One day Bella Swan was sitting in the Cullen livingroom with Jasper and Emmett. They had agreed to watch her while the other Cullens went hunting.

"Jasper I'm so bored!!" Bella said, staring out the window.

"Well what do you want to do?" he asked, playing fondly with a pencil.

"Ooh I know! Lets say RANDOM things and get mad at each other!" Emmett said happily.

"Yeah! THAT sounds like FUN!" Bella agreed.

"I like to eat apple's on a stick for breakfast!" Emmett said.

"Emmett you're a VAMPIRE, you don't eat at all!" Bella giggled.

"I do too! I eat lots of things." he protested.

"Like what do you eat?" asked Jaspser.

Emmett thought a minute, "Y, M, C, A!!" he yelled. Bella and Jasper cracked up.

"EMMETT!!!" Bella yelled.

"What? I like to sing...W, M, C, A!" he yelled agian.

"You fruitloop shut up!" Bella said.

"Bella what the hamburger?" asked Jasper, giving her a weird look.

"Yummy hamburger!" Emmett drooled.

" are a VAMPIRE, there for you do not eat at ALL!" Bella explianed.

"I DO TOO!" he whined.

"RAW!" laughed Jasper.

"NINJA FRUITLOOP!!!" Bella yelled.

"What?" asked Jasper.

"Emmett give me meh cookies!" Bella yelled tackling him.

"I didn't take your cookies!" he said.


"Bella I'll tell Edward!" Jasper said.

"Tattle tale!" complianed Bella.

"Cry baby."


Jasper gasps

"Oh no you di-in't!" Jasper yelled at her.

"Oh I went there and I didn't come back!" Bella smirked.

"You wanna go?" Jasper asked. Emmett almost crapping his pants laughing.

"Yeah, I wanna go! Where should we go?" Bella said getting only inches away from Jaspers face.

"McDonalds!!!" all three of them yelled together.