Code Geass - Lelouch of the Rebellion/Code Geass - Hangyaku no Lelouch: Lost Soldiers

by: Ominae

Rating: T


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An alliance was made between the Black Knights, the Lost Soldiers and Britannian military forces loyal to the old system against Eden Vital. Will they be able to defeat Charles and V.V. to save the world from Ragnarök is implemented on Earth? Stay tune to this chapter to find out.

Chapter 22: Alliance

Conference Room, Ikaruga, en route to JLF-occupied Shikinejima, Izu Islands, Area 11, Britannian Empire

"And you wish to do this, if I'm hearing this correct?"

Zero and Diethard met privately in the Ikaruga's conference room, talking about a proposal the Lost Soldiers' head of Public Relations aka their propaganda expert have in mind.

"It's quite simple, really." Diethard sat in a chair near Zero, shrugging his shoulders. "All I have to do is to show a picture of you two together and I'll send it over to the world wide web."

"Hmm..." Zero began to think over Diethard's comment. "It could be useful, with the infighting going on in Britannia. Even with the fight between guerrillas and security forces nearly approaching the doorsteps of Pendragon, it may be crucial to crush Eden Vital for good. We need something that can be made potentially credible."

"Exactly my point." The ex-BRBC producer told Zero. "The thing is, I haven't decided on what kind of photo can we show off to anti-Britannian and now anti-Eden Vital website and forums a picture of you and my boss."

"Then I guess we need to figure that out, do we?"

Dining Room, Clubhouse, Ashford Academy, Tokyo Settlement, Area 11, Britannian Empire

Sayoko had been cleaning the dining room with a smile on her face in the afternoon after school had been over for all campuses.

That is, until she received a transmission from an earphone placed discreetly on her left ear.

"Yes, Sayoko here."

"Has Nunnally arrived back in her room?"

"No. She won't be home for a while as she needs to attend to a project with her classmates."

"I see. Make sure she's all right and report back as necessary, Sayoko."

"Understood, Master Lelouch."

Beach, near RBN Shikinejima, Shikinejima, Izu Islands, Area 11, Britannian Empire

While a few Howa Type 89-armed JLF guerrillas stood guard in the occupied RBN Shikinejima, the Lost Soldiers spent most of their morning training at the beach located in the base's inner perimeter in their balaclavas and Britannian SAS berets.




Training in their unarmed combat skills obtained from the Britannian Marines Corps Martial Arts Program was something the group were proud of; they were able to put it into good work in battling against Britannian security forces and rogue anti-occupation guerrillas during the early years of Britannian occupations in various parts of Asia in situations where firearms could not be used. The Lost Soldiers conduct various BMCMAP techniques ranging from simulated bayonet-mounted rifle attacks to shoulder throws and joint locks.

"Are you sure it's okay for us to conduct guard duty while the Lost Soldiers are practicing unarmed combat?" One of the JLF sentries asked his comrades.

"I don't know," Another JLF sentry answered. "it's something I heard they've been doing for a while after the occupation of Japan by Britannia years ago."

"Yes?!" A JLF sentry was receiving a transmission on his headset, signaling his comrades to keep quiet. "Alright. I understand."

"What is it?"

"We've got a guest coming to Shikinejima. I'll go and tell them at once."

V.V.'s Chambers, Eden Vital Base, Kaminejima Island, Izu Islands, Area 11, Britannian Empire

A cloaked man had arrived in V.V.'s personal chambers and announced himself, "Master V.V., you have a guest. His Majesty, the 98th Emperor of the Holy Eden Vital Empire. Charles zi Britannia."

"Ah, I didn't expect you to show up here."

V.V. went out of his way to greet his little brother when he heard the announcement. "And you have brought your knight with you."

"Don't worry, big brother." Charles reassured V.V. "He's alright. And so are the others."

The immortal looked behind Charles and noted several figures standing at attention from behind Bismarck. They all had black cloaks like the Eden Vital personnel, without any of their group's insignia.

"And how was the flight here via the Great Britannia?"

"It was alright; I gave the order for the press to keep any of my moments quiet under the Official Secrets Act."

V.V. could only grin. "How smart of you to use government law as a smokescreen."

"Pardon me," Bismarck interrupted. "but shall we get ready now? Any time now, the Black Knights and the Lost Soldiers could be preparing to mount an assault."

"Good point." Charles took Bismarck's advice carefully. He faced his brother. "Shall we get going now?"


Port, RBN Shikinejima, Shikinejima, Izu Islands, Area 11, Britannian Empire

JLF sentries were posted at RBN Shikinejima's port, ready to meet up with the incoming Ikaruga. Moments after it surfaced, it was making was making its way to the port. The area was big enough for the Black Knight submarine to be moored ashore.

"Greetings." A Lost Soldier greeted Zero, Diethard and the rest of the officer cadre alongside Kallen. "Ah, Diethard. I assume you had some problems in negotiating?"

"Not really." Diethard grinned and shook the soldier's hand. "I had no problem whatsoever in negotiating with Zero."

"Ah, Zero." The soldier shook hands with Zero. "I hope you had a good voyage going to Shikinejima."

"Of course." Zero replied. "Everyday I had is always a good day, with some exceptions."

The soldier noted three unfamiliar girls walking behind Kallen. "And does the Black Knights have any new manpower lately?"

"Allow me to introduce them." Kallen took the lead in introducing three teenagers wearing their black and yellow uniforms with no tulip helmets. "This is Ayame Futaba." A purple-haired teenager with mid-length curls bowed. "Next to her is Ichijiku Hinata." A ponytailed brown-haired girl greeted the soldier, also bowing. She wore a pair of eyeglasses on. "Finally, this is Mutsuki Minase." The black-haired teenager had colored bead laces on her hair locks.

"Nice to meet you ladies." The soldier replied. He faced Zero and said, "Introductions aside, I presume that you want to see the boss."

"That's right. Is he free today?"

"Yep. Just follow me."

Zero and the rest of the Black Knights followed the masked soldier and Diethard as they went towards the beach.

Beach, near RBN Shikinejima, Shikinejima, Izu Islands, Area 11, Britannian Empire

"And here we are..." The soldier introduced Zero and the others, including Diethard, to the Lost Soldiers undergoing their daily training.

"Do they do this everyday?" Ayame asked, feeling a bit apprehensive.

"Is that a real combat knife?" Ichijiku watched one of the Lost Soldiers charge at another with a sharp-looking knife, only to be met with a punch to the stomach followed a by knee thrust before a shoulder throw.

Mutsuki tried to reassure the other two. "Don't worry, it's not they're trying to kill each other..."

"Damn it! Must you do that? You nearly thrusted your knife into my goddamn neck, you know."

"Hey! Boss man says we gotta be realistic with your BMCMAP training..."

"Never mind." The three girls said in unison.

"Yo, big guy!" The soldier yelled.

"Yeah?" Marc was still dodging knife slashes and thrusts from Rai, who was his opponent for their unarmed combat training session.

"Zero's here and he wishes to speak with ya..."

"Alright!" Seeing an opening after Rai made his thrust, Marc grabbed his left arm and twisted it until he dropped it. It was followed by a knee attack before a fast shoulder throw came next. Once Rai was on the ground, Marc did an armbar by lying on the ground in front of the left arm, placing his legs on the Eurasian and pulled the arm hard. This made Rai shout and yell out loud in pain.

"Whoa..." Tamaki winced while hearing Rai shout. "That's gotta be tough."

Sugiyama agreed. "I don't think we've been given that kind of combat training."

"Come on..." Marc teased his 2IC. "You know what to do here..."

"NEVER!" Rai shouted.

Nagata sighed. "I wonder if the guy's arm is gonna break."

Inoue answered. "Who knows, Nagata?"

Zero stood silent, watching Marc and Rai's BMCMAP martial arts training. So this is how the Lost Soldiers are known. From unarmed combat training to techniques such as assassination, HALO and HAHO insertion, sniping and demolitions, they truly are a force to be reckoned with.

"Okay, okay!" Rai yelled, tapping the sand. "I give, I give."

"That's a good man." Marc grinned, getting up. "You just hang in there for a while, yes?"

"Whatever." Rai groaned, massaging his arm.

"Ah, Zero." Marc greeted the Black Knights leader, twirling one of the combat knife he picked up on the ground before he stored it on a knife sheath in his belt. "So what can I do for you?"

"For starters..." Diethard was seen with a digital video camera. "Zero agreed with you two coming up with media to signify joint cooperation."

"So he did huh?" Marc stared at the masked man. "And you actually agreed to this?"

"Why not? Something we need to do to give Eden Vital a headache can be pretty handy."

"And what kind of propaganda do you propose?"

Gazebo, Garden, Logre-Class Floating Battleship Lloegr, en route to Shikinejima, Izu Islands, Area 11, Britannian Empire

Ambrosia and Euphemia sat down inside the gazebo, drinking tea as all Britannian aristocrats. Nearby, Guilford and Darlton were at the ready should their help be needed. Even the Glaston Knights were also near Darlton's side, ready to help their foster father.

"Is this a good okay, big sister?" Euphie asked Ambrosia after she drank her tea. "Not while we're maintaining a front that Eden Vital's controlling the colonial government."

"I share your concern, Euphie." Ambrosia tried her best to answer Euphemia's concern. "But when you think about it, we'll probably be placed aside by father. After all, this is the absolute emperor who placed himself superior than all humans."

"I can't believe that it's coming to this." Euphie had an unpleasant shiver running through her body. "What he's doing is not right."

The woman leaned back on her chair. "We've made this alliance with the Black Knights and the Lost Soldiers. And the other thing, Parliament convened an emergency session to appoint me as the 99th Empress of the Holy Britannian Empire." Ambrosia remembered being handed a copy of a proclamation signed by Schneizel and all Senate members before the former was "arrested" by Kirihara.

"But what about Odysseus and our older step siblings?" Euphemia asked Ambrosia. "Surely they could have..."

"It's probably not possible." Ambrosia shook her head. "You saw the proclamation signed. It didn't mention anything about our older step siblings; they probably are either in line with Father willingly or not. Most likely, some of them were rooted out by Eden Vital cardinals just to make sure they won't do anything against Father's wishes."

"That's really evil..." Euphemia felt she wanted to cry. "He's...he's not the father we use to know."

"No." Ambrosia reached out to touch Euphemia's left shoulder. "He's not the man he use to be."

Beach, near RBN Shikinejima, Shikinejima, Izu Islands, Area 11, Britannian Empire

"Marvelous! It is just marvelous indeed!"

Diethard was smiling when he reviewed the footage from his handheld digital video camera, seeing a video still image of Zero and Marc shaking hands. "This may be nothing, but it's only the beginning of something brilliant..."

"Is he always like this?" Zero asked Marc, the two watching the Britannian rave around like crazy.

"Not always." Marc replied. "Except for some things he judge to be worthy, I guess. Not sure on the things he could deem them worthy in the first place."

Two JLF sentries approached the leaders of the two anti-Britannian occupation guerrilla forces, panting after they ran from the base's main building. "We've got word from control. There's a Logre-class battleship approaching. But it doesn't appear to be doing anything hostile."

"Non-hostile eh?" Marc sighed. "Looks like the battle's about to come sooner than expected."

"Then what are we waiting for?" Zero chuckled. "Let's go and greet them."

Airfield, near RBN Shikinejima, Shikinejima, Izu Islands, Area 11, Britannian Empire

"Welcome to Shikinejima, your Highness."

Zero greeted Ambrosia and Euphemia after Lloegr had arrived. The airfield was flanked by armed guards, both from the JLF's forces provided by Todo and the Black Knight's own forces armed with IZHMASH AK-104 and 105s, chambered with Soviet 7.62x39 M43 and Russian 5.45x39 M74 bullets.

"Thank you." Ambrosia felt a bit uneasy, shaking the easy of a feared anti-occupation guerrilla leader.

"And welcome to you as well, Princess Euphemia." Zero shook hands as well with Euphemia.

"Thank you, Zero." Euphie reciprocated the greeting.

"Since we're all here." Darlton spoke to Zero. "Where are the Lost Soldiers, if I may ask?"

"They're at the beach." Ougi answered Darlton. "Conducted training as we speak."

Almost everyone from the Britannian party left to head to the party with one exception. Ambrosia turned her head around after she stopped in her steps. Did I hear someone call my name?

"I thought you were going to go and leave me there in that ship...."

Oh god, I knew it...

"You shouldn't forget about Nonette Enneagram, my dear." The grey-haired woman with a hair lock like Mutsuki exited the ship at haste.

"It's a good thing that the guards are concerned with their duty." muttered Ambrosia, worried that Nonette will break protocol.

"What's with the long face?" Nonette always had a smile on her face wherever she goes. "And here we are in Shikinejima, suppose to meet with the leaders of the Black Knights and the Lost Soldiers."

Ambrosia felt the urge to slap her face.

"Well, we can't just stand around here. Let's go."

The princess wondered if it was a mistake to have Nonette placed under her command, despite the fact she graduated from the Imperial Britannia Military Academy aka West Point as her senior.

Beach, near RBN Shikinejima, Shikinejima, Izu Islands, Area 11, Britannian Empire

"I'm surprised that while the Lost Soldiers have a standing alliance with the Black Knights, we get to meet the Britannians in our little party."

Diethard was surprised to see Ambroria, Euphemia in the Britannian party, including the Glaston Knights and Nonette.

"To tell you the truth actually," Nonette said to Diethard. "I'm actually an admirer of the Lost Soldiers."

Nonette's comment earned surprised looks from the Black Knights and the Britannians.

"If I got this right," Diethard asked Nonette, a bit confused. "you said you admire the Lost Soldiers? I'm actually hearing this from a Britannian officer."

"Yes, I do." Nonette glared at Diethard. "You have a problem with that, Mr. Diethard Reid?"

"Actually, that's not a problem."

Marc spoke to Nonette, minutes after he cleaned up Jean's attempt to grapple him by restraining him in a rear naked choke. Marc began his counteroffensive when he executed several elbow strikes on Jean's chest; an arm twist came next after Marc was partially free from the hold before Jean was tripped on the ground to perform a takedown.

"Wow..." Nonette watched Marc sit on top of Jean as he drew out his combat knife. The Lost Soldiers leader moved his right hand with haste, the knife's tip touching Jean's neck.

"If you're done there..." Guilford reminded Marc.

"Don't remind me, glasses boy." Marc stood up and helped Jean up after he sheathed his knife. "Go have some fun with the others."

"Got that one." Jean nodded and ran towards the group, all of them still conducting unarmed combat training.

"I see that everyone's all here." Marc grunted a bit, feeling pain from his legs. "Don't worry about me, I'm all right."

"So let's get done to business, shall we?" Darlton began. "We need to figure out how to best storm Kamine Island while keeping our casualties to a minimum since we don't have time to sit down..."

"Good point." Marc replied, eyeing Darlton carefully. "I'm pretty sure by now, the Emperor's already there to help Eden Vital defenses on the island."

"So we storm it by force." Zero said. "My forces, however, will arrive at the island by submarine. So we should have some element of surprise."

"Unless we have trouble with their defenses including sonar detection..." Nonette suggested.

"By the way," Ougi asked Zero. "Where are the SDGSD personnel?"

"They decided to stay back in the Ikaruga. They needed some time to get their equipment ready..."

Knightmare Hold, Ikaruga, RBN Shikinejima, Shikinejima, Izu Islands, Area 11, Britannian Empire

"Are you sure this is okay, Lloyd?"

Suzaku observed the SDGSD crew, or what was left of it, installing something at the back of the Lancelot.

"We actually had this tested before." Mariel reassured Suzaku that everything's fine.

"Besides," Cécile backed up Mariel. "the flight unit we're about to install on the Lancelot works out with no bugs or any defects in them at all."

"Oh." Suzaku said.

"Is there something you wish to say?"

"No, no." Suzaku waved his hands. "I'm just saying that something may happen to Lancelot while I'm out there."

"And while I'm at it." Lloyd motioned to Suzaku to follow him. "I also created something that you may find useful."

"What is it?"

On top of a table was a grey aluminum attaché case. Lloyd unlocked its combination lock and opened the case, revealing what appears to be a folded Devicer suit.

"Suzaku, I present to you the Lancelot..."

Beach, near RBN Shikinejima, Shikinejima, Izu Islands, Area 11, Britannian Empire

"So everyone has no objections?"

Zero has asked the parties if they had objected to the plan they decided to go for in assaulting Kamine. According to what they have agreed on, the Ikaruga would make a surprise raid on the island by unleashing both BGM-109C and 109D Tomahawk Missiles on its defenses and any forces on the surface by using conventional and cluster bombs against them. The Lost Soldiers would use this opportunity to assault the island by transporting some of their forces alongside a few well-armed Black Knight guerrillas with the Mil-Mi SuperHind Mark IV helicopter gunships. Ambrosia and her Britannian forces would be deployed as well to support the two forces in suppressing Charles and V.V. in order to prevent them from trying to start Ragnarök.

"The plan sounds workable." Ambrosia said in agreement. Euphie stayed quiet as she was not tutored or educated in a military school. "I just hope it holds out..."

The Glaston Knights began to speak with each other as planning for the Kamine mission was still ongoing.

"It seems us Glaston Knights will get some action again." Claudio S. Darlton, a young man with brown hair, said.

"But I actually still don't believe that his Majesty is our enemy." Alfred G. Darlton, another young man with blonde hair, told his adopted brother.

"Still Parliament and the Prime Minister support Princess Ambrosia as the new empress." Edgar N. Darlton reminded the two. He is distinguished from the other Glaston Knights with his short gray crop hair and his orange shades. "For this matter, legally speaking, Charles zi Britannia is our enemy."

"I agree with Edgar." David T. Darlton said in agreement with Edgar. "With Eden Vital being established in the homeland, a lot of people are hating it with a passion."

Bart L. Darlton wondered about their situation. "I wonder if it's to our advantage to launch an all-out attack on the island?" The blue-haired man told his other adopted siblings. "We don't even know if the assault can eventually overwhelm them."

"Guess we need to wait and find out from father." Claudio reassured Bart.

"So does the knightmare deployment come along with the Tomahawk bombardment too?" Marc asked Zero and the Britannians.

"That is the best course of action." Zero told Marc. "We'll use the Tomahawk bombardment to mask our knightmare infiltration alongside the gunship assault."

"Sounds like a plan." Marc said. "Unless anyone wants to object."

"You see that? It's Darlton."

Michelle whispered to Ken, sparring together while Darlton was conversing with Zero, Marc and the other Britannian officers.

"I don't like this. What the fuck's he doing here?"

"Search me, Ken. But I heard Ambrosia's joining up with Zero and boss man."

"It works to their advantage." Domingo said, not enough for Darlton to hear, conducted unarmed combat training with Henri nearby. "Besides, Ambrosia joining up means they don't like Eden Vital just like we do."

"Domingo's right." Henri agreed with Domingo. "Don't remember the phrase, 'The enemy of my enemy is my friend'?"

"Whatever..." muttered Yi. "I just hope they can get it over with so's he can get back to our training."

Research Center, Eden Vital Base, Kaminejima Island, Izu Islands, Area 11, Britannian Empire

"I see that you've done some brilliant work, big brother. Well done indeed."

V.V. showed Charles several armed men he had worked on with several Eden Vital scientists to augment their fighting strength with geass. A platoon of them were seen in a room conducting shooting techniques on target with pistols while their geass in use. It impressed Charles when he saw the bullets being fired in the opposition direction in various ways, without backfiring on the armed men.

"Thank you, dear brother." V.V. grinned. "Not only did I effectively transplant C.C.'s cells onto their DNA to give them geass powers, I also equipped with the best weapons and gear money can buy these days."

"Since our enemies are liable to assault this island," V.V. faced his brother. "based on the information you said, we don't have enough manpower to raise three battalions. But then again, I suppose that's more than enough to hold them off until it can start."

"I can assure you, brother." Charles showed off the cloaked men accompanying him. "They are more than capable of assisting your forces."

"With that in mind," V.V. smiled. "I can be assured of the island's safety."

"And what about Rolo?"

"He's making preparations with the Irregulars as we speak."

Beach, near RBN Shikinejima, Shikinejima, Izu Islands, Area 11, Britannian Empire

With a majority of the planning done, Marc excused himself to get back to unarmed training with his fellow Lost Soldiers while Zero planned out with the Britannian officers on their next course of action. A familiar man was approaching the beach after leaving the docked submarine, wearing his well-known white trenchcoat.

"Hey..." Michelle signaled to the other Lost Soldiers. "Look. It's him..."

The Lost Soldiers immediately halted their knife combat training when they sighted the cyberized Jeremiah approach them. Some of the Lost Soldiers were a bit apprehensive and were about to reach for their sheathed combat knives, knowing his background with the Purists.

"I thought he was killed in action in a COIN op." Domingo whispered.

"You're not the only one who's apprehensive." Ken shared the same sentiment.

"I know, buddy. I know." Jean told the Britannian-Japanese soldier.

"What do we do now?" Yi asked. "Do we fight him or something?"

"Not sure." Rai said to the others. "One wrong move could mean the alliance's disaster. Zero himself recruited this man if I recall."

"Hm? Over already?" Nonette noticed that the Lost Soldiers had stopped their training. "Say, isn't that..."

"I know." Guilford said to Nonette. "I actually can't believe that it's Sir Jeremiah Gottwald until Zero filled me in on the details."

"It appears Jeremiah may wish to spar with one of you..." Zero spoke to the Lost Soldiers.

"Are you crazy?!" Marc yelled to Zero. "This man's with the Purists." He immediately got a hold of his combat knife. "And if I remember my Britannian military stuff, this man's the head of the Purists. A faction I particularly hate."

"Yeah..." Rai chuckled. "We did a number on them before." He faced the Britannian party. "But I'm sure you people don't know the details since our actions a few years were deemed classified."

"I don't wish to dwell on the past." Jeremiah reassured the Lost Soldiers. "However," The cyborg drew out his arm blade. "I wish to spar with you all once again if that would be alright."

"Sure." Marc glared at the cyborg. "It'd be alright. Won't it guys?"

After Marc tossed his combat knife to the sand, blade first, the other Lost Soldiers followed suit in hurling their combat knives to the sand.

"It'd be a real test to see how the cyborg's really made of."

The Lost Soldiers stood their ground before they charged at Jeremiah, ready for a fight.

Knightmare Hold, Ikaruga, RBN Shikinejima, Shikinejima, Izu Islands, Area 11, Britannian Empire

Suzaku had outfitted the Lancelot as instructed by Lloyd. "Wow. The Devicer suit's just like the Lancelot."

"Really?" Lloyd was a bit delighted to hear the news. "That suit's designed for knightmare piloting and for anti-personnel combat in mind."

"This suit has potential." Suzaku asked Lloyd. "But if this is the case, then why didn't the military approve of this?"

"I don't know really." Lloyd sighed. "Perhaps they don't see the potential."

"Then mind if I wear this? I probably need this for later."

"Suit yourself, Suzaku."

Beach, near RBN Shikinejima, Shikinejima, Izu Islands, Area 11, Britannian Empire

"Hah! Eyah!"

Jeremiah had done well to defend himself from the Lost Soldiers, throwing everything they got from simple jabs to roundhouse and sweep kicks. Thanks to his cyberization, Jeremiah was able to defeat some of the Lost Soldiers in unarmed combat. The others, seeing that how their comrades were beaten like it was nothing, retreated back to give themselves some distance.

"Come on!" Marc led the counteroffensive himself, being the first to give Jeremiah double kicks and a jab punch. Seeing that the cyborg dodged them, Marc went for another offensive with dual roundhouse kicks, a footsweep and an uppercut before he tried for a one-two punch combo. Jeremiah countered them all by dodging. When he saw the incoming one-two, Jeremiah did a strong jab that centered on the ex-child soldier's stomach.

"Erragh!" The Eurasian soldier went down on the ground, despite his augmented condition in his body that should not allow him to give in after being beaten severely. Seeing that their leader has fallen, the other standing Lost Soldiers decided not to fight Jeremiah.

"How interesting..." Marc grunted, kneeling on the sand and coughing. "A cyborg like you was able to defeat someone who's been augmented by the Britannian army to fight like a special forces soldier."

The Lost Soldiers became quiet; their leader had apparently been defeated by the man they once hated during their COSMOS days. It was irony. If someone had leaked this fight out to the outside world, the group would face more enemies than they already need.

"All right guys." Marc stood up straight, being defiant that he was not defeated. "Let's take a break." He faced Rai. "But get our gear ready. I have a feeling that this is gonna be our last fight."

"OORAH!" The Lost Soldiers went to pick up and sheath their combat knives before they ran back to the base.

"Is he..." Kallen saw Marc march off to the port, his back only seen by her after the parties wrapped up their planning. The red-haired girl saw him take off his beret and balaclava before he went to squat on the concrete ground.

The Eurasian guerrilla winced when she heard Marc vomit out whatever he ate for lunch.

Port, RBN Shikinejima, Shikinejima, Izu Islands, Area 11, Britannian Empire

"Damn, that was bad."

Marc used the back of his left hand to wipe out his mouth of any vomit before he wiped it off his pants.

"It seems you were beaten by a cyborg. A Britannian no less."

Quickly wearing his balaclava and beret, Marc stood up to see who it was.

The person was C.C., who watched him vomit after stepping out of the Ikaruga.

"I know." Marc shook his head. "That man was a fierce enemy of COSMOS. Between us and the Purists, we had some bad blood."

"His cyberization appears to be advanced. Whatever V.V. did to him was very strong even for an augmented child soldier like you to be defeated."

"Yeah, I'll give him that."

"Are you alright?"

Marc turned to see it was Kallen, who was standing behind her.

"I'm alright." Marc nodded. "There anything you need?"

"Yes, there is." Kallen replied. "My brother."

Marc raised an eyebrow. Oh god, It's Ken.

"I remember that my twin brother was kidnapped during the war by Britannian soldiers." Kallen explained. "During my time with the NRA, there was a supposed photo of some soldier photographed of my brother in Britannian uniform."

"Do you know what happened to him?" C.C. asked.

Kallen shook her head. "Last time I remember, it was taken by a double agent working on behalf of Kyoto." She faced Marc. "Do you know where he is?"

Marc remained silent.

"Please, I want to see him."

Without saying anything, Marc ran off back to the main building.

"I guess that's his way of saying yes." C.C. told Kallen. When she noted that Marc is gone from a good distance, C.C. addressed Kallen. "Since you're here, there's something I'd like to tell you."

"About what?" Kallen asked the green-haired girl.


Kallen blinked her eyes when she heard his name. "I know about Lelouch. He's my damn classmate and I see him and his siblings..."

C.C. shook her head. "That is not the point. You don't even know why Lelouch decided to go after Charles zi Britannia?"

Kallen stopped ranting when she heard the question. C.C. made sure they were the only ones in the port before she answered the guerrilla's question.

"He is Lelouch's father."


Zero sneezed in the midst of making preparations of their planned Kaminenejima siege with Ougi and the other members of the cadre in another part of the port to get a good view of the island.

"You alright, buddy?" Tamaki asked when he heard the leader sneeze.

"I'm alright, Tamaki."

Strange as it is, I think someone's talking about me.

Port, RBN Shikinejima, Shikinejima, Izu Islands, Area 11, Britannian Empire

"Come to think about it." Kallen was deep in thought after she heard from C.C. the true reason behind the hatred between Lelouch and Charles. "He never said that to me..."

"Then does it all make sense, Kallen?" C.C. asked Kallen. "Why don't you think hard and carefully? Lelouch is almost in the same situation before and after the invasion of Japan."

Kallen took C.C.'s advice and started to reflect on the years that her family was "broken down" following the occupation of Japan and the separation of her parents.

For once, the Pizza Girl was actually right!

Armory, RBN Shikinejima, Shikinejima, Izu Islands, Area 11, Britannian Empire

When Marc entered the base's armory, he noted that all of his Lost Soldiers comrades were busy preparing various small arms for the Kaminenejima assault in coordination with the Black Knights and the anti-Eden Vital Britannians.

"Yo. Where's Ken?" Marc asked Domingo, who was checking on a stripped down Tula Arsenal VSS Vintorez sniper rifle.

"He's with Michelle, the last time I saw him." Domingo pointed out to him in an area of the armory where Ken was assisting Michelle in checking the TsNIITochMash PKP Pecheneg general purpose machine gun. Marc approached him after patting Domingo on the right shoulder as a way of thanking him.

"Ken." Marc called for Ken's attention.

"Yeah, boss?" Ken replied, checking the Pecheneg's sights and feed port for any sign of irregularities. "Something up?"

"There is." Marc said before he leaned in to whisper. "It's time."

"Understood, boss." Ken nodded lightly before he left the armory, without telling anyone of his departure.

Port, RBN Shikinejima, Shikinejima, Izu Islands, Area 11, Britannian Empire

"Now I understand why Lelouch felt anger towards Charles zi Britannia..."

Kallen whispered to C.C. after she told him the truth of Leouch's relationship to the former 98th Emperor of the Holy Britannian Empire. Both of them hated their fathers, having the same reasons in mind...

They were abandoned in the course of the Second Pacific War.

They wanted to have a real family in the absence of their fathers.

They longed for the times they had with their siblings together if the war and occupation was not around.

"I see that you know why Lelouch hates the emperor sincerely." C.C. told Kallen, who was looking at the ground. "Speaking of which..."

Kallen turned around and saw one of the Lost Soldiers standing near her. He was not armed with any firearm, aside from the sheathed combat knife.

"Who...are you?" Kallen challenged the unknown soldier.

The soldier did not acknowledge her challenge. Instead, the combat helmet was removed from the soldier's head and tucked underneath his left armpit. Kallen watched the soldier place his right hand on top of his balaclava, fingers clawing on it before it was hastily removed.

"Oh my god!" Kallen shouted, seeing who the soldier was underneath his mask.

"I think I'll go back in the Ikaruga and leave you two alone." C.C. decided to return back to the Ikaruga, seeing as to who the soldier was. I never expected one of the Lost Soldiers to be a twin of Kallen...

"Ken..." Kallen whispered while she approached her supposed long lost brother, who was considered dead after being kidnapped by unknown men in Britannia prior to the Second Pacific War.

"Long time no see, nee..." Ken greeted his older twin sister, only to be met with a hard, sharp slap on his face. Specifically on his left cheek.

"What was that for?" Ken quickly blurted out to Kallen. "I didn't do anything..."

"YOU DID!" Kallen shouted. "YOU DID!" When she was standing in front of Ken, Kallen banged her clenched fists on her brother's shoulders, crying. "You did..." Kallen subsequently whispered, softly rapping her fists on her shoulders before she looked at Ken.

"Um..." Ken felt embarrassed after he was slapped by Kallen.

"Why?" Kallen asked after she gave her younger brother a hug. "Why didn't you let me know that you were alive?"

"Sorry." Ken whispered to Kallen. "I can't risk letting you get into trouble with the military or with the police."

"It's all right." Kallen softly touched his forehead with her right clenched fist. "We're in this together, Ken. You're not the only one's who's burdened by this."

"I know. But..."

"You still have me, Ken." Kallen hugged Ken tighter. "Remember that."


"That was a surprise."

Zero met up with Marc in another part of port, somewhere near the docked submarine after the two witnessed the reunion of the Kozuki twins.

"I know." Marc chuckled. "I really did mean to have Ken meet up with Kallen, but complications in the early days of occupation gave me a hard time to do that."

"But you knew Kallen was with the NRA back then, right?"

Marc nodded.

"Onto another topic now." Zero told the balaclava, SAS beret-clad soldier. "I was wondering if you know about the political philosopher Michael Walzer?"

"Yes, I do." Marc replied. "In fact, I like the guy's topics he discusses in political science."

Zero found the Lost Soldier's comments interesting. "Such as?"

Marc eyed Zero carefully. "You ever heard of the legalist paradigm?"

"Can't say that I have." Zero answered Marc's question.

"He explains the principle of states with territorial and political sovereignty." Marc began to explain. "Walzer says the paradigm calls for the respect of these sovereignties between states, unless an act of aggression has been done."

"Which means a state can legally use military force against the aggressor state?"

"That's correct." Marc said. "However, the current Japan doesn't have a military to be fully placed under the paradigm." The Eurasian said this with a frown.

"But the Japanese has accepted the Black Knights and the Lost Soldiers as a legitimate military force against Britannia, along with some of the other anti-Britannia nations." Zero told Marc with an answer on his concern.

"I know." Marc thought over Zero's answer. "Unless..."

"Unless we can principle of Just War." Zero told Marc his next comment.

"Now that's something I can work with." Marc grinned.

"I knew you would." Zero grinned upon hearing the answer. "Particularly, I'd like to speak about Jus Ad Bellum."

"That's Latin for Right to Wage War." Marc said, translating the Latin for Jus Ad Bellum.

"Precisely, my friend. That criteria still gives us hope to win the war against Eden Vital."

"Well the requirements needed for Jus Ad Bellum can be met, ranging from Just Cause to Last Resort; I'm just more worried about Jus In Bello since I don't think Eden Vital's going to play fair against our forces."

"That is true..." Zero wondered about Marc's concern. "We might meet up with some monsters later on."

Marc was baffled by his statement. Monster? What monster?

"Come with me to the Ikaruga." Zero invited Marc to the submarine. "Since you have some knightmare forces, I thought it would be best if you would use our submarine to transport them..."

"That's appreciated." Marc said while being escorted by Zero. "But why do you want to show me in the Ikaruga..."

"Someone's waiting to see you actually..."

Knightmare Hold, Ikaruga, RBN Shikinejima, Shikinejima, Izu Islands, Area 11, Britannian Empire

"Miss Cécile," Zero greeted the purple-haired woman. "I bring you the leader of the Lost Soldiers..."

"Hello there..." Cécile ran up to Zero to greet the masked soldier.

"I'm surprised that you don't remember me..." Marc greeted Cécile, catching her off guard.

That voice... Is it...

"It seems you two know each other."

"Yes, I do Zero." Cécile smiled at the sight of the masked soldier. "We've met before, though I didn't know his name except for his serial number given to me."

"I shall leave you two here for the meantime as I have other work to do. Excuse me." Ougi called for Zero's attention by waving his hand from the entrance of the knightmare hold.

"I never got your name by the way..." Cécile was about to ask Marc when he told her his name.

"It's Marc actually." Marc reintroduced himself. "Marc Yu. I'm a Filipino of Chinese-Britannian origin."

"Well nice to meet you, Marc." Cécile smiled and shook his gloved hand. "At least it's better than calling you by your serial number."

"Yes, it is." Marc noted that Suzaku was wearing a helmet similar to the Lancelot's head.

"Oh, don't worry about them." Cécile reassured Marc. "He's testing a combat suit Earl Lloyd had invented."

"I see." Marc observed Suzaku doing some punches and kicks with a boxing bag. "He seems to be doing okay..."

"May I ask what you're doing here on the submarine?" Cécile asked, wondering why Marc was on the Ikaruga.

"Aren't you a prisoner or something?" Marc asked, seeing that there weren't any armed Black Knight guards detailed to the SDGSD personnel.

"Not really." Cécile shook her head. "On the contrary, we were rescued by Zero from Yokohama weeks ago..."

"That...seems unusual to me."

"I know." Cécile grinned. "I never expected the head of the Black Knights to actually save us."

"Were you..."

Cécile nodded. "We were accused of trying to overthrow his Majesty's government as a basis of our arrest by MI5 and Special Branch."

"Blast Eden Vital." Marc felt angry after he heard about what happen to Cécile. "They'll pay for this."

"So you're with the Lost Soldiers?"

Suzaku approached Marc, taking off the Lancelot combat helmet from his head.

"Looks like I finally get to meet the pilot of the knightmare Lancelot." Marc stretched out his right arm and hand to shake hands with Suzaku.

"A pleasure to meet a member of the Lost Soldiers." Suzaku reciprocated the gesture and shook hands with him.

"I'm sure."

"He too was arrested with us." Cécile explained to Marc. "But Zero also freed him from custody."

"From what I heard," Suzaku said, holding his Lancelot helmet. "Zero was planning to kill the ex-emperor personally."

"You mean Charles zi Britannia?" Marc sighed. "Just what in the world is he thinking? Put aside the problem of the nation's military backing him, you've got an underground cult that researches into the use of geass as a military weapon with the backing of certain figures in the military."

"Do you know who they are?" Cécile asked Marc after he finished his ranting.

"Yeah." Marc slowly nodded. "Colonel Madd of the Irregulars."

Command Center, Eden Vital Base, Kaminejima Island, Izu Islands, Area 11, Britannian Empire

"Your Majesty." Madd greeted Charles when he entered the island's hidden command center. "And to you at well, V.V."

"Greetings, Madd." V.V. replied, eyeing the personnel manning the command center. "I trust that everything on your part has gone well..."

"Indeed. Everyone's been secretly moved here as ordered. As I speak, they're making preparing for anti-knightmare and anti-personnel combat."

"Good." Charles thanked Madd for his report. "Then everything would be in place for the event."

"Should we also prepare for the inevitable as well, Charles?" V.V. asked his younger sibling.

"Perhaps. I'll get Rolo to make preparations with Anya as soon as possible."

"Make it quick."

"Heh. I know that perfectly well, big brother."

Knightmare Hold, Ikaruga, RBN Shikinejima, Shikinejima, Izu Islands, Area 11, Britannian Empire

Two Black Knight guerrillas were supervising the loading of a Burai Kai knightmare into the hold, as part of Zero's orders since they will be traveling with them for the attack on Kaminenejima.

"Hey, isn't this the knightmare used by the JLF?" One of the guerrillas.

"Yeah, it is." The second guerrilla replied. "From what I've been told so far, the JLF's given them to the Lost Soldiers since they're going for newer models by Kyoto."

"Wonder what kinda knightmares they'll be getting from Kyoto?"

"Search me."

Beach, near RBN Shikinejima, Shikinejima, Izu Islands, Area 11, Britannian Empire

Marc went back to the beach after seeing that the Burai Kais, Lancelot Club and Gekka Prototype were already loaded onto the Ikaruga based from his instructions. All of the Lost Soldiers were standing around, waiting for his arrival. Marc noted that all of them had their weapons and gear on, including their berets and balaclavas.

Good. Looks like they're all ready for the operation.

When the other Lost Soldiers noticed Marc arriving, they immediately assembled themselves and had their weapons at the ready.

"Attention!" Rai shouted when he gave the order, standing from the side. Marc noted that he was armed with a Heckler and Koch G3A4 assault rifle, already slung on his back.

"All present and accounted for." Rai saluted Marc when he saw him.

"Understood." Marc returned the salute. "Weapons?"

"We're all ready. It's only you, boss..."

"Alright." Marc nodded, turning his attention to the assembled group. They were armed with various assault rifles from HK G36Cs to IZHMASH AK-9s, Tula AS VALs and OC-14-4A Grozas. Marc saw one of them had a Pecheneg GPMG and a Tula VSS Vintorez with a few of them having Fabrique Nationale P90 TR (Triple Rail) submachine guns outfitted with scopes, tactical flashlights and laser designators.

Unless I'm wrong, Michelle's handling the VSS and Ken with the Pecheneg...

"In a few minutes, all of us will be joining up with the Black Knights and the anti-Eden Vital Britannians in raiding Kaminenejima." He looked from left to right to see the soldiers still at attention. "I hope you're all ready to know what we're going to face in that island. We're not even sure if they have better weapons and equipment than us."

Some of the soldiers began to look around, but dared not to speak up.

"You got your assigned positions, so remember what you're going to do when we land on the island." Marc said briefly before he coughed. "There will be another briefing for you guys later, though I'm not sure if everyone can attend since I need some of you to be ready with the Mark IV gunships we're going to be using in the raid."

Marc eyed Zero, the Black Knight officer cadre and Kallen alongside Ambrosia, Guilford, Darlton and Nonette. All of them were watching the progress of the speech.

"I know that you all have everyone on why we're joining up with the Britannians. But at this point, it's better if we have a lot of allies on our side to defeat that little shrimp once and for all."

Damn it. I don't need an audience at this time!

"Fall out!" Marc ordered his subordinates. They understood and dispersed when Marc approached Rai.

"Is my kit brought on the Ikaruga?"

"Yeah." Rai nodded. "It's up to you really, but I got you a good selection of weapons you can use."

"Thanks." Marc patted Rai's left shoulder. "Keep up the good work. We need to get back on the Ikaruga."

Marc started to walk towards the docked Ikaruga. He managed to eye on Darlton when he passed the scarred man.

"Not a bad speech for starters..." Darlton commented to Marc.

"Not as bad as you think, Darlton?" Marc sneered at the man.

"Perhaps." Darlton eyed the Lost Soldier. "We may be allies for now..."

"For now is right, old timer."

Darlton glared at him.

"Even though we were enemies," Marc said, waving his hand while walking. "I don't want you to die yet. There's some things we need to settle out in the field."

"Hmph." Darlton grinned at his archenemy. "I never knew you cared for me."

"We're allies for now, Darlton. In case you forgot. We need to settle things between us..."

"I'll kindly take your word for it, soldier."

"I have a name, you know." Marc quickly turned his head around.

"Whatever, Number 33." Darlton glared at him.

I don't need to do this. Marc ignored him and went back to walking towards the Ikaruga. "When this is over, you and I are going to have a long conversation with a piece of death on it...

Darlton thought about the second to last comment Marc made. I wonder who was he talking about when he said about the shrimp?

Command Center, Eden Vital Base, Kaminejima Island, Izu Islands, Area 11, Britannian Empire


"Are you alright, big brother?"

V.V. rubbed his nose hard. Odd? I usually don't have a problem with my nose.

"None at all. I'm all right."

"Master V.V." One of the command center officers reported to V.V. "Cardinal Rolo is now in his respected position alongside the Irregulars."

"Good." V.V. replied. "Have him begin at once."

"Understood, Master."

Plateau, somewhere on Kaminenejima, Izu Islands, Area 11, Britannian Empire

On one of the plateaus in Kaminenejima, Rolo stood proudly with his Vincent knightmare alongside Sancia and the rest of the GX-01 Alpha-equipped Irregulars. Anya was with him in her Tristan at the ready.

"It's a shame Yoong can't come with us." Rolo sighed, checking his display. "He would be a great asset to this group today."

"Sir," Sancia advised Rolo. "I understand why Sergeant Yoong can't come along. But he was advised by the Colonel in the defense of Kaminenejima."

"Ah, perhaps you are right." Rolo massaged his forehead. "Still, we need to scout and check the area to make sure no enemies are present."

"Excuse me, my Lord." Rolo received a transmission from Lucretia. "It seems we've confirmed the location of the unknown knightmare. It's currently 10 kilometers from down this plateau."

"Is this information reliable?" Anya question Lucretia.

"According to the information I received," Sancia replied. "the target's probability is 80 to 90 percent true. This is only thanks to my geass, The Order, and Lucreatia's geass The Land, which gives us a wide searching ability."

"Hmph..." Yoong came on the Irregular's transmission. "As expected from false geass users like yourselves."

"Sergeant Yoong." Anya addressed the Asian soldier. "I did not expect you to be here."

"Colonel gave me some additional orders. I'm just nearby with a platoon of my fellow COSMOS soldiers on Vincents. We're enroute by 10 minutes."

"It may be possible that the mysterious knightmare is using the environment down there as a camouflage." Lucretia suggested to Rolo, as evident by the forests and a small number of mountains.

"While that is true," Rolo grinned. "it won't be able to beat my geass. I'll advance and lead the team to the target. Anya, stay here and rendezvous with Yoong's team as soon as possible."

"Yes, my Lord." Anya said, taking the order.

"The rest of you, Rolo gave the rest of his instructions. "follow me and I will lead you to victory. Sancia and Lucretia, continue to keep an eye out for the target. Dalque and Alice will be my backup."

"YES, MY LORD!" The Irregulars replied in unison, going with him as instructed.

Conference Room, Ikaruga, en route to Kaminenejima, Izu Islands, Area 11 Britannian Empire

"Ah, you've made it." Zero spoke from one of the chairs in the conference room, facing away from the visitor when he heard the sliding door open. "Is everything alright back in Ashford?"

"Yes, Master." Zero heard the reply of a familiar person.

"Alright. Is there anything else you wish to convey right now?"

"Miss Cornelia is doing all right. She's being preoccupied with her work as we speak, preparing a test for her high school class."

"I see. And what of Nunnally?"

"I beg to inform that you that Nunnally was missing prior to my orders to be in the Ikaruga."

"What?" Zero was startled. "But how can that..."

"I was not sure of that myself too, Master. But I promise you that I'll do everything to find her."

"I'll take your word for it," Zero swinged his chair around to see Sayoko in her pink and white kunoichi garb including her maid cap and yellow scarf. "Sayoko."

Near Forests, somewhere on Kaminenejima, Izu Islands, Area 11, Britannian Empire

It's either the target moved somewhere else or I've been provided with the wrong data...

After Rolo arrived down from the plateau, he moved the Vincent carefully to search around. During the time spent to search for the target, Rolo felt something was not right.

"I request more time to search the area." Sancia reported to Rolo. "The target is already gone."

"Very well, Sancia. Do it quick." Rolo replied, searching the area himself. Blast. Where did it go... He moved around himself while waiting for Sancia's report. Until...

"What?" Rolo saw on his display that he had tripped on something. "That can't be..."

"We got him, Sancia." Alice told Sancia. "He got him trapped..."

"What is this monstrosity?" Rolo gritted. "A Gefjun Disturber System? Are you all trying to revolt..."

"We were once deemed compatible with the witch's cell..." Sancia explained. "We Irregulars from the various refugee camps were selected by Colonel Madd and became his test subjects thanks to his Neutralizers."

"Even if we did our orders," Alice glared at the crippled knightmare. "we never sold our hearts out to anyone."

"Everyone had everything taken from us," Lucretia also glared at the knightmare. "War has taken everything from us. Which is why we fought along life and death."

"In short," Dalque pounded her Alpha's knuckles. "we're all sisters willing to help one another."

"So you fakers decided to revolt against the Demon King himself?" Rolo raised an eyebrow before he grinned, finding himself surrounded. "Fine then."

The revolting Irregulars noted that the Gefjun Disturber equipment was starting to freeze up.

"What the?" Sancia moved her Alpha back.

"This is the pinnacle of foolishness..." Rolo warned the Irregulars. "And I shall start setting an example on all of you."

Chapter 21 END

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