Official Summary: The first in a saga of four (written over...well, it's not finished yet . Soon, I swear, but three years so far), The Good in Evil is the story of Jun Kazama and Kazuya Mishima and how they fell in love. POV alternates between the two of them between chapters, beginning with Jun.

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Chapter One – The Trip Home

The young woman folded another dress and placed it in the almost full bag. Her shoulder-length raven hair was pushed back by a white hair-band, the stray strands tucked behind her ear. Her wide, innocent, brown eyes skimmed the room, searching for any other objects she may have missed. She gently packed the objects on top of the bedside table into a string carry-bag, nodded, and slipped on her sandals.

She pulled her carry-bag over her shoulder, put her hands on her hips and looked around the small room. Every entrant in the King of Iron Fist Tournament got their own room, a dingy little room generally, with no space for anything other than the essentials.

She left the room, lugging her case behind her. It was surprisingly heavy, because she had to bring her own equipment for her mission. As soon as she had shut the door behind her, a young man, wearing a red bell-hop's uniform, ran towards her. He grinned and took her suitcase.

"Thank you," she said, smiling at him.

"No problem, ma'am," he replied and started carrying the bag down the corridor towards the bus-stop. She followed, hooking one hand into the strap of her bag. She got into the open just in time to see the bell-hop exchanging a few quiet words with the driver of the bus. The young man nodded, and pulled her bag back next to the bench. "This one's full," he informed her, turning to her as she approached. "You'll have to get the next one."

"That's fine," she said, smiling.

"We'll see you next tournament," he said, and bowed slightly. She bowed back and smiled.

It would be another ten minutes before the next bus arrived, so she sat on a wooden bench and pulled a book out of her bag. She flipped to her page, marked by a thin strip of paper, and engrossed herself in it.

After five minutes she shivered as a dark feeling pressed on her. The sound of brisk footsteps followed the feeling and she felt a strange jerk in her stomach. The bench creaked as the person sat down. She tried very hard to focus on her book again, but her mind was now occupied by the tall, muscular man beside her. After another minute she gave up and put the book back in her bag.

She clasped her hands on her lap and glanced at the man. He was staring straight ahead, his arms crossed and his back ruler straight. He was wearing a dark suit, his white shirt just peeking out of the jacket, a gold chain visible around his neck. She knew this chain was attached to a golden, oblong locket that was tucked out of sight. His black hair was in a point behind his head – whether it was styled or like that naturally, she didn't know. She stared at him for a moment, until he shifted and she swung her gaze ahead.

The man's name was Kazuya Mishima. He used to be CEO of the Mishima Zaibatsu before this tournament, where he had lost it to his father, Heihachi Mishima. Now, as far as she was aware, Kazuya had nowhere to go.

The bus pulled into the stop a few minutes later and Kazuya stood up. He threw his one suitcase into the cavity beneath the bus, then started to climb on. The woman stayed still, her bag resting on her thigh.

"Jun, are you coming or not?" Kazuya asked suddenly. Jun Kazama swung her gaze to him; he was standing on the steps of the bus, one hand resting on the metal rail.

"What?" she asked, dazed.

"This is the last bus," Kazuya said impatiently. "If you want to go home you have to use this bus."

"Oh." She flushed and stood up.

"Where are your bags?" he asked.

She didn't answer, just grabbed her large suitcase and started pulling it towards the bus. She had just realised that there was no way on earth that she would be able to get this bag into the bus, when Kazuya's big hand had grasped the handle she had just released and had swung it into the cavity, slamming it shut with the other hand.

"Thank you," she said, her voice sounding slightly choked. He ignored her and continued into the bus. Jun swung her carry-bag onto her shoulder and followed him. The bus driver smiled at her and she bowed back slightly. "Yakushima Forest," she said quietly and the bus driver nodded.

She turned towards the seats and walked down the narrow carpeted aisle. Kazuya was sitting near the middle, his eyes covered with dark sunglasses and his arms crossed again. Jun walked down the aisle and chose a seat at the back. She looked out of the window and propped her head on her hand as the scenery began to roll past.

After an hour they still weren't there. Kazuya cleared his throat and Jun swung her gaze away from the trees flitting past to him. He, however, simply continued to stare out the window. She sighed slightly and pulled out her book. Once again, Kazuya's dark presence didn't allow her concentration and she put it back in her bag after a few minutes. She looked around the bus and the scenery, but her gaze continually settled on the dark crown of Kazuya's head. She stared at him, desperately trying to make some contact with him.

He was the main reason for her mission at the King of Iron Fist Tournament. She had entered as an undercover agent, planning to arrest him for his illegal experiments and animal smuggling. She had, however, found herself drawn to him, like a moth to the flame.

She knew that Heihachi had committed a terrible crime against the young boy Kazuya had been. She had witnessed Heihachi throw the twelve-year-old Kazuya off a cliff when she was only six. She had met Kazuya mere minutes before, when he comforted her over the death of a rabbit. Even as a very young girl, she had been able to sense goodness in him, and she wondered where that goodness had gone. Evil now predominated his aura. There were a few streaks of goodness there now, more than before he had started wearing the locket. It contained a picture of his mother and himself as a baby. She had returned it to him after keeping it for sixteen years.

Despite this fact, the first time he had really acknowledged her was the ascent onto the bus. The bus braked and stopped in front of a wide expanse of trees.

"Yakushima Forest," the driver said into his mike.

Jun stood, picked up her bag and walked towards the front. As she walked past Kazuya's seat, he stood up. She shot him a confused glance, before continuing off the bus. Before the doors could hiss shut, Kazuya jumped off and pulled both his and her bags out of the baggage hold. She ignored this, noticing that he didn't hand her bag directly to her, and instead propped it against the side of the bus. She picked it up with some difficulty and walked towards the forest.

The sun shining through the leaves overhead made interesting patterns on the leaf-littered ground. Her footsteps were light and she moved between the trees with ease, her bag a forgotten strain. Animals moved in the underbrush and an occasional bird's cry pierced the silence.

It took her a little while, but she finally reached her cottage. It was a simple wooden building, constructed by her father when she was a very young girl. It was only endowed with the most basic of electricity, and she didn't even use it that often. The most electricity she used was for a small cooling unit in the kitchen.

She pulled her bag into the main living room and sat down on it, panting slightly. After she had regained her breath, she stood and went into the small kitchen to make herself a cup of herbal tea. While she was waiting for the water to boil, she went into the living room to move her bag into her bedroom. Before she could grip the bag enough to move it, there was a sharp crack from outside. It sounded like a gunshot, and startled her into stillness for a few moments. When she finally regained control of her muscles, she ran outside, her dress swirling around her calves. The crack had come from a clearing not too far away. Jun ran towards the place, her heart pounding hard within her.

When she got closer to the clearing she started to hear a muffled voice, the words indistinguishable to her. She ran even faster, breaking into the clearing a few moments later.

Kazuya Mishima stood there, his left pants leg in tatters and the exposed leg stained bright crimson with the blood that continued to pool on the ground around him. His back was to her, and he was holding something in his hands, turning it over and shouting curses at it.

"How the fuck did this get here? Who lays out traps on a fucking path? Who'd be that fucking stupid?" The thing in his hands had obviously caused the loud crack she had heard.

"Kazuya?" she asked softly. The man in question stiffened, before whirling around. Jun realised that the object he was holding was a bear trap. She gasped and moved forwards, but he backed away. "Kazuya, what happened?"

He scowled in reply, throwing the blood-stained trap to the side, where it bounced off a rock with a loud crash. Jun stepped forward again and he tried to back away. Jun realised he wasn't putting any weight on his wounded leg, and that it was preventing him from moving away.

"Kazuya," she said again, stepping forward. His scowl deepened, his dark eyes warning her not to come any closer. She ignored the warning and reached out for his arm. He jerked it away.

"Don't touch me," he hissed. Jun ignored the disgust in his tone and took his arm, gently but firmly.

"Come with me," she said quietly and pulled him gently towards her cottage. He resisted, but the movement forced him to put weight on his leg. He hissed in breath and she pulled again. He took a few tentative steps with her, before grudgingly allowing her to lead him completely, his scowl telling her that this was very much against his will. She took him to her cottage, led him carefully up her two steps and into her living room. He lowered himself onto one of her chairs.

She walked into the kitchen, a failed attempt to calm herself, and grabbed a large bandage from one of the cupboards, a bucket of water and a cloth. When she returned to the living room, Kazuya was sitting up straight on the chair, his pants leg torn away completely at the mid-thigh, and his jacket and shirt discarded and lying in a heap on the floor. He cast a stony glare at Jun when she entered, but allowed her to clean and bandage his wounds.

"What happened?" she asked when she had put the bucket and cloth back into the kitchen. He looked at her for a moment, a strange expression in his dark eyes, one similar to gratitude. But in the next moment it was gone.

"Went down a path. Stood on a trap," he said shortly, looking away from her. She felt a sense of hurt that he didn't even want to look at her, but put a hand on his shoulder anyway. He shrugged it off. "There aren't many hunters around here, are there?"

"Not that I know of," she said shakily. "No one dared to hunt in these woods before I left for the tournament. They must think my absence is an invitation." She frowned, looking down at her hands, clenching them into tight fists.

When she looked back up again, Kazuya was studying her with a curious expression, one she had never seen on his features before. Their eyes met and he looked away. She took a deep breath and clasped her hands in her lap.

"Where were you going?" she asked, the question more to distract herself from the anger welling inside her than anything else. He glanced up at her, before his gaze was again directed to the side.

"Nowhere," he said. Even though his voice was quiet, the venom and anger in it was obvious. Jun winced at the raw emotion in his voice and stood up.

"Where are your bags?" she asked. Kazuya didn't answer and she sighed. "You can sleep in my room," she said. "I'll sleep here."

Immediately Kazuya looked up at her, shock widening his dark eyes. She returned his gaze, crossing her arms.

After a moment of silence he said, "You can't be serious."

"You're hurt. You can't go anywhere for the time being. Especially if you can't walk; which you can't, trust me."

He looked down, and Jun saw confusion in his eyes. "You...want me to stay?" he asked after a moment.

She flushed. "You can't go anywhere yet, and the only way to a decent hospital is by taxi, and you can't get to them without a long and complicated walk through the woods. And if I manage to treat these wounds correctly, you won't even have a scar." As she said this her eyes lighted upon the large scar on his chest and her blush deepened.

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