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Annie's P.O.V.

Nick Powell. Yeah, that was his name…I remember him well. Two weeks ago his friend Pete had accepted merchandise from me, but never paid up for it. Mr. Smarty-pants Powell did. And he called me broken. I thought Nick had turned me in to the Police. I was blinded by hate. I ended up killing him. But somehow, I don't think he's really gone. I know he's not dead. I am the only person who can help him. But how do I do that with everyone watching me?

Lost in the darkness, hoping for a sign

Instead there's only silence

Can't you hear my screams?

Oh, Nick where are you? I can't even ask for forgiveness for what I have done to you. I can hear your voice, but I can't see you. Nick….please help me…

Never stop hoping,

Need to know where you are,

But one thing is for sure,

You're always in my heart.

I can feel someone embracing me tightly. The face is extremely close to my own. A broken whisper: Help me, Annie…tell them where my body is.

That is just what I will do. Hang on, Nick, hang on.

I'll find you somewhere.

I'll keep on trying until my dying day.

I just need to know whatever has happened,

The truth will free my soul.

I went to the place where I had hidden Nick's body. To my horror, I found it wasn't there anymore. That force was at my face again. Think, Annie, think. Who would have moved my body away from here? C'mon Annie…you're my only hope.

I tried to free myself from this force. What was it anyway? Nick's ghost? Nick's spirit? His soul?

Lost in the darkness, try to find your way home.

I want to embrace you and never let you go.

I was feeling lost again. Just like I felt when Mom died. The one person who could have saved my life…I ended up taking his away. This was creepy. He could read my thoughts…and he always had an answer: Annie, you didn't know any better. Do something right. Help me, Annie. Who moved my body, Annie? Think. You know the answer.

I shook my head, tears ran down my cheeks. What was happening to me? I wanted to help Nick, save him from his fate. When did I become so evil?

Almost hope you're in heaven so no one can hurt your soul.

Living in agony cause I just do not know

Where you are….

Marcus: my so called boyfriend. He must have done this. He knew the truth and he was the one who turned me into the police for breaking into a store the other day. I blamed Nick for it. I nearly killed him. I'm so sorry Nick. You can change that, Annie; just do the right thing now. Annie, get a grip on your self. Be focused.

I'll find you somewhere.

I'll keep on trying until my dying day.

I just need to know whatever has happened,

The truth will free my soul.

I bullied Marcus into telling me where Nick's body was. Near the dams and it might just wash him away. I had no choice but tell the police. Marcus had shot me in the abdomen. I knew I only had some hours before I would be leaving this world for good.

Thank you, Annie – the guiding voice said in my ear – you did the right thing. Thank you.

Wherever you are, I won't stop searching.

Whatever it takes, I need to know.

I made to the hospital where Nick had been admitted in. I knew I had to be near him to see that he wakes up again. I met his mom. She slapped me for even talking about her son. I managed to tell her what was going on, and that if only she'd let me in, I could help Nick come back again. She relented.

Nick was lying on the bed, his life support was going on. I lay down next to him.

I am sorry for what ever I have done. I am sorry I didn't see you, or know you. I love you, Nick.

I am still here, Annie. That force was still outside….it needed to enter Nick's body. I wanted to do one good thing, Nick.

Nick's eyes fluttered open. "You did, Annie, you did. You saved me."

I'll find you somewhere.

I'll keep on trying until my dying day.

I just need to know whatever has happened,

The truth will free my soul.

Yes, I had done one good thing in my life. I had saved Nicholas Powell from dying. He gave me back my life. Finally, I could rest in peace. After those hard years….finally it was my time to sleep forever…the lament played in my ears as slowly everything around me disappeared into a black blur….

"I love you, Annie." Nick's voice came.

I was so tired….I couldn't open my mouth to reply to him….I had no strength left in me….