TITLE: Makeout Tactics

PAIRING: kakashiXsakura

TIMELINE/SPOILERS: Shippuuden. Timeline not relevant to the story, though. (again)

WARNINGS: ... contains kisses? XD

DISCLAIMER: Masashi Kishimoto owns Naruto and all related characters, etc etc etc.

Last Edited: April 20, 2009

Chapter 01 - Accident


The first time was an accident, and it was unexpected.

"Aa, Naruto, you spar with Sai first."

"Yosh! This won't take too long!"

"It seems all that ramen for breakfast had muddled your brain, dickless, to the point that you think you could win against me."

Sakura frowned visibly. She didn't know which she should be frowning at— Naruto and Sai bickering while using such profane names or Kakashi not planning on sparring with her. In the end she settled on conking Naruto and Sai before settling down on the grass with Kakashi. She knew that he had just come back the night before from a mission, and it was still apparent that he needed some more rest.

"Ne, Kakashi," Sakura said, grinning. "Age finally getting to you, huh? You used to take on us three even after a mission."

The jounin lying beside her didn't respond at all, and judging by his relaxed state, it was safe to say that he had fallen asleep on her.

The nerve.

"You really should learn to listen to me, you idiot." Sakura muttered, raising a fisted hand above Kakashi's head.

Alas, Sakura was a good medic, and good medics don't beat up their patients who should be resting. So instead, Sakura contented herself with just imagining she had punched the man's head to the ground.

Sakura was inwardly laughing when she realized that something was up, and when she looked back down at Kakashi, her grin increased drastically. The jounin was definitely still tired from his last mission, and he was shamefully unguarded and relaxed lying beside her, sound asleep.

Slowly, she leaned down closer to his face, making sure one last time if he was really fast asleep. His breathing remained deep and even, his flak vest rising slowly before sinking back down.

Satisfied, she leaned further down, her fingers poised readily above the thin cloth. In one swoop, one of Konoha's mysteries would be solved, and she would be the first among her teammates to witness it first-hand.

But just as her fingers skimmed his face, the jounin sat up in caution, his face bumping rather painfully on Sakura's. It had been a split-second contact, and Sakura had only thought of them accidentally kissing long after the pain on her nose had gone.

'Meh, it's nothing.'

: to be continued :

Author's Notes: Yes, it's short. No, it's not over yet. This is supposed to be just a short one-shot, but the second to the last scene was more than the length of the first three, so I had to expand the others. XD

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