Jericho resumed his attempts at communications with the strange teens. He was now talking face to face rather then through their cell phone. Translation was still an issue but at least Jericho was no longer inadvertently jamming their communication. They had finally gotten introductions completed when the ground began to shake. Kankuro, Temari, and Ino looked at Gaara oddly. "This is far deeper than the sands," explained Gaara farther comment was interrupted by Ino's cell phone.

(Shikmaru) Ino, can you hear me?

(Ino) Yes I can. They were using the phone to talk to Jericho.

(Shikmaru) Who is Jericho?

(Ino) He is a strange guy who wares armor and talks to dinosaurs.

(Shikmaru) Io send you had things under control, have you figured out what caused the communications problem.

(Ino) Yes, Temari was not explained the call waiting feature.

(Shikmaru) Who was she talking to?

(Ino) Jericho.

(Shikmaru) How did he get her number?

At the same time on another network another conversation was taking place:

(Sam) We have what we need. Pull back to passion Alpha ovoid the center of town it is covered with toads.

(Jericho) Toads! Locusts! Has anyone seen Charlton Heston?

(Sam) Just get your ass in gear before I have to start asking you if you're your parents oldest son!

As if to punctuate Sam's remark ground began to shake longer and harder then it did a few moments before.

A news room in The San Diego Union-Tribune, San Diego, California

Dan Vasser quickly prepared copy for the evening addition, it had been a slow news day.

BAJA CALIFORNIA: Earthquakes hit Santa Rosalia region

6.4 earthquake hits off Baja California coast

1:26 pm

A strong earthquake struck Baja California, about 420 miles south of the California border, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

The temblor struck about 1 p.m. in the Gulf of California, about 49 miles from Santa Rosalia.

There was no immediate word of damage or injuries.

In the town of Santa Rosalia there were no injuries. The beautiful wooden houses with their balconies, porches, and century old French architecture survived the shaking earth quite well, that and eighty percent of the town had already elected to evacuate.

The wood architecture had also been largely spared from conflagration in the earlier firefight by hordes of inadvertently sacrificed amphibians. The moist bodies of the toads had smothered the fires and shielded other buildings from escaped embers.

I am not paranoid homonyms are out to get me. Homophones, Heteronyms, Polysemes, Capitonyms and words with similar spelling it is all a vast conspiracy.