I take off my sunnies and plop them onto my head as I gaze at my reflection in the shop's window. And I am very pleased with what I see. I'm wearing this totally gorgeous white dress that actually looks like an artsy vintage dress I saw Kate Moss once wearing. You would never guess it was from Forever 21! And I teamed them with my cute yellow flats, black leggings and yellow aviator sunnies.

I smile at my reflection and think to myself .Today is finally going to be the day. I can just feel it. I just know it is!

I'm going to let you in on a little secret of mine, but just promise that you won't laugh at me, or think I'm weird. I have this secret fantasy that one day, when I'm all dolled up and wearing awesome clothes, some magazine is going to stop me and beg me to let them take a picture of me so they can run it in their magazine.

You've read one of those articles in magazines haven't you? You know the one with the pics of stylishly cool people from the street. And below the pic, it's written"top- vintage, bag - chanel, jeans - levi's etc etc".

See what they do is, the magazine sends someone to hang around at some hip neighborhood untill they find someone cool looking pass by. Then they'll take her aside and ask her where she got all her clothes from ,and then ask about their favorite stores, favorite fashion accessory, and some advice for the readers.

I know this because it has happened to my friend Amber, who to be honest, does not have the most original style. Anyways, I've had all my answers prepared since I was 15! Favorite store? Prada. Must have fashion accessory? My ballet shoe flats that used to belong to my mom (not true, bought it at some random shop, but this sounds much cooler).

So I look around to see if I can spot someone who looks like someone from a magazine. But I see nobody. It's pretty early in the day, and I guess everybody's at work, or at home, suffering from a severe hangover. That's the thing with this town, L.A. It's full of celebrities, or celebrity wannabies who are out partying all night, and the neighborhood is totally overcrowded. But during the day, it's like all these people magically disappear. It's deadly quiet.

"Hmp"I say, disappointed. Looks like today isn't going to be the day after all.I look down at my watch, and see that I still have an hour to burn off before meeting James.

I look around , trying very hard to resist all the tempations around me. I mean, what was I thinking, agreeing to see James at Rodeo drive? Bringing a broke shopaholic like me, to a shopping heaven like this? I haven't been shopping for ages.

Oh god, what I wouldn't do to buy something new. Something gorgeously new.

"Okay snap out of it"I order myself. I must not succumb to modern day materialism. Whatever that means.

I then turn my glance back to the shop window, frowning, when something inside the magazine catches my eye. Something so beautiful, it literally takes my breath away. The most beautiful black dress I have ever laid my eyes upon. Oh my god. It's fate that has drawn me here- Fate wants me to buy that dress!

I look up to see the name of the store. Maybe it's some cheap shop, and I'll be able to afford it!But then I see the name... Marc Jacobs. Damn

Well of course there aren't any cheap shops that I'll be able to afford down at Rodeo Drive. Now I'm depressed.

Crest-fallen, I painfully turn myself away from the shop and take small and slow steps in the opposite direction. 5 measley efforts of steps later, I abruptly stop.

There's really no harm in just trying it on is there? I mean,trying on clothes doesn't cost anything! I think. And anyways, this is actually saving money! Because otherwise, I probably would have gone to Starbucks or something, and wasted a few bucks on coffee, right? i mean, let's weigh the pros and cons here. Pros- It costs free, I won't waste money on coffee. Cons- NOTHING!

You see? You see how serious I am about economizing? I am even sacrificing little guilty pleasures like a cup of cheap coffee to save a few bucks. And am instead enjoying free hobbies like trying on beautiful clothes at high end stores instead. Why can't everyone else be as motivated and serious as me?

Smiling, I push open the door of Marc Jacobs, and as I do so, I feel like I'm entering some new world. The air conditioning feels refreshing, and the air smells of gorgeous new clothes. There are inviting plush white seats in the corner, and a display of beautiful accessories are locked in a glass box at the front.

"Accessories!"I squeal, running over to the display. I peer into the glass, nearly drooling all over it. The clerk looks up at me and smiles.

"Welcome to Marc Jacobs"She says, coming over to me. "Anything you like?"She asks. and I beam back at her with relief. Thank god she's not some bitchy clerk. They're a nightmare.

"Oh... Everything is so beautiful"I say admiringly.

"Would you like me to show you something?"She asks, taking out a key.

"Oooh, that bracelet is stunning! "I say, pointing at a silver chain bracelet with small little charms attatched to it. She smiles, and begins to open the glass box when I suddenly realize what's going on. I am only here to try on on the black dress. Nothing else!

"Uh.. Actually, I just came in for that dress..."I say pointing over at it. And the moment I see it, I suddenly forget all about the accessories...and the gorgeous display of bags in the corner, and the neon ennamel pumps at the front. And ooh! What a cute scarf!

"Ah yes, it's beautiful isn't it?It's the last piece"She says, as we walk over next to it.

The minute the words "last piece" come out of her mouth, I instinctively reach over for the dress and hold it tightly in my arms. The fabric feels so soft and new.I look down at it, and it looks even more beautiful up close. It's got these beautiful crystal diamentes on the neckline and has long sleeves. And oh my god, do you know how long I have been searching for the perfect black dress with long sleeves? I mean, just last week, I was going to my friend Elly's birthday party, and I so needed a cool long sleeved black dress to wear. But did I have one? NO. So what did I have to wear? A black dress with no sleeves, with a black pashmeena to keep me warm. Do you see what I mean? A pashmeena!!

"Let me just.."She says, reaching for the dress. I tighten my grip around the dress and move back .Is she trying to steal the dress from me?Oh god I knew it, her little nice shop assistant act was all a lie, she was out to get me from the start wasn't she!

"Check if it's your .. Size.."She says, giving me a weird look.

"Oh.."I say and laugh. Maybe I overeacted a bit just , she was just checking if it was my size.. Oopsies!

"It's a size 6."She says, looking into the pirce tag.

"Perfect!"I squeal happily, taking the dress back.I mean what are the chances? It's the last piece, and it's my size! This was fate, I knew it!

The clerk smiles back at me, and I admire the dress happily. But then I notice something on the price tag... Okay, there definitely must be a mistake here.. They have to have misprinted this, a dress can't cost that much...

"Um.."I say, my heart beating faster. "I'm not wearing my lenses today.. I can't read the price properly... Would you mind ..?"I ask, handing her the dress.

"Oh, okay.. "She says peering into the tag. "It's... $1099"She says. And then I feel faint.

$1099? $1099?? Do you know how many hours I'd have to work to make $1099? How many days? How many weeks?For one friggin dress?

"Oh.."I say, trying to act unsuprised,but inside , my head is screaming $1099? Put that dress down and run OUT of here!

"A bit pricey "I say, jokingly.

"Yes, a tad. But it's a very special and important piece of the new collection"She says.

The clerk must have read the expression of total doom on my face."But if it's a bit too pricey for you.. We also have some of last seasons stuff over there that's on sale."She says." 30 %!"She adds, dramatically in a small voice, like it was a secret.

"30 percent?"I ask, instantly perking up. "But Marc Jacobs never goes on sale!!!"I gasp.

"Yes, it's quite unusual of us to go on sale.. But it happens!"She says, laughing." It's just right over there.."She says, leading me to the corner of the shop.

Excited, I began rummaging through the clothes. But quickly, my excitement begins to fade away... Everything in the sales corner is either an abnormally big or small. Any of the stuff that's actually remotely close to being my size are just weird looking stuff that no one in there right mind would ever wear.

"This top's quite nice"The girl says, taking out a purple button down with flower details. Yeah, it'd be nice if I was dressing up as Pocahuntus on Halloween.

To be polite, I take the top she picked out for me and examine it. And then I nearly faint again.

"Uh.. Does this say $800?"I ask.

"Let's see.. Yes, $800. "She says, peering over. "But that's the before discount price. The price after discount price would be.."She says, taking out a calculator. But my mind is already off somewhere else. To the beautiful black dress.

"You know what.. "I say, after examining everything. "I think... I'll just try on the black dress"I say, heading back to it. I won't buy it.. I'll just try it on and leave. I mean, trying it on won't cost me $1099 will it ?

The phone starts ringing from where seems to be the back of the store.. ""I'll be right with you, the dressing rooms are right over there"The clerk says,pointing to then disappears to the back of the shop, presumably to answer the phone.

After making sure she had disappeared , suddenly I begin acting like a mad woman. I grab every pretty thing I see: cute tops, cute skirts, a couple more dresses ontop of my gorgeous black dress, and even a pair of shoes and a hat to try on. I mean, when else is an opportunity like this going to come again? The shopping clerk not glaring down at you for picking out too many things to try on, and I'm in Marc friggin Jacobs for gods sake. You'd be mad not to try on as many things as you can grab.

With a little spring in my step, I head over to the changing rooms. And even the changing rooms are breath takingly beautiful. The cubicles aren't an insanely you can barely stand in tiny bathroom size, but are extremely roomy with a really cool chair and mirrors on all sides so you can see yourself from every angle. I mean, why can't stores like forever21 have changing rooms like this?

After admiring my reflection from all angles for a while, I strip down my clothes and try on a really cute denim mini-skirt and a white button down shirt. And I wasn't really expecting it to be that pretty but it's just the thing with expensive clothes. Even stuff that seems like normal stuff you'd find at any store like this mini-skirt and white button down, it's just different! I mean, the fits fab. And the details, and the fabric, and just the everything. I mean, rich people aren't stupid. They buy expensive stuff for a reason, and now I finally understand why.

Oh god, I wish I had brought my camera with me. I mean, I can't be the only one to see me in these gorgeous clothes. I want other people to see me in them too!

Regretting that I hadn't put my camera in my bag today, out of all days, I strip down and begin trying on my next outfit. A man's button down shirt inspired dress, which I feminze with a cool belt, a cute fedora hat and some gladiator sandals which are all the rage at the moment. The sandals are personally not my style, so I take them off and put on my yellow flats instead, and the outfit looks like it should belong in Vogue or something. Tres chic!

After admiring myself a bit more, I strip down and decide to try on the black dress. To be honest, I'm quite scared to try it on. I'm half praying it looks hideous on me, so then I won't have to be sad about not having to buy it. As I slide myself into it, I'm convinced it will be hideous. I mean, what was I thinking? A long sleeved black dress? DUH!Ofcourse it'll be hideous.

As I gaze at my reflection,I let out a loud involuntary shriek. It 's not hideous...Not hideous at all. It's absolutely gorgeous. The diamante's details catch the light of the dressing rooms and sparkle everytime I make even the slightest of movements. And the skirt cuts right off in the middle of my thighs, making my legs look long and lean.

This dress even makes my face look better! I suddenly look like some mysterious exotic creature.

"Ciao"I say to my reflection. "Je suis tres presse"I add, pouting. Wait, I think those are two different languages...

I don't know whether to cry or scream with happiness for finding the perfect black dress. I mean, ever since I was a little girl, I've read all about the little black dress and about how your little black dress will make you feel gorgeous and fabulous even when you're PMSing bad and have major bloating going on.. So you know, when I was just having one of those days and felt fat or ugly, I did what those mags told me. I slid into my little black dresses. And guess what? I still felt fat and ugly. And now I know why.. It's because I didn't have this dress. With this dress, I just know. This dress would be capable of making me look gorgeous, even in my worst state.

I twirl around a little, feeling gorgeous and glamorous. I then decide to admire my own beautiful reflection outside in the big mirrors. So I carefully hang up all the clothes I've tried on (in case the clerk finished with her phone call and came to check up on me and have a heart attack with all the mess I made), and walk out. Thankfully, nobody is here, so I peacefully do a little twirls in front of the mirror and admire my reflection a little more. But then, suddenly the door next to my own dressing room opens, and a familiar blonde haired girl walks out....