The trip to the cemetery was made in awkward silence. The inside of the impala was not in the best atmosphere. Each brother lost in his own thoughts. Each debating if this was the right move. Dean was still not very pleased with Sam coming with him and he intended to show his brother how much pissed he was. Sam on the otherhand could care less. He was very well aware of the fact that his brother was not at all happy with his decision to come but he also knew that he couldn't let Dean go alone – he WOULDN'T let Dean go alone. Not after everything he had to go through for the last 4 months. And Sam was scared. There was no shame in admitting that. He was scared for Dean , scared for himself and scared for their unborn baby , who at the moment was in full mood to prove his father that he was a darn good soccer player. Sam put an arm on his stomach and snuggled a little closer to the passenger door . He let out sigh which sounded like a wince and closed his eyes. God his back hurt like a fuck and he felt…….weird.

Dean stared hard on the road , but kept an eye on his brother. They hadn't talked to each other much since they left the motel – well, if Sam's occasional groans and Dean's 'u okay?' were to be counted. Dean watched Sam from the corner of his eyes as Sam wrapped an arm around his stomach and winced slightly in pain. He knew it was a mistake to bring Sam in this condition , but who was he kidding? Knowing Sam, the kid could very well follow him and be there to be with him. Better stay with him than to wander all alone. STUBBORN BITCH. Dean turned his eyes back to the road but his attention kept going towards his brother. Sam had a look of discomfort in his face and kept shifting in his seat every 5 seconds. Dean watched him closely as Sam sat up straight for a while , then huffed and again leaned back. Then again he turned slightly to his right. A few moments later, he was on his left.

Dean shook his head and turned to the road. But it was impossible to drive straight if you have a person constantly moving beside you. Sam shifted again and that was it. Dean had had enough.

"Whats wrong Sam?", Dean asked annoyed and irritated. He didn't mean to but his voice was a little louder than he wanted. He stopped the car and turned to look at Sam. His brother looked puzzled at first , then sighed and looked down.

"Sam?" , Dean asked a little softer .

"What?" , Sam asked back.

Dean took a deep breath and said slowly , "whats wrong?"

"nothing", Sam lied.

"Bull. You have been moving like that for the past 45 minutes and you say nothing?" , again Dean didn't mean to yell but fuck! Sam shouldn't be there in the first place.

"its nothing Dean. Just my back's hurting a lot. Its like no matter how I sit , its never comfortable. Sorry I distracted you." , Sam said softly and Christ he moved again and this time tried not to wince,but failed.

Dean felt like shit hearing that. There was his brother all ready to pop his baby out and still watching his back in the hunt, and there he was getting all pissed on that very baby brother and now Sam was frigging feeling guilty of distracting him! FUCK.

Dean sighed heavily and scooted closer to his baby brother. He pulled Sam in a hug and kissed him on top of his head.

"you weren't distracting me Sammy. I- shit- I am sorry I made you feel like that. I am not mad at you Sam….i swear I am not . I just – I am mad at every shit that has happened to us and is happening now. But I am sure as hell not mad at you baby…not at all at you. I guess I am mad at myself for some reason. I should have there for you and the little one inside. It shouldn't have been like this. You should've been at home resting , not drive with me to finish a hunt. And I am sorry for that babe..i am so so sorry." , Dean muffled in Sam's hair as he rocked his baby brother in his arms.

Sam hearing that pulled away slowly, and saw Dean's eyes filled with tears. "shhhh shhh…Dean . its not your fault. You did the best you could do and I cant ask anything better than that. I just want you to be with me and Michael Dean. We need you all the more now. Just see it from my eyes Dean. I know you wanted me to stay back and I understand. God knows I do Dean, I do. But put yourself in my shoes and think. Would you have let me go out of your sight Dean? You didn't let me pee alone for 1 month after Cold Oak. And I promise Dean, I wont put myself and Miku in danger. You know me better than that Dean and I give you my word.", Sam said honestly and gave a soft warm kiss to Dean's lips.

Dean looked at Sam. "you promise?" , he asked one more time. Sam smiled , "I promise.". And within seconds Dean's lips were crashing on Sam's as if sealing the promise.

First it was lips , then came the tounge. The impala rocked as the two occupants inside got busy exploring each other. Dean sat on Sam's lap sitting all the way on his knees and bit into his neck, getting a moan of pleasure from the younger man. "Deeeeannn……", Sam moaned as Dean licked on his left nipple and dug his fingers in his back, "Dean…w-we…have a hunt to finish…common." , Sam urged half-heartedly , as he giggled when Dean slipped his hand inside his jeans.

"well Sammy..if you ask me …that hunt can wait. But this cant.", Dean said in a voice which Sam loved and ached to hear. Dean was in no mood of letting go of Sam. His brother looked extremely hot and he would be damned if he didn't fuck him. But he wasn't very sure of it. He didn't want to hurt Sam or their baby just to have fulfilled his desire. So he went smooth , nice and slow and Sam seemed to enjoying every bit of it. Dean moved his hand to grab Sam's ass as his brother was licking his neck when suddenly Sam stiffened. His breath hitched and when Dean pulled back , he saw Sam had his jaw clenched tightly, his eyes squeezed shut and he had held his breath. Fear filled Dean's body as he got off his brother , wrapped an arm around Sam's back.

"Sammy? Sammy whats wrong babe? Common talk to me." , Dean asked as his voice shook in fear. After a few moments , Sam slowly relaxed. He opened his eyes and let out a deep breath , as he collapsed into Dean's chest.

"You okay baby? What happened?", Dean asked softly, as he brushed off Sam's hair from his forehead.

"Nothing, it must be cramps.", Sam panted. He looked how freaked Dean looked and gave a warm smile. "I am okay love.", he assured softly and gave a chaste kiss on Dean's lips. Dean smiled. " okay. Good 'cause for a moment I thought little Michael was coming" , he said and placed his hand on Sam's tummy. Sam smiled back. "well he is just as eager."and rubbed his belly.

"Alrighty, lets go and get done with the fucker in the cemetery and head back to the motel. God knows I am soo eager to finish what I started here." , Dean gave a cocky smile and drove to their destination.


It had taken the boys 15 minutes to find the open grave. Sam stood close to Dean with his shotgun ready as the older brother salted the corpse. Dean was pouring the gasoline when the temperature dropped to a ridiculously cold and the wind started blowing hard.

"Sammy?" Dean called out just to make sure he was okay.

"Right here Dean and I am alright. Just finish it off fast.", Sam replied as his voice shook in fear. He rubbed his stomach to assure his baby that everything would be okay when the ugly spirit appeared in front of him. Quick reflexes saved Sam as the hunter in him kicked in and he blasted the fucker with his shotgun.

"Dean hurry up. We don't have much time", Sam yelled as he shot another one at the ghost. That was close. Had Sam wasted a fraction on second more then …….Sam shuddered to think what would have happened to him and the baby.

But thankfully Dean lighted up the corpse and the ghost disappeared for good with a loud shriek. Sam let out a breath he didn't know he was holding and relaxed. The sudden feel of safety almost made him dizzy. Soon after he found himself enveloped in Dean's arms.

"You both alright Sammy?" Dean asked touching Sam's stomach. When Sam smiled and nodded , he felt relief wash over him. He held onto Sam like there's no tomorrow and covered his face with kisses. When he was sure that Sam was okay and nothing supernatural can hurt him or their baby, Dean pulled back and said , "Okay Sammy, I want you to sit your butt down here and not move a muscle until I am done filling the grave."

Sam looked down at the ground and put a hand on his belly. "Uhh…Dean I hate to break this to you love but uhh..i cant sit down so low."

Dean thought for a moment then said , "Okay then. You wait in the car. Do one thing, lay down in the backseat okay?"

Sam smiled and kissed Dean. "Okay love. As you say", he breathed on his brother's lips and turned back to walk to the car.

Sam was some ten to fifteen feet from the car when a sudden strong pain pierced his belly. He groaned and bent down hugging his stomach as the pain stayed longer than he expected. When it passed, he stood up and let out a sigh. He walked quickly to the car when his water broke. Puzzled Sam looked down at the puddle of water and his wet jeans , trying to figure everything out , when he realized it was his water that broke and he was in labour. Almost immediately the next contraction hit him and Sam gripped the door of the passenger seat of the car in one hand and held his belly with the other. Groaning in terrible pain, he slowly lowered himself and sat on the dirt. The ground seemed far when you are so tall and so heavily pregnant.

"Ddddeeeeeaannnnnnnnn", Sam called out weakly as the muscles of his belly tightened. He rubbed his belly in an attempt to lessen the pain but nothing helped. He could see Dean shoving earth on the grave and only hoped that Dean would come back soon. When the next contraction came, he felt like pushing but instead he kept his knees closed and whimpered in pain. He wasn't giving birth to their baby in a fucking graveyard.

"Deeeeeeannnn?", he again called out but to no avail. Dean was quite far to hear him. Sam checked his watch. His contractions were 7 minutes apart and he hoped against everything that he would reach the motel before Michael comes. When the next contraction came Sam tried to suppress it but the pain was soo intense that he couldn't help but cry out in agony. When it passed, Sam gasped for breath and could make out Dean figure coming closer and closer.


Dean was almost done with his work, when he thought he heard a faint cry of pain. Not losing any more time, he quickly wrapped up with his work and hurried to his brother. God knows the kid has been through a lot lately. Him coming back from hell all of a sudden, the baby and the hunt were too much stress for Sam in his condition. Dean knew his brother needed proper rest and needed to be taken care of and he intended to do that. Take care of Sam like he always had wanted, pampering him , making love to him. Dean smiled. He had missed soo much in the last four months and he would make it up to Sam. But first things first, he would take Sam to the motel and massage his back. It hurt him so much watching Sam all day groaning from his backache. Speaking of Sam what the heck was he doing sitting in the dirt? Dean frowned at first but soon realized his brother was in a lot of pain when he found Sam turning to his right side and holding his tummy in pain.

Shit! Dean thought, did he fall down and get hurt? Fuck! I knew it was a bad idea. Shouldn't have let him go alone. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!.

Dean's thoughts were interrupted as Sam moaned , "Owww! God! Deeeeeeaannnnn". And Dean ran- ran like a mad man, covering the distance in quick long strides and was kneeling beside his groaning baby brother in a matter of seconds.

"Sammy? Sammy what happened babe? How did you fall down?? Where did you get hurt baby?" Dean asked as he checked Sam for any injury. "Deeeeaaannnn", Sam whimpered again and held his belly more tightly. Dean looked at Sam's stomach and slipped his hand inside Sam's clothes and touched the bare warm flesh. He gasped when he found the belly rock hard and suddenly everything became clear to him.

Sam didn't fall down , he was in fucking LABOUR!.

Dean looked up at Sam. "Sammy ? is Mikey coming baby?" he asked with a smile. Sam tried to smile but it came more as a grimace. "Yeah. T-told ya , he is eager to c-come", Sam panted as he saw Dean open the passenger door. He then stooped down and carefully pick Sam up and put him on the seat. Dean was about to close the door when Sam grabbed his hand and cried out in pain. "D-Deannnn…..h-hhurrrrrrttttttsssss Deeeeeeean,…..fuck it hurrtsssssssss sssssssso bad…..Godddddddd!!!", Sam moaned curling into himself, as Dean rubbed his hard belly and watched helplessly.

When the contraction passed , Dean gave a quick kiss to Sam and closed the door. He hurried to the other side and started the car. He drove as fast as he could , ignorning all traffic rules , as he heard Sam groan painfully every now and then. They were some half an hour away from the motel when he heard Sam saying , "Deeeeann….Deeeeaaaaannnn……..i…uhhhh…….i think OOWWW!!.I have to push".

Dean looked at Sam wide eyed and saw as Sam pulled his pants down and spread his legs. He shook his head and said, "NONONONO Sammy….don't do that baby. Just hold it for some more time. We are almost there babe…. a few more minutes and then I'll get you in a nice warm bed and then you can push . but not here babe,not now," Sam only groaned more in response .

The contractions were coming one after the other and all Sam wanted to do was push the baby out. When a strong one hit him, he felt it impossible to resist. The pressure intensified and he groaned as he spread his legs a gave a slight push.

"Sam..i told you not to push. We are not having a baby in my car dude!", Dean freaked.

Sam gave him a death glare as he held his belly and pushed again. " you have no idea what pain I am going through so don't you go all leturing me where to give birth to my baby", Sam yelled in anger but instantly panted through another contraction. Tears pooled in his eyes. "Fuck Dean I cant do it anymore. It fucking hurts like ……OWW! Fuck! OWWW!!!".

Dean's heart broken seeing his brother in soo much pain and he couldn't do anything to help him. He sighed. Sam was right. He had no idea just how much his baby brother was suffering and how it feels to give birth to a life. So Dean did the only thing he could do-comfort Sam. He placed a hand on Sam's solid belly and massaged the tight muscles. He rubbed circles on the hard surface as Sam screamed in pain.

" are doing so good babe….just keep pushing when the contraction comes. It will be over soon baby…and think how soon we are gonna hold Mikey in our hands.i love you honey , I love you soo much", Dean repeated over and over as Sam pushed harder. He gripped the seat hard and pushed again with more force as Dean pulled the car in front of their motel room.

"Dean! Dean!", Sam called out urgently.

"Yeah Sammy what?", Dean asked softly as he rubbed Sam's abdomen and kissed his temple.

"Dean…I think.,…uhh…he's close. Ow! Dean please….i gotta lie down love..please…Ow!", Sam grunted as he felt the baby's head crowning.

"Oh Shit . Sam wait. I'll just open the door and come and get you. Just hold on a sec", Dean called out already running out of the car. He unlocked their room door and flicked the lights on. He placed some pillows over Sam's bed in such a position that his baby brother would be comfortable, then grabbed some towels and put them beside the bed so that he wont have to leave Sam to get them later. The loud cry of pain coming from the said person , made Dean run back to the car.

Sam was breathing heavily, covered in sweat and tears and he arched his back and cried in pain. Dean ran to him and opened the door. He pulled Sam's pants upto his knees and slipped one arm under his knees. The other arm Dean placed behind Sam's back as he hauled his exhausted brother in his arms. Sam screamed at every contaction and pushed with all he had. Dean carefully walked inside the room with Sam in his arms and placed his baby brother on the bed. He pulled out Sam's boots and socks and then his pant. He placed a blanket over Sam's legs and proceeded to remove his brother's shirt. First came the jacket, then the button-down shirt and then the wife beater. Dean peeled the sweat soaked clothes as Sam kept shouting in pain. He brushed off the sweaty bangs from Sam's forhead and murmured words of encouragement . he grabbed a sweetshirt and slipped it over Sam's torso. Giving a quick kiss on Sam's lips, Dean positioned himself down. He could see the baby's head crowing. "Sammy I can see Mikey's head baby. Give one hard push baby…common you can do it babe.", he encouraged as Sam gave a hard push and the head came out. Dean breathed out a relief then said , "okay babe…you are doing wonderful. Sammy the head is out. Now just one hard push baby….a real hard one and it will be over. I promise will all be over". Sam took a deep breath and pushed with all his might with a loud scream and the next thing he heard was the high-pitched cry of a new born.

"SAMMY YOU DID IT BABE…YOU DID IT. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH BABE…..", Sam could hear Dean's voice but he was too tired to listen. Exhaustion slowly claimed him and he closed his eyes, breathing in happiness and relief. He felt Dean cleaning him and easing him out on the bed. After resting a few moments, he opened his eyes only to find Dean smiling at him with happy tears in his eyes. "It's a boy Sammy. Our baby boy. Told ya its gonna be a boy. Michael Johnathan Winchester is here.", Dean beamed with happiness.

Sam smiled tiredly and contently. But frowned when he didn't hear his baby cry. "Dean? Dean? Is he okay? I – I cant hear his crying?", he panicked.

Dean smiled and scooted closure to Sam to reveal a tiny wide awake Michael in his arms, who was busy staring at his Poppy's neck. "Well Sammy he ain't crying 'coz he is busy checking out my amulet. Don't you like it Mikey? I do you love it little man.", Dean said in his perfect toddler voice.

Sam watched in awe as the baby tried to hold the amulet. He smiled then held out his hands and said, "Dean give him to me."

Dean made a playfully annoyed face and said, "you are not holding him now. You had him with you for all these months . so now its my time to bond with my son. And moreover he loves me more than you, anyway", Dean jokingly teased his brother. Sam decided to play along and pouted. Dean couldn't help but steal a kiss from Sam's sexy lips as he carefully placed Michael in Sam's arms.

The baby looked at his new daddy with brown puppy eyes that reminded Dean of Sam when he was born. Sam smiled at his child as Michael grasped Sam's finger and curled his tiny little fingers around it. "Dean he's- god! He's so small Dean I think I might break him!. And he's so perfect!", Sam said softly as he watched the tiny bundle of joy play with his finger.

"Yeah he is Sammy. He is just perfect. He is a pure Winchester. What else do you expect him to be, huh?", Dean smiled fondly. Sam kissed Michael's small fingers and said , "I still cant believe he was inside me for this long…he was a part of me. And now I am holding him in my arms." Dean nodded and pulled Sam close to him. Sam laid his head on Dean's shoulder and watched their baby, as Michael gave a baby yawn, obviously tired of his work and closed his eyes , still holding Sam's finger tightly.

"Awwwww already has you wrapped around his fingers", Dean smiled looking at the baby.

Sam waited for Michael to fall asleep and tried to pull his finger out so that he could put Michael in the crib , he got for him in the month before. But as he took his finger away, Michael twisted his tiny baby face and let out a loud wail in protest.

"Oh baby…..shhhh okay…its okay sweet pie……I am not going anywhere…its okay..don't cry baby….don't cry…shhhhh Miku shhhh……okay okay…here..take my fingy and " , Sam cooed the baby and rocked him in his arms. As he brought his finger closer to Michael's hands, the baby quickly grasped it and this time held it with both his tiny hands. Ten small fingers curled up around Sam's finger as the baby put the tip of the finger into his small cute mouth and sucked it.

"Aww look at him 't he the cutest baby ever?", Dean smiled as he stroked Michael's mop of brown hair. Soon the baby was in his own dreamland.

Sam smiled at his sleeping baby in his arms and kissed his tiny forehead. He leaned back over the pillows with a tired sigh.

"hey Sammy you okay babe?", Dean asked in concern.

Sam smiled, "yeah love I am okay….just tired and sore. But I am okay.".

Dean nodded and carefully took Michael from Sam's arms to lay him on the crib. "good night champ", he said kissing the baby on the forehead and laid him down. He came back and helped Sam lie down on the bed comfortably on his back and pulled him towards his chest. He ran his fingers through Sam thick brown mop and whispered, "Get some rest Sammy. You need them. You did all the hard work, so just sleep". Sam nodded and yawned. " 'kay….call me when he wakes up.", Sam murmured already half asleep. Dean smiled and snuggled closer to his brother. He couldn't have asked for anything better. He was the happiest man on earth—happy with his family—with the two most important people of his life.