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Naruto is becoming a genin but the thing is no ones knows about the things that happened to Naruto like him being a Uchiha and closers person to him tried killing him but he killed him before he could of killed Naruto. Which by doing so his Sharingan because the Mangekyou Sharingan but Naruto regrets killing his friend Zadok but he had to because Zadok was hired to kill Naruto. Was the whole thing a act to get close to me? Was the thoughts of Naruto on that matter. But because of Kyuubi inside of him he can use Mangekyou as much as he wants because he never needs to worry about going blind.

Naruto met Kyuubi when he killed Zadok but the fox was really a kind woman who as been there for him as the five years have passed. She thinks of him as a son and he thinks of her as a 2nd mother which he never will let anyone hurt her.

Naruto right now is sitting outside the school waiting for it to opened. He is wearing a orange t-shirt and black jacket with a orange hood and his pants are a mix of black and orange because some parts are black and others are orange. He has a katana on his back and he notices the Uchihas coming. Yes the women of the clan are alive because Itachi is not that evil to kill his mother and the other women but also because Naruto asked him not to and he listened to the request because one he is Naruto older half brother and sensei.

"Great the dope here" Sasuke said to the blonde boy.

"Dope? Your calling me a loser? The person that kicks you ass in every fight we had?" Naruto asked back in a mocking tone of voice.

Mikoto sees her youngest son act towards the son that no one knows about. She wishes that their could get along but she knows that Naruto will never get along with him because of him wanting to kill Itachi.

"Yes because no matter what you never be as good as someone from a clan like the Uchihas" He said back with prided in his voice but Naruto just smirk at him like he was none thing.

"You mean ones that goes around killing each other? Or the clan that as all shit asshole men in it and beautiful women?" He replied making Sasuke pissed and the women blushed because he called them beautiful..

"You don't know real reason Itachi killed your clan and you think you can go around saying that your clan the best? That so funny Sasuke-teme that I forget to laugh" He replied back in a cold tone of voice.

"He did it for power and that because he is none thing but a cold blooded murder" Once he said that Naruto grabbed him by the neck. He did it because one Itachi is his brother and he calling him a murder because he has no idea what really happened that day but Naruto does and that why he getting pissed off.

"You know none thing about him then and reason he did it!" He yelled as his Sharingan come out which shocked everyone but Mikoto but what he did next shocked her. His Sharingan turned into the Mangekyou but his was not like Itachi his has a moon sharp with a star in the middle of it. That shocked Mikoto but she knows Naruto would not kill in cold blood so she is calm about this but the other women couldn't believe their eyes.

"Your just like him!" He replied back. Kiba and his sister and mother with their dogs walk up to them and see what happening.

Their notice his eyes and was shocked by it.

"You killed your closest person for the Mangekyou you're a monster just like Itachi" He said back to Naruto in a pissed off voice.

"First off he is not a monster and 2nd off I didn't have a choice in the matter! He was trying to kill me so I killed him! I have regret that for the last five years of my life! If you don't shut up I going show you what really happen that day and the reason why!" He yelled back as Sasuke with a pissed off voice that was close to being demonic. Everyone around them was shocked and was kindly worried that Naruto was really going to kill him soon.

"You just some kid that was born by a whore" Once he said that Naruto was about lose it as he hit Sasuke in the gut with his kneel making him chock up blood.

"You I will replied you will never call you mother a whore" He said back to him with a glare that means one thing you going die soon if you kept it up. Everyone was shocked that he was the son of Mikoto but who was the father was going thought their minds and Mikoto was sad that her son called her tat but happy that her other son defended her.

"My mother is a whore then!" He yelled causing his mother face to turn sad but that just made Naruto finally lose it and he used his Mangekyou on him.

In Tsukuyomi world.

"Sasuke is time you see the true reason for that day" Naruto said as he sends him to the house as both Itachi and the male members of the clan are talking.

"What do you mean! You are none thing but a asshole. Your forcing your own wife to sleep with you that is called rape you piece of shit of a father!" Itachi yelled at his father as Naruto stepped in the middle of both Fugaku and Mikoto.

"What are you doing here demon kid?" Fugaku yelled at the six year old boy.

"Going to made sure my mother is safe from you" He said back as he walks to his mother.

"I going to kill you" He said as he starts to do hand signs but as he about get done he feels a blade go through his chest from behind him. When he looks around he sees his oldest son was the one that stabbed him. Once he killed his father the other male members attacked him. Once he was done killing the members of his clan he looks at Naruto and his mother.

'Onii-san please don't hurt the women of the clan" He plead his big half brother.

"Don't worry I not going to hurt them if you don't want me to" He said back to his little half brother.

"Thank you" He replied back as he hugged his kaa.

End of the 72 hours of same thing going over and over. *Man that most suck for Sasuke seeing same thing over and over*

"That why and don't forget it" He replied as he started to walk inside the school.

"I Sorry mother" Sasuke replied as he walks inside the school.

"Mikoto is Naruto your son? But whose the father?" Tsume asked her in a caring voice.

"Minato Namikaze" She replied back as he walked inside the school to see what teams her sons get on and she was fallowed both the Inuzuka members. Kiba took his sit and Naruto took his sit next to the window.

"Team Seven Sasuke, Sakura and Hinata and your sensei is Kakashi Hatake and your meet him in room 210" He said to them as the three of them walked out of the classroom to meet their sensei.

"Team eight Kiba. Naruto and Naruto you still not said what your last name is" He asked/said to him.

"His last name is Uchiha he is my son" Mikoto said to him.

"Kiba. Naruto and Shino your sensei is Kurenai Yuuhi and she is in room 211" He said to him as their walk out but Naruto looked at Hana few times before leaving the room. But she noticed and smiled because she has no idea why someone that age would be looking at her that way. She notice that his looks not of pervert that looking at her body because his eyes looked into her eyes and she wondered why someone his age would look at someone like that and not in a pervert way.

Once their get inside the room their see a woman with red eyes and long black raven hair.

"Its nice to meet you three and lets get to know each other and I'll go for. My name is Kurenai Yuuhi and my likes are cooking and gardening but mostly genjutsu and my dislikes are perverts and my hobby is learning genjutsu and cooking and gardening and my dream is to see you all become great shinobis but tell me if you have trained by someone before and what your strongest skill" She said to them.

"My name is Naruto Uchiha and my likes are ramen and my mother Mikoto also my father Minato Namikaze and my only brother Itachi and that's because I hate Sasuke and I don't see him as a brother and my dislikes are people who hate me for something I couldn't change and I didn't want and my hobby is get stronger to kept the ones I care about alive and my dream is to be the next hokage. I had training before and that was by my older brother Itachi and my strong skill is Mangekyou Sharingan" He said back to them which leaving a shocked sensei.

"Your Itachi brother and was trained by him and also have the Mangekyou?" She asked him in a shock tone of voice.

"Is it true that you had to kill the closet person to you to get the eyes?" Kiba asked him.

"Yes and I killed the person that was like brother to me but I had no choice he was trying to kill me because he was pay to and I wanted to live but there not one day that doesn't go by that I don't regret doing that. Maybe if I had let him kill me and he lived than maybe I would not regret it so much" Naruto replied back to him as he thinks of the past and a few tears come down his face.

"Its not your fault if he tried to kill you and its ok to kill someone that trying to kill you" Kurenai said back to her new genin who is blaming himself for something he shouldn't.

"Its your turn Kiba" He said to his teammate.

"My name is Kiba Inuzuka and my likes are my clan and dogs my dislikes are cats. My hobby is playing with my ninja dog and my dream is to be the best clan hair. I was trained by my clan and the teachers are Tsume my mother and Hana my sister" He said to his team which Naruto started to day dream of a young brown woman but then Kiba hit him in the gut.

"What was that for?" He asked Kiba in a mad tone of voice.

"Stop day dreaming about my sister and I know you are because you do it all the time for the last four years" He said back and hit him on the head.

"My name is Shino Aburame and my likes are bugs and my clan and my dislikes are people that kill bugs and my hobby is talking to my bugs and my dream is to get long better with them and I was trained by my father" He said to his teammates.

"I see you three at training grounds 8 but we going have a fight against team seven because I have a bet with Kakashi that my team will win" She said to them which all three of them nodded and Naruto disappeared in a wave of flames leaving three people shocked again.

"He shocks me every time he does something new" Kiba said to his teammates who just nodded at him.

Few hours later the genin senseis are sitting at the dango stop talking about their teams and also Anko there because Kurenai her friend and she loves dangos.

"I have Uchiha who wants kill Itachi and fan girl and shy shy shy hyuuga" Kakashi said to them.

"I have a lazy brat a fan girl a boy that eats a lot" Asuma said to them.

"I have a Uchiha who has Mangekyou and was trained by Itachi and is the son of Mikoto and the father is Minato Namikaze and also a Inuzuka and a bug dude" Kurenai said back to everyone which was shocked by what she first said.

"Who is he!" Kakashi yelled and was pissed at this point.

"Naruto Uchiha and he the jailer of Kyuubi" She replied back.

"To get the Mangekyou he has to kill his closes person to him" Kakashi replied shocking Anko and Asuma but not Kurenai.

"He killed the person who was like a brother to him because his friend tried to kill him because he was pay to" Kurenai replied back as she looked down.

"Naruto my sensei son… All this time…" Kakashi couldn't believe it.

"What do you mean?" Kurenai asked them.

"The 4th hokage name is Minato Namikaze and that why he looks just like Naruto because he Naruto father. I had seen Mikoto and my sensei being close but I would never think a married person who do that" Kakashi said in a shocked and uneasy way.

Naruto walked out to the tables in the dango place as he is eating dangos.

"Naruto" Kurenai said to him.

"Hello sensei" He replied back to her.

"Are you really my sensei son?" Kakashi asked in in a shocked voice.


"Yes but don't tell the 3rd hokage that I found out" He replied back.

"Why does he not want you to know" Anko asked him.

"He hidden Kyuubi from me which I met at age of seven and my mother told me who he was and she can't lie because she had sex with him and that how a baby is born" He replied back in his normal tone of voice.

"Kakashi your sensei of the team that my team going to be fighting tomorrow? How is Sasuke did my little talk help him or do I need use Mangekyou on him again?" Naruto asked the silver hair man.

"What do you mean? He wants kill his brother" When he said that Naruto slapped his head.

"Why kami! He finally founds out that Itachi killed his clan because one his father was raping his mother and also his father tried killing me and Itachi killed him" He replied back to the silver hair man.

"I don't know but he still unsure if he should or not" He replied back to the blonde hair boy.

"Then maybe I should use Mangekyou on him again" He replied back to him.

"Don't use that you go blind if he use it to much" He replied back to his sensei son in a worried tone of voice.

"Because of Kyuubi healing powers I can use it 24/7 if I have the chakra and I'll not go blind. There is a plus for having a demon sealed inside of you. He replied back to him in a calm voice.

"Then you may be the strongest person here then" Kakashi said to him.

"No just because I have strong bloodline doesn't made me strong and that one of the lessons Itachi told me" He replied back to him.

"You're a smart one then" Anko said to the kid with a smirk on her face.

Naruto looks at her then she smirks again to him.

"like what you see?" She replied back teasing him.

'Sorry only one person that I like looking at and that someone that not here right now" He replied back with a smirk of his own.

"So Kiba was right you do like her" Kurenai said back to him causes him to blush.

"I see you at team meeting tomorrow" He said to her as he disappeared in a wave of flames.

Next day the training grounds Naruto gets their after Kakashi.

"Sorry I'm late guys" He said back to them

"Now that you're here we can start" Kurenai said to him.

"Is this a three vs. three or one vs. one?" He asked Kakashi.

"This is one vs. one the best fighter of each team fights each other" He replied back to him.

"Sasuke going to win because he the best!" A pink banshees yelled out.

"Shut up banshees" He yelled at Sakura who just turned to Naruto and started to fan girl yell at him..

"I dare you to say that again" She replied in a angry tone of voice which Naruto just smirk at her because one she get piss to easy for a shinobi and 2nd she a fan girl and will die soon when she does something higher then rank d.

"I sorry but the pink hair banshee getting mad" He replied with a smirk on his face but the pink banshees I mean Sakura is getting more pissed at Naruto..

"This coming from a team with that thing brother on it" She said as she looks at Kiba then Naruto appears in front of her ready to take her down.

"Who you calling a thing?" He replied back to her almost in a demonic tone of voice.

"That bicth of a woman Hana she dated my friend brother then dumped him because she wouldn't suck his dick or let him fuck her" She replied with a smirk on her face. But she about to found out what you do what your insult someone Naruto loves.

"You Better shut up or their not be thing left of you to find" He said back to her with a demonic voice and demonic eyes which was the Mangekyou.

"What…" She replied and now was about piss herself and wait she did piss herself.

"Naruto stop it" Kurenai said to him.

"Lets get this fight over so I can leave" He said back to Kakashi with a pissed off look and Kurenai understands why. Sakura had bad mouth Hana which she knows Naruto likes and maybe loves her.

"Sasuke and Naruto get ready to fight" He said to the two of them. Naruto eyes are now back to normal.

"I going to take you down loser" He replied back to Naruto but Naruto only replied back was a smirk on his face.

Naruto yelled out "Raiton burade (Lightning blade)" Once he yelled it out a blade made out of lightning come out of his mouth and headed towards Sasuke. Sasuke tires dodge it but get shocked in his right leg as the blade hit's the side of his leg.

"Shocking isn't?" Naruto replied in a mocking voice.

"ThatSasuke just stare at him as he slowly getting more pissed off. He does some hand signs then blows fire out of his mouth towards Naruto who just easies dodges it. Naruto does hand signs as he appears behind Sasuke which he then yells out "Raiton handesu (Lightning Hands( " Lightning forms around his hand as he grabs Sasuke which by doing so shocks the hell out of him. By time Naruto let go Sasuke was knock out cold or shocked out.

most be a shocker" Naruto said to everyone with a smirk on his face still.

"How dare you do that to him!?" She said to Naruto in pissed off fan girl voice and Naruto just gave his smirk to her which just make her more pissed off..

"Shut up banshees" He replied as he rubs his head because he getting one big head pain because of her big mouth .

"Can I go now?" He asked his sensei who nodded to him.

"Kiba you busy or something?" He asked his teammate in a calm tone of voice but Kiba looked at him funny and was wondering why he asked that.

"No why?" He replied to the blonde teenager in a normal tone of voice.

"Need new training partner" He asked his teammate again.

"Sure but lets go to the clan house so I can get my gear" He replied back to Naruto who was thinking clan house means Hana will be there.

"Sure" He replied back as he thinks about Hana but that daydream was short live because of what Kiba said next.

"No hitting on my sister" He replied back with a smirk on his face because Naruto face was funny once he heard that because one its all red two he about yell at Kiba or hurt him but once Kiba thought about hurt his face get pale.

When their get inside the clan house their see both Tsume and Hana sitting at the living room table.

"Hello" Kiba said to them.

"Hello son and Naruto" Tsume said to them with a smile on her face.

"I get my gear and then we can start training" Kiba said as he walks to his room leaving him alone with his crush and her mother.

"Naruto how are you doing?" Hana asked him with a smile on her face.

"Good and you?" He replied back to her.

"Good but it sucks working by myself at the vet place and do you want help me later?" She asked him with one of her smiles that he thinks is cute.

"Sure I don't mind" He replied back to her.

Naruto just kept staring at her as he waiting for Kiba to get back with his gear. To Naruto she was a goddess and was someone who should be treated with love everyday.

"Naruto why is there a genjutsu on you?" Tsume asked him.

"To hide the scars the anbu gave me when I was five" He replied back to her in a calm voice.

"I thought because of Kyuubi you heal all wounds?" She asked back to him wondering how there is scars on him.

"I do but the anbu use poison to stop my healing" He said back to her in a sad tone of voice. Naruto starts to remember what happen and his mood downs to sad because of that painfully day.

"Sorry to made you remember that but can we see the scars?" She asked him in a caring tone of voice.

"Should but only three scars because in order show you last two I have get fully nude" He replied back causing both girls to blush.

He undid his genjutsu and the first scar there see is one on his face. It start above his right eye and well down to his chin. His eye had a cut in the middle of it but he can still see out of it. He took off his jacket and shirt once he did that their both shocked. One he had a great tone for someone his age and that was kindly better then someone that around age of 18. But the thing that shocked them the most was the scar it started at his right shoulder and ended at his left side of his waist. He then turns round to show them the other one and this one was from back of his neck to the end of his back.

"That most be painfully the three scars you show us" Hana said to him in a loving voice because to her this kid gone thought hell and back not just once but at least four to five his in his lifetime. She than starts to think how is this kid this strong to go thought that and still have the power to kept on living.

"You know the old saying what doesn't kill you only makes your stronger" He said to her causing Tsume to smirk at him. Naruto puts his shirt and jacket back on and looks at them.

Kiba finally get back from getting his gear and Naruto just looked at him like what the fuck took your so long and he just bushed the look off.

"Lets get going the training area is behind the house" Kiba said to him as both Naruto and him walked outside into the training grounds.

"What you want train first?" Naruto asked him which cause Kiba to think for once.

"How about you to start with hand to hand and no ninjutsus or genjutsu are aloud" Tsume said as Naruto looked at her like what the hell and Kiba was happy about no ninjutsu.

"Is kenjutsu aloud?" Naruto asked her but she just smirk then said back.

"Only using your blade but no jutsus" He nodded to her and throw a scroll up and unsealing it as he bit his thumb and wipe blood on it and out come a long katana. The katana was a silver color which was the thin but long as his body and he picked it up then looked at Kiba. He held onto the black handle with a strong hold then force onto his training friend or training dummy.

Kiba out a kunai and headed for Naruto who just smirk at him. Naruto jumped right over Kiba then as Kiba was about to turn around his blade was at Kiba neck, about four hours later both of them stop training well because Kiba was about to passed out. No matter what Kiba tried he couldn't beat Naruto he was just to good.

"Good training Kiba" Naruto said to him as Hana palled him away.

"What going on?" He asked her who just had a smirk on her face.

"remember you said you help me out at the vet place after training?" She said back to him causing him to blush and she just smiled at him.

"Yes I guess I did" He replied back sheepish rubbing back of his head.

"Don't worry I make you something to eat after we get done" She said to him as his blush get worst causing her to giggle at him which really didn't help at all because his blush get worst because of the giggling she doing.

"Why do you blush so much around me?" She asked him which she does want to know why.

"Because you're a beautiful woman" Naruto said as he blushes more but he makes Hana blush a little and smile at him.

"Thank you for thinking that" She said back but what Naruto did next shocked her and himself for doing it. Naruto moved Hana against the wall outside the vet place then kissed her lips. At first she tried to get out of the kiss but then she just kissed back. She warp her arms around his lower back then when the kiss end both of them was blushing and smiling.

"Hana I sorry but I just had to do that because I love you" He said to her who just smiled at him then kisses his lips.

"We have to kept this are little Secret for while ok?" She asked him and was hoping he was say yes. It not like she doesn't want people to know she dating Naruto its just that Kiba is his teammate and she doesn't want make hell for his team because of them.

"How about we kept it a secret till I make chuunin then we tell everyone?" Naruto asked her as he kisses her lips again.

"That sounds like a good plan and lets go inside so we can get to work and also we have someplace where people can't see us" She said to him causing him to blush and her to giggle at her new boyfriend.

He fallowed her inside the place and their get working on helping the animals inside. Naruto couldn't kept his eyes off his new girlfriend. She had hard time keeping her eyes on off him as well. Naruto moved her into the office room and kissed her as he closed the door behind him.

"Naruto can we just stay at kissing and not do you know what" She asked him with a blushing face.

"I don't mind waiting as long as I can be with you' He said to her causing her to smile.

"Thank you and your first person I dated that is ok about waiting" She said to him as Naruto warped his arms around her lower back and pulled her into a hug as he kisses her neck.

"I think we should get going and that way I can make you that dinner" She said to him but he just hold her and wasn't moving.

"How about we stay here little bit longer that way I can keep kissing you for little bit longer" He said to her and she just nodded to him. He caresses her arms as he kisses her lips then moves her tongue inside of her mouth. Their begin their tongue war and was stop when her mother walk into the office and was shocked.

"Kaa-san can you please not tell anyone that we dating till he becomes chuunin I don't want Kiba to try causing hell on their team because of it" She said with a blushing face but Tsume just smirk at them.

"sure I'll kept it a secret but only if I can get grandkids' She said as she walked out of the office laughing.

"She's joking right?" Naruto asked her.

"I think she not joking Naruto and maybe having kids with you is not bad" She said to him with a smirk on her face.

"When we older sure" He said as he kisses her lips again then both of them walked out of the office. Naruto looked at her and just smiled because he with the person he loves and none thing can make this better.

When their get inside of the main clan house Tsume smirk at them and says "Kiba over one of his friends house so you don't need hide it" Once she said that Naruto told Hana hands into his hands and kissed her neck. Hana moves into the kitchen and she looks at Naruto who just has a smirk on his face.

"You go sit down and I make the food" She said to him and he sat down on a couch in the main living room. Hana three dogs walk over to him and one sits on each side of him and the 3rd dog lays on his lap. Naruto start rubbing all three dogs heads.

Tsume moves to where her daughter is. "You most really love him?" She asked her daughter.

"Yes and he's the first person who says he wait for me to be ready" Hana said back to his mother as she cooks their dinner.

When dinner was ready she called Naruto over to her which she get a kiss on the lips right in front of her mother which cause her to red beet red.

"You most like making my daughter's face turn red' Tsume asked him with a smirk on her face which Naruto just smirk right back to who causing Hana to worry about what going to happen.

"Its fun making her blush because look at her red blush its just so cute" Naruto said causing her to blush more and her mother to laugh.

"Not funny kaa-san!" Hana yelled at her mother causing both her and Naruto laugh and Hana just looked at her boyfriend and slapped back of his head then Naruto smirk and slapped her right ass cheek causing her to blush and Tsume to feel like she going die laughing.

Naruto helped her sit down in her sat then sat down in sit next to her. She just looked at Naruto as he moved one of his arms to her lower back and warp it around her lower back she just smiled at him and leaned into his shoulder.

"If you sit like that what you going do about eating? Have Naruto feed you for you? Tsume said with a smirk on her face but that smirk turned into a smile when Naruto start feeding her for her which she just blushed and smiled at him.

When the three of them get done eating Naruto was about said his goodnights to her but Tsume stop him then looked at two of them with a smirk which both of them knows something bad going to happen.

"Because my baku of a son not here why don't you to spent the night together?" She asked them with the same smirk on her face and both of them blushed then looked at each other.

"Do you want to?" Hana asked him as he warped his arms around her and pulled her into a strong hold.

"I guess he does" Tsume said as she walks away and heads for her room.

"Lets get going to my room so we can get ready to sleep" Hana said nervously but Naruto tighter the hold so she would feel better and it work because she just kissed his lips then Naruto let go of her so she could walk and lead them to her room.

Once their get inside her room Naruto notice she was changing and that cause him to blush but he couldn't help but watch her. She removed her shirt then her black bra which he notice that her body was like a goddess. She remove her pants then black thong when she turned around she notice that Naruto was looking at her with a beet red face and she turned red herself but she then walked over to Naruto. Naruto warped his arms around her lower back and kissed her neck. She looked at him then she lied down on the bed as she put covers over her. Naruto walked to the other side and slipped into the covers and puts his arms around his lover and kisses her lips. She just smiles at him because again he didn't force himself on her like most would if their seen her naked in front of them.

"Goodnight my Hana-hime" Naruto said to her who just smiled at him before saying.

"Goodnight Naru-kun" As both of them said their goodnight their fall into a deep sleep.