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'Even Angels Fall'

Author's P.O.V:

It had been ten years from the day Nick Powell and Annie Newton, had run away from their lives at Burnaby. They knew they'd never be accepted there but become social outcasts. Along with Annie's brother, Victor, they'd come away to quiet little town named Deadwood – miles away from their lives in Burnaby.

Annie had renamed herself Annette Rivers, and she had married Nicholas Powell, now know as Nigel Dawson, two years after they'd settled down in Deadwood. It was a private ceremony with the local clergymen being their witnesses. Annette's brother Victor had stayed with them through the entire time, and was sent to the local school.

Annette and her husband did whatever they could to make both ends meet those first five years. Their friendly neighbor – an old woman – offered to take Annette on as a housekeeper for a very good price. She died during their sixth year in Deadwood, and having no heir left all her possession to the Dawson's.

Fortune had smiled on the little family. They were twenty six year olds now and finally settled down in life. They no longer felt the urge to keep looking over their shoulder to make sure the police weren't after them anymore. Pete had made up the story of the three of them being abducted and had fabricated evidence in a very believable manner. He'd changed from the awkward anti-social. Nigel had watched from a distance but did not feel comfortable to go too close too. He knew he'd get everyone into trouble if he did.

It was a heavenly day when Nigel sprinted into their living room, breathless. Victor was not home. Annie was sitting on the couch, reading the paper. She looked up and smiled as her husband burst through the door.

"Had a good day, I presume?" she laughed.

He picked up his wife, and said, "I just got a record deal with the local band. They're hiring me as their song writer for the next album!"

Annette leaned in close, and kissed her husband.

"I've some good news too…" she patted her tummy with her right hand and looked back at him, an expectant smile on her lips.

"Really?" whispered Nick.

She nodded, and they kissed again. Finally Nick pulled away from his wife and smiled at her.

"So there always was a rainbow at the end of the storm, huh?"

"Yes, Nigel…" she whispered back. "And I finally feel as if I'm truly happy. Life has a new meaning now."

As they kissed each other yet again, unable to digest the good fortune and final settlement in life, the final song is played…

It's a secret no one tells,
One day it's Heaven, one day it's Hell
It's no fairytale take it from me
But darling that's how it's supposed to be…

You will fly and you will crawl,
God knows even angels fall…
No such thing as you lost it all
God knows even angels fall…