Code Geass - Lelouch of the Rebellion/Code Geass - Hangyaku no Lelouch: Lost Soldiers

by: Ominae

Rating: T


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Charles is now prepared to engage in Ragnarök after Rolo made his appearance in Area 11 to remove Clovis as the colony's governor-general. Will anyone be able to stop Charles' plans? Stay tune to this chapter to find out.

Chapter 20: Push Forward

Command Center, Order of the Black Knights Base, somewhere in Area 11, Britannian Empire

"What's going on here?" Zero had been summoned urgently by Ougi after Lelouch made his "covert arrival" with C.C.'s assistance. He was escorted into the command center by Kallen and Tamaki, the latter wanted to see his idol.

"Bad news." Ougi told Zero. "Intelligence obtained a BRBC broadcast made by Emperor Charles zi Britannia 2 hours ago."

"What about it?" Zero began to watch the ongoing broadcast on the large screen.

"Reports are saying that Britannia's undergoing a name change." Nagata told Zero. "They're not known as the Holy Britannian Empire officially."

That's strange. Zero began to think about what Nagata told him. What's my father trying to accomplish by renaming Britannia with another name?

Command Center, JLF Minamiizu Base, somewhere in Izu Peninsula, Area 11, Britannian Empire

"This appears to be bad."

Todo was in the JLF's command center with Marc, the two entering after spending some time meditating in the dojo when word got out of the BRBC broadcast.

"What's the emperor trying to do anyway?" Marc thought aloud, scratching his balaclava. "He's going to get a lot of enemies from both the domestic and international scenes."

"Kyoto gave us word of some internal troubles going on in the Tokyo Settlement from within the colonial government." Todo advised the Lost Soldiers leader.

"And here I thought we could have a better opportunity in striking the base in Shikinejima." Marc whined when he took off his Britannian SAS beret and twirled it on his left index finger.

Todo stared at Marc. "Then it looks like you need to do whatever you have to do as sooner as expected."

"Yeah." Marc sighed and wore his beret. "I know, Todo."

Command Center, Order of the Black Knights Base, somewhere in Area 11, Britannian Empire

"Would it be a good idea to strike Britannia now?" Kallen asked her fellow Black Knight comrades. "Since another report showed Britannia being divided over the announcement with the country's official name change and the change to the government..."

Yoshida agreed with Kallen's suggestion. "With colonial governors all over the world being replaced by this so-called Eden Vital, I'm pretty sure there would be sure from them too."

Minami added up on Yoshida's comments. "Don't forget that the Britannian prime minister's been replaced as well."

Zero nodded, taking Yoshida and Minami's comments to his thoughts as he continued to listen to his subordinates.

Inoue voiced out her thoughts. "Even with some infighting regarding the sudden changes in Britannian politics, don't you think the Eden Vital governor will still be on the lookout for us?"

"Inoue is right." Zero agreed with Inoue. "Even though with this problem's coming up, I think I have an idea."

"You're the man of the hour, Zero!" Tamaki went to Zero's side and had his right arm on his shoulders. "So tell me Zero, how are we gonna do this huh?"

"I've recently heard of pro-republican organizations in Britannia that yearn for independence based in what should have been primarily the United States of America, Canada and Mexico." Zero told Tamaki and the other Black Knight leaders. "Perhaps this recent news event could be useful to us."

"Are we going to use them as a distraction of sort?" Kallen asked.

Zero nodded. "Yes, I intend to." He then faced Ougi. "Ougi, do me a favor and ask Kyoto for information regarding what happened in the Tokyo Settlement."

"I got it, Zero. Leave it to me." Ougi replied, speaking to the nearest Black Knight guerrilla.

Kallen saw C.C., standing outside the command center. When she eyed the green-haired immortal, Kallen stared at Zero before she stared at C.C. again.

What? C.C. smirked at Kallen. Why's she smirking at me?

Vehicle Hangar, JLF Minamiizu Base, somewhere in Izu Peninsula, Area 11, Britannian Empire

Rai ran inside the vehicle hangar moments after being summoned by a JLF soldier, being told that Marc needed his presence with Todo urgently. All of them had their balaclavas and SAS berets on, even though a few JLF maintenance personnel were around since they needed to maintain anonymity as much as possible.

"Hey guys!" Rai shouted to his Lost Soldiers comrades, gathered next to the two SuperHind Mark IV gunships. Their cabin doors were opened when Rai came to the hangar. "Got some bad and urgent news I have to tell!"

"What about it?" Domingo yelled, leaning next to one of the SuperHind's cockpit. "Is it trouble?"

"Worse than trouble, Domingo." Rai replied, looking at his comrades seriously. "The big, bad Emperor in Britannia's made his move."

"You mean..." Michelle gasped when she heard the news, seated down on one of the SuperHind's cabin floor.

Rai nodded. "He declared Britannia as the Holy Eden Vital Empire in official writing."

"I wonder what was going on in his head?" Ken sighed, stretching his arms. "I guess there's nothing we can do except to move the operation faster."

"You're right." The white-haired Eurasian grinned. "Boss says we're going to do the strike today instead of tomorrow as originally planned."

"Seriously?" Yi asked Rai. "Right now?"

"Yeah. Right now."

"Can't we at least go over the plans one more time or rehearse?" Michael asked Rai, who was standing next to Ken.

"Ain't no time for that, Michael."

Marc was in the lobby, approaching his comrades and the choppers. "And when I say we move out, we move out. Capisce?"

"Come on, people." Ken sighed. "Let's move out..."

"Does that include the knightmares too?" Jean asked Marc, wondering about the Sutherlands, the Gekka Prototype and Lancelot Club they brought with them to the JLF base.

"Oh yeah." Marc smirked at the Britannian. "Haven't forgotten about them, Jean. They have a big role in the upcoming mission."

Command Center, Order of the Black Knights Base, somewhere in Area 11, Britannian Empire

"What are we going to do?" Kallen asked her Black Knight comrades. "I don't think we can just sit here and do nothing at this point."

"It seems we need to show them a little message." Zero told Ougi and the others. "At this point, it seems Britannia is no longer our enemy."

"I got a report from Kyoto!" A Black Knight intelligence officer came to report. "Intelligence indicates some parts of mainland Britannia's resisting against Emperor Charles' attempts to change the nation as part of Eden Vital."

"Good..." Zero replied after hearing the report. "Let's use them right now. Hopefully, they can mount a coup on Pendragon while we do something else when I contact those groups with Kyoto's assistance."

"Is there something else we should know about right now, Zero?" Tamaki asked, confused.

"The news please." Zero instructed the intelligence officer.

"Understood." The officer tuned the screen to the BRBC's news hour.

"MI5 and Special Branch have jointly arrested Earl Lloyd and his entire Special Dispatch Guidance System Division on charges of supporting Prince Schneizel's attempted coup his Majesty, Emperor Charles Zi Britannia." The BRBC channel showed CO19 officers, armed with Heckler & Koch MP5A3 submachine guns, escorting Lloyd and the other SDGSD staff, including Mariel and Cécile out of RBA Tokyo in plasticuffs. "A spokesman in the Britannian Army has said no comment when he was questioned about the legality of their arrests."

"And so..." Nagata asked Zero the point of showing the channel. "What's the point of all this, Zero?"

"They have a use for us." Zero explained. "If we can get them out of prison, the Black Knights can have them at our side."

"Question." Inoue was next to pose a question to Zero. "Do we know which prison to go and locate them?"

Zero had to grin when he heard Inoue's question. "I had that problem already taken care of."

Corridor, Governor-General's Palace, Tokyo Settlement, Area 11, Britannian Empire


Ambrosia found her walking in one of the many corridor's of the Governor-General's Palace, deciding to leave her room after hearing the news from the BRBC regarding the arrests of Lloyd and his staff on false charges of supporting Prince Schneizel's "treason".

"Big sister." Euphie had smiled at her sister, despite knowing today was not a good day for them.

"I heard the news." Ambrosia told Euphemia. "Everyone with Lloyd's SDGSD division was arrested by MI5 and Special Branch."

"Suzaku was not mentioned?"

Ambrosia shook her head. Suzaku's arrest was not mentioned in the arrest, but those in the armed force know that Suzaku had found his start with the SDGSD prior to his appointment as Euphie's knight by Charles himself in a grand ceremony in Pendragon a few years ago.

"I see." Euphie bit her lip. "It seems he was arrested for his links to Schneizel and the SDGSD."

"I still can't believe father would do such a thing like this." Ambrosia sighed. She had been from the governor-general's office, officially "overseeing" the appointment of a Eden Vital official as Area 11's main official. "It seems all of Britannia and her overseas territories had their leading officials replaced by those people from Eden Vital. Still, there's nothing we can do since it's within the power of the Britannian Constitution."

"But I don't understand how a cult like them was able to amass much power after these years." Euphie asked while the two walked down the empty corridor. "For all I know, they didn't reveal themselves to the public except from news that was published on the internet."

"Father must have worked with them secretly after Empress Marianne was supposedly killed by republican terrorists." Ambrosia answered. "But..." She closed her eyes for a second before she opened them and said, "what was he trying to accomplish from all this?"

Knightmare Hangar, Eden Vital Base, Kaminejima Island, Area 11, Britannian Empire

"How marvelously brilliant!" V.V. exclaimed after hearing the news from Anya, who went to see the Eden Vital leader, that Charles had "done" his part back in Britannia.

"I suppose you can that's a major victory for everyone in Eden Vital." Yoong had arrived in the knightmare hangar with a smirk on his face, seeing Anya at V.V.'s side. "So what comes next?"

"What comes next..." V.V. faced Yoong and gave a victorious smile at him. "Ragnarök."

"Ragnarök?" The COSMOS soldier was confused. "Excuse me?"

"The plan that would bring a new beginning." Anya tried to explain to Yoong.

"It's quite alright." V.V. shook his head a bit. "You'll find out more about it when it actually takes place."

What the heck's going on? Yoong was confused by V.V. words. I think he's babbling like some kinda of madman or something...

SDGSD Cell, Yokohoma Military Prison, Yokohama, Area 11, Britannian Empire

"Hey Lloyd." Mariel asked Lloyd despite the fact that most of the SDGSD personnel were not feeling comfortable in the cell they're all in, enough to accommodate them the entire division. The two of them were seated on the floor with their back against the cell's eastern wall.

"Hmmm..." The scientist heard his subordinate.

"What are we doing to do? I mean, we're locked up under charges of treason against the government in the Yokohama Military Prison."

Lloyd nodded after he heard Mariel's question.

"I really don't know, to be honest." Lloyd stretched and placed his hands behind his back. "But I'm sure something would happen real soon."

"I'm worried about Suzaku." Cécile told Lloyd. "He was placed in a separate cell from the rest of us."

"Must be due to his status as Princess Euphemia's knight." Lloyd surmised after hearing Cécile out.

"I just hope he's alright."

Suzaku's Cell, Yokohama Military Prison, Yokohama, Area 11, Britannian Empire

Suzaku sat in the middle of his cell, meditating without his white jacket and saya placed on his belt. He sat in a lotus position, known as kekka fuza in the Japanese language, to pass the time.

Will I be locked up by those allied with Eden Vital? And what about Euphie, will she be alright?

Shaking that thought off, Suzaku continued off with his meditation instead.

Governor-General's Office, Governor-General's Palace, Tokyo Settlement, Area 11, Britannian Empire

A man in his late 30s with neat blonde hair was seated in the chair that Clovis had formerly used prior to his "arrest". He wore a purple jacket, directly on top of a white dress shirt, and pants with a blue cape over his right shoulder. It also had the trident seal of Eden Vital, similar to Rolo's.

"All Hail Eden Vital. I hope you're having a pleasant time as leader of Area 11, Cardinal Grey Williams."

The video screen on the phone showed Rolo's face.

"All Hail Eden Vital." Williams placed his clenched right hand on the left side of his chest. "I didn't expect you to call me right now, Cardinal."

"There's been some problems lately in the mainland, especially with those republican guerrillas resisting the Emperor after he renamed Britannia as such. I'm trying to mobilize all resources possible to eliminate them."

Williams kept silent as Rolo told him the situation back in Britannia. I'm not surprised. Those republican forces alongside the aristocrats and middle class fools who refuse to pledge their allegiance to the new country.

"Is their something you want to do, Cardinal?

Rolo nodded. "Yes, I do. I have reports from intelligence that the RVA and the BDL are now planning attacks against the settlement over the live broadcast of his Majesty's announcement."

"So non-communists, pro-royalists and communist republicans are joining forces?"

"It seems likely. At least until they're able to get rid of us from power. Get some forces from the army immediately to track their cells down in the settlement."

"I understand." Williams placed his clenched right hand once more on the left side of his chest. "All Hail Eden Vital."

Rolo had a smug grin on his face when he reciprocated the greeting. "All Hail Eden Vital."

Williams leaned back on his chair after the video feed ended.

"At least I better do what the Cardinal needs me to do."

"I need to see Princess Ambrosia immediately." Williams pressed a button on his intercom, calling for the secretary.

Zero's Room, Order of the Black Knights Base, somewhere in Area 11, Britannian Empire

C.C. greeted Zero when he came back. "I see that things are getting out of hand."

"It is." Zero took off his tulip helmet after hearing the automatic lock on the sliding door that leads to his room. "My foolish father has declared himself a Demon King of his own by declaring Britannia as an Eden Vital empire."

"Oh?" C.C. raised an eyebrow.

"Is that all you can say?" Lelouch was suspicious of C.C.'s reply.

"Sir Lelouch." Jeremiah sat down on a chair at the rear of the room. "I trust that you're feeling alright."

"Yes." Lelouch nodded, seeing Jeremiah wear the same clothing he had after he was cyberized.

"I had a hard time trying to keep him company." Lelouch noted that she was in her semi-buttoned dress shirt, something that C.C. was fond of if and when she didn't want to be in her straitjacket.

"I see." Lelouch was a bit irritated when she wore the semi-buttoned dress shirt. Since he was still in his teenage years, Lelouch sometimes caught himself gazing at C.C.'s unbuttoned chest, which the green-haired girl enjoyed.

"Are we going on a mission?" Jeremiah asked.

"We are." Lelouch replied to the former Aries guard. "To the Yokohoma Military Prison."

"Yokohoma?" Jeremiah was surprised. "But that's where the military imprisons all offenders with military crimes and international figures with war crimes."

"I won't be surprised if they've locked up Earl Lloyd and his staff on trumped up charges my father's allies have arranged."

"Zero!" A transmission came onto his room via telescreen, prompting him to wear his tulip helmet. "We've corroborated our intelligence with Kyoto's. The people you're looking for are currently detained in Yokohama Military Prison."

"Excellent." Zero was pleased to hear the good news. "Make the necessary preparations as soon as possible."

"Yes, sir. We also got our submarine, the Ikaruga. Kyoto agents delivered it a few minutes after you left, Zero. As we speak, they're en route back to their base."

"Thank you." Zero stared at Jeremiah and said, "I want you to come with me, Jeremiah." Zero addressed the cyborg. "We're going on a mission."

"Yes, sir Lelouch!" Jereamiah knelt down, pledging his allegiance to Lelouch.

Vehicle Hangar, JLF Minamiizu Base, somewhere in Izu Peninsula, Area 11, Britannian Empire

Marc was seen talking to a JLF soldier, handing him a clipboard after going over some things regarding their equipment.

"Okay, listen up!" Marc spoke to his comrades, all of them gathered up with their balaclavas, SAS berets, assault/pistol vests, tactical gloves and boots on with their TAZ 90s. "Plan's still the same, but we need to move in and make it quick and fast. We can't have the Britannian forces keep their focus on us while we infiltrate and take their base in Shikinejima with the recent news of revolts going on in Britannia and most of her colonies."

"You mean the rich guys are getting at it besides the republicans?" Yi asked their leader.

"Yep." Marc said.

"Then let's go." Jean spoke up, trying to get the group's morale up. "What are we waiting for?"

"That's my boy." Marc chuckled. "Okay, everyone. Suit up and roll out."

The entire group made their way towards the direction of their underground port.

"What about the choppers?"

The question came from Ken, Marc had surmised.

"It's on the cargo ship we're going to use."

Command Center, JLF Minamiizu Base, somewhere in Izu Peninsula, Area 11, Britannian Empire

Todo watched the Lost Soldiers board onto one of the cargo ships the JLF use for smuggling weapons, knightmares, equipment or important Japanese VIPs in and out of Area 11 covertly.

"All of them are inside, sir." One of the operators watching the surveillance system of the underground port. "It includes their knightmares and the SuperHinds."

"All right." Todo lightly slammed the end of his saya onto the tiled floor. "Prepare to move out!"

"Understood!" The operator got on his headset. "You're now cleared for launch! I repeat, you're cleared for launch!"

"May Amaterasu help them." murmured Todo after he saw the cargo ship set sail. "They probably will need it."

Command Center, Royal Britannian Navy Shikinejima, Shikinejima, Izu Islands, Area 11, Britannian Empire

"So what now?"

"What do you mean what?"

Two operators in the command center were conversing with one another moments after they received news from the BRBC on the announcement of changing Britannina's official name. They were the only ones inside the command center for the meantime, dressed in white dress shirt and olive green BDU pants as part of their uniform.

"You know..." The black-haired operator scratched the back of his head. "the anti-government guerrillas now teaming up with the disaffected against his Majesty."

"Oh yeah." The brown-haired operator. "After that came in through the BRBC, we've been given orders to remain at our posts here in RBN Shikinejima."

"I know how you feel. I'm probably feeling tense right now just saying all this crap."

"Ditto. In the meantime, let's hold the place until the CO gets back from his toilet trip."

"Right." The two operators got busy maintaining vigilance while monitoring the coastal and harbour surveillance radar screens for anything out of the ordinary.

"So far, so good eh? Nothing appears to be suspicious."


Bridge, San Francisco Express, somewhere in Philippine Sea

The cargo ship San Francisco Express sailed along the Philippine Sea, seemingly going to pass Shikinejima. Unknown to the outside world but to the crew and the passengers of the San Francisco Express, the cargo ship belonged exclusively to the JLF.

"So I take it that we're here to transport you guys out?" One of the JLF soldiers disguised as a cargo ship crewman spoke to Marc, who was the only Lost Soldier on the bridge.

"Yeah." Marc nodded. "We're using your ship to be the jumping point for our knightmares and choppers to infiltrate Shikinejima."

"I understand." The JLF soldier nodded. "But won't we be spotted if you guys try to either deploy your knightmares or choppers towards the Shikinejima beach?"

"As long as we're not sailing near the northern portion of Shikinejima since it's occupied by RBN Shikinejima as base property."

"Don't worry about that, we have that taken care of."

"Thanks." Marc patted the JLF soldier's left shoulder. "Now if you can excuse me, I need to get down and see my mates and gear up..."

Hold, San Francisco Express, somewhere in Philippine Sea

Marc went down the JLF-owned cargo ship, accompanied by Rai and a JLF soldier in full JGSDF Type III Flecktarn BDUs and armed with a Howa Type 89-F assault rifle.

"So far, so good." Rai debriefed Marc on the progress of the other Lost Soldiers preparing the SuperHinds and the knightmares. "There's no problems in prepping up the choppers and the Sutherlands..."

"Nice work there, Rai." Marc patted Rai's left shoulder. "Let's just go and get the Sutherlands prepped up."

"What's the plan for the Sutherlands?" Rai asked Marc for clarification. "Do we ditch them and make them live targets for any of the base's knightmares?"

"Yep." Marc replied. "As long as the plan's being followed."

Rai nodded. "Understood, Marc."

"Everyone ready to move out?"

"Soon as you give the word."

"Okay. Let's get our gear ready before we move out."

Student Council Room, Ashford Academy, Tokyo Settlement, Area 11, Britannian Empire

Everyone in the Student Council was in their office, except for Lelouch and Kallen. The former excused himself, saying he needed to look after Nunnally as Sayoko was in ther supermarket. Kallen had mentioned that she needed to visit a relative of hers, placed under arrest in the Tokyo Settlement Hospital for the use of Refrain by the Britannian Metropolitan Police.

"Did you guys hear that?" Shirley watched the news with Rivalz and Milly, being concerned on the new changes placed in the colonial government.

"Yeah, that kinda gave me a shock there." Rivalz watched the news that showed the video of Charles back in Pendragon. "I wonder why his Majesty changed the name of the mainland?"

"I guess that'll be a question people will have to make in a few years from now." Milly suggested an answer.

"How's your dad by the way after the Narita thing?" Rivalz asked Shirley, getting ready in case she'll shout at him for intruding at her affairs.

"Much better, thank you." Shirley smiled at Rivalz. "He left the military after making a full recovery from the Narita incident."

"Well, that's good to hear Shirley." Milly smiled at the orange-haired girl.

"Speaking of which," Rivalz tried to raise an issue to the two Student Council members. "Lelouch and Kallen both had excuses when they said they can't attend. Do you think..."

"Of course not!" Shirley blurted out. "I mean, they just have problems they need to take care of." She then looked at Milly. "Right?"

"Right." Milly said, having a grin on her face.

Command Center, Ikaruga, en route to Yokohama, Area 11, Britannian Empire

Zero had assembled all of the Black Knights in the Ikaruga's command center, which consisted of a large screen with control panels used by the operators similar to the one in their main terrestrial HQ.

"It's good to see that everyone's here." Zero told the Black Knights with much esteem. "And I suppose that you're all happy to see the Ikaruga is in the possession of the Black Knights?"

Loud cheering came from the rank and file of the Black Knights in response.

"Now we have another mission to undertake, which is to raid the Yokohoma Military Prison."

"Are we gonna go free some political prisoners there?" One Black Knight guerrilla asked, raising his hand up like he was back in school. "If I remember right, that's the place where military personnel are placed under criminal..."

Zero nodded. "Yes, we are. This will be one of the most grandest operations the Black Knights has ever pulled off in the history of guerrilla warfare!" He went to spread out his arms and cape to emphasis his position.

"How are we going to pull this off?" Kallen whispered to Ougi.

"Haven't got the details yet, Kallen." Ougi whispered back. "Zero's going to tell us later."


Hold, San Francisco Express, somewhere in Philippine Sea

Marc began to prepare his gear for the upcoming infiltration mission. He had the Britannian infantry gear from his COSMO days, but swapped the load bearing equipment for a black Elite M4 Tactical Vest and Universal Tactical Leg Holster.

"You ready?"

Marc turned around to see that it was Rai, already suited up in his Britannian infantry uniform and had his beret replaced with his helmet and respirator.

"Yeah." Marc nodded, getting the vest on after he secured the leg holster. "I'm going solo on this one; we need a lot of manpower to overwhelm the knightmare force in Shikinejima while I go in the base and cut off their comms."

"So you're telling you're gonna go in RBN Shikenejima, acting all rambo-like?"

"Yep. Got a violent reaction to that?" Marc asked the white-haired Eurasian, loading a 30-round magazine into a Heckler & Koch G36C subcarbine rifle. It had already been outfitted with a red dot sight on the subcarbine's picatinny railing with a 2-Round Burst Trigger Group, the latter being due to his preference.

"Not really..." Rai shook his head.

"I see." Marc secured the G36C after he slinged it on his back. "While I'm gone for that part of the mission, you're in command of the others until the island's secured."

"Okay." Rai nodded. Marc grabbed another rifle, which was a Russian-made Tula AS VAL silenced assault rifle. It had a NPZ Optics PSO-1M2 scope attached on the upper receiver.

"How's everyone doing?" Marc asked Rai the next question.

"Just waiting, aside from some of the guys heading to the toilet to relieve themselves."

"Okay." Marc sighed when he had the AS VAL's sling placed over his head and over his right shoulder. "I need to get ready for my solo infiltration first. Get the JLF guys notified ASAP!"

"On it!" Rai ran back, heading back to the bridge.

"Test, test..." Marc ran a test on his earpiece when he pressed the PTT button clipped on his vest. "This thing on?"

"Loud and clear." Rakshata came on. "I believe you made rendezvous with the JLF?"

"Yep." And for one thing, the connection seems good for now. "I told Rai what to do according to the instructions you provided."

"Hmmm..." The Lost Soldiers commander could hear Rakshata grin. "I can hardly wait..."

Command Center, RBN Shikinejima, Shikinejima, Izu Islands, Area 11, Britannian Empire

Everything was going well as base personnel were at their respective stations, keeping watch at the radar screens that covered the base and Area 11. Since RBN Shikinejima was located near Area 11, it was not unusual for anyone stationed at the command center to be working early in the morning, even it has to be at 5 AM.

"Looks like it's going to be another boring day." One of the radar operators said before he yawned.

"I'll say." Another radar operator stretched in his seat, keeping an eye on his console. "It's all looking good here."

All of a sudden, the screen were turned off on their own.

"What the?"

"Hey, did you see that?"

"Was it a problem with the power?"

"Can we make contact with the soldiers patrolling the base?"

"Shit!" The operator cursed. "What the heck's going on here?!"

Bridge, San Francisco Express, somewhere in Philippine Sea

"It worked." Rai communicated with Marc on his earpiece, observing two JLF soldiers giving him the thumbs up after they had been working on two laptops typing away vigorously. "The JLF guys were able to jam all comms from RBN Shikinekjima after I gave them the data disk Rakshata handed to us. No one's going to be making any calls for a while."

"Good. Get back to the hold and make sure you're ready." Marc replied back. "It won't be long before the Britannians are able to restore their comm networks."

Main Deck, San Francisco Express, somewhere in Philippine Sea

Some of the JLF soldiers, disguised as cargo ship crewmembers, watched Marc adjust the combat gloves before he began to climb down the boat ladder towards a moored Zodiac Combat Rubber Raiding Craft or a Zodiac. It was manned by two JLF soldiers, in civilian clothing, armed with Howa Type 89 assault rifles.

Marc pointed out Shikinemjima with his right index finger once he got on board, earning a nod from the soldiers. They got the Zodiac moving and were heading to the island with no resistance on the way.

Hold, San Francisco Express, somewhere in Philippine Sea


Rai noted that everyone from the Lost Soldiers were assembled, standing in front of the kneeling Sutherlands. He also noted that all were in their Britannian infantry gear and had balaclavas.

"Now that all of you are here, we should begin step 2 of our plan to invade Shikinejima."

"Err...what's going to happen to step 1?" Yi asked.

Rai grinned. "Noticed anything different?"

"If you're taking command..." Domingo eyed Rai. "Then that means the big guy ain't here in the hold, yeah?"

"What are we suppose to do?" Jean popped in a question to Rai.

"Settle down, folks." Rai raised his hands up. "Look, being like that won't do any good to the plan."

"But what the heck is he doing by himself and all alone in Shikinejima?" Henri was unconvinced by Marc's actions.

Forest, somewhere in Shikinejima, Izu Islands, Area 11, Britannian Empire

The boss' plan is to penetrate all the way into Shikinejima with two objectives. One is to ensure their comms are still jammed. Two is to weaken their grip on the island so that we can take it over without much resistance.

"This so sucks..." Marc panted after he went to hide in the bushes. "Looks like a lot of patrols were stepped up in the wake of the jamming."

Now concealed in the bushes, Marc carefully observed numerous knightmare and infantry foot patrols that went pass by him.

I need to take down a few of them so's the others can take the island easily...

Slowly peeking his head out, he noted a patrol nearing his position. It only consisted of two soldiers.

Something Marc could handle for the time being.

One of the soldiers looked around the path, ensuring nothing was in the way of his companion while keeping the right index finger on the trigger of his slinged Colt M-13 rifle.

"Sure is quiet."

"Isn't that supposed to be the fact?" The second soldier questioned his comments. "I mean, who else is in this goddamn forsaken place besides the Britannian Army?"

"Perhaps you have a point there."

"Of course I always do."

After the patrol had passed, a pair of hands came out of the bushes to grab the soldier while he yawned.

"You seem awfully quiet there." The first soldier said, not knowing that his companion was killed by Marc after he snapped his neck to hide his presence.

"Hey, you all..." When the soldier turned around, he noted the absence of his companion. "Shit!" He immediately raised his rifle up and aimed it at the bushes and the trees.

"Who did that?! Damn it!!! This better not be one of those jokes back in April Fool's..."

A throwing knife was hurled from the bushes once more, hitting the soldier on his left temple before he collapsed.

"That oughta do the trick." Marc emerged out of the bushes and grabbed the soldier's corpse, being in a hurry to drag him back to the bushes again before he gets spotted by another patrol. I wonder if I should keep doing these guerrilla-type attacks?

Security Room, Yokohama Military Prison, Yokohama, Area 11, Britannian Empire

Two security guards, both Military Police officers from the Britannian Army, were manning the room. They wore ballcaps and brassard to indicate their position from within the army. Aside from wearing them, their faces were uncovered and had their infantry suits on.

"Hey, you got to watch that BRBC headline about that announcement from the mainland?" The first MP asked the second MP, watching over the camera feeds.

"Yeah." The second MP frowned upon hearing it. "What the hell was that for? I'm just fine with goddamn Britannia anyways."

"I know how you feel. But the orders from the top's to continue as usual like nothing happened."

"I don't think I'll like that. Besides, it's not like I have some interests in Britannian politics. I wasn't interested in any of that back in my university years."

"Well I never expected to find some dissent from within the military."

The two MPs turned towards the door and drew out their Sig Sauer P226Rs, the standard police for all MP personnel.

"It's Zero!" The first MP shouted, having the German-Swiss pistol's sights aimed at the tulip helmet.

"Dammit! How the hell did he get here?" The second MP slowly approached Zero with his P226R also aimed at the tulip helmet.

"You think that peashooter can stop me?!" Zero taunted the two MPs.

"Why I oughta..." The first MP angrily drew out a collapsible baton from his duty belt with his right hand, extending its length after pressing a button on its handle while maintaining the P226R's grip on his left hand. He then raised his arm and tried to strike Zero at the tulip helmet.

"I guess you forgot that your training requires you to strike me first at my common peroneal nerve or at my biceps first!"

Zero grabbed the MP's right arm before he struck him twice on his chest. He then followed it with a shoulder throw.

"Don't underestimate the leader of the Black Knights!" Zero stamped his left foot on the MP's head when he landed on the ground, rendering him unconscious.

"What the fuck are you?" The second MP went to fire his P226R, only for the 9mm bullets to deflect from Zero's suit and hit the walls instead.

"Your worst nightmare, fool!" Zero dashed left and right, avoiding the bullets meant for him. When he was at arm's length, Zero reached his left arm out and used his hand to grab the second MP's throat.

"ACCK!" The second MP felt helpless when Zero raised him from the ground, tightening the grip on the throat.

"Where are the cells of the SDGSD personnel and Major Suzaku Kururugi located?" Zero began to interrogate the conscious MP. When the MP refused to talk, Zero decided to add more pressure to his left hand. "Talk or die..."

"Okay, okay..." Realizing he had no choice, the MP gave up and talked. "They're located at the fifth floor."

"Any specifics?"

"They got armed men guarding them, but that's all I know."

"Thank you." Now that he had the information needed, Zero threw him at the far end of the room, which knocked him out cold.

"Tamaki!" Zero called for Tamaki to get inside.

"You got the room?" Tamaki and around five Black Knight guerrillas, all armed with AKMSU assault carbines and wore the same tulip helmet like their leader, entered the room.

"I've got the details of the prisoners. They're only a floor down. Inform Ougi and the others of the location."

"Thanks." Tamaki directed some of the guerrillas to restrain the unconscious guards and take their sidearms and batons away. "Thing is, we may need some kinda diversion to get the prison's security forces off our tail."

Zero, or rather Lelouch, grinned at Tamaki from underneath his tulip helmet, "That's why I got Kallen to take care of that..."

Courtyard, Yokohama Military Prison, Yokohama, Area 11, Britannian Empire

"Look out, it's the Bl-!"

A Sutherland, mobilized as part of the Yokohama Military Prison's knightmare force, was destroyed after Kallen's Guren Mk II used its custom handgun to shoot it. When another Sutherland came to sneak up behind Kallen, she moved the Guren and used the claw to grab its Factsphere/head before she activated the Fukushahado to destroy the Sutherland via radiation surge.

Most of the Burais that had busted into the prison's courtyard with Kallen engaged themselves with the Sutherlands that had been immediately mobilized.

"All knightmare units, continue to overwhelm the prison's knightmare force!" Kallen gave the orders to active Black Knight knightmares, given the responsibility by Zero to take charge while he and Ougi lead the assault in the prison. "We need to keep the knightmares and the soldiers busy!"

"Understood!" The Eurasian rebel received replies from all active Black Knight knightmare pilots from her encrypted frequency. She also caught some transmissions from her frequency and reported gunfire from some of the Black Knight guerrillas that have infiltrated the prison's main entrance.

"Raikou!" Kallen made contact with one of the Raikous stationed outside the Yokohama Military Prison, with their presence carefully concealed to hide from all kinds of detection and surveillance, including aerial detection from helicopters to UAVs. "Open a barrage on the outer walls and all the prison's important facilities! Continue to keep them busy!"

"This is Raikou unit, understood!"

Kallen saw the outer prison walls were bombarded, with intention of keeping the prison's personnel pinned down and busy. From her console, the red-haired girl eyed a Burai Special Weapons A and B-Types standing near her Guren. Kallen knew that the Black Knights and the JLF were armed with several Burai variants developed by Kyoto to give the two leading anti-Britannian organizations a variety of knightmares according to the corresponding situation.

"More of them..." Kallen whispered when she saw three machine pistol-armed Sutherlands approach their position at a rapid pace.

The Burai Special Weapons A went first on the offensive. It twirled its ball and chain weapon, located on where the right hand should be, on the side and overhead, followed by a swing that struck one of the Sutherlands on the side. When it went down, the Special Weapon A attacked it again, having the iron ball twirled around its head before it was brought down, crashing into the cockpit.

The Burai Speical Weapons B strafed the second Sutherland and fired its handheld gatling guns, riddling the knightmare with bullet holes before it exploded.

"Watch out!" The Special Weapons B noticed the third Sutherland was gunning straight for Kallen, its jousting lance readied for her. In response, the Special Weapons B holstered the gatling guns and armed itself with the Panzerfaust rocket launcher. Due to gunfire coming from other Sutherlands in the vicinity, the Black Knight knightmare was forced to strafe a couple of times and by accident, fired the anti-knightmare weapon.

I better take care of the rest. Kallen saw the Panzefaust rocket hit the Sutherland's left arm. While it dropped the jousting lance, the partially disabled Sutherland used its dual slash harkens at the incoming Guren Mk II.

"Hah!" Kallen shouted, using its fork knife to get the slash harkens away from her in order to get close enough for her to claw the Sutherland's Factsphere/head.

"See you later..." Pressing the button for the Fukushahado, Kallen watched the Sutherland internally combust slowly.

The Eurasian girl withdrew her knightmare and the claw from the doomed Sutherland. She watched the knightmare exploded; a confirmation of the Fukushahado's power of anti-knightmare warfare in the hands of the Black Knights.

Airfield, RBN Shikinejima, Shikinejima, Izu Islands, Area 11, Britannian Empire

The airfield of RBN Shikinejima was heavily fenced off by chain link fences with barbed wires at the top to discourage any intruders. It was not the case, however, since some areas around the airfield were not fenced off for concrete pavement space or geological restraints from the islands. Not everything on Shikinejima was flat and smooth that construction of the base was easy.

"Looks like infiltration shouldn't be a problem." Marc entered the base by using a traveling 4x4 military truck, which came back without any cargo inside after spotting it 50 kms. away when he conducted solo surveillance on the base's main entrance. He quietly leapt down next to a parked Lockheed Martin/Boeing F-22 Raptor in the hangar."I can't afford to be lax."

Marc went for crawling underneath en route to the jet, eyeing some soldiers and maintenance technicians wondering around the airfield to mind their business. Even with only a handful on the field, he couldn't risk being caught right here and now to weaken the island's defenses and ultimately cut off any communications between the base and the outside world.

Gotta keep doing this. Marc decided to continue crawling under the F-22 Raptor since it was located near the hangar, which was located near the main building. Ideally, he could just start running after he was done crawling.

"Or maybe I could do this." Bringing out a remote from his vest, Marc extended the antenna and pressed the red button.

An explosion rang out from near the base's main entrance, forcing all attention to be diverted.

"Perfect." Marc grinned, keeping the remote after he collapsed the antenna. He ran inside, confident that no one would be able to at least notice him running in the hangar's side door for a split second and using it to infiltrate the main building.

Corridor, Main Building, RBN Shikinejima, Shikinejima, Izu Islands, Area 11, Britannian Empire

"So far, so good. Seems that no one's here."

Marc took a peek at the corridor, relieved for not seeing any opposition around after he infiltrated the building via hangar. Marc silently entered, gently closing the door to avoid doing anything to have his presence revealed. "Now to..."

"Halt! State your name and rank at once!"

A roving MP spotted Marc's attempts to infiltrate the base. While he challenged Marc, the MP had his right hand on top of the holster for the "when the worse comes to worse" situations.

"I repeat! State your-!"

Marc immediately raised his slinged AS VAL and aimed the PSO-1M2's sights at his head before he pulled the trigger. A silenced 9 x 39 bullet from the Russian rifle went for the kill, piercing the MP's forehead. The officer collapsed on the ground immediately, face first on the ground.

"I already heard you for the first time."

After Marc made a quick scan of the surrounding area, he lowered the weapon and went for the nearest staircase.

"Better get a move on and head upstairs before I get overwhelmed by more MPs."

Command Center, RBN Shikinejima, Shikinejima, Izu Islands, Area 11, Britannian Empire

Marc took a peek when he slightly opened the door to get a good look inside.

All of the operators inside are only armed with pistols for self-defense measures. Good, least I won't have a hard time storming the place by myself.

The lone Lost Soldier made a quick and silent switch from his AS VAL to his G36C. In addition to the German subcarbine, Marc made ready a Britannian-made M84 stun grenade from one of the pockets of his M4 Tactical Vest.

"Time to go in loud." Marc murmured, seeing no one was aware of what he was doing. It's also a good thing no MPs were around on the way here.

He decided to shove the door with his right arm, followed by a tossed M84 with its safety pin already removed.

"As always..." Marc shielded his eyes from the M84's bright flash by looking away before the bang was heard.

"Freeze! Nobody move!" The Eurasian announced himself, sweeping the room with his G36C.

"Shoot him!" Most of the operators resisted by arming and aiming their Sig Sauer P228 pistols at him, despite being blinded by the M84.

"Geez!" Marc sighed when one of the operators fired his P228 above his head, making him angry. Better duck. In response, Marc fired his G36C on three-round burst at some of the operators before a few went to take cover behind some tables and consoles.

This is not what I expected. Marc allowed a few seconds for the P228s to be fired before he exposed himself out of cover and fired again, hitting a few more operators again on their chests.

"Boss man, you okay down there?"

Hold, San Francisco Express, somewhere in Philippine Sea

Rai and all of the Lost Soldiers heard gunfire from their earpieces, knowing that their leader was now engaged in a gunfight in RBN Shikinejima.

"No worries. I just had a welcoming party, although a very frank one."

The white-haired soldier sighed. Dammit. Of all the thing he can do...

"Don't you need any help down there? I mean, it's just you against several operators..."

"Relax, Rai. I'll be fine."

Corridor, somewhere in Yokohama Military Prison, Yokohama, Area 11, Britannian Empire

Zero, Ougi, Jeremiah and several Black Knight guerrillas, armed with AKS-74U carbines, walked down the corridor on the fifth floor of the Yokohama Military Prison, having received information from Tamaki on the location of the prisoners they plan to rescue.

"Are you sure you know what you're doing?" Ougi asked Zero, who also had a AKS-74U carbine of his own. "Look, we're talking about Britannians here, locked up with the key thrown away for committing crimes."

"I assure you." Zero reminded Ougi. "The Britannians were rescuing were falsely accused of a crime they did not commit."

"Hold it right there!" Four MPs rushed in towards the group, all armed with G36C subcarbines with red dot sights attached on its picatinny railings. "Drop your weapons and surrender!"

"Move it!" Zero simply grabbed the nearest MP and tossed him over the railing on his right. The MP met his death after he landed on the ground from being thrown from five stories high. The second MP tried to subdue Zero by using the G36C's folding stock as a melee weapon.

Seeing this coming, Zero did a palm thrust on the MP's chest and followed it with a heel stomp on the MP's head.

"Fire!" Ougi gave the order for the AKS-74U-armed Black Knight guerrilla to gun down the other two MPs from a distance.

"Good work." Zero commended Ougi and the others. Jeremiah moved in to check on the two MPs gunned down until he noticed one of them trying to reach for his P226R.

"D-damn you..." muttered the wounded MP, who tried to stand up slowly and raise his sidearm at an approaching Jeremiah.

"None of that today." Jeremiah quickly dodged left and right to avoid the pistol shots meant for him, luckily zipping over the heads of the guerrillas. The wounded MP was in shock to see Jeremiah now standing nearby after he stood up, his sidearm still aimed at the cyborg.

"Haa..." The MP gasped when he felt Jeremiah's arm blade pierce his chest, all the way to his heart.

"Now that all of our obstacles are out of the way." Zero saw the cell doors opened automatically, thanks to Tamaki back in the security room with his work done according to instruction. "We need to pay our guests a visit."

Suzaku's Cell, Yokohama Military Prison, Yokohama, Area 11, Britannian Empire

"So it's you."

Suzaku paused from his meditation, seeing Zero enter his cell alone.

"Yes, Suzaku. I'm here to see you, whether you're happy about it or not."

Suzaku stared at the floor when he said, "I've been charged alongside the rest of the SDGSD for conspiring with Prince Schneizel in trying to overthrow his Majesty in a supposed coup attempt discovered by Special Branch and MI5."

Zero slowly nodded when he heard Suzaku. "It appears that forces not from the government were responsible for the false charge placed against you and your colleagues in the military."

"What are you going to do Zero?" Suzaku asked the Black Knights leaders, staring at him carefully.

"I'll do something all right." Zero calmly replied to the question. He clenched his fists. "Don't you worry about it."

"Are you..."

"I will kill Charles zi Britannia."

Command Center, RBN Shikinejima, Shikinejima, Izu Islands, Area 11, Britannian Empire

It had been silent in the base's command center for a few minutes after Marc made his one-man army entrance, gunning some of the armed operators by surprised before most of the surviving operators engaged Marc in a lengthy gunfight.

Are they all dead? Marc silently stepped out of cover from one of the consoles he was using for cover when he peeked out to gun down any of the operators who had exposed themselves to give him something to shoot at. Carefully observing the area, he noted some of the operators gunned down. Marc remembered gunning one of them down, who was killed immediately after being shot in the head. Something that he had rarely done as it was impossible for a tactic to be done unless he or she had been trained to do it, something the Lost Soldiers call "an art" since they had done this before during their Britannian service.

"Looks like everyone's down." Marc whispered, checking the corpses by stepping on them before he shook them to check if they were dead for good or if they were just playing possum to throw his guard down. "Yep, this one's down all right..."

"Wait!" I just had this feeling that something else is out of the ordinary. The Lost Soldiers frowned, having his left hand on the G36C's foregrip and the right hand on the subcarbine's trigger grip very tight. "Something's not right. I just heard someone..."

Marc didn't have any time to react, nor fight back when he was shot on the right side twice. This made Marc tumble a bit back, even though he felt 9mm bullets from the P228 hit him like it was nothing.

"Shit!" Marc responded to the attack by quickly pivoting himself to the right. He immediately raised and fired his G36C in single shot mode, hitting the P228-armed operator with one 5.56 NATO bullet to his forehead.

"One down..." Marc whispered, seeing the operator go down. Those 9mm bullets don't faze me. Not even for a million years. Heh, he. "Now who..."

An uninjured operator had fired a 2 1/2" Colt Python, taken from a concealed holster in his pants. Marc went down after he was struck by a .357 Magnum bullet at his chest.

"Augh!" Marc went down, having dropped his G36C on the floor but had his AS VAL still secured on his back.

"Got ya..." The operator, a female in her late 20s with black bob cut hair, slowly moved forward with her Python aimed at his downed form. "I can't wait to tell the others how I was able to kill a member of the Lost Soldiers."

"Boss man, do you copy? I repeat, do you copy?!" Rai came over Marc's earpiece without any response, not knowing that Marc was gunned down.

"Shit! Screw the orders the boss gave us a while ago!" Rai cursed when he didn't hear a reply. "All Lost Soldiers, launch at once! I repeat! All Lost Soldiers, launch at once! We're going in to Shikinejima! The boss' been hit!"

Chapter 20 END

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