happen if she says no to him when he asks her. He wants to be with her forever and hopes that she does feel the same about him but only time will tell.