Series: iPod Shuffle Challenge

Fandom: Eli Stone

Character / Pairing Focus: Eli Stone

Rating: K Plus / PG / All Ages

Notes: 02x01 ("The Path").

Disclaimer: Eli Stone and all respective properties are © ABC. Megan D. (Veritas Found) does not, has never, nor will ever own Eli Stone.

Little Victories (performed by Matt Nathanson)

This time I'll have no fear

I'll be standing strong and tall

Turn my back towards them all

And I'll be awful sometimes

Weakened to my knees

And I'll learn to get by

On the little victories

"If we're going to dance again, no more stepping on our toes. You have to lead this time."

He can't get it out of his head, that little note – warning, almost – from God (or His fiduciary, super-sized vision, or whatever that therapist wanted to go by). It should scare him, but somehow…somehow, this time, none of it does. He almost feels ready, which is – for him – weird. Considering how he handled his visions before, he would have thought he'd be freaking out right now.

But he'd made his choice, and if it means Nate can have his normal life…at least he knows what he's doing. He's done it before, and he can do it again – and he'll do it better, this time. He can do it better. Even if Taylor doesn't believe him, or Dowd, or Mr. Wethersby, or…even if no one believes him. Even if Nate, Frank, and Maggie are the only ones.

At least he still has his license – something his dad couldn't say. He has something to hold on to, to make a difference with. And it may not mean much, in the long run – or it could mean the world. He wasn't sure, and he didn't know if he ever would be – but right now, right here, he's…he's good. Coping, and good. And ready.