We drive in silence for a few minutes, but it's not an uncomfortable one. I've only known Jason for a few days, and god knows I've said and done some embarssing things, but there's something comforting about him. When he's around, I feel a sense of..

Fulfillment? My mind finishes my thoughts. Completion?

Well that can't be right, because.. First of all, I don't believe in all that crap about "soul mates". And all that nonsense that you need a guy to complete you and make you who you are. And more importantly, if anybody's supposed to make me fell that way, it'd be James.

"Uh..."I say, trying to silence all these complicated thoughts that are roaming about in my head. "Lovely weather we're having!"I say. Which is ... I guess a stupid thing to say, given we live in L.A. The last time it rained was about 2 years ago, and my friend Rita began crying hysterically the whole day because she thought god was angry and apocalypse was coming.

"Mmmh"He replies, not realizing how pointless my statement was. He seems to be deep in thought about something so I decide to stop talking and just gaze out the windows. Not anything really interesting going on, just a few shops and buildings. We pass NU Nail, which reminds me I really need a mani. And a pedi of course, I can't have icky looking feet with all these gorgeous new shoes. And oooh, I've been meaning to get some really cool anklets for sometime, sort of like those cool surfer girls!And if I'm buying anklets, I've obviously got to buy some bracelets with them too. I've had my eye on this really cute bracelet I saw at Tiffany's ... I obviously can't afford it, but I saw something really similar at Claire's the other day! And oh yes, those cute flower clips at Claire's are adorable, I must pop in and get a few mo-

"Ashley"Jason says, breaking me from my thoughts. "We're here"He says, and I suddenly notice that we're inside a dark garage. That's weird, weren't we just passing by NU Nails?

He leans over and undoes my seatbelt, then quickly hurries out the car, runs over to my side and opens the door for me. All this fussing about over me never gets old does it?

"Bienvenue chez la maison de Jason!"He says, scooping me off from my seat. All this french and scooping is making me quite flustered.

"Is this how you always welcome your guests, monsieur?" I ask, as he moves about as if I didn't weigh a single pound.

"Only for the ladies,madame"He says, and smiles. God he's charming.

He gently places me on the ground, puts my right arm on his shoulder and I follow him inside the house.

And wo...Talk about underwhelming! Being Lindsay Lohan's boyfriend and all, I assumed Jason must be some sort of rich heir to Spain or something but.. The house is tiny. And old. With hardly any furniture. It's almost as bad as my apartment.

"So this is la maison de Jason? Not as grande as I imagined"I say, as he gently puts his arms around my waist and guides me down the hall.

"I'm guessing none of that french fooled you then?"He asks, raising his eyebrows at me. And I suddenly realize how thick his eyebrows are. So thick and dark. And what thick eyelashes too. Golly...

"Pff.."I say, trying to focuse my attention away from Jason's thick eyelashes. "Les américaines" I joke, doing my best impression of my 9th grade french teacher, madame Sylvie.

Jason gives a heartful chuckle and motions for me to take a seat on his bed. His room is almost as depressing as my room. I say almost, because at least he has a TV and Xbox in his room. My room consists of a bed, and a whole pile of clothes.

"Et ici, c'est la chambre de Jason"He makes a huge motion with his arms. "Not many laydeez have had the pleasure of getting a private tour from yours truely"He says, giving me a wink.

"Say "laydeez" one more time, and I'm outta here"I say, giving him an unimpressed look. He gives another one of his grins and walks over to his closet.

"Well let's see what we've got to work with then?"I ask, as he opens it up. With the state of his house, I'm guessing I'll be lucky to even find a decent pair of pants hanging in there.

But I'm wrong again! His closet is piled and stocked with so many clothes that.. I don't even know how he managed to put all of that stuff into the closet in the first place! Shirts, pants, suits, tux's, scarfs, hats.. I feel quite dizzy and overwhelmed, a feeling I always get when I enter a huge store and don't know where to begin.

"Oh my god.."I say, looking over at him. He is a kindred soul of mine! I have finally met a guy who understads the way I feel!!! "I knew it!! You're a shopaholic too!!"