A/N: I know another story but this will be updated once or twice a week not sure yet, chapters deal with them growing up so they will be toddlers and kids most of the story. I need help naming it so any suggestions as well as ideas you'd like to see me write, like things they go through or say or what ever.

Chapter One

"Just keep breathing!"

A blonde hair woman of about twenty five spoke, her figure stood five feet eight inches from feet to head, she wore a tight smile directed toward the twenty four year old brunette lying on the hospital bed with sweat dripping down her brows and neck. The belly protruding from the hospital gown looking like it was going to burst any moment.

"Don't tell me to breath damn it!" She screamed clutching the hand giving her support and if she hadn't been in so much pain she might have caught the agony spreading across the blonde's face as the woman's knees seemed to drop a little.

The doctor strolled in as if this wasn't an emergency as if the woman lying in the bed wasn't about to deliver a baby that wasn't going to wait for anyone to be born, "Miss. Davies you seem to be going right along,"

He smiled earning a glare from both women but he ignored that having received more than his fair share of angry looks.

"I'm sorry Miss. but you can't be in here," a nurse came over placing her hand upon the blonde's shoulder urging her toward the door.

"Like hell she's leaving!"

The brunette yanked hard on the hand she was squeezing sending the blonde crashing back to the bed side, her arms outstretched to hopefully stop her fall before slamming into the pregnant lunatic.

"I'm sorry only the father..."

"Nurse Jamison?" the doctor called out before she could finish when the nurse settled her gaze upon him he continued, "Miss. Carlin is Miss. Davies partner."

Jamison cocked an eye brow glancing over to the women and seeing the position, "Oh...I didn't realize, you can stay,"

Carlin thanked the woman silently for not being disgusted or still trying to get her out, it wouldn't have been a good idea since Davies was still pretty attached to her hand which had begun to throb slightly.

"Honey..." this brought Davies attention back on her, "My hand..."

Davies glanced down and saw the strong lock she had upon the woman, sighing she slowly released it, "Sorry,"

She whispered but it didn't last long as another contraction hit her and the hand was securely snatched back up, Carlin was sure she'd have to get a cast after this but at the moment it was well worth it.

"Okay I need you to push on the count of ten; can you do that for me?" He asked out loud knowing that what ever the answer was she had to push any way, she nodded with gritted teeth.


She bore down on her teeth praying in the back of her mind that she didn't break any and pushed with all her might. After seven tries he smiled big and produced a screaming baby.

"It's a girl,"

Carlin and Davies smiled huge, they didn't want to know the sex of the child until this very moment but in both their hearts they wanted a little girl. The doctor stood and walked over to the small table, cleaning the baby up and wrapping her in a small pink blanket than with a giant smile handed the girl over the brunette.

"She's so cute," Carlin whispered laying a gentle kiss upon her lover's forehead, "You did a great job,"

"So did you mommy," Davies gave a sleepy grin back this comment earning her a small peck on the lips.

A clearing throat turned their attention back on the doctor, "Thank you Dr. Booth,"

"Your welcome, so what are you going to name her?" he asked wiping his hands off on a white towel getting some stains of red on it.

The two women glanced at each other than down to the baby who was nothing crying but sleeping soundly, the afternoon events wearing her out, than back to the doctor.


"Ashley Emily Davies you get back here right now,"

The one year old giggled in excitement as she waddled the best she could down the hallway, her naked form revealed for all to see in the house so lucky her that it was only the two women who had been in the delivery room. She heard the footsteps falling quickly behind her and knew she had to hide and soon but her legs didn't want to follow those directions and as she turned to go into another room, her nursery, they gave out and made her fall to her butt.

Two strong arms pulled her up into their awaiting arms, her eyes sweeping over to notice it wasn't the one she was running from, it wasn't the one that was going to make her get a bath.

"Are you giving mama a hard time?" she asked with a twinkle in her eye.

Ashley shook her head vigorously making her brown curls bounce around.

"Yes she is, I swear Paula I don't know how you get her in that bath every time with out a chase around the house,"

Paula Carlin laughed good naturedly, "I have my ways Chris,"

"Oh really?" Christine Davies smiled warmly holding her hands out for her daughter which the blonde handed over, "Which are?"

"That's a secret," she whispered laying a kiss upon Christine's cheek, "I'll order some pizza while you bathe her,"

"Pizza again Paula?"

"Oh shush," she waved her hand, "its better than when you constantly had us eating peanut butter banana sandwiches for dinner because you didn't want to eat it by yourself."

"What ever, go order...come on Ashy lets go take a bath,"

"Nooo," Ashley screamed trying to wiggle free but this time she was stuck and was hauled into the bathroom, the door shut this time so she couldn't get out so she sat down crossing her arms and pouted earning a chuckle from Christine.

Paula walked to the phone and ordered two large pizza's once that was done she put the phone back on its hook and went to the bedroom to change into sweat pants and a long sleeve shirt than walked into the living room with socks only on her feet. Sitting down in the lazy boy chair she popped the foot rest up and relaxed into it. Her thoughts flowing about how she and Christine had gotten to this place.

Paula Carlin moved to Los Angeles when she was eighteen to attend UCLA, her parents back in Ohio her home town, discouraged it but in the end it was her decision. Once in LA she was a little frightened but her boyfriend Arthur Rylan was with her, he too had been accepted to the school. The two made their way up to her room where she met for the first time her roommate Christine Davies and her husband Raife Davies; they married young at the age of seventeen.

As the year wore on the two grew closer and closer, half way through Arthur came out as gay which Paula's parents didn't like one bit, saying she needed to come home before she too was corrupted but she held out. She and Arthur are still good friends till this very day. Christine and Raife began to have some problems when they hit twenty three, in a drunken passion one night Raife forced himself upon his wife and four weeks later Christine found out she was pregnant with Ashley Emily Davies.

As her stomach grew so did the emotions between her and Paula. Raife was still in the picture and felt horrible about what he did, he swore to help anyway he could but the two ended up divorced, he still hangs around to help out and so he can get to know his daughter. Paula and Christine ended up in bed together when she was five months pregnant and from then on they two were lovers. Raife and Arthur both happy they could find someone to be happy with.

Now they live in a nice three bedroom home out in the suburbs near the college Paula still attended trying to become a doctor. Christine was the stay at home mom for now living off her father's money which went to her when he died, they knew it wouldn't last so though they have the money now they still budget so it will last till Paula gets her degree.

The two of them felt like something was missing though and decided to have another baby, Arthur agreed to help with the permission of his boyfriend Mark Hornsby and this time it is Paula carrying the child and again they decided not to know what the gender is.

"Are you going to get that?" Christine's voice faintly floated into the room from the bathroom waking Paula up from her thoughts so she could finally hear the door bell going off.

"Yeah," she called back heading to the door.

She paid the man and took the pizza to the kitchen just as a fully clean Ashley dressed in footed pajamas of Scooby Doo came running in before stopping short of grabbing her legs.

"Mommy fat," She pointed to Paula's stomach which had grown kept big by now.

Christine heard as she walked in and lowered her daughter's arm, "Ashley that isn't nice,"

Paula bent down and picked her up, "I'm not fat sweetie..." licking her lips she glanced at her girlfriend hoping one day to actually get married, she received the subtly nod so turned her attention back on the toddler in her hand, "Come here,"

The blonde walked into the living room shifting Ashley on her hip as she sat down, "I'm having a baby,"

Ashley's eyes widened a bit as she glanced between the two grownups, her bottom lip protruding slightly in thought, "Wike me?" she asked pointing to her self.

Christine knelt down so her knees touched the floor and she looked into the child's eyes, "Yes sweetie only you get to be the big sister,"

Ashley furrowed her brows, "Wha big ster do?"

"Well, big sisters help take care of their little brothers or sisters."

"Oh..." she tilted her head, "I'm hungry..."

That ended the conversation.


"Okay Paula on the count of ten push..."

They were back at the hospital and Dr. Booth was between Paula's legs now instead of Christine's, probably the only man to ever see both of them down there.


Paula pushed as hard as she could, squeezing Christine's hand so hard the brunette swore she heard a pop of bones, "God Paula..."

"Your turn," Paula gritted her teeth as she pushed again.

Soon another cry echoed into the room.

"It's a girl," Dr. Booth smiled.

He cleaned up the girl and wrapped her in a pink blanket walking her over to her mother's.

"So what are you going to name this one?" he wondered.

Paula grinned, "Spencer Bailey Carlin,"


"Oh Arthur get in here and see her," Christine called out.

He knew she wasn't his, sure she shared his blood but the three of them talked and he was fine playing uncle, when Spencer was old enough to understand they'd tell her if it ever needed to come up.

Arthur walked in holding Ashley who was to turn two in eighteen days, the women found it funny that Ashley was born February 3rd 1986 where as Spencer was just born February 21st 1988.

"Look Ashley it's your little sister," Christine took her daughter from her friend's arms and bringing her closer to the bed.

"She's beautiful Paula," he beamed not believing that he had made such a wonderful creature.

"Bad baby," Ashley shook her finger at the infant staring at them with bright blue eyes, the minute she realized it was a tiny baby coming home with them she hated her. To the one year old all babies were bad, ever since she met the little boy on the street, her mommy stopped to talk to another woman and the boy took her candy. She got in trouble for giving it to him since he was too little to eat it and no one believed he took it and than to add insult he threw up on her.


It was official Ashley didn't like the new baby, all she did was scream and cry and all the attention from the grown ups was focused on her.

Paula sighed tiredly, she'd been dealing with a two year old and a three month old who was a bit advanced for her age, already she was aware of her surroundings and could lift her head for a brief amount of time. Christine came home early and they wanted some alone time to catch up so they brought Spencer into the nursery that the two girls shared. Putting her in her bouncy she turned to Ashley.

"Ashley can you entertain Spencer for a little?" she asked turning on the baby monitor as the little girl nodded her head, "Thank you,"

Paula kissed her head and walked out leaving the door open wide just in case they needed to run in at any moment. Ashley was now alone and free to openly glare at the infant staring right at her, intrigued with the brunette.

Ashley waddled around the room grabbing all her toys and setting them in front of the blonde infant who found the small brunette interesting to watch, from her walk to the concentration on her little face. Soon everything was set up and Ashley walked over to Spencer.

"Mine," she pointed a stuff animal pig, "Mine," to a Barbie doll and so on and so on telling Spencer that all of this stuff was hers and that the blonde could touch it. Than she sat down and started playing with the toys while Spencer just bounced back and forth contently watching.

An hour went by with out a peep so Christine came in to check on the two, Spencer was sleeping peacefully while Ashley was playing; first she checked Ashley's diaper much to the girl's distaste, it got in the way of her playing, finding her clean she than went to check Spencer's which didn't make it. She went to pick up the baby when Ashley got in the way, pushing her hands away.

Christine stood up with her arms folded, "Why did you do that Ashley, its not very nice,"

"Mine," Ashley pointed at Spencer still sleeping soundly in the chair.

Paula chuckled in the door way, "No baby she's ours but you can help if you want," she smiled picking Ashley up into her arms.

Christine bent down and picked up Spencer and took her over to the changing table while Paula and Ashley went into the kitchen to start a bottle, "You thirsty sweetie?"

Ashley bit her lip than nodded with a smile, "Yes pwese,"

"Okay then," she grabbed some apple juice out and poured it into her sippy cup, "Now you drink that while I get your sisters bottle,"

Ashley sat down on the ground and quietly drank her juice while watching her mother move flawlessly across the linoleum floor, opening things, washing the bottle and warming it up. Finally the bottle finished and she turned to Ashley, "Do you want to be the big sister and take the bottle to Mama and Spencer?"

"Yes," she nodded setting her cup down she pushed off the ground and grabbed the bottle, she waddled into the living room and over to the couch where Christine was sitting rocking the baby back and forth.

"Are you bringing me the bottle?" she asked, "That is so sweet."

Christine held out her hand for the bottle but Ashley just glanced at the hand and than down at the baby before planting her butt on the ground, "Mine..." she said as she placed the nipple in her mouth and began to drink.

Before either woman said a word Ashley spit the milk out, it dribbled down her mouth and most landed on the carpet she leapt up best she could and walked over to the couch placing the bottle on Christine's lap and pointing to Spencer said a word that hardly escaped the two year olds mouth.


Than she made a yucky face and waddled off.

Christine glanced at Paula who was standing in the door way and both just started laughing as the brunette fed the baby. Tears crawling down their faces for Ashley had drank breast milk which she hadn't ate for a long time.

"I guess she's learning to share," Paula gasped through her laughter.