Code Geass - Lelouch of the Rebellion/Code Geass - Hangyaku no Lelouch: Lost Soldiers

by: Ominae

Rating: T


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The coalition has now penetrated Eden Vital's base in Kaminenejima, forcing Charles to hasten his plans for Ragnarök. Can they defeat him and bring down Eden Vital? Stay tune to this chapter to find out.

Chapter 25: Last Fight

Wide Corridor, somewhere inside Eden Vital Base, Kaminenejima Island, Izu Islands, Area 11, Britannian Empire

Marc gritted his teeth when he heard that the SuperHind was downed, facing his KA-BAR-armed opponent. Now's not the time to think about that. I need to defeat him and move on.

"What's wrong?" Yoong taunted Marc. "Cat got your tongue or something?"

"No." Marc glared at the Chinese Malaysian COSMOS soldier. "And don't just stand there, let's get back to the fight."

"Of course. My mistake."

Yoong dashed in towards Marc with remarkable super speed, trying to slash and stab Marc in any way possible. These attacks forced Marc to be on the defensive, making him forget about getting his own KA-BAR out for now.

Dammit! I need to make a move... Marc dodged left and right, avoid the KA-BAR's incoming slashes. Okay, got an idea. Wait for it... The Eurasian waited for Yoong to come in charging and stab him in the neck when he blocked the incoming attack with his right arm.

"Hrah!" Finding an opening, Marc began to retaliate by punching his chest twice before he executed a sharp high reverse roundhouse kick to his right temple. The last attack made Yoong stagger back, still holding his KA-BAR knife.

"Let's side how you can do this!" Yoong moved forward, thrusting his knife towards Marc's forehead. However, Marc immediately got out his KA-BAR knife and used its grind section to block the point of Yoong's KA-BAR knife.

"Pretty good." Yoong grinned. "After all these years." He grabbed Marc and executed a strong headbutt, followed by a kick to his stomach.

Sky above Kaminenejima Island, Izu Islands, Area 11, Britannian Empire

Suzaku began to evaluate the situation he was in with the others before and after he fought Bismarck knightmare to knightmare. He noted that somehow, Bismarck had calculated each and every move he was going to make against him. He saw the same thing happened with Kallen, Nonette and the Valkyries. He decided to stay back and observe Bismarck's fighting before he contacted Nonette via radio.

"Nonette, it's Suzaku. Do you hear me?"

"I can hear you. What's the problem?"

"It's regarding Bismarck. It seems that... he can predicate every move we can make."

"It's kinda tiring. Not even the Valkyries are making progress in damaging his knightmare at least."

"I may have an idea, but I'm not sure if it'll entirely work against him."

"What about the idea of... relentlessly attack Bismarck from all visible sides. I mean there's no way he can keep it up for long, yes?"

"That could work, Suzaku. We just need everyone to concentrate their focus on taking down Bismarck from all angles and attack again and again."

"Can you inform the others on that, Nonette?"

"No worries. I'll inform them right away."

Wide Corridor, somewhere inside Eden Vital Base, Kaminenejima Island, Izu Islands, Area 11, Britannian Empire

The fight between the two ex-child soldiers had already been going on for some time now. Both of them had injuries, but only Marc had suffered minor bruises alongside cuts on his right cheek and on the left side of his nose.

"Looks like you're working out quite well." Yoong taunted at Marc, charging at him with a high kick.

"You're not bad yourself, Yoong." Marc countered the attack by executing a kick, followed by a strong punch that went for Yoong's nose. "ORAH!"

"UNGH!" Yoong felt the punch on his nose, forcing him to take a few steps back. "Very good..."

Marc rushed in and drew out his KA-BAR combat knife, clashing with each other via combat knives before Marc got the upper hand and stabbed Yoong in the gut after he did a headbutt.

"ACK!" The Malaysian gritted his teeth, feeling his gut was on fire.

Sky above Kaminenejima Island, Izu Islands, Area 11, Britannian Empire

Suzaku, in the cockpit of his Lancelot Albion, watched as Nonette and the Valkyrie clash against Bismarck in attacking him from all sides.

So far, so good. Suzaku then noted some of the Black Knight Sutherlands and Burais equipped with flight packs taking on Bismarck by using long-range weapons.

That should get Bismarck distracted until he can't keep fighting and get tired...

He decided to move in, firing the VARIS rifle at the Galahad.

Wide Corridor, somewhere inside Eden Vital Base, Kaminenejima Island, Izu Islands, Area 11, Britannian Empire

Yoong was on the ground, back first, while placing his right hand over the wound.

"Heh, now you got me."

Marc sheathed his KA-BAR. "This is going to be over even before you know it, Yoong."

The Malaysian shook his head. "I wasn't it for their stupid plan. I just wanted to fight you. See who the better soldier was."

Marc knelt down next to the dying Yoong. "It seems there's a winner. And I need something from you. Where did the Emperor go before I infiltrated this place?"

Yoong smirked and agreed to Marc's request, leaning in to whisper to the latter's left ear.

Unknown Corridor, somewhere inside Eden Vital Base, Kaminenejima Island, Izu Islands, Area 11, Britannian Empire

"It seems that we've been going like forever!"

Jeremiah groaned, running behind Zero while being alongside Sayoko. They just entered a long corridor after leaving Marc to deal with a dying Yoong back a while ago, going through curves and whatnot.

"To be honest, I have no idea what to do, but we need to be on the alert too and..." Zero replied to Jeremiah's concerns when a bright light suddenly engulfed the area.

"What is that light?" Sayoko shouted, blocking her eyes with her arms to avoid being blinded permanently.

"Can't see... anything out there." Jeremiah too covered his eyes too.

The bright light flooded the corridor until it faded.

"Let's move..." Zero took the lead again, running through until they saw a left turn on the corridor that ended with two huge wooden doors, confronting the trio.

Unknown circular room, somewhere inside Eden Vital Base, Kaminenejima Island, Izu Islands, Area 11, Britannian Empire

Zero, Jeremiah and Sayoko entered the circular room, where they found a heavily wounded V.V. on the long purple carpet.

"It's him." Jeremiah pointed to Zero the wounded V.V. "He's the one who gave me my cyborg upgrades."

"It seems that the tables have turned against you, V.V." Zero mocked the wounded ex-geass immortal.

"Indeed." V.V. coughed when he replied. "My brother has indeed turned against me."


Jeremiah and Sayoko were ready to fight, only for them to see that it was Marc.

"Apologies." Marc told the two. "Had a pretty rough fight with my now deceased comrade, who told me how to get here."

"Over here." Zero told Marc, directing him to see the wounded V.V.

"You're not immortal anymore, as far as I can see." Marc told V.V.

"Isn't it that obvious?" V.V. mocked the ex-COSMOS child soldier, coughing some blood. "I'm not doing Ragnarök anymore. He's usurping my plans for his own needs." He grinned. "It seems that he forgot about the oath we made years ago to destroy all of the Gods."

"The gods?" Marc said, confused. "You mental or something?" He slowly drew out his CZ 75 SP-01 pistol.

"I just wanted to destroy the gods so that we can avenge our deceased parents. I believe you know about the various assassination attempts against each other made by the Britannian Royal Family."

"Being known as the most violent times ever, yadda, yadda." Marc aimed the Czech-made pistol's iron sights at V.V.'s forehead. "Case you're wondering, this is payback for all the times everyone in the group suffered when you helped create COSMOS."

"I see." V.V. chuckled. "I had no regrets. But will that be your answer in seeking vengeance against me after all these years?"

Marc remained silent after he raised the SP-01, aiming the iron sights.

"Maybe no to most people. V.V."

He fired it at V.V.'s forehead, killing him for good.

"But that helps me deals with demons pertaining from you." Marc holstered the SP-01. "Not to mention giving us some peace."

"So what now?" Sayoko asked after he witnessed V.V.'s execution.

Suddenly, a familiar mech barged into the circular room, startling almost everyone inside.

"There's something familiar now." Marc said, seeing the Mark Nemo bust in, who was followed by Alice's GX-01 Alpha.

"Indeed." Zero said, sharing the same sentiment. The Black Knights leader approached the Mark Nemo, which placed its hand on the ground. Zero walked on top of it as the Mark Nemo approached the double doors, placing its free hand on it.

"What happens next?" asked Jeremiah when he saw the Mark Nemo placed the hand on the double doors with the insignia of Eden Vital, which the blood trail from V.V. ended.

A bright flash of light engulfed the room once more.

Garden, Unknown Realm

"Where the hell are we?"

Marc was startled, seeing that the room was non-existent anymore but a garden with a waterfall instead. Lelouch, in his Zero disguise, and Nunnally were positioned near the waterfall while Marc, Alice, Jeremiah, Sayoko and Nemo were placed near an invisible barrier, but near the place for them to see.

"This place..." Nunnally murmured. "It's something mother would have liked."

"Greetings." The party was startled to see Charles in the garden, looking alive and well. He also didn't have any blood on his clothing.

"What's the meaning of this?" Marc aimed his Heckler and Koch G36K at Charles.

"This is a place where a utopia can take place." Charles explained. "Where my daughter Nunnally's kind and gentle world can take place."

"Indeed." Anya appeared next to Charles. However, it startled some of the people that Marianne's body appeared from her back.

"Marianne vi Britannia." Alice said, knowing the person. "So it was all a lie..." C.C. also appeared, but she stood next to Charles.

"Republican terrorists didn't kill you, but you did something so that you can stay alive!" Jeremiah shouted, feeling pissed from what's happening right now.

"I understand that it's all too much for most of you to digest." Marianne tried to explain. "But this was thanks to C.C.'s geass that I was able to stay alive a bit longer through this young girl's body."

"But why didn't you say that you were alive?" Nunnally shouted at them.

"Nunnally." Charles told Nunnally. "We were going to tell you about this. Especially about the family's history and how the Imperial family had secretly plotted to kill each other behind their backs. I... was no exception. Your grandfather was a man who strove for great ideals that can make our nation, great. But we were killed by assassins. Your uncle escaped death, but I was dead." He clenched his fist. "Then, I thought that without any great power, ideals cannot be driven forward."

The emperor sighed. "That's when a geass called the "Dead Rise" awakened within me. It resurrected me from the dead and at once, I used it to resurrect the knights of old and those responsible for your grandfather and mother's murder as my knights too..."

"Then you decided to do the same thing after all, huh?" Zero mocked Charles.

"Of course not." Marianne was quick to defend Charles. "It was until I came into the picture, from being a Knight of the Round, that I was able to persuade Charles to abandon his militaristic ideals into kind and gentle ideals. That was when we decided to get married."

Charles nodded. "Seeing the children was the greatest thing that I have experienced. But things then changed us forever..."

2009 ATB

Stairway, Aries Imperial Villa, Pendragon Palace, Pendragon, Phoenix, Arizona, United States, Britannian Empire

"Send help at once!"

Charles cradled Marianne' s corpse when he told Jeremiah the instructions, leaving the palace while telling the other Royal Guards to call paramedics and the police.

"Don't worry Marianne." Charles reassured his wife. "I told one of the guards to call for the paramedics..."

Marianne shook her head. "There's no need." She tried to reach for someone with green hair and wearing a long black cape.

"She is alright." The green-haired woman knelt next to Anya, who was a bit scared but safe.

"I implore you, C.C." Marianne cringed in pain while reaching out. "Please give me the powers of geass so that I can survive."

C.C. sighed and shook her head. "The rules of geass must be made of one's true nature when making a pact. And I'm not sure if it can save your time with the bullet lodged near your left lung."

"I will place everything in my last wish." Marianne reached out to C.C. before her arm went limp.

"NOOO!" Charles shouted, holding Marianne's corpse.

"My goodness. It's really working. I'M ALIVE!"

Charles and C.C. were shocked to see Marianne was speaking, but through Anya's body.

"It's my geass. Two souls live inside this body." Anya gave an evil grin to Charles. "Charles. Remember your plans that you told me yesterday? We can make it work, I assure you."

Garden, Unknown Realm

"I feel goddamn sick after all that." Marc sighed.

"I feel the same way." Sayoko shared Marc's sentiment. "I can't believe that the woman next to the emperor survived after all this time."

"I don't care at this point! We all should help Nunnally!" Alice began to move forward, until she got hit by the barrier.

"We cannot do anything at this point, everyone." Nemo warned Alice. "It is up to them to decide what happens next." It pointed to Zero and Nunnally, talking to Charles and Marianne.

"So this place..." Marianne began to speak to her parents.

"It's called the Sword of Akasha." Charles explained. "It's related to Eden Vital and how it refers to an almighty being in different names. This island is linked to other ruins located in other parts of the world."

"You wish to start a conflict where you slay all the gods?" Zero questioned Charles. "How interesting and pathetic at the same time."

"Eden Vital is a special type of energy that has ruled over all creation since the existence of the universe." Marianne explained to Zero and Nunnally. "An omnipresent being who's capable of intervening in every time and space. From the beginning when humans discovered this entity, they worshipped it as part of nature. In other words, God and Eden Vital are the same."

"The origin of a human soul comes from Eden Vital, which becomes an individual after entering a human body. Don't you see that individuals start conflicts around the globe and yet they come from a single collective consciousness?" Charles told Zero and Nunnally, emphasizing his point.

"I doubt if I can understand this in time, but what I understand is that it's human nature since they are not the same." Nunnally replied.

"It is not possible for all humans to become one consciousness once more." Zero mocked Charles and Marianne.

Charles smirked at Zero. "That is why we're using the Sword of Akasha after all, my boy."

Zero and Nunnally saw the sword from behind Charles and Nunnally.

"From this area, we shall create a gate to Eden Vital with the Sword of Akasha." Charles defiantly told Zero. "Heaven's Gate shall open when the gate to Eden Vital and the present are connected, thus allowing all of us to vanish and become a single collective consciousness once more."

"All of us will be one." Marianne told Nunnally. "And your geass, Nunnally, the "Zero" will be the one to open the gate."

"Can you bring us close to them?" Alice asked Nemo.

In reply, Nemo began to show its teeth on the Eden Vital insignia on its head. "He, he, he. You do realize that I'll be betraying Charles and Marianne at the same time? I doubt that you all can escape this place."

Jeremiah pointed his arm blade at Nemo. Marc took aim with the G36K at the back of Nemo's head while Sayoko armed herself with dual kunais.

"It seems you gave Nunnally the power so that you can see what happens next." Alice glared at Nemo. "But let me tell you this. As long as I'm alive, I'll be Nunnally's knight until the very end."

"NOOOO! I won't do it!" Nunnally shouted, covering her ears. "It's the same as murdering humanity."

"Hmph." Zero glared at Charles and Nunnally. "She's right. You just think that by doing this, all of the world's problem can be solved this fast?"

"But don't you two understand why people create conflict between each other? And why geass came to this world?" Marianne was trying to plead with Zero and Nunnally.

I... allowed myself to live in the past. From my legs being crippled and from being blind when I refused to look at the light. I abandoned everything to negative emotion. I remember the time when I told big brother that I wanted a kind and peaceful world.

"NUNNALLY!" Alice shouted. "Don't let them use you to do this! If you do it, the Earth's be a place without hope! I was lost when my sister was killed, but when you loved me, I felt a feeling that I didn't notice before. It's the feeling of love"

"Alice?" Nunnally heard Alice's voice nearby.

"All of you can't do anything at this point." Charles glared at everyone behind the invisible barrier, including Alice. "It's useless to resist."

"She has a point!" Marc lowered the G36K as Nemo was not with them. "Even though conflicts happen, love and kindness comes along as they get a chance to be born anew. Give it a chance and you'll see why it's a good thing."

"Miss Nunnally!" Sayoko shouted too. "I had the pleasure of taking care of you and protecting you ever since you came to my life as well. If I had the chance to take care of you again, I won't hesitate to do so."

"'Tis true after all." Jeremiah told Nunnally. "Even though I didn't get a chance to intereact with you unlike your mother, I had the pleasure of getting the chance to know you. Your kindness is one of the main reasons I decided to be with the Royal Guard under your mother."

"Your geass allows you see tomorrow, just as you wanted." Nemo floated to Nunnally.

Everyone is right. These are my feeling. My personal feelings. Especially when I wished for a better tomorrow with the people I care for.

"This is not the world that I want to participate in." Nunnally said, her head facing Charles and Marianne.

"What? Are you denying the possibility..." Charles was surprised.

"This is your daughter's wish, Charles." C.C. told Charles, the former seeing Nunnally's eyes open up. "After all, you wanted to see her deny herself."

"As such as her answer," Zero raised his right hand up. "I call upon all the gods to heed our call and erase this place at once! It does not answer Nunnally's wishes for a kind and peaceful world!" As Jeremiah, Sayoko and Marc went to see Nunnally, Zero shouted. "We reject you two and everything you believe. Why do people lie? It's not only because they struggle everyday, but it's also because they seek something. You want a world without change, a stagnant world. But I barely call it life. Forcing your good intentions on others is nothing different from an evil act."

Zero removed his helmet, revealing his face. "After all, we all wish for a better tomorrow." Lelouch saw Nunnally hug and smile at Alice, now happy to regain her sight.

"I can't believe this." Charles gritted his teeth when he heard Heaven's Door, two stone double doors that appeared from behind him with the Eden Vital insignia inscribed on it, beginning to crumble. "We have to accept this? Just because they wish to remain under the gods forever?"

"It's Nunnally's wish, Charles." Marianne tried to persuade Charles. "Not to mention that Lelouch supports her decision."

"I understand." Charles nodded. The party watched the two disappear.

"It's your world now, Lelouch and Nunnally." Charles told the children as he disappeared into nothing with his wife.

Sky above Kaminenejima Island, Izu Islands, Area 11, Britannian Empire


Bismarck saw the pillar of light coming from the Sword of Akasha as soon as he fended off the Valkyries. "Your Majesty!"

The Galahad was moving towards the interior of Kaminenejima, concentrating on getting his Majesty to safety as much as possible since he's the Knight of One as he saw some of the knights fend off the Valkyries until...

"What?" Bismarck saw that the Guren had grabbed on his right arm. "Dammit! She wasn't... unless I didn't clearly think enough..."

"You're going down!" Kallen shouted, activating the fukushahado that began to get its way into the knightmare.

"Dammit! Why..." Bismarck was pissed that he let his guard down, seeing his cockpit explode first before the rest of the Galahad began to blow up with it.

Minutes later, Kallen and the non-Eden Vital forces saw that Eden Vital-based knightmares and the undead knights began to dissolve.

The mountain in Kaminenejima began to collapse like it had undergone an earthquake that was registered to be from 9 to 9.9 in the Richter magnitude scale.

"What the hell is that?" A Black Knights guerrilla on the Burai shouted, feeling his knightmare was about to collapse.

Mountain Ruins, Kaminenejima Island, Izu Islands, Area 11, Britannian Empire

Lelouch, now back wearing his Zero helmet, Nunnally and the others who were in the circular room a while ago emerged out of the mountain ruins that was the headquarters of Eden Vital in Area 11 safely.

"Guess we're okay." Jeremiah said, helping Sayoko get up.

"We're now in your world, Nunnally." Alice said, helping Nunnally walk. "And now, I'll continue to help you protect that world."

"At least we can forge our own destiny." Marc said after he slinged his G36K.

"Indeed. For no longer will the threat of Charles zi Britannia and Eden Vital continue to haunt the rest of the world." Zero said, staring at the open sea nearby. Near his feet was the body of Colonel Madd.

Marc knelt down next to Madd's body and checked his pulse. "Dead." He pointed to a Beretta Px4 Subcompact pistol on his left hand. "Decided to do it in. Coward."

Henri and the others ran to greet Marc and company, waving at him.

"We did it guys." Marc gave them high fives. "We're able to stop Eden Vital for good."

"That's good." Henri gave the thumbs up. "But that's not all. All the Eden Vital knightmares dissolved after the light came from the crumbled mountain."

"Probably the work of the emperor as he was the leader of Eden Vital after V.V. had died." Sancia and the other Irregulars came behind them. The Lost Soldiers were about to raise their weapons when Marc told them to lower them instead.

"But that's not all." Michael showed Marc and the party that formerly went in the Eden Vital mountain base. "We've got reports that anti-Britannian rebels were able to bust in Pendragon."

"How?" Sayoko asked.

Michael shrugged his shoulders. "Some people began to get some rumors out that he died. But with this, it'll bolster them up."

He showed up an Apple Ipad and it broadcasted a BRBC newsfeed, showing a Britannian Army M1A2 Abrams MBT busting in the main gates to Pendragon with rebels cheering on.

"Looks like that it'll be a long day for all of us." Jeremiah said after seeing the video. "Britannia won't exist at this point."

Zero noted that C.C. and Nemo were not with them anymore. Most likely they were taken after we defeated them. But since it's probable that our powers were taken, it seems that my Zero clothing's now solid.

Unknown Cell, somewhere in Britannia, Britannian Empire

"It seems that help has arrived."

Schneizel stared out his cell to see several armed men, mostly armed with IZHMASH AK-74 assault rifles charging in the floor, taking most of the guards by surprise as some were gunned down while others agreed to surrender due to overwhelming force.

"Who are you people?" The ex-Britannian prime minister asked the armed men.

"We're with the American and Canadian Liberation Armies." A Caucasian man in his 30s wearing civilian clothes, but had a tac vest and a IZHMASH AKM assault rifle ported in his arms, replied to Schneizel's question. He had blonde hair and a mole on his left cheek.

"As for you, Schneizel el Britannia." The AKM-armed man aimed it at Schneizel. "You're under arrest for war crimes against the people."

2015 ATB

Rizal Park, Manila, Philippines

It's nice to be back here.

Marc walked near the statue of Jose Rizal, wearing a white polo shirt, jeans and running shoes. It was a good day for him. Five years after the defeat of Eden Vital and the dissolution of Britannia, the now government of the United States of America allowed the freedom of all the Areas under former Britannian control, the Philippines among them.


Marc heard the shouts of a few familiar people when he ran over to the other side of the street, being declared off-limits to vehicles due to "certain problems." He saw Michael, Jean, Michelle and the other Lost Soldiers in various civilian clothings.

"Nice to see you peep again." Marc gave them fist bumps and high fives to the group. "I believe you all had a nice tour in the City."

"Hell yeah." Jean gave a thumbs up. From what Marc remembered, all of the Britannian Lost Soldiers pledged allegiance to the United States as they told him that their hometowns were under US control. "Getting a message to ya from Ed. He's doing already in the Canadian Army."

Marc took the newspaper from Yi and read the headlines. Among them include Schneizel, who was now a Senator and took the surname of Collins after being released from a war crimes tribunal when he testified that he did everything to prevent Charles' actions. Ambrosia and Nonette also testified on their actions were also against Eden Vital. Ambrosia reunited with Cornelia, also taking the surname Stanford like her twin. Marc also heard from some of the ex-Black Knight and JLF guerrillas he met during a trip to Japan that Tamaki and the others founded a bistro chain in Shinjuku and Minato, the latter in the Roppongi district, while Todo and the other surviving JLF officers and soldiers enlisted with the JAF alongside a few of the Black Knights and other anti-Britannian guerrillas. He also was told by the Lost Soldiers that Sancia and the other Irregulars had decided to live normal lives in the US, most of them testifying in war crime tribunals. The Ashford Academy was declared an international school as well with Rivalz and the others already back in the US after finishing their studies; they too decided to live their lives there without any links to nobility and such except for Milly since she wanted to do humanitarian work in Japan. She was given a Medal of Honor with a yellow ribbon by the Emperor for her work.

As for the royal family, most of them were executed alongside nobles responsible for committing war crimes in Britannian territory when they were deprived of their status.

As for Zero. Well, Zero was said to have been killed by Eden Vital forces. But his renowed status as a legendary anti-Britannian resistance leader was so mystifying that people were claiming that he was still alive and well. The Lost Soldiers announced that they would disband, but would immediately be reassembled should a threat to world order be made.

Seems he renounced his name after his earlier arrest. No mention of his homosexual whathisname assistant.

Other headlines he picked up include a meeting of various Japanese resistance fronts with the surviving Imperial family and political exiles back in Tokyo a few years ago, forming a new government once more with the foundation of the Japanese Armed Forces.

This time it seems that they have marines.

Another one he picked was a report from Diethard Reid receiving a media award for his work in the American Broadcasting Corporation or the ABC. One editorial talked about Edward Johnson and his actions post-Lost Soldiers when he immigrated to Canada permanently.

The group was greeted by Lelouch, Nunnally and Kallen, the trio accompanied by Sayoko. Trailing behind were Cécile, Lloyd and Mariel.

"Haven't introduced ya to him yet." Jean and Ken introduced Marc to Lelouch. "Name's Lelouch and he used to be linked to royalty but later renounced it with his sister, Nunnally."

"Pleased to meet you both." Marc shook hands with Lelouch and Nunnally.

"Pleasure." Lelouch said, shaking Marc's hand. "I was told that you're the leader of the Lost Soldiers."

Marc shook his head. "Not anymore. Just wanna be a civvie right now." He then asked, "And I'm told that you're in a relationship with Kallen here."

"Indeed." Lelouch nodded. "We've decided after being together initially as friends and classmates."

"Big brother was nervous when he asked her out on a date." Nunnally explained, smiling. "But he was alright when he met Kallen's real mother."

"I'm glad it worked out okay too." Kallen said, smiling at Lelouch while holding his arm. "It's been five years since we've decided to engage in a relationship."

"Good for you two." Marc placed his hands on Lelouch and Kallen's left shoulders. "I wish for the best."

"A word." Cécile asked Marc for some time, wearing a blue dress shirt, T-skirt and high heels. Marc nodded, talking to Cécile from a distance for a short walk while the others began to engage in various conversations.

"What is it Cécile?" Marc asked the now American scientist. "There something you want to ask of me?"

"Not really." Cécile shook her head. "Just that I'm wondering if there'll some time for us later."

"There will be." Marc nodded before he asked, "How are the others?"

"Okay." Cécile replied. "Mariel's doing fine after we defeated Eden Vital. She's living in Vancouver while Professor Lloyd moved to Toronto."

"I see. Are you planning to move to the Philippines?"

"Yes, I do. I love this country. It's beautiful and the people are very friendly."

The ex-COSMOS soldier grinned. "It should be." He turned his head around to see Kallen tease her twin brother Ken by kissing him on his right cheek, resulting in some of the Lost Soldiers calling him a sis-con which led to a response by Ken shaking his left fist at them.

"They are." The purple-haired woman told Marc. "But what about you?"

"Me?" Marc pointed to himself. "To be honest, I'm not sure. I... don't know where to start at this point aside from going to high school before I graduated this year like most of the others as starters. Trying to reintegrate back to civilization." He bit his lips. "But sometimes, I get nightmares of my days fighting for the ex-Britannian army as a COSMOS soldier." The teen brushed his left hand on his head.

Cécile went to listen to Marc's ranting.

"I'm getting treatment for PTSD too and it's doing okay and I was wondering if I need someplace to start too from going back to school..."

Marc was startled when Cécile placed her right hand to cover his eyes. And the next thing came unexpected.

She kissed him. On his lips.

"What... the?" Marc felt adrenaline course through his veins after Cécile kissed him.

"Will that... be a good way to restart?" Cécile asked, blushing. "And give us a chance to have a relationship?"

"That..." Marc felt his heart beat fast. "is also good." He nodded. "Why not? I kinda like you as a friend first..."

"There'll be time for that to work out, yes?" Cécile placed an arm around his. "Shall we go?"

"Yeah." Marc smiled. "Let's."

The two walked back to see the others and tell them the good news of them being together.

It's the beginning of something new.


PS - Hope you guys enjoyed it! Sorry I was late in posting this as RL stuff was happening that I needed to attend to them, recent with a car accident and the fact that I'm playing a RP game in TV Tropes. There's a reference here to Expendables staring Stallone, so see if you can spot that scene. Not sure if I did okay with the confrontation between Zero/Nunnally and Charles/Marianne. But I enjoyed doing the ending.

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