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Epilogue – A Life Alone

Jun sat at the kitchen table, fingering the locket Kazuya had just given her. Her stomach churned slightly and she frowned, looking down at the golden oblong.

The sun was just setting outside, the orange fingers of sunlight reaching in through the window. Jun looked at the shadow of her hands on the wooden table and burst into tears.

He might never come back, a quiet voice in her mind whispered. He may be gone...forever.

"He promised," she whispered back. "He'll come back."

The sun set completely and she sat there in the darkness, crying. She stood up and left the cottage.

The sky flashed white with lightning and it started to rain as she walked through the forest, one hand planted on her stomach, the other clutching the locket. It started to pour down as she finally reached an open area. She walked to the edge of the cliff and sat down, dangling her legs over the side. Her white dress was soon completely soaked through and she was shivering.

Even here she could feel the dark presence of Kazuya on her mind. It was weaker now, but definitely there, and she took comfort in that fact.

Suddenly the dark presence wavered slightly, enough to make her look up in alarm. Sure enough, within moments, Kazuya's presence died completely and her mind was clear for the first time in weeks.

And she hated it.

She staggered to her feet, ignoring the slippery rock beneath her feet, and screamed into the darkness. It was a loud and piercing scream, echoing around the rain-drenched air and bouncing back to her. She screamed again, bending at the waist and clutching her fingers in her hair.

"No!" The word was drawn out, anguish and pain filling it.

She started to cry, harsh sobs that tore out of her throat. Her stomach muscles clenched and relaxed at the strength of her sobs. Her shoulders shook and her chest heaved. She fell to her knees and bent her head, screaming and crying into the rain.

"You promised!" she screamed into the now wailing wind. "You promised you'd come back!"

She tried to tear the locket off her neck, but was glad when the gold chain didn't give way to her tugs. She crossed her arms over her stomach and bent her head, rocking back and forth.

In time her sobs died away, as did the wind and rain. When she finally stopped crying, she stood and walked gracefully towards the edge of the forest, her eyes red and puffy, her breath still wheezy. Before she left the clearing completely, she turned and looked back on the cliff, going through everything that had happened there in her mind.

The angel blessing her to virtue and goodness for her whole life.

Meeting the 12-year-old Kazuya, moments before his father threw him off the cliff.

Kazuya making a deal with the devil to survive.

Their love-making, which resulted in the life growing within her.

Somehow she knew the last one was true. This was where their child had been conceived. And she was going to bring Kazuya's child into the world, not caring what anyone else thought or said. She put one hand over her stomach and concentrated. A feeling, it was almost a vibration, passed up her arm and into her heart, and she suddenly knew that her baby was a boy.

"A boy," she muttered. The first word that came into her mind came in Kazuya's voice, almost like an omen.


"Jin," she said aloud. "I'll call you Jin." She rubbed her stomach gently, turning back to the forest. A thought struck her and she turned back around.

"I love you, Kazuya Mishima," she whispered. The wind picked up her words and carried them far, far away. There the limp, lifeless body of Kazuya was lying on the hard stone ground.

Jun turned and walked back to her cottage, her footfalls light on the wet ground and her dress heavy against her skin. When she reached the cottage, she went into her room and pulled off her dress, dropping it on the ground, and climbed into bed. The sheets were cold against her skin and she buried deeper into them, shivering slightly.

The bed seemed very empty without Kazuya's body heat. She stayed on her side of the bed, tears running down her cheeks again.

Eventually she slept, tears running down her cheeks and soaking into the bed. Her dreams consisted of two things, and two things only. One: the lover she would never see again. And two; the son she would raise alone.

The End

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