"Time certainly flies when you are happy, Takishima! A month is about to pass since Haruhi came to us!" Hikari said happily, as she leaned back in the luxury car that is bringing both Hikari and Kei back to the mansion. As usual, Kei is typing away at a laptop while Hikari sat next to him. However, at her words, Kei stopped typing for a while as he turned to smile at Hikari, who is beaming away like a proud mama.

"You certainly enjoyed every minute with Haruhi-chan, didn't you, Hikari?" Kei asked, as he gazed at his favourite girl. "Of course! What's not to like about Haurhi-chan? She is sooooooooo cute! I bet when she grows up, she is going to make a lot of guys fall at her feet!" Hikari exclaimed, as she grinned at Kei. "Oh, trust me; Haruhi-chan had several guys at her feet already." A wry smile crossed Kei's lips as he recalled a certain incident some years back that involved his uncle-in-law to faint the moment he was presented with his new-born daughter. The same reaction goes for his father too. Though he did not faint like Keigo Atobe, he went into full blown fan girl mode the moment he saw Haruhi and at the memory of that, Kei's smile slid off his face like water. Sensing this, Hikari leaned closer over to Kei and peered at his face as she asked "Takishima? Are you okay? You looked unwell."

"No, I am alright. I just recalled some err… unpleasant things. It's nothing, really."Forcing a smile at Hikari, he turned back to his laptop and resumed his work as the gates of the Takishima Mansion swung open to emit them. Hikari looked a tad worried as she glazed at Takishima. Reaching over, she closed her left hand over his right hand and squeezed gently. Surprised, Kei looked up at Hikari, who smiled an assuring smile at him. At the sight of this, Kei could do nothing as he returned the smile tenderly to the girl who had captured his heart and soul.


As they stepped through the main doors, hand in hand, both of them heard Haruhi gave a loud squeal. At this, two pairs of eyes opened wide in worry and shock as both of them dropped their school bags, books and laptop as they sprinted for the bedroom that Haruhi was sleeping in the morning. Reaching the door first, Kei opened the door with a bang; ready to unleash his wrath on whoever or whatever that is causing Haruhi to squeal so. However, what he saw brought him up short suddenly and caused Hikari, who was at his back to run full force into him. "OUCH!"

"Kei! You are back!" His aunt, Sakuno Atobe beamed at him as she cradled Haruhi in her arms. "Thank you for taking care of my angel while Keigo and I were away! And is that your girlfriend that Satoru told me about? I must thank her for taking care of Haruhi too!" Putting Haruhi back in the cot, Sakuno reached out for Hikari who looked at Kei's aunt wide eyed.

"Hello there! You must be Hikari Hanazono! I am Sakuno Atobe, Kei's aunt. Thank you very much for taking care of my daughter while my husband and I were away!" Looking closely at Hikari, she beamed "Such a little beauty! No wonder then, that Kei really fell for you!" She chortled, as a furious blush spread across Hikari's face totally. Stepping back from Hikari, she addressed the two teenagers "I hope Haruhi has been behaving well while I am away? She can be a handful at times."

"Oh no! She is an absolute angel, Atobe-sama! A bundle of joy to be around!" Hikari spoke quickly as she looked up at the beautiful woman in front of her. "Oh?" Sakuno arched a perfect eyebrow as she considered the pair in front of her. Then smiling, she reached behind her and into the cot as she carried Haruhi out and placed her in Hikari's arms. Instinctively, Hikari's arms came protectively around the baby as Haruhi gave Hikari a big, wide and toothless smile and gurgle. Reaching around, Kei gave the baby his finger and Haruhi tried to tug on it to her mouth. Observing the scene in front of her, Sakuno smiled inwardly and thought "Oh Satoru, you are right. She is indeed the one that Kei needs and she is certainly inclined to be a perfect mother! And if our father cannot see this fact, then he is really blind!" Just as she is about to continue musing on the pair in front of her, something broke her concentration.

"Well, well, who do we have here with my ladies?" A male voice sounded out as the doors to the bedroom opened again, emitting a man who is dressed in expensive clothes. "Uncle" Kei bowed, as Keigo Atobe stepped into the room. "Kei! How are you, my boy? And who is this? The nanny?" he asked as he gestured towards Hikari, who is still carrying Haruhi. "Don't be rude, Keigo. That is Hanazono Hikari, Kei's girlfriend. She and Kei have been taking care of our baby for us." Sakuno admonished her husband as she leaned up to kiss him on the cheek. "Aha, the one that Satoru mentioned?" Keigo asked his wife as he grinned at Hikari. "Yes."

"Pleased to meet you, Atobe-sama." Hikari smiled charmingly. Keigo nodded as he assessed the girl in front of him. He certainly liked what he saw before he reached out for the baby, lifting her effortlessly out of Hikari's arms. "Thank you for taking care of my baby girl for me, Hikari-chan. Now that we are home, we can take care of her once again. And... my dear? Perhaps it is time for us to go home. Now that Haruhi is back with us, we can give these two teenagers the freedom that they need to do things!" Sakuno nodded her approval as she stepped beside her husband. Looking over at the two quiet teenagers in front of her, she said kindly "You are always welcome to visit our home, Hikari-chan. I am sure Haruhi would love to see you again. Do come and visit us soon, alright?"

"Yes, Atobe-sama. Thank you." Hikari tried to smile but managed only a poor version of it. Sensing Hikari's distress, Kei reached around and pulled her closer to him as he wrapped his arms around her waist comfortingly. At this, Sakuno threw Keigo a look as she carried Haruhi from her husband. Then, leaning close to Hikari, Sakuno ordered, "Haruhi, say bye-bye to Hikari-chan now! We are going home!" And instead of a gurgle as expected of a baby, what Haruhi did next surprised all who were present- Haruhi reached out, both hands stretched, so that she can grab Hikari's face, and planted a wet kiss on cheek! She also did the same to Kei too!

Smiling broadly, Keigo turned and swept his women in front of him as all three of them stepped out of the room, leaving the teenagers stunned and in wonder. Reaching up to touch the area that Haruhi kissed her, Hikari's hands trembled a little as memories rose to surface, reminding her of the times that she had with the baby. Turning around, she buried her head in Kei's shirt as she whispered "Oh, when can I ever see Haruhi again?" A lone tear fell, staining Kei's shirt immediately.

Feeling that single tear, Kei pulled apart from Hikari as he observed Hikari closely - she is crying as her eyes were filled with tears. Reaching out, he wiped away her tears as he cradled her face. Leaning in close, forehead to forehead, he replied "Anytime you like, Hikari. If you really miss her, just tell me and I will bring you there. Don't be sad anymore, alright?" Hikari can only nod silently. Pressing a kiss to her forehead and the corner of her eyes, Kei whispered "In time to come, I am sure we will also have our own baby, Hikari. Just wait a little bit more….I promise."


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