Code Geass - Lelouch of the Rebellion/Code Geass - Hangyaku no Lelouch: Lost Soldiers

by: Ominae

Rating: T


All character of Code Geass are under the copyright of Goro Taniguchi, Sunrise, CLAMP and Bandai Entertainment. All other characters are under my jurisdiction.


A covert unit of Britannian-trained child soldiers fought on Japan in 2010 ATB in the ranks of the Britannian army. However, they disappeared in the midst of the war before they had surfaced for the first time in 2017 ATB. A novelization of Code Geass.

Chapter 1: The Beginning

2010 Ascension Throne Britannia (ATB)

Royal Britannian Navy Landing Craft HMLC San Francisco, 50 kilometers from Osaka, Japan, Philippine Sea

A bright morning had appeared on August 10, 2010 ATB for the people on board the Royal Britannian Navy Landing Craft San Francisco. It had been two months after the Britannian military had launched an invasion on parts of the Indochinese Peninsula. Prior to that, it had been also two months when the Britannian military launched its first full-scale invasion on its former ally, the Philippines as the country's first colony in Asia. Despite having friendly relations in terms of liberating it from the Spanish and later against the Japanese, the relations had been tense over economic and trade rights for Britannia with the Philippines and the debate of having Britannian bases in Philippine territory to counter the influence of the Chinese Federation. Another reason was Japan's attempt to launch an economic blockade on Britannia after a series of economic negotiations with the two nations had resulted in a stalemate for the Britannian government.

From within the bowels of the LC, a troop of Britannian soldiers had been resting inside its belly with most of them taking long naps ever since it had left RBN Subic Bay before dawn came to Area 9. Though they were a bit far from their destination, most of the soldiers decided to take a nap in order to conserve their fighting strength. What made them distinct from the other regular Britannian army and marine units was that a majority of the soldiers in the troop are either 10 to 12 years of age. Attempts of officers in the military to inquire on their status had been deemed as classified by the Ministry of Defence's Defence Intelligence Staff and by the Security Service aka MI5.

"Everyone!" A Britannian officer with the rank of First Lieutenant yelled to the soldiers resting from the outside the bridge. "Fall in!" Afterwards, he went back inside the LC's bridge to fetch his commanding officer.

The soldiers stood to attention, facing the bridge with their assault rifles ported with their left hands holding their own rifle's handguard and their right hands on its trigger grip.

"I hope all of you had a good rest since we're almost near our destination." The voice belonged to Andreas Darlton, the troop's commanding officer with the rank of Captain. "Today will be another moment for COSMOS to do its part for the Holy Empire of Britannia in the war against Japan."

Hearing some murmuring from within the ranks, Darlton continued to motivate his subordinates. "Well, I don't have anything much to say with the exception that each and everyone of you are here for the security and prosperity of the Britannian Empire. For that, I expect all of you to fight, work and move as a team. All of you will have a part in this war and I would expect every one of you to perform well in the field according to your duties and skills."


"I'd like everyone to recite the Britannian pledge of allegiance."

In unison, Darlton and the rest of the Britannian soldiers in the LC's lower deck began to recite the Britannian pledge of allegiance. Despite having different accents and voices, they were all able to recite one unifying pledge to their commanding officers and to Britannia.

"We pledge the spirits of founding fathers! And the glory of the realm, our mother! That we shall be the shields which defend our motherland! And the halberds which smite those who would harm us!"

When the LC came to a halt, Darlton decided to instill morale to his COSMOS soldiers as the LC's ramp was being lowered. "This would be wishful thinking on my part, but I want all of you to come back alive. Understand? Britannia is proud of you!"

The soldiers began to disembark from the LC while they replied in a loud voice, charging towards the beach. "YES MY LORD!"

"Captain Darlton." The captain emerged out of the bridge. "You think this is alright? I mean, they're children for godsakes. They weren't recruited into the army by the usual recruitment means..."

"I agree." Darlton sighed. "However, I was given no choice of objecting to this. The top brass wouldn't allow me to object to the use of COSMOS either."

"I guess we need to disembark then sir." The captain said before he excused himself. "Excuse me, I'll be heading down to the G-1 that we'll be using."

COSMOS, Children of Soldier Machine Organic System. A fitting name for these brainwashed children trained in Britannian military tactics to fight for the Empire. Darlton watched as the COSMOS troop began to secure the beach before more MBTs had been deployed from arriving LCs. They'd get the job done, but I have a feeling that their use for the army won't last long. Damn, is this what were the higher ups thinking about using these brats after kidnapping them from all over the globe? They're only fitting as part of the Irregulars.

Corridor, Royal Britannian Air Force Clark Air Base, Angeles City, Luzon, Area 9, Britannian Empire

"I do hope he's alright."

A 17-year old Cécile Croomey, dressed in the brown uniform of a Special Dispatch Guidance System Division staff member, walked in one of the many corridors of the Royal Britannian Air Force facility when she passed by the cafeteria when she took a peek inside to see some off-duty Britannian soldiers watching the live feed of Britannian soldiers engaging Japanese Ground Self-Defense Forces soldiers and vehicles, with Mitsubishi Type 90 MBTs taking the frontline.

"Interesting, isn't it?"

Turning her head around, Cécile faced a 22-year old Lloyd Asplund. Wearing his all-white lab coat, the Britannian Earl grinned at Cécile. "Watching the news eh?"

"I'm just looking to see what's in the news today..." Cécile said, almost having her cheeks turn red.

"Okay, okay." Lloyd waved his hand around. "No need to be so defensive."

"But where have you been yesterday?" Cécile asked Lloyd. "I tried to call you on your mobile phone, but..."

"Oh that?" Lloyd walked with Cécile away from the cafeteria area. "I apologize for that. I was on the phone with Ms. Rakshata the other day. It was quite urgent."

"I see."

"Well," Lloyd chuckled, observing the R&D intern. "I guess you're getting used to the ways of Britannian military life after all, Cécile."

"Yes, I am." Cécile nodded.

"I'm looking forward to work with you, Cécile. Especially since I read on your résumé that you're currently doing Physics in the Imperial Colchester Institute."

Cécile replied, "Yes, I do. I had an interest in Physics since I attended secondary school."

Lloyd had a grin on his face. "Well then fellow soon-to-be Colchester alumnae, I'm hoping that you'd get excited since I'm doing a prototype Knightmare Frame with military funding..."

"Really?" Cécile seemed excited upon hearing what Lloyd had to say. "And what's this Knightmare called?"

The scientist simply stared at the intern R&D member and adjusted his glasses.


Bridge, G-1 Base, somewhere in Osaka, Japan

"Captain Darlton." A bridge crewmember spoke to the brown-haired man while the two were going over a tactical map of Osaka city and the surrounding area. "According to the latest intelligence reports we received from SAS units on the ground, plans to securing Osaka city are being hindered by the JGSDF's 3rd and 10th Infantry Division with assistance from the Western Army Infantry Regiment and the Special Operations Group. They're being reinforced by units from the Central Readiness Force's Central Readiness Regiment."

"It appears that they're bringing out the heavy artillery as well." Darlton observed from the tactical map that Boeing F-15Js, Mitsubishi F-1 and F-2 fighter jets with Mitsubishi Type 90 and 74 MBTs were reinforcing the SOG and WAIR forces in the streets of Osaka city.

"Get any free F-22s to counter the incoming JASDF jets." Darlton gave out his instructions. "And as for the JGSDF soldiers and their tanks..." He pointed out a route where infantry can only use by using the tactical map table's controls to outline a route for them to sneak into Osaka. "There seems to be a route that they can use. Tell them to take extra precautions, the enemy may be on the alert."

"Understood, captain." The crewman saluted Darlton, leaving to speak to the bridge's radio operator.

Darlton eyed the tactical map, seeing blips indicating JASDF jets with an X mark to show that they were taken down by RBAF fighters.

Alley, Osaka City, Osaka, Japan

"Understood. COSMOS squad 1 out."

Two squads of COSMOS soldiers were divided in the siege of Osaka city. While other COSMOS squads were dispersed to neutralize resistance in other parts of Osaka prefecture, the Osaka City-based squads were ordered to sneak up on the enemy's rear and distract them by conducting an attack on their flank until Glasgow Knightmare support could arrive.

"Say..." One of the masked Britannian soldiers in a slight French accent asked one of his peers. "What's the ETA of them Glasgows?"

"Don't know." Another replied with an Asian accent. "Said that they're coming in by 5."

"Hold it." A Britannian soldier had poked his head out from the alley after he raised his hand up to indicate to the rest of the squad to stop. The soldier observed both JGSDF soldiers from the 3rd and 10th Infantry Divisions, the SOG and WAIR with their MBT support had been kept busy by the second COSMOS squad, enabling the first one to sneak up behind them without any trouble.

"What happened?"

"Just a minute." Overhearing the JGSDF soldiers, the soldier had been able to figure out what they were saying despite being some distance away from the enemy force.

"Any idea what the JGSDF guys are doing?" The soldier, having poked his head out of the alley, turned his head around to see a Britannian soldier kneeling next to him. "You do share the same language as them."

"They're apparently asking for air support. Seems like trying to get reinforcements as well."

"COSMOS squad 1. I repeat, COSMOS squad 1. Do you read me? Over."

You. One of the soldiers in the squad pointed to one of his fellow soldiers from the formation to take the message as they were still conducting reconnaissance from the alley entrance.

"Alpha Three of Squad 1 here." replied a Britannian soldier with an Irish accent.

"What's the situation back down there?"

"According to our recon, it seems that the JGSDF forces down in Osaka have radioed for ground and air reinforcements. We need some help here, preferably some jamming on their radios and maybe radar."

"Okay, standby. We'll try to jam their radio systems."

Bridge, G-1 Base, somewhere in Osaka, Japan

"Has radio and radar jamming been implemented in the Osaka city area?" Darlton spoke to an electronic warfare officer summoned to G-1's bridge after COSMOS's 1st troop had requested for electronic jamming.

"We've just started major." replied the EW officer. "We're done with radar jamming preparations. All that's left to do is to begin."

"I see." Darlton nodded. "Get to work on it. We'll need to radio our forces on the ground as soon as it's done."

The EW officer saluted Darlton. "Understood, sir."

Alley, Osaka City, Osaka, Japan

"Has the jamming been implemented, base?"

"Been taken care of, Alpha Three. Orders from the major are to eliminate the JGSDF roadblock. Glasgows are coming in 2 minutes."

"Understood. Squad 1 out." After ending the radio transmission, Alpha Three had given a Gather on Me formation after he placed his right hand on his ballistic helmet.

"Took your time eh, Alpha One?" The French accented soldier chuckled.

"Shut it, Alpha Four." sighed Alpha One. "Anyway, listen up. Since the enemy's radio and radar communications are being jammed, we have the perfect opportunity to strike back at them with full force. Give the enemy suppressing fire as much as you can until the Glasgows can come in and take out the Type 74 and 90 MBTs are taken out. Understand?"

"Yes sir." The assembled soldiers said in unison, though in a lower voice so as not to have their location discovered.

JGSDF Roadblock, Osaka City, Osaka, Japan

The JGSDF roadblock, consisting of a Mitsubishi Type 74 and 90 MBT on both side of the road with a Komatsu Light Armored Vehicle in the middle parked horizontally with two more on each side of the middle LAV. They were the only vehicles used to completely barricade the main road leading to Osaka city. The city had been evacuated yesterday with civilians heading to shelters, leaving the city deserted except for JGSDF forces to guard it from falling to enemy hands. However, things weren't that calm when Britannian personnel began to converge on the barricade.

"Get those 84RRs out! Their tanks are coming any minute!"

The lone commanding officer of the JGSDF roadblock, a First Lieutenant in rank, yelled his orders while he fired his Howa Type 89-F assault rifle on Britannian troops exiting two BAE Warrior FV150 Infantry Section Vehicles.

"We're here, Lieutenant Takada!" Two JGSDF SOG soldiers, with balaclavas on, fired their Howa 84RR anti-armor recoiless rifles on the Warrior APCs. They retaliated by firing their 30mm L21A1 RARDEN cannons towards their position. Other regular JGSDF soldiers from the 3rd and 10th Infantry Division fired their Howa Type 64 and 89 assault rifles on enemy infantry or used 84RR, Kawasaki Type 01 and Isuzu 110 mm Lightweight anti-tank weapons on the numerous wheeled and tracked APCs approaching their Osaka city roadblock.

"Yosh!" The Lieutenant crouched behind the parked Komatsu Light Armored Vehicle (LAV) to reload his Type 89-F, seeing that the 84RR and the Isuzu 110 mms had been damaged one of the Warriors thanks to the FFV751 Tandem-charged HEAT warhead fired twice by the former on the same target. Pulling the charging handle back, Takada spotted another SOG commando with his Kawasaki Type 01 LMAT anti-tank missile launcher at the second Warrior with some WAIR special forces soldiers. Though trained to fight guerrillas in their own terms, it would be unknown if their skills were worth pulling off against an invasion force which had been superior in terms of its military as JSDF forces had not seen much combat action for more than two decades aside from conducting peacekeeping missions abroad.

"Lieutenant!" A JGSDF WAIR anti-guerrilla soldier yelled from somewhere in the roadblock. "The Britannians have brought out the tanks! They're- URGH!" Takada didn't hear the soldier's voice anymore since he had heard the man being shot by automatic gunfire.

If Colonel Todo were here... As Takada had remembered, Todo had been busy after being deployed somewhere in Itsukushima island to hold out invading an invasion force of Britannian Marines in Hiroshima Prefecture with a platoon of WAIR soldiers as they had marine training from some European countries and at one time, from the Britannians. He then heard voices of his subordinates trying to hold onto their roadblock leading to downtown Osaka. JGSDF soldiers began to fire the Sumitomo M2 heavy machine guns from the LAVs on the incoming Britannian soldiers.

"Damn! That must be their Abrams tanks!"

"We need those Isuzu 110 mms with us!"

"Anyone got a spare Type 01?"

"Concentrate on the infantry first!"

"What are the guys in our tanks doing? Fire at the Abrams!"

"Don't just stand there, give us some cover!"

Takada stood up and used the LAV's engine block for cover when he fired his Type 89-F and gunned down a few Britannian soldiers. He then lobbed a fragmentation grenade after firing short bursts from his rifle towards the incoming enemy.

"Bingo!" Takada said when he heard the screams of the Britannian soldiers killed by the exploding grenade's shrapnel with some others wounded.

"Lieutenant!" A 3rd Infantry Division soldier ran up to Takada, crouching next to him for him not to be killed by a stray bullet. "We've got visual confirmation of enemy machines towards us and fast!"

"What kind?" Takada crouched behind the LAV's engine block, only exposing himself a bit to conduct suppressive fire on the Britannian soldiers constantly moving about to gain better firing positions on the roadblock.

"Not sure, sir." The soldier seemed unsure on what he said. "Moments before our radios went down, our colleagues in Tokyo have said something about a Knightmare Frame..."

Commander British Forces Office, Royal Britannian Army Prince of Wales Building, Admiralty, Hong Kong

"Thank you for seeing me on such notice." Schneizel El Britannia shook the hand of Dalton Willingham, a career officer in the Britannian Army with the rank of Major General in his early 50s, before taking a seat in front of the officer's table.

"Not at all, Your Highness." The Major General shook his head and chuckled. "I suppose that you arrived in Area 8 from Subic Bay to see how the invasion of Japan is going."

When Schneizel nodded at Willingham's reply, he ruffled up the brown and white hair strands on his head and sighed before he stared outside to see the morning sky of Hong Kong.

"Nothing much to say except the fact that everything's going according to plan since the Glasgows are easily winning against JSDF vehicles. Reinforcements were sent in the early morning with the Royal Area 8 Regiment and the 1st Battalion of The Royal Gurkha Rifles with support from the Hong Kong Military Service Corps. The 48th Gurkha Infantry Brigade have been deployed to Amagasaki in the Hyōgo Prefecture as we speak."

"I would believe that the battle to take on Japan should be even easier with these fine warriors on our side." Schneizel grinned, crossing his arms on his chest.

"Indeed I must say so too, Your Highness."

A beeping sound from Willingham's intercom had interrupted his conversation.

"Excuse me, your Highness..."

Somewhere in Amagasaki, Hyōgo, Japan

A convoy consisting of five Mitsubishi Type 73 Light Trucks and two Toyoyta Koukidousyas were in a road already being manned by the JGSDF after civilians had been evacuated. They had traveled for 5 hours straight ever since in the morning, going towards the direction of Osaka in order to bolster the city's defense against both Britannian soldiers and marines.

"Something's up ahead..." A JGSDF soldier with the rank of Leading Private saw something charging towards the convoy.

Something very fast.

"What the hell are they?" The Sergeant was shocked to say anything else when the giant humanoid robot raised its huge machine pistol and fired a short burst at the leading Type 73 Light Truck. Several more humanoid robots followed close behind and assault the convoy by either firing their machine pistols or firing the underbarrel grenade launchers to maximize JGSDF casualties.

"Are they the Knightmare Frames that we've heard of?" The Knightmare Frames, specifically the RPI-11 Glasgow-class, had shot one of the Type 73s, which blew up. The Sergeant and some JGSDF soldiers were killed in the blast.

"Dammit!" A wounded Private Second Class emerged out of a bullet-ridden Type 73 to see several Britannian soldiers emerge from the nearby bushes, having been injured by huge glass shards on his left leg. However, they were not Caucasians as they had their standard ballistic helmets, goggles and respirator removed to show off their dark skin and hair. They were all wielding Kukri knives while having their bullpup assault rifles slinged on their backs.

"Gurkhas!" One of the JGSDF soldiers emerged out of the Type 73 to fire his Minebea PM-9 submachine gun when a Kukri blade was driven to his chest before another struck him on his head.

"God dammi..."

The PSC wasn't able to reach for the Minebea 9mm pistol from his holster when he saw the Kukri's sharp blade already heading straight for his throat.

JGSDF Roadblock, Osaka City, Osaka, Japan

"Knightmares incoming! Look out!"

The First Lieutenant was taken aback when he saw several Knightmare Frames charging at the JGSDF roadblock at full speed.

"The Glasgows!" yelled the Britannian soldiers, cheering on for their comrades as they breached the roadblock with their machine pistols or their handheld cannons from a distance while approaching them fast with the help of their Landspinners.

"Yeah! Go kick some JGSDF ass!" yelled the Britannian soldiers in unison. The cannon-armed Glasgows were able to take out some of the Type 74 and 90 MBTs in one shot.

"Retreat!" yelled the Lieutenant. Several soldiers from the WAiR and the 3rd Infantry Division were killed in the blitz. SOG commandos were providing cover fire to assist their comrades in retreating.

"Lieutenant!" The man, who was in his middle 20s, saw a female JGSDF 3ID soldier in her mid 20s as well get killed when the Glasgows had fired their machine pistols on one of the LAVs.

"Damn!" The Lieutenant fell down, seeing some of the other soldiers defending the soldiers get killed after the LAV exploded.


What now?"

The Lieutenant tried in vain to stand, but noted that he had shrapnel caught in his left leg. What he saw next greatly disturbed him.

Several COSMOS soldiers had sprang out of the alleyway behind the roadblock, intercepting retreating JGSDF soldiers with their super speed and their quick reflexes while attacking and defending themselves with nothing but combat knives.

"Damn you!" One of the SOG commandos tried to use his Type 89-F's buttstock on the young soldier in front of him. He failed when the COSMOS soldier dodged the attack, sidestepped and slashed his throat instantly. Some of the other COSMOS soldiers, armed with the same knives, fatally killed or injured their JGSDF enemies thanks primarily to their reflexes. In fact, one of the Britannian soldiers stabbed a WAiR anti-guerrilla soldier in the chest before he moved his blade downward and to the side.

The other COSMOS soldiers from the alley fired relentlessly with their assault rifles at some of the surprised JGSDF forces, only stopping to reload when necessary.

"It looks like it's curtains for you, my friend."

The wounded Lieutenant saw that the COSMOS soldier, Alpha One, was speaking to him. He had a semi-automatic pistol on his left hand, its iron sights aimed between his eyes.

"All Hail Britannia."

The young soldier shot the Lieutenant, precisely at his target after he swiftly pulled the pistol's trigger.

Bridge, G-1 Base, somewhere in Osaka, Japan

"How is everything, Captain Andreas Darlton?"

A bald-headed man in his late 30s, wearing the red suit, white pants and black boots of a Britannian commissioned officer, walked inside the G-1's bridge. He had disc-like objects on the temples and her gray cyborg eyes, which begs the questions as to whether the man was fully a human or a cyborg.

"Major Madd of the Irregulars Division..." Darlton didn't like the Irregulars, known officially to the public as the Britannian Special Honorary Foreign Legion Corp. Most of their ranks are made up of foreign-born soldiers, officers and other support personnel or in the Britannian vocabulary, Numbers. The man didn't like depending on Numbers or Honorary Britannian serving in the Royal Britannian Military, even if it was a last resort. What most Britannian enlisted and officers didn't known is that a handful of Britannian-born personnel were also serving in the Irregulars, both as soldiers, officers and support personnel.

"I know you're glad to see me, Captain Darlton." smirked Madd, who laid his hands on the bridge's tactical map table. "But we need to do our jobs first before we dance around with joy."

Whatever! Darlton wanted to rip Madd's head off due to his attitude, but decided to act against it less he wanted to be out of the job. You bastard!

"How is the situation?" Madd spoke to one of the communications specialist. "Especially with the roadblocks to Osaka City?"

"We've breached around 40 percent of them." announced the communications specialist, checking the radio transmissions. "Including the one that leads towards Osaka City."

Madd was now grinning with glee.

"Excellent. Send Sancia out there to check on that roadblock. Tell her to give me a situation report when she's done assessing the area.""

The communications specialist nodded. "Understood, Major. I'll inform her immediately."

"I hope you're happy." Darlton glared at Madd. "Taking kids from Britannia and from other countries before you brainwash them severely to make them useful as shock troopers. I can't believe you..."

"Having a change of heart?" Madd stared at Darlton, with the same grin. "And here I thought you never liked Numbers and foreigners serving in the Britannian military in the first place?"

"At least I have morals to work with." Darlton hissed at Madd's accusations back at him. "Unlike you."

"Hmph." Madd was interested to hear Darlton's thoughts. "Quite interesting to hear that from you, captain."

"Sir!" The communications specialist reported back to Madd. "Sancia has arrived at the main roadblock and is about to make contact with our COSMOS forces in the area."

Madd nodded, "Good work. Let here know that she has to contact me back when she's done with her work."

"Understood, Major."

"I'll see you later, Captain." Madd walked towards the bridge's entrance.

Darlton continued to glare at Madd, who turned his head around and grinned before he said, "All Hail Britannia."

Overruned JGSDF Roadblock, Osaka City, Osaka, Japan

A Glasgow parked near all of the COSMOS forces being consolidated in one area near the overruned roadblock. It was painted entirely in white, except for its joints, with its handheld cannon on its right arm. It had the emblem of a bird-like sigil on its chest, having a red color. When Britannian soldiers see the emblem, they already knew that the pilot is a part of the Britannian Army's Irregulars.

"There you are."

A black-haired woman in her early to middle 20s had emerged from the white Glasgow's cockpit. She had a skin tight pilot suit and stockings that seemingly covered her legs.

"Sancia." Alpha One stepped out of the group to greet the woman. "I'm glad to see that you're still alive."

"I'm also glad. Glad to see your mission was done well." Sancia went down her Glasgow via zip line cable, greeting Alpha One.


Sancia saw that some of the COSMOS soldiers greeting her.

"Hi, guys." Sancia smiled and waved back at them. She then stared back at Alpha One, "So are you guys done?"

"For now." Alpha One shrugged his shoulders. "We're waiting for our next orders with Bravo Squad for the meantime on what to do with Bravo squad."

"I see."

Sancia took a moment to remove Alpha One's respirator to reveal his chin and mouth, touching it with her gloved right hand. "I'm just glad to hear that you're alive." She leaned in and whispered. "Marc."

"Ahh..." Marc was bewildered as he couldn't do anything to move her right hand out of his chin.

"I'll see you later." Sancia went back to board her Glasgow.

Marc and his other COSMOS comrades were being told to fall in and line up by a Britannian officer with the rank of Captain, who had been wearing standard Britannian army gear like all Britannian soldiers are wearing in the Japanese Theater of Operations.

Bridge, G-1 Base, somewhere in Osaka, Japan


A Britannian soldier entered the G-1's bridge and saluted.

"Yes?" Darlton acknowledged the soldier's salute. "Is there something for me?"

"Yes, sir." replied the soldier. "Major Madd's ordering your forces to clear out Osaka City of all JGSDF and armed civilian stragglers in a few minutes."


"Excuse me, sir." The soldier took his leave.

"Captain!" The electronic warfare officer reported to Darlton. "There seems to be some minor jamming attempts by the JASDF."

Darlton nodded. "Get any of our jets airborne to shoot their bird down."

"Yes, sir."

The brown-haired man sighed and scratched his hair. Damn! When this war's over, I'll need a vacation for this mess...

Overruned JGSDF Roadblock, Osaka City, Osaka, Japan

"Everything seems to be quiet."

Marc, with his respirator placed back alongside his helmet, watched as several Britannian soldiers detained and searched JGSDF soldiers after disarming them of their weapons. He had been dismissed by the Captain after checking on their ranks to see if anyone was killed or wounded.

"Sorry, sarge." Marc was bumped into accidentally by a regular Britannian soldier. He knew that within the ranks of COSMOS, most of them were Sergeants, Corporals or Lance Corporals. Marc, however, had the rank of Staff Sergeant.

Hmm... I don't remember how I got the rank of Staff Sergeant, with the exception of being strapped in a seat with some gadgets being placed onto me. Marc clutched his left temple to gently massage it. The pain's gone. Hm... Must be me.

With the sound of automatic gunfire, Marc turned to the left and saw a woman in her 30s shot dead with a gunshot wound in the head. Her corpse was next to a WAiR anti-guerrilla soldier, who was shot in turn with several gunshots at the chest.

"What happened?" Marc asked one of the Britannian soldiers standing nearby. "What happened to them?"

"Don't know." The soldier shrugged his soldier. "But from what I heard, the woman came seemingly outta nowhere and tried to grab his rifle." He pointed out the soldier who was searching the woman's corpse. "He shot her with a single shot from his rifle before the JGSDF soldier he was searching reached out for a hidden knife from his left leg."

Who-who's that woman? Marc began to see visions of a woman in her 40s, wearing a shirt and jeans in the kitchen of a house. Her face was partially in blood, a gunshot wound to the head, when she reached out to him and whispered, Marc. Marc... Help me.

"I..." Marc began to clutch his chest. "I see..."

"Hey!" The soldier saw that Marc began to collapse on his knees, placing both of his hands on his temples while cringing in pain. A few minutes later, the soldier noted some of the other COSMOS soldiers in a similar state. "What the heck?" So far, he counted six of them having some kind of attack of sorts.

"What the heck's going on here?"

Bridge, G-1 Base, somewhere in Osaka, Japan

"Captain! Captain Darlton!"

The communications specialist yelled to Darlton, who came back to the bridge after he left for the toilet.

"W-what is it?" Darlton said, noticing that the man was now panicking. "Something up?"

"There's something wrong out there!" The communications specialist replied. "Some of the COSMOS troopers are suffering some kind of attack."

"What kind of attack?"

"It seems to be shortness of breath, headaches and fatigue. So far, all ten of them are suffering from it."

"Get some medics out there as soon as possible, hurry!" What the heck is this? From what I've heard with COSMOS scientists and physicians, this wasn't suppose to happen since they said the brainwashing was foolproof. In fact, they guaranteed that outside influence wouldn't work.

"H-hold on! I'm getting something here..."

"Captain!" The electronic warfare officer called for Darlton. "We can't seem to get in touch with any of our men out in the field in and around the Osaka roadblock!"

"W-what's happening?" Darlton was getting anxious over the officer's report. "Is it the JGSDF?"

The electronic warfare officer shook his head before he replied to Darlton's query.

"It seems that our equipment's being used to jam our radio transmissions in the area."

Overruned JGSDF Roadblock, Osaka City, Osaka, Japan

Marc had engaged with two Britannian soldiers after seeing them about to take aim at some wounded JGSDF soldiers. He had been the first to recover from the mysterious attack.

"Hey!" A gruff-sounding Britannian soldier was surprised that he didn't have time to aim his rifle at him when he saw Marc's knife pointed at him. "What's all this? You're on our sid..."

Marc had not said anything else, except to slash at his throat in a horizontal cut. He did the same for the other soldier, parrying his punches before he stabbed him at his throat.

"Get out of here now!" Marc shouted to the wounded soldiers, using his slinged assault rifle to fire at some of the Glasgow pilots trying to rush back to their Knightmare Frames after seeing Marc and almost half of the COSMOS forces trying to fight against them.

One of the Glasgow pilots pulled out a pistol from his pilot suit to give his comrades time to escape in their knightmares. It was thanks to quick firing burst from Marc and some of the now debrainwashed COSMOS soldiers that they were taken out.

"I'll take care of this!" One of the debrainwashed COSMOS soldiers, who had fired his assault rifle with Marc, dashed and leaped into the Glasgow's seat. He then inserted the seat back into the cockpit and made the Glasgow stand up from its knees and fired the machine pistol on its right hand to take out the other Glasgows that were kneeling.

Without saying anything else, the uninjured JGSDF soldiers took whatever small arm that they can get their hands on before they motioned to the civilians to escape with them while Marc and some of the sane COSMOS soldiers were busy taking care of their brainwashed comrades.

"You alright?" Marc turned around, seeing the last brainwashed COSMOS soldier collapsing to the ground after his throat was violently cut with a combat knife when some of them had fought back against some of the soldiers that had violent attacks before they had their memories restored. One of them was on the ground and unconscious after been slashed in the face, loosing a lot of blood for every minute that has passed.

"No worries, my friend." Marc shook his head. Looks like only twelve of us had our brainwashing removed. It was unfortunate that we had to kill our brainwashed colleagues.

Nearby, two debrainwashed COSMOS soldiers hopped out of a semi-trailer truck while dragging bodies of two Britannian soldiers. They were shot in the chest when they tried to fight back after the two young soldiers stormed it with nothing but their quick reflexes.

"We've managed to jam their communications!" yelled one of the soldiers who had emerged from the truck. "It'll take them a while to get over it since we used their own stuff against them."

"Good work!" Marc shouted back, commending the two of a job well done. The COSMOS soldier in the Glasgow ejected out of the knightmare, leaping from what it seems to be the equivalent of four stories before it began to explode. It was only possible that the self-destruction of a knightmare is made possible by activating its self-destruction. Otherwise, the ejection system would be made active if too much damage would be inflicted on any conventional knightmares in the Britannian military.

"Reinforcements incoming!"

Two Warrior FV150s came towards them, firing their 30mm cannons at them after seeing their comrades killing their comrades. So far, none were making their hits as most zoomed past their heads or struck abandoned buildings nearby.

"APC!" One of the non-brainwashed COSMOS soldiers picked up an anti-tank recoilless rifle, already loaded with a 84 mm HEAT shell.

"Fire!" Moments later, the 84 mm HEAT projectile was fired from the RR. It struck the FV150 at its front, damaging it a bit enough for the APC to stop moving.

"Charge!" Four of the non-brainwashed COSMOS soldiers charged towards the disembarking soldiers, being assisted by their reflexes to increase their moving speed when they ran at their intended targets.

"Look out!"

The squad was not able to fire their weapons at the enemy as the COSMOS soldiers did short jumps while killing them off with quick slashes aimed at their throats. Meanwhile, both Warrior FV150s were being disabled after Marc had personally stormed the APCs and shot the drivers before they had the chance to react. He then shot at the controls to disable the vehicles.

"Everyone! Leave the area at once!" shouted one of the COSMOS soldiers in Japanese, searching the dead Britannian soldiers for assault rifle ammunition and frag grenades.

"Looks like everything's clear." Marc checked his pistol before he ran towards one of the Glasgows parked nearby. "Everyone else, keep the enemy back!"

"Where are you going?" asked one of the COSMOS soldiers, who was distributing ammo to his fellow non-brainwashed comrades.

"To do something right for once." Marc picked up a light machine gun from the arms of a Britannian soldier whose throat was slit earlier. He then checked to see if ammunition was still available on its ammo box.

"To get those responsible for our current status in this mad world."

Bridge, G-1 Base, somewhere in Osaka, Japan


Loud screams of Britannian soldiers were heard on the bridge's radio moments after Marc's hijacked Glasgow had fired its machine pistol at the G-1, damaging its catapult launchers, wheels, living quarters and a majority of the Knightmare Frame hangars before he crashed the Glasgow to the hangar.

"He-he's too fast! I can't get a good shot at him! UWAHH!"

Darlton gritted his teeth and pounded his clenched fists onto the tactical map table. "Curse you, Madd and curse the Irregulars!" The sounds of yelling and screaming were soon followed by automatic gunfire and explosions.

"Captain! Evacuate the G-1! That soldier's here and he-AAACCKKKK!"

Darlton began to sweat and curse himself for not having at least a sidearm with him in order to protect his well-being.

"Make sure that the BRBC doesn't learn of this!" Darlton yelled to his subordinates. "Last thing we need is someone leaking this to the press!"

"I found you!"

Marc had entered the bridge, now having his helmet and respirator discarded with the LMG slinged on his neck and aimed at Darlton. He showed off his Eurasian looks with his Caucasian-like skin, but had black hair and brown eyes.

"Andreas Darlton..." Marc hissed, already preparing to pull the LMG's trigger. "Today will be the end of you."

"Stop right there!" One of the bridge crewmembers began to draw out his pistol from the pistol holster on his left side, only for his left hand to be shot into several pieces after Marc fired a short burst from his LMG.

"EWAHHH!" The crewman yelled, seeing his left hand obliterated like yesterday's target practice. "D-damn you!" The man hissed at Marc before he was subsequently silenced with another burst aimed at his chest.

"Hold it, Number 33!" Darlton yelled at Marc by using his codename. It was strange for a normal officer to know it since only those who had either served in the Irregular's COSMOS division or had commanded some of its units would know it soldier by rank, number or by both. "Stand down at once!"

"My name..." Marc gritted his teeth, slowly beginning to pull the LMG's trigger while keeping it aimed at Darlton and the other crewmembers. "My name is..."


Marc shouted his real and true name, already firing the LMG all over the bridge. In his rage, he didn't take a chance to get a good look at Darlton when his face was a bit grazed from a bullet before he fell down on the floor.

"They..." Marc left the bridge after admiring his handiwork. "will be next."

A red bird-like sigil had manifested afterwards, but was projected through his vision as he departed the bridge.

Outside G-1 Base, somewhere in Osaka, Japan

Sancia's white Glasgow came racing down towards the G-1 located near the shores of Osaka, seeing Britannian soldiers, armored vehicles and Knightmare Frame killed, destroyed or critically damaged.

The only thing that can do this much damage is a Knightmare Frame. Sancia observed the casualties around her, being able to deduce the culprit after she had received a SOS on her radio, requesting for immediate assistance to check on Darlton's G-1.

"Am...I too late?"

Sancia froze in shock when she saw that the G-1 was riddled with giant sized bullet holes and was partially in flames. She also saw blood splattered on the bridge, indicating that most of them had been killed.

"NOOOOOOO!" Sancia screamed in anger, gripping her controls tightly.

Bridge, G-1 Base, somewhere in Osaka, Japan


Darlton slowly got up from the floor, seeing most of the bridge personnel dead after being shot by the LMG Marc had used. He touched his face to see blood flowing from the wound somewhere above the nose bridge and between his eyes.

"Blast you..." Darlton felt blood dripping down from his wound all the way down his mouth and onto the floor.

"Blast you, Number 33!" Darlton gritted his teeth and punched the floor with his left clenched fist in anger.

He then eyed the entrance to the bridge and glared at it.

"I'll have my revenge someday and kill you. Until then, be prepared..."

Through the unknown intervention of a squad of young Britannian soldiers that have somehow "turned" against their Britannian masters,

they had been able to turn the tide in favor of the JSDF in the Second Pacific War. They were accounts of the soldiers fighting alongside the JSDF in Britannian gear, with their national flags as emblems on their assault vests.

Using their knowledge on the invader's new war machines called Knightmare Frames, these men and women had inflicted serious casualties to the Britannian invasion force.

However, the "suicide" of Prime Minister Genbu Kururugi had forced all defending forces to lay down their arms and surrender to the Britannian military.

Soon after the occupation of Japan and the renaming of the country as Area 11, these said soldiers had disappeared from the public eye.

No one knows what happened to them. Rumors, both local and foreign, persist that these soldiers are hiding while giving aid to various rebel forces from the left and right.

Since they didn't have names and a master to lead them into battle, the rebels had given these leaderless troops a name that was synonymous to everyone in Japan and around the world.

They were called "Lost Soldiers."

- Journal of 1st Lieutenant Nagisa Chiba

August 20, 2010 A.T.B.

2017 ATB

Unknown Quarters, Barracks, Somewhere in Unknown Base, somewhere near Tokyo Settlement, Area 11, Britannian Empire


An 18-year old young man had awaken from his bed, only wearing a grey shirt and black jogging pants. He had sweat pour down from his forehead, remembering the time of a horrid event.

Damn you Darlton! I should've aimed right for your heart. Marc gritted, running a hand on his hair. He had remembered how he had machine gunned all of the personnel, including Darlton when he had stormed his G-1 Base all by himself. In his zeal of rage, he didn't notice that the attack had merely wounded the man, as he had recently learned from Britannian media that he was selected recently to be the subordinate of a member of the Britannian Royal Family.

Particularly, a princess.

He looked down to see a Newsweek magazine on the floor, with Darlton posing next to Princess Ambrosia li Britannia. She posed with great pride, wearing her cape over her dark red suit, pants and white boots with her purple hair in a ponytail. With him was another man wearing glasses and has dark hair in a ponytail.

Gilbert G.P. Guilford, Knight and subordinate to Princess Ambrosia...

"Hey!" A loud knock was soon heard at the door. "You alright?"

"Umm..." Marc leaped off the bed and hastily fixed it before he threw the Newsweek magazine to the nearby study table. "Yeah! Yeah, don't worry about me. What's up?"

"Meeting soon in a few more minutes." The voice said from outside Marc's quarters. "I've told some of the others."

"Alright, thanks."

Somewhere in Ashford Academy, Tokyo Settlement, Area 11, Britannian Empire

"Hey, Nunnally!"

A 17-year old black-haired boy in the male uniform of Ashford Academy was standing near the bridge, which was one of the many way to access between the academy's academic facilities and its residential facilities. He was grinning when he saw the arrival.

"Big brother."

Nunnally Lamperouge, crippled and blind at an early age, was being pushed in her wheelchair by her personal Japanese maid. Or rather Eleven maid to some of the more discriminating Britannian nationals living in the Tokyo Settlement, which was reconstructed from the ruins of pre-war Tokyo during the Second Pacific War.

"Master Lelouch." greeted the maid, who bowed a bit.

"Hello, Sayoko." Lelouch greeted Sayoko Shinozaki back. "How was she doing in her class?"

"Aside from being harassed from some of the more distinguished households," Sayoko had told Lelouch with a neutral tone. "especially from the Sforzas, she's quite fine."

"Ah, yes." Lelouch sighed. "I might have to deal with them soon enough."

"I hope you're alright back there, Nunnally."

A purple-haired woman approached the three, wearing a simple and light windbreaker over her dress shirt with jeans.

"Hello there." Nunnally smiled upon hearing the familiar voice. Lelouch did so likewise when he saw the purple-haired woman.


"Thank you for taking care of her, Sayoko." Cornelia smiled at the Lamperouge maid. The ex-princess is known to the unsuspecting public as Cornelia Stanford, Ashford Academy's history teacher.

Sayoko smiled as well. "It was no trouble at all, Ms. Stanford." She patted Nunnally's left shoulder gently. "She isn't a handful you see."

Cornelia eyed Lelouch. "Hmmm... I wonder who is?"

"Please." Lelouch smirked at Cornelia. "I try to do everything that I can to make sure Nunnally isn't having a hard time when she moves around the academy."

"Cornelia." Nunnally asked the woman. "Are you going to join me for snacks later?"

"I'm really sorry, Nunnally." Cornelia leaned down and kissed Nunnally on her forehead. She then patted her right cheek with her left hand. "But I need to attend a conference later with the other high school teachers."

Nunnally pouted. "I see."

"I'll see if I can come later for dinner, okay?" Cornelia said, smiling again after she removed her hand.

"That would be wonderful." Nunnally beamed when she had heard Cornelia's decision. "Thank you very much."

"I'll make sure that there's food for you, madam." Sayoko told the history teacher. "So don't worry if you come in later a few minutes later than your usual appointment."

"Of course, Sayoko." Cornelia then stared at Lelouch, who watched the entire thing unfold before him. "Thank you for that."

"What?" Lelouch felt that he was being violated by Cornelia's stare, though he knew ever since he was a little boy that he wouldn't mind doing certain things with her in secret.

"Aren't you suppose to be attending club activities, Mr. Lamperouge?"

Lelouch thought for a few seconds before he erupted in a brief laughter.

"What's so funny?" Cornelia tapped her left high-heeled shoe on the ground. "Is there something that I should know about?"

"No, no." Lelouch shook his head. "I just remembered that I just have something to take care of with Rivalz."

"Gambling again, is it?" Cornelia glared at Lelouch.

Lelouch sighed, opting not to say anything else as Cornelia tapped her left foot again. Only this time it's done in a faster and harder pace.

"Whatever you want." Cornelia frowned, opting not to do anything. "It's not like I'm your mom or something."

Don't remind me of that. Lelouch glared at Cornelia, making her shut her mouth.

"Well I can't stop you since classes are already over and club activities are about to start." Cornelia shrugged her shoulders.

She walked towards Lelouch, who was a bit startled. But when she was at arm's length, Cornelia leaned it and kissed him on his right cheek.

"Don't do anything crazy out there, all right?" Cornelia whispered before she teased him by gently biting him after moving her lips onto his right ear.

"Ah..." Lelouch reacted, his cheeks turned red. "All right."

"There." Cornelia smiled when she looked at him. "Not that hard, yes?"

Lelouch's cheeks were still red, looking at the ground.

"I need to go, dears." Cornelia walked towards the academy's main building. "I'll see you later."

"Is there something wrong, big brother?" Nunnally noticed a change in attitude after Cornelia had done her deed to Lelouch.

"N-nothing!" Lelouch shook his head again, only faster before he calmed himself down. "Um..." He saw Sayoko staring at him with a confused look. "What I mean is to say," Lelouch ran down towards Rivalz, waiting for him on his motorbike. "I have to go! Bye!"

"Sayoko." Nunnally faced her maid.

"Yes, Ms. Nunnally?"

"Do you know where my brother's going as of this hour? I though he enrolled in a club a few weeks ago after school had started when he and I were talking about it."

"I..." Sayoko hesitated, the only person who knows aside from Cornelia that Lelouch enjoys getting kickbacks from beating the hell out of nobles and rich people who gamble and embarass them in public while taking their money to spend for himself, Rivalz or for themselves at their own pleasure. Oh dear! How am I going to explain this to Ms. Nunnally? Wait! I think I have an idea. But it'll have to do for now, especially if I'll hate it so much.

"I mean..." The maid then fixed herself, now telling Nunnally a straight answer. "He's going out."

"Going out?" Nunnally was confused. "Is that part of his club activities now? It must be just me due to lack of information," The blind girl began to play with her fingers. "but I don't recall any clubs that require being outside of the academy."

"I believe so."

"Oh." The brown-haired girl sighed. "I wished that he could've told me where he was going at least from his club activities. I don't get much participation due to my condition."

"Don't say that, Ms. Nunnally." Sayoko reassured the girl. "Let's head back to the clubhouse." She began to push Nunnally's wheelchair towards the direction of the clubhouse. "Would you like anything to eat for snacks when we get there?"

Nunnally shook her head. "Not really."

"Alright then."

Briefing Room, Unknown Base, somewhere near Tokyo Settlement, Area 11, Britannian Empire

Marc had entered the briefing room, dressed up in his Britannian soldier suit without his assault gear on. He noted that seven people were inside, all wearing the same gear as Marc was with the wearing of the grey-colored Britannian SAS beret as COSMOS forces had been trained by Britannian SAS personnel. They were infamous in the international military community for their actions for conducting special forces actions in various missions/wars, with their recent theater in Japan aka Area 11.

"There you are, boss." One of the beret-wearing COSMOS soldiers called out to Marc, having a French accent. "We've been waiting for ya." He pointed to himself with his right thumb. "All seven of us."

"And I thank you for that." Marc smiled while he nodded to acknowledge the French-accented man. "Looks like we're all ready." I wonder if they're all here?

"Yeah." A 19-year old woman, having East Asian features, spoke up. She was seated in one of the long table's many swiveling chairs. "Especially with this long forgotten base that the JGSDF had constructed during the Second Pacific War, we've got supplies that can last us for a while."

"All right." Marc nodded and placed his hands on the long table. "Let's strike back at Britannia and show them that we're still alive and kicking, waiting for the big encore."

Chapter 1 END

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