Parents for a month

"Now, Hikari, we are going off. Make sure you take care of the house and yourself. And ABSOULTELY NO COOKING, DO YOU HEAR?!"

"Hai, hai! I promise, mama. Now, go off with papa. I will be fine while all of you go and visit grandmother in the village." Our heroine smiled at her parents and brother with that cheerful smile of hers.

"Alright, ja ne!" With a wave, her family walked off, towards the railway station, leaving Hikari waving energetically behind them. As they grew smaller and smaller in size and the distance between them lengthen, Hikari dropped her arm and pouted a little "I can cook, you know…." Grumbling a little, she turned into the house. Just then, her phone that was given by Kei rang. She answered "Moshi, moshi?"

"Ah, Hikari!!! I heard that Papa and Mama Hanazono are going to visit your grandmother in the village for a month, leaving you all alone in the house of yours. How about coming and living with me?" Toudou Akira asked, as she lounged on the sofa, in her mansion. "I would love the company!!"

"Ah so! It's ok, Akira! I will be fine, don't you worry!" Hikari smiled as she sat on the front door of her house, while looking at the flowers in the small garden. "A month will pass quickly and I am a strong girl, remember?" She laughed.

"But Hikari, you can't cook! What about your meals?" Akira pressed, as she tried to think of ways to convince Hikari to live with her.

"Oh, mama gave me money to buy takeaways for a month. Thus, it's no issue at all!" Hikari said, as she leaned against the doorway.

"Ah………well…if you need anything, remember to tell me, immediately, ok? I will get it for you!" Akira promised.

"Arigato, Akira! I will definitely -" Hikari's words were cut off suddenly as the sound of a phone dropping to the ground was heard. Hikari's voice then rang out "Put me down, you bastards!!!"

"Hikari? Hikari? Are you there?! Hikari!!!" Akira screamed into the phone as the connection between was cut at last. Looking at the severed connection in her hand, Akira ran for the door, yelling "Driver! Bring the car around! I am going to Hikari's place now! She must be kidnapped!!"


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"What?! I am to stay in your house?!" Hikari asked, as her mouth dropped to the fall in shock.

"Hai, Hikari-chan! While you are here, both of you will be helping me in taking care of my baby nephew as well! The poor mite, he has no one to take care of him while his parents are away! Oh, don't worry; it's only for a month!" Smiling, he trusted the baby into her arms and walked away, saying "I am off for work! Arigato, Hikari! Get on well, children!"