Hey all. I know it's been forever but I'm back at uni and I've got a light semester so I've decided to do some writing. Here's some ideas that I've been knocking around.

1) It's the modern era. Youkai still exist but are hidden from humans. The Inu family decides to ally themselves with our favorite wolves in the north. Naturally there needs to be a marriage and guess which wolf prince and Inu hanyou are selected to be married. Naturally Inuyasha isn't to happy with the arrangement, but Kouga and his own pack of horny wolves are willing to give it a try. And, yes, Sesshoumaru makes an appearance.

2) It's mating season for Youkai (I know it's been done to death but I've got a few ideas that I think are new) and Inuyasha gets dragged up north for a whole lot of sex. Not too much of a story beyond that.

3) It's been about 50 years since the series ended and most of Inuyasha's friends have passed on. He's still living at the village but he's becoming more detached with life as time goes by. It turns out that youkai and humanity are parting ways and Kouga (and someone important from his past) wants to bring Inuyasha into his pack. Trouble is Inuyasha not only has to learn how to really live in the youkai world but also the rules of the wolf tribe. And I think we can all guess how Kouga's going to teach him.

4) You think all of my ideas are crap and you have a suggestion of your own or you think I should just come up with a new one myself (which definitely could happen).

Also if you have any suggested scenes or fetishes you'd like to see, let me know. I've already had requests for a spanking scene and/or bondage so keep them coming.