Family Bonding

Tonks shot a stunning spell at the young wizard she was dueling. He was fast, faster than she'd expected.

The boy jumped behind a tree and threw a curse around the trunk. It singed the hem of Tonks' robes and she scowled.

"Not playing fair anymore?" she called. "Does that mean I don't have to either?" No answer. Good, that meant he was nervous. The young ones always stumbled when they lost their feelings of invincibility. She took careful aim and blew up a rock near the tree. The boy went diving out of the way of the debris, and Tonks smirked in satisfaction at the pissed off expression on his face.

He sent another curse her way, but she dodged easily. He was getting sloppy in his anger. His next few curses didn't come anywhere close to her.

Tired of this, she disarmed him and hit him with an Impediment curse. She watched as he stumbled back over a tree root and hit the ground. She ran over to him, wand still raised, and looked him over. His blue hair with white streaks was all over the place. He had a cut on the side of his arm, and was breathing heavily.

"You can't hurt me. I'm your son," he said with a grin.

Tonks leaned down to help him up. "Would a Dark wizard take that as an excuse?"

"No, but you're not a Dark wizard."

"Very funny, Bastian. You're getting rather good. Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Of course I am," Bastian said, struggling to his feet. "You, Harry, and Mr. Kingsley were all Aurors. It can't be all bad." He ran his hands over his robes to knock off the dust and morphed his hair back into spikes. "If they let me in, I'll be able to start training next month. So you and mom'll get to come see me before you go visit Uncle Ron." As they walked up the path from the garden, Idina came to the doorway.

"Have you two been dueling again?" she asked. "Mummy's already about to have kittens over you joining the Aurors, Bas! Do you have to wave it in her face by practicing?"

"Yes," Bastian said. "Because then she'll know that I'm going into this eyes open. Besides, you act like I'm the only one she's worried about. You're giving her just as much trouble, running off with our cousin for five months."

"Uncle Fred's fine with it!"

"Which is why your mother's worried," Tonks mumbled.

"Maeve and I will be fine," Idina said.

"What's for dinner?" Bastian asked, tossing his dirty robes down the laundry shoot.

"I don't know, that's what I was going to ask Mama."

"I'm making fish with wine sauce and rice. Go feed Zephyr, and try not to hurt him." Tonks watched her two children walk out the side door and into the Wrackspurtle pen. Luna had finally found a colony of them in Greece (though they were nothing like what she'd imagined), and had brought one back for the twins on their fifteenth birthday. They were sweet creatures, if a little fragile. Tonks was always afraid they would break him. She felt a hand on her waist and turned to find Ginny next to her. "Hey. Our boy tried to set me on fire."

"Good thing he's a crack shot then." Ginny laughed.

"The scary thing is, he's getting better." Tonks looked around the refrigerator for vegetables.

"Are you worried?" Ginny asked.

The benefit to having years of history together was that Tonks saw right through the question asked to what Ginny meant: Should I be worried?

"No," she answered. "There's more to being an Auror than just dueling, and even if it was just dueling he'd be fine. I wouldn't have encouraged him to follow this if I didn't think he'd be okay. And Maeve will look after Idina. It's only a few months and we have friends in Venezuela if they need anything. Not worried at all." She gave Ginny a kiss.

"Then neither am I," Ginny said.

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