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Juuban High

The school year was winding down and the worst of the testing was behind them, for the seniors of Juuban High only a week remained of their school year. This week was not without its own unique dangers for as graduation drew near even the most mild mannered of teachers under went a shocking metamorphosis. There was nothing unusual or magical about the change, it was in fact expected. More than expected it was demanded by tradition, and so it was that every faculty member overnight turned into a demanding drill instructors. This was done to insure that the final ceremony of matriculation would be performed exactly to the schools time honored specification.

For seniors of Juuban High the prescribed ritual was something that had seen many times before. The middle and senior high school graduation ceremonies were almost identical and they had witnessed and participated in them all. This would be the final event for this year's seniors. The somber discipline and reassuring sameness of the week of preparation kept many from dwelling on true meaning of the event. Still in some of the between time the students found time for final bits of socialization and confronting the looming question of: "What am I going to do with the rest of my life?"

For some student's plans for the future were not entirely in their hands. Such was the case for Mr. and Mrs. Ranma Saotome the heirs of the Tendo school of Anything Goes Martial Arts. They had had a plan for their future mapped out for them far earlier than any of their classmates. Still the two young martial artists had made their own modifications to those plans. Ranma Saotome was a man of many secrets a person of strange and twisted fate. Some would say there is no such thing as coincidence. The pattern that fate laid at the feet of Ranma was odd far beyond any hint of coincidence.

Part of his strange fate had been laid down a over a thousand years before in another lifetime. It was in an ancient time called the Silver Millennium, there a young red haired girl tried beyond trying to become a Sailor Senshi. She earned the honor posthumously. Ranma Saotome was born male into a new life to a loving mother and a father that could politely be described as strange. At the age of two Ramna's father took him on a training journey that would last over thirteen years and greatly complicate his life.

Ranma's father Genma Saotome and Soun Tendo were students of a Master Happosai, his training included treating the pair like slaves, starving them, forcing them to assist in his thievery, and letting them take the fall for his own misdeeds and perversions. Genma and Soun eventually managed to get rid themselves of their cruel master by sealing him within a cave for many years. Ranma's fate would take the first of two more strange turns when Genma took Ranma to a place in China named Jusenkyo to train. Jusenkyo was a land of cursed springs falling into one transforms a person into whatever first fell into the spring.

Genma was not one for fully researching what he thought was a good idea, so he was quite unaware of the true nature of this training area. In the end Genma was cursed by the "Spring of 'Drowned' Panda" and Ranma was cursed by the "Spring of 'Drowned' Girl".

Thereafter whenever Ranma is with cold water he turned into a female version of his original form. Hot water resets Ranma's male form, at least till the next application of cold water.

The second magical fate changing event happened when Ranma moved to Juuban Ward to study the teaching of martial arts under Master Miyagi. As part of the move Akane and Ranma transferred to Juuban High School. Ranma's grades in school left something to be desired. Genma had made arrangements to hire Ami Mizuno (one of the best students in Juuban High School) as a tutor. Meeting Ami started a bizarre chain of events that allowed Ranma to realize the goal that in a past life was unobtainable. The story of how Ranma Saotome and Akane Tendo became Sailor Sun and Sailor IO is long one and better told elsewhere but it definitely would be a factor in their future plans.

Another major factor in the young couple's plans was Nabiki Tendo, Akane's sister. The middle Tendo daughter had rested control of the Sailor Senshi Fan Club and built it into a considerable marketing empire. This allowed Nabiki to create a rather covert scholarship fund which allowed Mr. and Mrs. Saotome ample funds for college; they were seeking degrees in physical education.

Nabiki Tendo's rather covert scholarship fund also allowed Makoto Kino to pursue a dual major in physical education and horticulture. It also granted (much to shock of her parents and sibling) Usagi Tsukino a full scholarship to pursue a degree in international studies.

Courted by several universities and not lacking in funds Ami Mizuno's primary problem was selecting the pre med program she truly wanted. She had narrowed her choice down to eleven schools scattered over three continents.

In part Minako Aino was living more than one of her dreams at a time. Shortly after Nabiki had convinced both Rei Hino and Ranma (in the guise of Ranko) to do backup vocals Minako's musical career took off. Even with Ranko's rather consistent litany of; "how did I let Nabiki talk me into this?" The group was at the top of the charts. The additional notoriety was not really appreciated by Rei, Ranko, or Artemis. Thus far they had not let it interfere with their role as Sailor Senshi.

The week passed quickly despite the daily drills (or graduation practices as the faculty called them). By the end of the week all was in place.

The Saturday morning graduation allowed for a maximum of guests. Taking a special note of the riot that accrued at the Saotome wedding the MPD had detailed additional forces to the area. Young mister Saotome had also taken special action to insure the ceremony would go as planned. Awaking at sun rise Sailor Sun had already had a busy morning.

Half a world away on the Baja Peninsula

Happosai (ancient pervert creator of Anything Goes Martial Arts) awoke much to the surprise of the vulture that was investigating what it thought was a partly mummified corpse. Quickly shaking off the effects of a night of too much sake he quickly surveyed his surroundings. The terrain and vegetation indicated a desert somewhere in North or Central America. He then recalled the breasts of pretty red haired Sailor Senshi that abducted him. She had left him large box cardboard box with a note on it. He opened the box to find ten liters of bottled water, two fifths of tequila, a map of the Baja Peninsula, several rice balls, and a bottle of Mezcal with a worm in it. The note merely stated; "Have a nice vacation."

In Santa Rosalia, a mere thirty miles away, a young man sat in a cantina. The young man's poncho and large sombrero hid his obviously foreign features. Impatiently Pantyhose Taro waited for the old man who named him to emerge from the desert

Juuban High Almost six thousand three hundred miles away from Baja

Usagi Tsukino barely stifled a yawn as she lined up with her homeroom for the last time. She quickly brought herself to a level of decorum and bearing that would shock anyone that had not witnessed her growth over the last four years. The young alter ego of the Moon Princess still hated early mornings but had learned to hide it a lot better.

The honored guests were already seated in the gymnasium. No one really noted the other Senshi in their civilian forms amongst the guests. Setsuna Meioh sat discreetly in the rear of the others. Haruha Tenoh and Michiru Kaioh were near the center with their young ward Hotaru Tomoe between them. Ukyo Kuonji sat with Konatsu not far from Ranma's mother and Akane's father and two sisters. Usagi Tsukino family proudly waited to see their daughter graduate, her fiancée sat with the family. Not far away a small delegation from China consisting of a young couple and a tiny old woman sat quietly discussing the pros and cons of Laser Radial Keratotomy. All conversation came to an abrupt halt as the music started

A short time later the underclassmen were marched in. In a precise and orderly manner the younger students took their seats.

After a short wait the soon to be graduates marched in to the beat of a classical march. Each homeroom teacher called their roll in a formal manner, as each student was called they remained standing till the roll was completed. After a few other formalities all rose to sing the national anthem followed by the school's song. The Vice Principal handled all the introductions.

Minako Aino had been elected that years head of the student council; her last duty as such was to read a short congratulatory speech to her fellow graduates. Her resent success in popular music had added a TV crew to the cast of visitors and well wishers at the ceremony her miraculous recovery from what was thought to be a near fatal illness only lent drama to her growing fame. The Principal was glad she was graduating as the Paparazzi were starting to become annoying.

While Minako finished her short speech the Principal silently contemplated a few oddities of the morning; why was there an enormous pig in the schools parking lot, why were was the National Police Agency so concerned about his campus, and why had he not dieted a bit before wearing his tuxedo. When the young diva ended her speech the Principal dismissed his concerns and readied himself to read his own speech. The Principal resplendent in his (recently retailored) tuxedo marched to the podium and began extolling the virtues of hard work, perseverance, and patience. The length of the speech demonstrated perseverance and his audience was receiving an adequate test of their patience.

Two Blocks Away to the North

On the roof of a building housing several upscale shops a young women sits contemplating her revenge. Even now she was keeping her distance the Japanese courts had issued eleven separate restraining orders keeping any member of the Kuno family away from any member of the Saotome or Tendo families. For Kodachi Kuno there existed only one truth "Akane Tendo ruined her life." A large fraction of their family's fortune had been spent on lawyers, her brother was a wanted fugitive, her father had fled to Hawaii, Akane Tendo had stolen the love of her life, the Kuno family gad become the subject of public ridicule, and she had yet to find a College with a program that included Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnastics. It was all the fault of Akane Tendo and she would have her revenge. She waited timing was everything.

One Block Away to the South

Sasuke Sarugakure crouched with his master under a porch. His master was a wanted fugitive. Seizing a TV station was considered an act of terrorism. True Master Kuno's lawyers managed a successful insanity defense, but when you escape from a hospital for the criminally insane the police tend to treat you as a greater threat then a common criminal. Still Sasuke remained loyal to his master and his master's family. He remained loyal even as the tabloids told tales of Japan's Adams Family. He aided his mater in his escape and taught him the arts of stealth and disguise that they both needed to survive. Hard living only strengthened Tatewaki Kuno's resolve he would find a way to defeat that Svengali, Ranma Saotome, and free Akane Tendo and the pigtailed girl.

Juuban High Just Outside the Gym

Outside the gym three birds, two cats, and a very large the boar (the porcine kind not the kind reading speeches in the gymnasium), were shocked to see a fruit tree suddenly appear in the school yard. A strange glowing column of swirling golden light had produced the tree. Phobos and Deimos flew to one of the gymnasium windows and began pecking; cawing and razing as much ruckus as two very determined crows could. Chizuko, Luna, and Artemis took the more direct approach of seeking entry into the building. Katsunishiki who could easily gained entrance to the building (at the expense of a section of wall) was more interested in the ripe plums that had fallen from the newly arrived tree.

The golden vortex wondered across the street to a nearby parking lot leavening fruit trees in its wake.

Somewhere in Kōtō ward

A respectable distance away in Kōtō ward someone else was monitoring events remotely.

By the standards developed by either Queen Beryl or Jadeite's later efforts the Youma that called itself Pyrite was a failed experiment. Pyrite was designed for deep undercover reconnaissance and was far more intelligent and independent than any Youma ever created by the dark kingdom. Pyrite was so intelligent and independent that as soon as she was alone on Earth she disappeared entirely never again to have any contact with the dark kingdom.

By the harsher standards of survival Pyrite was a success. Pyrite was also an opportunist and an entrepreneur she opened a small upscale sushi bar in Ōta and kept a few wine-os in its basement as an energy source. When things went south for Jadeite, Pyrite took in three of Jadeite's former minions. Training one of the lesser Youmas as a sushi chef was not easy but did help to cut expenses. They had four wine-os to support by the time of the Godzilla incident. Pyrite viewed this as an opportunity, they managed to capture a baby Godzilla the creature proved to be an excellent energy source and an efficient garbage disposal unfortunately even though the creature was confined, half starved, and repeatedly drained of energy the creature still had nearly tripled in size. The Youmas had long since feed the now redundant wine-os to the beast finding fish to be cheaper than ripple. Now feeding the growing creature was eating into their profits. On the plus side the sushi bar had gained a reputation for only serving the finest and the freshest. Pyrite's struggles to contain the creatures growth had grown to the levels that the Youma's code word for the creature was "the Bonsai.

Pyrite was ever vigilant in regard to other extra-dimensional interference. Pyrite still feared that some element of the Dark Kingdom might resurrect itself and try to steal her hard won independence. She also feared the humans and the Sailor Senshi. Anonymity and knowledge were her best defenses. She maintained a low profile to avoid the attention of the Sailor Senshi. In regard to the humans she had developed a network of spies. She also was on good terms with the local Yakuza. Against maters extra-dimensional she had built a detection apparatus that would warn her of the slightest disturbance. Though she and her Youma steered clear of the Juuban Ward she watched it intently from afar; for in the Juuban Ward barriers between dimensions were thin.

The apparatus was a hodgepodge of forgotten dark kingdom magic and the latest in Japanese technology. When the apparatus detected an opening between dimensions it sounded an alarm. No one initially heard the alarm except Bonsai Godzilla whose chamber lay not far away. Seconds later the apparatus dialed Pyrite's cellular phone to deliver its warning. In minutes she was down in the hidden subbasement that housed what she kept hidden from the world. The apparatus showed a breach in Juuban Ward. Having little on the ground resources that could give a quick response she turned on her television set and watched the news stations, if it was anything major they would soon be on the scene.