Author's Note: So, I challenged myself to write an Alice/Jasper fic, becuase no one ever does. I'm not wild about it, but here it is anyway. I know its short, but please review it. I'd like feedback.

Setting: During Breaking Dawn, before Renessme's birth. Though you can figure that out from reading it. :) enjoy!

He held the unassuming grace of a warrior, the charisma of a leader. And as he lay in bed, the only sound that ensued from the room was an intake of breath. He wondered, superficially, how he could use his skills to help those around him now. That was a strange sensation, he mused, longing to help others, as opposed to fighting them, destroying them. Alice settled into the crook of his arm, her face masked by her short crop of raven black hair. The silence that encompassed them now seemed to be the closest they'd get to true sleep.

"You're not usually this quiet." He observed.

She looked up, cracking open her amber eyes. "I hate this."

He ran his fingers through her hair, sending a wave of serenity through the room. "No one likes to feel incompetent."

She sat up, clutching the sheet to her chest. "No. I guess not." She wrinkled her nose. "And stop calming me down. It's not helping."

"What would help then?" he whispered

She sighed loudly. "I think maybe I should leave. I'm no use here anymore."

He knew there was no use fighting her, that during times like this, her stubbornness could rival Rosalie's. So instead, he questioned her. "Where would you go?"

"I don't know." she admitted softly. "South, perhaps."

"Do you think that will help chase it away? Will you feel better?"

Alice looked at him, splotches of moonlight trickled in, basking her face in its whitish glow. All the usual cheerfulness had vanished from her face. "I don't know." she spat harshly. "And what is with all the damn questions tonight?"

"You're hurting." He pressed a kiss to her forehead. "I hurt when you hurt. So we'll do whatever we need to prevent it. Even if that means leaving."

"Do you think that's right? Should we leave?"

He chewed on his lip, debating between the truth and what he knew his soul mate would despise hearing at this moment in time. But he also knew he needed to think beyond the now, and consider the long term.

"No." he finally added decisively. "I think you're needed here."

"How? How can they need me when I've been rendered utterly useless by whatever Bella's carrying? Whatever's killing her." She finished mutely.

"And how do you think she'll feel if she finds out her best friend has left?" Jasper asked, raising an eyebrow. "Or, what if it does kill her? Will you ever forgive yourself if she died, and you weren't here to… say…" he trailed off, unable to complete the sentence.

"goodbye." She finished for him. "This is all giving me a headache. You know damn well I'd never let go if she died and I wasn't here."

"Then don't go." He offered the answer quickly, as if everything was so simple.

"I feel incapicated by this. Helpless."

"You're only helpless if you let yourself be."

She inhaled, taking in his scent. "You always know exactly what to say."

"What can I say, it's a gift."