Ianto paused in the office doorway and scowled. He put his hand to his eyes and rubbed them. Then he turned around to check that he hadn't just passed through another portal into a different world. Finally he turned back and lifted both eyebrows in bewildered enquiry at Jack.

The Captain, still laughing, winked at him. "How are you feeling, Ianto?" he asked, unfolding his hands from behind his head and sitting forward at his desk.

Ianto blinked, looked pointedly at the man lounging on the small sofa, and finally decided to play along. "Better, thank you," he replied honestly. The only issue he had was lingering fatigue; he could have happily gone back to sleep, but then he wasn't entirely sure he had woken up. It certainly seemed like a dream to find John Hart sprawled in Jack's office, laughing along with the older man.

"I want Owen to have another look at you," Jack said, still seemingly unperturbed by the presence of his former partner.

"I just needed to sleep." Ianto couldn't help but look back to Hart, who leered at him, not even attempting to hide the way he was studying the Welshman's body.

"For fifteen hours?" Jack's own eyebrows shot up and then he chuckled. "I'm glad your sense of humour wasn't damaged as well, Ianto. Go see Owen anyway to ease my mind, if that's how you want to think of it."

"And should I bring you both some refreshments on my way back?" Ianto asked dryly, meeting John's smug gaze and refusing to look away first.

"God, no," Jack said. "He's not going to be here that long."

That got Hart's attention and he turned from his staring contest with Ianto to gawk at the other man. "What? I thought we had an agreement?"

Jack flashed him a wide grin. "No, you made a suggestion and didn't wait for an answer. So here it is now: no, you still can't stay."

Hart narrowed his eyes, his jaw clenching angrily. "But you disabled the vortex manipulator," he said through gritted teeth. "And the secondary system you weren't supposed to know about. You made sure I couldn't leave."

"That's right. I didn't want you prancing off until I was sure you wouldn't be of any further use. Now that Lurrelia's gone and Ianto's back, it's time for you to get going."

Ianto watched the exchange with a great deal of satisfaction. Although John Hart couldn't be blamed for all that had transpired, Ianto still viewed him with some contempt over the whole situation. He was a reminder of what had happened during the last week and if Jack had allowed him to stay, Ianto would've had a difficult time adjusting to his presence. He tried to hide his pleasure when John glared up at him, but he suspected that he didn't completely succeed.

Taking a step back, Ianto decided it was best to let Jack deal with the irate ex-Time Agent on his own, but Hart leapt to his feet and made to leave the office, shouldering Ianto aside as he strode by. When he reached the doorway, however, he paused for a moment before turning on his heel and coming to stand directly in front of Ianto. He smirked as the Welshman leaned back slightly, although Ianto refused to be cowed into moving away completely.

"It was fun while it lasted, Eye-Candy," he drawled, his eyes flicking over Ianto's shoulder towards Jack. "And just so you know, next time I intend to get to the main event." He grabbed the nape of Ianto's neck and pulled him into a forceful kiss. Ianto strained to pull back but it ended almost as quickly as it had started and then Hart was strutting away again through the door.

Ianto turned around to find Jack had risen to his feet, leaning over the desk with an expression of both anger and amusement. The Captain noticed his attention and offered him a blinding grin, the hint of fury vanishing instantly.

"Would it be reassuring if I told you not all my exes are that irritating?"

"Would you be telling the truth?" Ianto asked.

"Not even a little."

Ianto smiled and moved closer. "Then don't bother. Frankly I'd be more surprised if you didn't have any skeletons in your closet."

Jack laughed. "Oh I've got more than a few of those." His expression and his voice then softened. "Are you sure you're feeling okay?"

"I'm sure. I still ache from an array of bruises but it's nothing I haven't dealt with before."

"Good." Jack walked around the desk so there was nothing between them. "How about what you saw in that other world?"

Ianto grimaced. "Well, I think my dreams might be a little strange for a few nights, but I'll be fine."

"You went through something very traumatic, Ianto. I know you're strong enough to cope, but don't forget you're not on your own here," Jack told him, lifting a hand and stroking the young man's face with his fingertips. "If you want to talk about what you saw, or did, then just come find me. Okay?"

Ianto didn't respond; he was having too much trouble focusing beyond the feel of the hand on his cheek. After a long week of experiencing pain whenever Jack had touched him, to feel only warmth from the gentle caress came as a bit of a surprise. His eyes shut of their own accord and he fell forward into Jack's arms, meeting the lips that sought his own in a passionate kiss.

Ianto moaned quietly in his throat, only partially aware of being moved across the room, and then there was softness beneath him as Jack lowered them both onto the couch which John had recently vacated. Drawing back to catch his breath, Ianto looked up into Jack's bright eyes and smiled. "Before you ask," he began, "it still doesn't hurt."

"I'd kinda guessed," Jack said, grinning and leaning down to kiss him again.

"Better this way," Ianto breathed, just before Jack's lips closed with his. His legs parted on their own accord, bringing Jack closer against him, and he pressed his thighs into the Captain's hips, rocking up suggestively.

Tongues duelling, they lost themselves in each other for a long few minutes, Jack's fingers questing nimbly through Ianto's clothes and Ianto holding his lover as tightly to him as possible. Finally Jack pulled back, breathing heavily and laughing with pleasure. "We really should get you checked out, just to make sure everything's back in the right place."

Though he groaned lightly in disappointment, Ianto nodded, retaining enough of his wits to remember that the office door was wide open and everyone else was still in the Hub. "I suppose we should also wait until we're alone before you do your own examination," he pointed out with reluctance.

Jack growled unhappily at the lack of a protest and shoved his nose into Ianto's neck, breathing in his scent deeply. "I'll make sure John does as he's told whilst you're with Owen. I don't want to see him back in here ever again."

Ianto pushed Jack back enough to look him in the eyes. "You know I would never have let him do anything to me if I'd been in control."

"I know. Lurrelia was doing everything she could to hurt me, and letting John play with your body was just one of her tricks." The Captain studied his lover's face, as though committing the familiar features to his memory. "I'm sorry you had to go through all that because of me. Because of what I did."

"What she said you did," Ianto corrected, sitting up and straightening his suit. "You don't know for sure that it was your fault."

"And I don't know for sure that it wasn't." Jack sighed as he stood up. "But I suppose it doesn't matter now, she's gone and everything's back to normal."

Ianto accepted Jack's hand and rose from the sofa, only to be pulled into an embrace that quickly descended into another deep kiss. When they parted for breath, Ianto rested his forehead against Jack's. "As normal as things get around here," he muttered.

Two hours later, after Ianto had dutifully sat through another examination by a scowling Owen, he saw the others out of the tourist centre and locked up behind them. Jack had yet to return from seeing John off but he felt no anxiety at that fact, knowing full well that his lover could easily handle the obnoxious Captain.

Back down in the heart of the Hub, he pottered around tidying up, but after only five minutes a noise halted his movements and he turned around to find Jack leaning in the doorway to his office.

The older man grinned at him then started to walk backwards, beckoning for Ianto to follow, but when he reached the door, Jack had already vanished down into the little bunker beneath the room. Shaking his head in amusement, Ianto eased himself over the edge of the hole and made his way slowly down the ladder.

"This isn't as easy as it looks," he said dryly as he climbed one-handed, but if he was hoping for Jack's help or sympathy he certainly didn't get it, for the Captain said nothing until he reached the bottom.

"I was hoping you'd work up a sweat."

Ianto rolled his eyes and turned to face his lover. "That's vastly less imaginative than I'd expected."

Jack shrugged and stepped aside, waving a hand at the low bed. "Why don't you lie down?"

"Oh?" Ianto looked at him suspiciously, not trusting the playful glint in his eyes.

"Actually why don't you take off your shirt, then lie down."

"Jack..." the Welshman began, but he'd already turned away and disappeared into his tiny bathroom.

"Shirt, Ianto!" Jack commanded from behind the door. The young man shook his head again and gave in graciously. He made quick work of his waistcoat and shirt buttons, but getting his arms out of the sleeves took far more finesse and he was only halfway there by the time Jack reappeared.

Chuckling fondly, the Captain moved to help him and when his chest was bare, long fingers swept gently over his skin. Ianto closed his eyes, savouring the touch, and Jack took the opportunity to steer him over to the bed.

"Lie down," Jack said quietly. "On your front." He lifted one hand to reveal the bottle of massage oil he had retrieved from the bathroom. "Now that you're better, I intend to touch you all over."

Ianto shivered inwardly at Jack's determined tone and moved quickly to obey. He settled himself on the bed, mindful of his cast but eager for the unexpected offer. He loved Jack's massages, but they rarely lasted beyond five minutes thanks to the Captain's impatience to get to the next stage. Ianto hoped he'd be able to contain himself this time, because his muscles were certainly in need of some attention after the week he'd had.

Almost as soon as he was flat on the blanket, Jack began to drizzle oil over his back. He started at Ianto's neck, working on the tight knots of tension that had formed there, and the young man was unable to stop himself groaning at the initial pain. It was swiftly followed by the wonderful feeling of eased muscles as Jack moved across onto his shoulders and soon Ianto felt himself drifting somewhere between sleep and wakefulness.

The massage certainly lasted longer than usual and Jack kept his word about touching every part of the other man. At some point his trousers and underwear vanished and Jack worked his way down one leg and back up the other. After that Ianto was rolled over, though his eyes remained closed and his mind unfocused, and the fingers began again on the front of his body.

"How is it?"

Jack's words failed to break his reverie, a mere echo to Ianto's ears, and he simply hummed appreciatively in response. There came a laugh and then heated breath ghosted over his bare skin.

"Would you like me to finish you off, Sir?" the Captain drawled, hands tracing circles over the younger man's thighs.

Opening his eyes a fraction, Ianto saw that Jack had moved onto the bed, kneeling over his legs and bending to bring his mouth tantalisingly close to the semi-hard shaft before him. He had also cast aside his clothes somewhere along the line and laughed at Ianto's clear surprise at the development.

"Would I have to tip you afterwards?" Ianto asked drowsily, his hips lifting automatically upwards.

"That's entirely at your discretion," Jack told him, his voice low and full of desire. He dipped his head and ran his tongue up the length of his lover's erection, pulling back to flash him a teasing smile, but the moment he met Ianto's heavy-lidded eyes, his expression fell.

"What's wrong?" Ianto asked, alert as Jack straightened suddenly.

Jack looked away from him, guilt tightening his features. "Before, in my office-"


"But I knew. I knew it was hurting you and I still-"

"Jack, please, don't."

Jack opened his mouth to protest but Ianto pushed himself up and touched the older man's cheek with his fingertips. "I know," he said softly. "But don't blame yourself. I chose not to stop you."

The Captain's blue eyes flickered back to his own, the unexpected remorse within them surprising Ianto. It truly was rare to see the immortal so distressed and that troubled Ianto far more than the situation Jack was attempting to discuss.

"We can talk about it later," Ianto said, gentle but firm. The last thing he wanted was to think about all that had happened over the past week; there were issues he wasn't ready to consider, let alone accept and to forestall any further objection, he caught Jack's lips in a tender kiss, pulling him forward until they were both laying down on the narrow bed.

It didn't take much to reignite Jack's passion and his hands returned to the task of mapping Ianto's body, followed by questing lips and tongue. They rocked against each other, erections sliding together and creating a familiar spark low in Ianto's stomach. He moaned and tried to pull his lover tighter to him but Jack twisted instead, reaching down to retrieve the bottle of oil from the floor. "I can't wait," he murmured, taking the opportunity to nibble at Ianto's earlobe as he did so. "I need you now."

Ianto grabbed the back of Jack's neck, tugging him into another deep kiss, tongues battling and teeth nipping at swollen lips. Their frantic need was heightened with each passing moment and Jack was soon reaching down between them, greased fingertips slipping over Ianto's hole. The younger man rolled his hips, desperate for more and Jack obliged him, stretching the muscles quickly but efficiently.

"Ah!" Ianto gasped, his head falling back on the pillow as Jack brushed against his prostate.

Jack chuckled and removed his fingers, eliciting a groan of protest from his lover until he hooked an arm under one of Ianto's legs, exposing him even more, and positioned his cock at the twitching ring of muscle.

The Captain hissed in pleasure as he penetrated Ianto's body, ducking his head to bite at the side of his neck in an undisguised act of possession. He set a furious pace from the start, making long deep thrusts that propelled Ianto along the mattress until his head was at risk of hitting the wall behind him. The young man blindly reached up with his left hand, turning his palm flat on the rough plasterwork and pushing back against Jack.

Their bodies crashed together, sweat glistening in the light of the small bedside lamp and breath coming in short loud gasps. "Oh, God," Ianto panted, squeezing his eyes tightly as he began to soar, but he was suddenly snatched from the edge as Jack unexpectedly interrupted their rhythm.

He pulled almost all the way out and held himself there until Ianto's eyes snapped open, alarmed and clearly concerned that something else was wrong. Jack waited until he looked up and held his gaze as he slid back in again, slow and deep and Ianto's entire being shivered at the intensity of the action.

"Did you miss this?" Jack asked in a voice thick with lust. "Did you miss my touch?"

"Yes," Ianto immediately replied. His eyelids fluttered at another inward push. "God, yes."

Jack shifted, sitting back onto his knees and pulling Ianto's hips with him so that the contact wasn't lost. The young man instinctively curled his legs around his lover, encouraging him to adjust his angle and Jack's cock pierced even deeper into his body.

The new position freed Ianto's left hand and he reached instantly for his straining erection, wrapping his fingers tightly around the hot flesh. Jack watched as he caressed himself and in turn Ianto watched him from beneath hooded eyes. The young man smiled wickedly, gradually increasing the pace of his hand and inwardly rejoicing as Jack subconsciously echoed it with the thrusting of his hips.

It wasn't long before Jack was once again slamming into him and as Ianto soared towards orgasm his hand was pushed away from his cock and Jack took over, squeezing hard as Ianto arched up, eager for completion. He reached out with both hands, his left on Jack's pumping forearm urging him to stroke even faster, whilst his right flailed for purchase and knocked accidently against the wall, but then he was coming, his surroundings forgotten as brightness burst behind his eyelids and his body tensed with wave after wave of trembling pleasure.

He gasped for air, barely conscious of Jack still plunging into him, until the Captain suddenly froze and a groan escaped from deep within his throat.

After a few minutes of stillness, Ianto forced open his eyes and peered up at Jack. He hadn't moved at all, holding Ianto's hips tight to his groin and showing no sign of releasing them any time soon. His head was tipped back slightly, but at the young man's movement, he looked down and gave him a smug grin.

"Good?" he asked lightly, laughing when Ianto merely shook his head in despair. He pulled out of Ianto's body with a quiet sigh of regret and lay down in the space the younger man had made for him. Propping himself up on one elbow, Jack idly dragged a finger along Ianto's sweat-slicked chest. "I never realised before, just how much I enjoyed being able to touch you."

"You're joking, of course," Ianto said, his voice heavy and satisfied. "You've always enjoyed touching. Anyway, it's only been a week. Even you can go a week without sex."

"I'm not talking about just sex," argued Jack, before ducking his head in order to lick the same path he had traced with his fingertip, "I mean everyday touching, like patting your shoulder or shaking your hand."

The Welshman frowned slightly at that and looked away from the low ceiling to raise an eyebrow at his lover. "You missed shaking my hand?" he repeated dubiously.

Jack growled. "You know what I mean. When you'd pass me a mug or something and-" He stopped abruptly as Ianto began to laugh.

"Good grief, Jack, if that does it for you I'm surprised you don't walk around with a perpetual hard-on."

"Maybe I do," Jack muttered, leaning over to kiss the chuckling man beside him. Ianto met his lips eagerly, grabbing hold of the hand still on his chest and sliding it over his skin. He shivered at the contact and stretched out to mirror the action on Jack's body, though he pulled back and scowled when he realised he couldn't reach very far with just one hand.

Jack laughed softly and moved to give him better access. "I can't wait until you have both hands again," he said, running his fingers down Ianto's right arm to his cast. Ianto didn't look up, being far too engrossed in his exploration and Jack leaned in for another kiss as he quietly added, "then you can fix my coat..."