Oh great. Way to ruin a moment,cellphone.

I want fabulous, that is my simple request

All things fabulous, bigger and better and best

I need something inspiring to help me get along

I need a little fabulous, is that so wrong?

I grabbed my phone and pressed the Accept button. I didn't have to look in the screen to see who's calling.

"Hey Al, what's up?"

"Bells, I want you to come here NOW!" It was like she growled the last word but knowing Alice, she was really a persuasive person.

"Why? Anything wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong. I just want you to meet my brother."

"Oh,okay. I'll be there in a jiffy."

I almost forgot Alice that has a brother. Waiiit, what was his name again? I think it starts with an E. Hmmmm, think Bella think. Ohmy, All I can think about is Edward. That's when I remembered that I haven't read Edward's reply yet.

I immediately turned around and looked at my laptop. As I scrolled down the page, I saw Edward's reply.

"Hello beautiful. Im not rude but I also don't know you. But I would really love to. NASL?"

OHMYGOD. I almost hyperventilated. Did he just call me beautiful? OHMYGOOOD. Did he see my hideous pictures? I knew it, I shouldn't have posted it there. OHNOOHNOOHNO.

Then I heard a high-pitch voice screaming from outside. "ISABELLA MARIE SWAN, COME HERE NOW!" Oh no, I almost forgot about Alice. And with that, I hurriedly went downstairs and headed for the door. Alice and I are neighbors, so that's how we became the BEST OF FRIENDS.

I headed to their door and opened it without hesitation. Alice and I grew up together that's why our families are also tied up as if we're relatives. So It's no big deal to storm in each other's houses because we're already used to it.

As I entered their living room, I saw a guy with black, butch style hair. Looking at him from behind, he looks like a big teddy bear except that he has really big muscles. I was surprised when he looked at me and said, "Hi Bella! I meet you at last. You know, you're very famous in our family." After greeting me, he walked up to me and to my surprise, he hugged me so tight and that left me gasping for air.

"I... Caaan't... Breathee.." After he heard what I said, he let go of me and gave me a very wide smile.

"You know Em, you can't just go on hugging girls and leaving them gasping for breath. Don't you realize how big you are?" After Alice was finished scolding the big guy, she immediately took my hand and pulled me away from him.

"Bella, this is my brother, Emmett. Emmett, this is my bestfriend, Bella." Emmett and I shook hands and I wasn't shocked that he still had this wide grin in his face. He looks like a teddy bear. I think he and I will be good friends and I'll treat him as if he's the big brother that I longed to have.

"Hi!" We blurted it out the same time. It was so funny and we both just had to laugh.

"Hey guys, I really have to go now. I still have basketball practice. Bye! Nice meeting you, bella." And with that, he stormed out of the house carrying his bag. After Emmett left, someone knocked on the door. Alice and me went to the door and opened it. We then saw Jasper. Jasper is Alice's suitor. He has been courting Alice for almost 2 years now. Yes, he's THAT patient. Unlike Alice.

"Hi Jasper? What brought you here?" Alice always shows Jasper that she's hard to get even though she really wanted to be his girlfriend already.

"I just missed you Al. Can I hang out here with you?"

"Sure thing!" If Alice wasn't really this giddy all the time, jasper would've already sensed that she already likes him.

"Hey Al, Jas, sorry for interrupting but I have to go. I still have something to do. Bye!" I immediately made my way out of the house before anything of them speaks up. I wasn't really comfortable to be with the two of them because they always display PDA infront of me. Yes, they do PDA and stuff even though they're not together. SO JUST IMAGINE IF THEY WOULD OFFICIALY BECOME A COUPLE. GROSS!

When I arrived at home, my parents were already there discussing about medical stuff. You see, both my parents are doctors but they have different specializations. I said Hi to them and kissed them in the cheeks. I suddenly remembered Edward and that I haven't replied to his reply yet. *feeling excited*

I was already and my room and I also turned the laptop on so I was just waiting for it to load completely. After it loaded, I clicked on Safari and clicked Friendster(FS) on my bookmarks tab. So when FS loaded, I clicked on his message and click the reply button.

"Hi! Sorry for this late reply. Im Bella, obviously. Im 17 and I live in Laguna Beach. How 'bout you?"

I immediately pressed send after that and I was hoping that he's also online so that he'll reply fast. While waiting, I decided to have my night bath first and so I went to the bathroom. I thought about making it fast so that I could see if Edward replied already but I was so relaxed with the hot water so I stayed in the bathroom for 30 mins. I walked out of the bathroom after and I wore my ever favorite tube dress. Ever since I wore it as pajama 6 months ago, I felt comfortable wearing it so I bought 2 more.

After dressing up and putting on powder and lotion, I sat in front of my laptop desk and see if Edward replied. And he did reply! But I was surprised to see not just one but TWO new messages. I clicked on his 1st reply and read, "Hi Bella! It's okay. Im Edward, obviously. Im also 17 and I'm from Forks." I was supposed to reply to this message but I suddenly remembered the second message. It was also from him. I clicked it but then someone knocked on my door. DAMN. Another moment ruiner.