A/N: Sorry I planned on getting it out a bit earlier but since my laptop broke I'm using the family computer and it is so so old and is family used, hence the name family computer which means I can't get on as much as I could with my lap top. But here it is and I hope you all like it. Warning: Sex.

~Bailey's POV~

Groaning and not liking the pounding in my head I shifted feeling soft blankets under and over me. Blinking I let my eyes adjust to the darkness around, seeming to be in a make shift bed in the van that carried us to this wonderful place. A smile graced my lips remembering the tricks I'd performed before the inevitable wipeout which was decent to say the least, if it wasn't for the cold weather it wouldn't have phased me at all.

Light flickering just outside the van doors caught my attention. Throwing the covers off I scooted out till my legs reached the paved parking lot, feeling the slightly chilly wind on my cheeks wondering why the rest of me wasn't chattering away I glanced down noticing the change of clothes and lack of shoes just socks.

Hearing laughter and music caught my attention. Still feeling groggy I looked in the van and found some flip flops, not to good with socks but would do at the moment. Slipping them on I wondered around the van doors to see a huge bon fire crackling away, a song unfamiliar to me played on the boom box allowing the people around to dance away and there was alot more teenagers than was with us on the trip here.

Searching the sandy area for some one she recognized. At first it was difficult but soon her eyes landed on Terrence and his girlfriend both smoking what looked like a cigerette. Trudging through the sand to stand over them, "Hey can I get one?"

Angel titled her head, her eyes seemed blood shot, "You're to young,"

"I'm fifteen and am sure you started much younger,"

"No," she smirked taking another drag off the white paper between her lips.

"Whatever," I walked away in a huff searching for something to take the lonliness edge off of meeting new people.

Eventually I found a cooler with lots and lots of beers stacked in, grabbing one popping the top I took a large swig letting it warm my stomach. The barbeque was roaring so I got myself a burger, never really cared for hot dogs, it tasted like heaven.

The third beer was taking hold making the world spin in that oh so familiar buzz I loved. Still no one I knew was found but by now I didn't care. Music pounded through the air giving me a head ache, wanting to be alone with the ocean I wondered a bit wobble away from the loud crowd of people. Even at the far distance the wind carried the sweet charcol aroma of the barbeque and fire wood burning. Slipping off the flip flops and discarding the socks allowing the edge of the cold water to wash over my feet giving me the shivers yet keeping me from getting to hot due to the beer in my hand. Tossing my head back letting the last gulp slid down my throat before tossing it on the ground and opening my fourth one, taking a swig letting it sit between my thumb and forefinger resting loosely by my side just staring out in the dark abyss of the ocean wishing that this was a bon fire back home.

Alyssa would be by my side drinking away and we'd talk about school or boyfriends or what creature killed Buffy or so on. If you walked in our conversations you'd never know what it would be, supernatural to plain weird to political, okay so I wasn't one talking politcs but it was hiliarous to listen to her rant about it.

Or she'd be up at the bon fire smiling and flirting with some boy but her eyes would wonder over to me as I sat looking out at the water, thinking she was being inconspicous and she is except for me. I love the feeling that she's trying to protect me even from a distance. Than he'd walk up behind me, his shadow casting out over me and into the dark ocean due to the fire burning high up on the beach. Jerry's touch was rough most of the time, his hands, I didn't care about the rough act but the hands was another story, I wanted him to be gentle.

"Well what do we have here, another queer rider," a voice broke me from the buzzed memories of the past.

Turning around I saw three guys, large, probably football players, to small for bastetball or baseball. Standing up, squinting to make sure they stayed in focus as they approached, "Hey. Did you need something?"

The leader laughed pushing his large hand into my shoulder making me stumble back slightly, "Look guyes the queer wants to know if we want something."

Realizing what he called me I stood up straighter, "Who you calling queer dick licker?"

His friends chuckled while his face reddened. Before I knew it his hand raced across my cheek splitting my lip letting blood trickle down, his finger pointed at me as I wiped it away, "We saw you with those gay surfers. So you better watch what you say dyke."

"If you call me that one more time..."

"Dyke...dyke..dyke..." he said slowly three times than laughing hard with his friends.

Rushing forward I kneeed him between the legs making him drop, spitting the blood building up in the inside of my mouth onto his face, "I'm straighter than you are!"

His friends grabbed me as he stood up. Finally the fear was taking hold as I struggled but couldn't get loose, "That's right bitch squirm."

A fist landed against my stomach releasing all the air I had in me. Gasping and struggling did no good, I couldn't get out of their grasp or air into my lungs. The two guys dropped me, "Let's see how straight you are!"

Three zippers lowered echoing into the night.


We all snapped our heads around to see who called out. Ashley clocked the leader in the jaw as he turned, not even seeing it coming, sending the guy spinning into the ground while Jon took one of his friends as Terrence took on the other one.

"You okay?" she wondering holding her hand for me to take.

Sighing I grabbed it letting her help me up, "No..." stepping over to the guy I kicked him repeatedly in the ribs earning a groan each time.

Arms wrapped around my waist yanking me off the guy, "Chill out," she whispered into my ear sending a weird sensation through my body.

"No...that bastard called me gay. I won't be called that," I shouted struggling to get at him again but damn did Ashley have a hold on me which made me madder as the wetness seeped out from between my legs.

"Is it really that bad?" Trish wondered not seeing the big deal as Dara gave her the best orgasms of her life, ones the guys she used to date could never achieve.

"Yes!" I screamed wanting to lunge at her as well but Terrence hefted me up on to his shoulder.

~Ashley's POV~

She cursed out Trish for even suggesting being gay was okay as Terrence carried her away firefighter style. Her temper was explosive, as the guy groaning on the ground knows, and it wasn't hot. It chilled me.

We all ended up going to sleep, Angel and I sleeping on opposide side of Bailey to keep her there. Several times in the night she'd start to get up talking about that bastard or she'd lung over all of us to get to Trish who'd roll her eyes as we yanked her back down. At first she didn't want us 'cherry suckers' touching her, first time I'd ever heard that saying but soon I realized she loved a hand and nails racking gently on her scalp and running through her hair. With how drunk and tired she was each time I did it she was out with in five strokes. By three in the morning she was out and so was the rest of us.

When we finally woke up it was discussed that we should just go back home due to everything that happened yesterday. The ride was silent, Bailey scowling out the window mumbling incohently every once in a while.

Terrence drove into the drive way of the ranch, mom and mama sat on the porch sipping coffee and smiling which faultered a bit when they noticed us. Angel opened the back door allowing us out, I was first and gave a small wave walking up toward them.

"I thought you guys weren't coming home til tonight?" Mom cast a questioning glance toward mama than back toward me.

Shrugging my shoulders, "We ran into some trouble," I offered earning worried glares.

Bailey came flying past me up to the steps with her cut lip, black and purple, looking much worse than what it was and holding her stomach, a bruise there as well. I saw it as she changed back into her now dry clothes, "I want to see my father!" she demanded switching her gaze back and forth, "Please...I need to see him." she begged after they neither moved nor said anything.

"Okay...I'll arrange it. Let Paula take at look at you okay?" Bailey nodded and let mom lead her into the house.

I waved goodbye to my friends as they pulled away than turned to see mama tapping her foot, "Yeah?"

"Don't play the fool here, what the hell happened out there Ashley?"

I explained every little detail and luckily she wasn't mad just upset at the turn of event and probably considering never letting me go to another bon fire again.

~Bailey's POV~

It took three weeks but I finally got my visit. Three long weeks of hounding them, when...when...when...did you call...is it set up. I annoyed the shit out of them and would do it again. Turns out my dad is in the Los Angeles Prison, Christine and I were the only ones to fly over and I was glad about that. Ashley made me too nervous latley and Paula was just, I don't know cold but warm at the same time, she confused me while Glen and Arthur were just to busy. Christine on the other hand was warm and welcoming.

The place was huge and scary. Bars lined every window and pretty much every entrance to a hall way. All of a sudden I didn't want to be hear, didn't want to hear what my father would say, I knew it was all lies.

"We can leave," I said turning around but she clutched my arm turning me back toward the table.

"It'll be okay sweetheart just sit down and try to relax,"

~Christne's POV~

I was so nervous that it took everything in me not to accept Bailey's invitation to leave. It's been so long since I'd seen him. She let out a shaky breath before sitting down again, I didn't know if I should sit too or stand or let them talk it out on their own. Looking around I noticed all the guards and was sure she'd be okay.

"Bailey do you mind if I step out for a moment?"

"No...I guess not," she bit her lip glancing to the door the prisoners would be led out of.

Nodding I rushed out just as the above light to that door turned green and they began to file out.

~Raife's POV~

When they told me I had a vistor I assumed it was Aiden but instead of a private room I was led with the rest of the inmates to the main vistor locatation. Exiting the door my mouth dropped open, there she was sitting nervously at the table tapping her fingers and tracing outlines. It had been awhile since I've seen her, at least a month or two it feels like.

"Bailey!" she lifted her head giving me a giant smile that warmed my heart in all the right spots. I went over as quick as possible wrapping my arms around her and hugging her tight.

"Daddy I missed you so much," she cried into my chest as I let her legs touch the ground once again.

"I know sweetie," I sighed kissing the top of her head, pulling her away from me so I could see her face, "I'm sorry you have to go through all this."

She nodded wiping the tears away as we sat down, across from each other. She at least looked healthy although her hair was starting to turn back to blonde, "Your hair?"

Bailey fingered it self consiously, "I know. I have to go get some dye. They don't really let me out of their sights."

"Think you'll go blonde again?"

"No way. I want to look like mom, its why you dyed my hair when I was little and it'll be why I continue." she nodded at the end to signify that was it.

"So what do I owe this pleasure?" I asked scratching the back of my neck needing to know why she was here especially because I didn't think Paula or Christine would let her.

Bailey took a deep breath before opening her mouth than shutting it, licking her lips, glancing around than settling her blue eyes on me, "Why is this happening? Is it true?"

Tilting my head giving her my best parental look I'd mastered by the time she was seven, "Do you think it is true?"

She quickly shook her head in the negative, "God no..." she breathed out in a rush, "...I don't but what am I suppose to think?"

"Bailey just ask the question you want an answer too," I told her sternly.

Licking her lips she glanced at the table, "Are they my...is Paula and Christine...are you my father?"

Her sad eyes danced across my face for any sign that it was not true, that it was ridiculous to even ask. But it wasn't ridiculous and in fact this may play out better than I'd hoped.


"See I knew it was all a lie...wait, WHAT?" she jumped up from the table the chair scooting back scrapping against the floor.

"You heard me, now sit back down before you embarress us,"

She swallowed and sat down, "But...what?"

"Listen. What they say is true but it doesn't mean I don't love you, I do. You're my pride and joy Bailey."

"Is that even my name?"

"No...It's...Spencer, Spencer Bailey Carlin."

"You're lying..." she pleaded with me to take it back, tears streaming down her face but I just told her I wasn't. She started screaming at me to take it back by then, saying she hated me after I still didn't take it back. The gaurds took me away as someone quickly came in to embrace her shaking form, I knew her, it was Christine. Yanking on my chains I tried to get to her but it was no use the door closed and I was led away.

Sighing I knew I'd hurt my little girl but she needed to adapt to her new surroundings until I could get her out, it would be easy to get her back so I'd allow her to hate me for now.

~Christine's POV~

She cried so hard. It was so pitiful. Once she calmed down we got to the hotel room, our flight leaving in a few hours since we'd only be here for the small amount of time it took her to visit with him. She took a shower and was resting on the bed, curled up in a fetal position, lying quietly without moving.

There was a knock on the door signaling the arrival of room service.

"Bailey dinner is here,"

She didn't move or say any thing. Walking over to her, kneeling down to see the tired blood shot eyes. Running my hand through her hair getting her to look at me, "You need to eat something,"

"I'm...not hungry," she huffed out turning away from me.

"Please eat...Bailey you need to get your strength up."

She shot out of bed with an angry yet lost look, "Don't call me that. It's not my name, I don't know my name...is it Spencer, Bailey, Carlin, Wilde...who the fuck is my real family, my mother, my father...am I a blonde or do I dye it black to match my dead mother."

A banging on the wall told us to be quiet since she was screaming all of this. I rushed forward capturing her in my arms, "Shhh..it'll be alright...it'll be alright Bailey I promise."

She sobbed harder clutching at my shirt, body shaking, "I don't know me." she kept repeating over and over again curling up into me as if she'd disappear inside and I could hold her burden for her.

"We'll make it okay. Paula, me, Ashley, Glen and Arthur, you're not alone." I whispered out.

Bailey screamed and cried for at least another hour before the room became silent and I sat on the ground rocking her like a new born. Slowly humming with her head upon my chest, cuddled safe and warm in my arms, I felt happy that she was finally trusting me but I hated what had to happen for it to take place.

"Bailey lets move to the bed okay, you need to rest before we go catch the plane." she shook her head no and buried herself deep making me chuckle, "Come on my legs are cramping."

"Sorry," she sniffled untangling her self from me, giving me a shy half smile.

"It's alright."

She climbed into the bed and I put the covers over her, "I'll wake you when it's time to leave." she nodded a thanks, "You're welcome. Sleep tight Bailey." I kissed the top of her head and turned but she caught my arm making me glance down again.

"You...you...can call..." she struggled to find the words, to get the out, "...Spencer?"

It came as a question, the word looking like it sounded unfamiliar on her tongue and in her head. I nodded, "Alright...Spencer."

She gave me a teary eyed half attempt at a smile before closing her eyes and falling asleep quickly.


Back in Montana

~Ashley's POV~

I loved when I had the house to myself. Mama took Bailey to see her father, my father, urg I don't want to think about that. I almost asked to go to talk with him, ask him why he took her and not me too, why he left me there, did he not love me or something.

Shaking her head she cleared it off all throughts. Glen was in his dorm room at school and mom was taking a late shift in town. I was all alone and the porn magazine in front of me was just what I needed to take the edge off. Some times I watched porn but it was too easy for it to accidently get mixed up with the regular dvds or someone could find it. The magazines came to Trish's house than she gave them to me, I'd do my business to it and throw it out the next day. No evidence. Fool proof.

But this magazine wasn't holding my attention so I just tossed it aside and laid down on top of my sheets. Reaching down popping the button of my jeans giving me access but not yet. Closing my eyes laying my hand at the base of the jeans and underwear I start to imagine. As the images spread my hips buck sending pleasure to my aching pussy lips as if it was real.

"Don't worry baby I'll go slow," I whisper to the panting girl below me, her body squirming in anticipation of what my wonderous hands will do. Leaning down I catpure her still nipple, sucking and nipping, feeling her moan and shake as she begs for more, to give more.

"Please Ashley, I need to cum so badly," she puffs out into the room telling me she's ready but not yet. I'm a tease, they all know, the feeling of making them so far gone they'd give anything to cum on the spot.

"Shhh, I promise I'll make it so good," my lips press a soft kiss just behind her ear, my breath ticklie the hair on the back of her neck making her hips bounce up and into my thigh, "You like that huh?" I blew hot air into her ear earning another buck.

"Oh god please?" they rang out with a moan as she bucked into me again and again.

Moving back I surveyed what I'd done to her. Her body lay panting, her full pert breasts rising and falling wtih each breath, straingin to get contact, her body glistening with sweat from the hours of teasing, first on our date and now in the bedroom, her pussy shaved, lips open as pre cum drips down and onto the bed sheets below.

"Your so wet and ready, I bet you'd love my fingers in you, pumping away...in and out, your hips meeting every thrust." I spoke to her as I glided my finger down from her neck between the valley of her tanned breasts, her stomach contracting and expanding to the just above her peaking clit begging to be rubbed, pulled, nipped, licked and caressed all by my talented tongue and fingers.

"Ashley please baby, I'm on fire!" she yelled out as I flicked her clit several time.

Smiling I leaned down attaching my lips to hers loving the feeling of them moving sensualy against me, taking my air but returning it at the same time. Snaking my hand down between her body again I easily slid two fingers in earning a few 'oh yeah's and 'that's it baby' for my effort.

Slamming my fingers in her repeatedly, her walls holding me tight as she started gaining pressure of pleasure. Her body rocked with every thrust and she was moaning so much.

"I'm so close, a little more, please baby," she hissed out and just like that I pulled out. Her eyes snapped open, "What...no...no don't stop I'm so close."

I smiled at her kissing the side of her mouth, "Make me cum first. Than you'll really enjoy yours, I promise."

Before I knew it she'd flipped us over pinning me to the bed, her head moved down kissing sproadically as she neared my aching center. Soon her lips attached to my clit sucking hard and I thought I was going to pass out as her hand massaged my pussy lips, up and down, the motion slightly tugging on my clit in her mouth, sort of like masterbating a dick only so much better as her tongue licked up one way and down the other than in circles. Never know what she'd do or where she'd go. The massaging hand soon stilled as a finger entered me. My hips jumped off the bed almost hitting her face hard enough to break her nose but she didn't stop.

My hands slid into her locks helping her stay put in the area that gave me the most pleasure, "I'm going to cum,"

I shouted earning a giggle which traveld to between her nipping teeth to my throbbing clit and into the heated liquid up inside, "Already...was someone turned on by all the teasing she'd been doing," she taunted having pulled her mouth away which did not go well with me but she batted my hands away from pushing her back down.

Slamming my fists against the sheets as another two fingers joined the one still resting in my hole, she started moving them, three fingers, more than I've taken before. In and out, pre cum seeping between her fingers and down my thighs. Her lips kissing every inch of skin but where I wanted her.


I let out a roar as my mind exploded with the intense and quite quick orgasm she'd given me. She kept going to prolong the intenseness but soon slid her fingers out, licking them clean and moaning along.

"....so will be home in a few since the plane just landed." Mama's voice echoed up the stairs from the answering machine. Yanking my hand out of my jeans as if I'd been caught, catching my breath from my imagination. Quickly buttoning up my jeans I rushed down stairs wiping my hand off and feeling cum pile uncomforable in my underwear pressing up into my still sensitive center.

I picked the phone up and listened to mama for a few minutes, answering hear and there and then finally going back up stairs, stress free, changed into my pajamas and putting my underwear in the washing machine with the rest of my laundry so know one could accidently find them and know what I was doing, I headed up to bed and fell fast asleep.