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A sleepy Naruto wakes up thanks to the sun but he can easily see that Hana is still sound asleep on his chest but he come up with an evil idea as a smirk formed across his lips. He started to run his hand down her back and when it finally landed on her ass cheek he grabbed her right cheek and spanks it causing her to move slowly in her sleep.

He then gave the other cheek the same thing before his hands gave both sides a good squeeze by now she was fully awake with a pout on her lovely lips and her black breathtaking eyes are now locked on him but he couldn't help but think her sleepy eyes were just cute. She simply didn't want to wake up right now but to her disappointment her boyfriend not let her sleep in at all.

"Tell me what is with your hands and my ass because it can't be that hard for you to keep these hands to yourself or is it too hard for you? More important why can't you let me sleep in, it's not like I always get a peaceful sleep like this?" He simply just kissed her lips but few seconds later she had return it.

He couldn't help but notice that she's still giving him a look that asked why but he couldn't help but just laughed before moving her hands to his lips kissing them. Each time he had kissed them she let out a smile while heat came to her cheek showing a small blush growing on each cheek.

He could still feel her breasts and but also he can feel her harden nipples against his bare chest but he just held her in a lover bracer but her on the other hand nuzzled her head into his soft neck. She just kept on looking at his eyes time to time wondering what he was thinking of at the time.

When she realized something it caused her to be shocked that she is naked on him like this. The reason she's shocked is because he isn't even trying to have sex with her and that made her truly smile.

This is the first time this has happen in her whole life because everyone that has ever got close to her like this always tried to have sex with her even when she told them she wasn't ready. No one ever listened to her in the past and when she was about to give up on trying he came into her life.

She could feel her nipples hard against his bare chest but she could tell that her body felt so great which hasn't it hasn't felt this great in so long now. She looked at his blue soft eyes that only gave her mind some peace of rest from all worries and fears she may hold inside her mind and heart.

"What can I say you have the best ass in this village wait you don't have best ass in the village because you have the best ass in this whole world. I know I'm right because you do and there no way anyone has a better one." She just let herself form a smirk to come across her lips before she playful slapped him on the head.

She quickly came up with an idea to tease him and begins to start shaking her waist only for him much to his enjoyment. He simply took this opportunity to go ahead and squeeze her ass cheek so tenderly but smirked before slapping each cheek few times while she worked her hips more just for his enjoyment and only for him.

"I guess you could be right this one time about my ass because I do but only you can touch it. You are the only one that can touch my body like this because my heart belongs to you and no one else and no matter what this will always be true." He couldn't help but let out a true happy smile before giving her a kiss on the lips again but this time it's a tenderly kiss filled with passion for her and solely for her.

But she does wonder now just how long she has with him today because of their duty will keep each of them busy. "Yes only I can touch you like this because your all my I will never do anything to lose your heart for me no matter what." He kissed her neck soft earning a moan from her soft lovely lips.

"Yes I'm all yours and forever yours Naru-kun." He moved his lips from her neck to her soft lips before moving her under him and kissed her lips once more before moving down giving her a trail from her neck and slowly going down but once he gets to middle of her chest he can feel her putting her hands on his head to stop him.

He simply had known that she only stopped him because she's worried about him trying to go all out with her. "Don't worry Hana-hime, this is something you never have to worry about. Believe me on that one." He then gave her a kiss on her lips showing her that he's not trying to have his way with her.

The kiss eased all the worries and fears inside of her mind right away but she wanted more and she was going to get it to. She slammed her mouth against his with her tongue hungrily wrapping around his while her hands moved to his back.

The kiss becomes rougher by the second with their hands moving against each other back but he's hands just seem to move down her leg then back to her ass. Her hands on other story are grabbing his head pulling him deeper into their tongue war.

But when kiss ended her eyes just gave him a look that show her sorry she was to him "Sorry I'm just worried that you may want it now and I'm not ready." He just simply ran his hand down her sides before he looked into her beautiful black eyes. These eyes that pulled him to her and the ones he always wants to see when he first wakes up in the morning.

That is the only thing he needed in his mind right now and that was, to wake up each day with these eyes being first thing he could see. That alone would make him the happiest person there is in this world but he knows this is only thing he ever wanted in his life so badly before.

"I told you that you don't need to worry about that remember?" She softly nodded her head before moving his head to her chest only to cause him to blush a tiny bit. He still couldn't believe that he truly was with the woman that he loved for so long. The woman that he wished so much to be with and now he finally is.

'Listen, do you hear my heart beating?" He could only nod his head before she moved her eyes back to look at him in the eyes only to find her now staring into his blue calm eyes. "It's beating fast just for you Naruto-kun. Only for you Naru-kun so don't you dare forget that." He gave her a kiss on her bare chest in a loving matter before he quickly moved back up to claim her lips for himself.

"Your heart is all I ask to have, when you're ready then I'll have your body but only when you are truly ready." She smiled before looking at what time it is then tapping him on the head then she moved her finger front of him and pointed at the time.

"Guess I should go meet up with my team now?" She nodded her head once more to him but he looked at her and moved slowly down to her pussy. He gave it a long lick with his tongue before he jumped up from the bed on his feet.

Once to his feet he could see that his lick of her pussy had earned himself a dirty look from her before the angel got to her own feet. She walked over to him with a glare on her face and when she got up to him he looked scared but she just hungry bits into his neck leaving a mark. "Take this because it's my clan's way of marking you as my mate."

"So I'm yours then?" She couldn't stop herself from smiling before nodding her head to him. He stared at her eyes before running a hand down her chest and around her soft breasts while her nipples harden from his touch.

"I'll see you later today ok?" She simply gave him another nod of her head before he left the bedroom leaving behind a smiling woman who's just standing there watching him leave her bedroom.

When he finally gets to the training grounds he can see that his team is now staring at him because he still had his clothes on from last night. "Sorry guys that I'm late it's because I had over slept after doing tons of work with Hana-chan." Kiba could notice that he does smell like Hana but he knows that he helped her last night so he didn't worry about it.

"Today we are going start doing rank d missions to build up teamwork and I know it may be boring to do." Naruto just stared at her then just nodded his head over at her. He does know what rank d missions are and hated them in strong passion.

They head to the tower but Naruto couldn't get the images of Hana naked in bed out of his mind no matter what he did. When they get closer they walk inside only for Naruto to hit his head against wall for everyone to stare at but he waves them off saying nothing.

They didn't know if he was going insane or just doing it to keep himself up from over slept he told them about. When they get inside the Hokage office Naruto just stares at the old Hokage because he didn't want rank d but no choice in the matter.

"Hokage-sama we are here for our first d rank mission." Hokage just gave a simply nod of his head before scanning over the missions with his eyes that he has right now. He did find one that caused him to smirk but his eyes go over to Naruto while the smirk did stay on his lips

"I have one mission for you, it's be given by your kaa Kiba. You're going help out at the vet office today with anything your sister tells you do to there." He couldn't help but laugh because he fully is aware that Naruto has a crush on her but doesn't know he didn't they are together yet.

Naruto just yelled loudly yes inside his mind but he does look over to see Kiba staring deadly daggers at him with his eyes. "I thought you did all the work yesterday with my sister, now I have to help out? Why couldn't you just have done all the work and not joke around like you always do!" Naruto just shrugged his shoulders at him before walking outside but Kurenai stare at his back with a grin.

She didn't know what happened or what's fully going on but she could tell he did more than just work with her last night. She would have to talk to Hana later because she was close friends with the young Inuzuka woman.

When they get to the vet office Hana shows them to the back to clean it but Naruto goes to the front after his team start to give Hana a quick kiss then heads back to help his team. Hana blushes but moves a finger to her lips. She watches him work with his team but a smile graced her lips once more.

That's when something hits her hard in fact which it hit her when she looked at Naruto's neck and hopes that Kiba doesn't realize what that mark is. He is still young and hasn't really been told about the mark yet. It's something that you get told about around sixteen years old in her clan.

Naruto looked back to her time to time while he worked on cleaning the place. By doing so he lets a smile grace his lips before going back to focusing on his work but he laughed when Kiba yelled out about doing all this work and blaming him for not doing it yesterday.

He just kept on letting out more laugher because Kiba has no idea what he and Hana really did yesterday and hopeful can keep it that way for some time now. He didn't want to keep it from his friend but he does know right now that if he had told him Kiba would do something downright stupid.

When his team finally gets done they just looked at each other because only one not tried from that is Naruto. "I don't know how you can do that, doing all this work without even getting tired at all. It's just not right." Naruto just let out a grin while looking over at Hana causing her to understand why he's grinning and blushed from the images she just had of the two of them in some very nice poses.

"Let's head back to the Hokage-sama to tell him that we are done with our mission." Her genin team nodded their heads to her before fallowing out but Naruto stopped to look at Hana one last look and winked before leaving to catch up with his team but that caused her to just blush and tired her best to get back to her duties at hand.

"What are we going to do once we tell the old man?" Kurenai just stared over at him before she moved her finger to her soft red lips. "I think I know a good idea, why don't we go somewhere for us to talk about the skills that we have. That way we can build up new ways to train together or fight." Once done speaking she had earned a nod from each one of them.

When the four of them finally do get inside the office they can see the Hokage looking at paperwork again. 'We are reporting in sir, the mission is done." He looked up at them from his paperwork before taking his pip back in his mouth. "Good job, now go get your pay." They do as ordered but once outside the tower Naruto looked back at the tower.

"I guess we go somewhere to talk right?" Kurenai could only shake her yea and started to walk once again leading her team to the dango stand. Once the team get over to there she can see that Anko is sitting there right now which caused her to curse her luck. She always kept forgetting her best friend is always here no matter what time of day.

It's not that she doesn't want see her best friend it just that she doesn't know when to stop with her teasing. She could tease someone all day long without even getting tired of it at all but she looked at Anko who seem be enjoying her food.

Kurenai places her order and sits with her best friend, her team does the same but Naruto just puts his head on the table. "No sleeping Naruto, we have a lot to talk about and we can't have you sleeping out like this." He just shakes his head to try stay awake but he does stare at his team.

"So it's you again gaki, can't keep away from little old me now?" Once he heard that he just simply put his head back down against the table to sleep only to have Kurenai make him wake up again. "What is it this time Kurenai-sensei?" She just stared at him hard before looking at her best friend with a glare.

"First off I'm not someone that drools over you miss. I don't drool over women like someone I know, mainly one beside me." He quickly pointed over to the drooling Inuzuka causing her just back away little bit. Naruto just slapped Kiba upside the head making him stop drooling and stared at back over him now.

"I see but I do wonder why you aren't like the pervert men of this village." Naruto shrugged over to her before moving his eyes back to his sensei. He then did a quick look around the place as well taking in the area but he does know he never goes to this part of the village.

Few tables around them and few more inside the dango stand almost smellier to the ramen stand he always goes to. "Now it's to get to know each other so where do you want to start with?"

"How about how we are going come up with plans?" Naruto just turned his eyes to Shino then closed his eyes to sleep only to be poked by Kurenai making him open his eyes again. "Shino has a good idea and let's talk about it."

"I know coming up with plans maybe hard with group we have with Kiba having skill find people along with your bugs Shino. Naruto and I are going to be doing the genjutsu area of this team with my genjutsu skills and his Uchiha bloodline." Naruto had feeling she say that because of his bloodline and training.

"I'll let you guys make up the plans I need go visit someone right now and no it can't wait till later." Naruto moved to his feet to stand up and starts heading for the Uchiha clan grounds but once he gets there he's stopped by Motoko. Motoko who has long black hair with a matching set of black eyes looks at him.

She has always been nice to him over the years and she had no idea that he was the son of Mikoto but she smiles to him the same like she always has done in the past. "Hello Motoko-chan is she home now? If no I can come back alter to see her"

"Yup she's in the garden so you can go see her now." He nodded his head to her and went to find his kaa to talk. When he gets to her she just looked behind her and smiled to him because she is glad at least one of her sons still talks to her.

Her and Sasuke haven't been close for a long time now and it hurts her deeply because she truly enjoy the times she had with her sons but now she has lost two sons and only has one that still is close with her.

"How are you today kaa-chan?" She smiled again before getting up and moving to sit down at the table that's near the garden. He takes a sit next to her but they just smiled at each other because it truly is nice to do this.

"I'm doing well but tell me how is your life going? Find a girlfriend yet?" He blushes but gave her a nod of his head to show her yes making her just smirk at him. She just moved her hand to his head to rub it somewhat light.

"You finally got someone yea! Now I can have grandkids soon!" Naruto just stared at her like why the hell is with mothers and grandkids. She just let out a giggle at him before walking inside with him fallowing her.

"What is her name? Tell me everything." She sat down quickly on the couch in the living room but she watches him sit down next to her again. She truly wants to know everything about the person that's in his life.

"Her name is Hana Inuzuka and she just the best there is. She works at the vet office taking care of animals and she's always nice and kind to everyone." Mikoto could only smile because she had met Hana few times when she was with her mother Tsume.

"She is a nice woman for you to have picked to be with. You will have to bring her over soon for me to talk to her. I only talk to her when she's with her kaa but never alone." Naruto nodded his head with a smile still bright on his face because he's glad his kaa likes Hana.

"I'm glad you like her because that one of things that worried me about you meeting her" Mikoto just playful slapped his head after hearing that. She gets up and goes to the kitchen and takes out some food to cook lunch with.

Naruto goes to her but she just tells him go back and sit till food is done. He does what he is told but closed his eyes in order to think of his Hana. When food is done she just poked him waking him up but he smiles to her when he could smell the cooked food.

The two of them eat quietly together but she does ask him things about his life and new girlfriend making him keep on smiling to her. When he leaves he gives her a kiss on the cheek and heads to find Hana.

When he finds her she's looks like she is about to close it but opens the door for him. He walked in and kissed her before moving the sign from open to close. She slowly moved him into the office and begins to kiss him but moved to sit on the officer desk.

"How are you doing today?" He asks her between kissing making her just stop and stare at him before taking his hand and moving it to her chest. He can feel her heart beating so fast causing him smile over to her.

"My heart keeps beating fast just for you, just for you Naru-kun that's how I'm feeling." Hana gave him a kiss before moves her head to his neck just letting it stay there. She can feel his hands going through her hair making a smirk come to her beautiful lips.

"I'm truly grateful; that it is only beat fast for me and wants me to be with you." He kissed her once more but this time he just looks inside her eyes. He lets his lips move to her ear then to her neck leaving trail of kisses in his path.

"My kaa seems to like you a lot which is a good thing." Hana smile only got bigger once hearing that because she is glad that Mikoto does like her. She had only seen her few times with her kaa but she seems to be one nice woman.

"I'm glad that she does because I want your family to like me as much as my likes you." She kissed his lips but pulled him closer to her resulting with his hands going to her back and kissing her neck.

The two of them start a heated making her but he can feel someone tapping his back when he looks to see who it is he almost jumps out of his skin. Standing behind the two of them was Tsume with a devilish smirk on her face.

"You really should lock the door to this room if you want to do something like that." Both of them blushes badly and can't look at each in the faces now causing Tsume to howl a laugh but her face shows happiness for her daughter.

"I guess from now are we sure lock the doors." Naruto trying to smirk but blushing too much causing Hana to laugh and slap his arm. Tsume walked out leaving the two love birds alone but Naruto goes back to kissing her once more.

"Tell me now Naruto-kun how about you help me again with taking care of things around here." He nodded his head to her before letting her off the desk. The two of them spent the next few hours working side by side at cleaning the place up while helping wounded animals.

"How about we eat at my kaa place?" Hana looked at him with a smile giving him a nod of her head before taking his hand with her hand. Her eyes just looked at him because she's glad that he wants her to meet his family like this.

"Let's go then I don't want to make your kaa wait because we got there late." Naruto smiles but nodded his head before leading her out of the place and heading to the clan grounds but his hand held her hand tightly.

When the two of them get to the door he knocked and few seconds later the door opens to show Mikoto smiling at the two of them. She could see Hana before moving aside to let the two of them in.

"So this must be your girlfriend Naruto-kun?" He nodded his head to her before showing their hands to her. He truly is glad that his mother does like Hana and hopeful nothing goes wrong at dinner now.

"Yes this is my great girlfriend Hana-chan and I'm glad you two can finally meet but we hoping to have dinner together with you if that are ok." Mikoto nodded her head before walking to the kitchen while the two of them walk in and closed the door.

Hana walked over to the kitchen to see if she can help her causing Mikoto to give her a smile with a nod of her head before letting her help. The two of them keep making food but Naruto just tried to peek in only to be yelled at by both of them making him run back to the table.

Once they finally get the dinner done Hana helped Mikoto set the table and food as well but Naruto just stared at the two of them the whole time. I didn't think she like Hana-chan this much damn."

"What is it?" Hana moved over to him but gave him a kiss and a worried look but he just kissed her neck and whispered to her that it is nothing to worry about. He just kissed her neck before he could feel his mother's eyes on him.

"Just never would have guessed that my kaa would like you so much." Mikoto smirked but sat down in her chair which other two follow suit to sit down next to each other. Mikoto just looked at the two love birds before she begin to eat.

"You think I wouldn't like a sweet girl like Hana-chan? How could you think something like that about your own kaa?" She fakes being hurt with her hands over her chest only for but of them to laugh causing the older woman to pout.

The dinner went great with many laughs with old stories which caused him to want to run and hide somewhere thanks to both women teasing him to no end. Mikoto invited both to stay the room which they agree to as they start walking up to one of the guest rooms to sleep.

Once they get inside he closed the door behind watching her strip out of her clothes and slowly moved into bed. He followed suit and kissed her on the neck before she just moved her head to his chest with her eyes closed.

The two lovers just held each other before slowly falling into a blissful sleep.