Hi! This is...um...Daddy, How Did You Meet Mommy, story number 43, originally released on November 17th, 2008, at 10:31. This is OnlyANothernSong- I wrote it. I also watched too many commentaries. I don't know why. I HAVE NO LIFE!

With that now known, let's continue on with the story!

Daddy, How Did You Meet Mommy?

It all started the first second I saw her, he told them. She told us that she was Princess Diana, of Themiscarya. I didn't know what she was talking about but I noticed right away- she was gorgeous! And I don't mean Supermodel gorgeous- I mean, Greek God gorgeous!

Not Greek God gorgeous, she scolds him. That's heresy.

Well, I'm atheist, so I can be heres...ic..., he replies, then continues. Anyway, she didn't notice me. After all, what was I? Just some schmuck in a suit. And she was beautiful! Just as beautiful as she is now, of course. I was bewitched. So I tried flirting, and you know where it got me? I ended up with the strict ex-marine John Stewart!

Uncle John was strict? They ask.

Back then he didn't have god-kids to spoil, so yea. Real tightwad, he explains. So, I annoy him, and Diana, or Wonder Woman-

Or Wondy, she reminds him.

Ah, the infamous nickname that resulted in many glares! Yea- she had to go with uncle Bruce and uncle J'onn-

Did uncle Shawn show her how he can turn into a bunny? They ask.

No, not then, but he did later, he says. Anyway, after a while, we meet back up, and we stop the people...er...yea- baddies, we were fighting. Then, one day, Diana was homesick.

Did she miss grandma? They ask.

Yea- she missed Grandma, and all your aunts. So, she went to visit her. But a very bad man had-um...

Hurt them, she supports.

How did he hurt them? They ask.

Um- he used magic, he says.

Ohh, they say.

So, she had to help them. And we helped her. But then your grandma was mad, because, back then, men weren't allowed on Themiscarya.

You're not a man, They giggle. You're daddy.

Well, I was a man back then. And uncle Clark, and uncle Bruce were there, too.

Ohh, they say.

But your grandma was mad, he continues. She yelled at Diana, and said she had to leave the island, and not go back.

Nu-uh, they argue. She's been there before.

That's because your grandma loved your mommy too much to never see her again, he replies. Who wouldn't love her?

Not me! They chorus.

But she was especially mad at your daddy, she says.

I told her it was wrong to be mad at her, since Diana saved her life, he explains. She was mad at me, but I didn't get into too much trouble. But Diana noticed how much I cared about her, and how badly I felt for her after grandma did that. She figured it out that day.

Did she love you too? They demand. Did she tell you she loved you?

No, he says. She came to me and told me that I was a great friend for sticking up for her, but that she had just arrived to Man's world, and that she didn't want to be involved. I just nodded, and said I would never stop flirting with her.

Just because you fail, you should never give up, she advises.

We stayed good friends, he continued. But she liked uncle Bruce.

Uncle Bruce?! They crowed. Ewww!

Wait'll we tell that to uncle Bruce, he laughs. And uncle Bruce liked her back, he continued. But he didn't know how to...?

Show it, she says.

Show her that he loved her, he agrees. They loved each other, but it was a romance without an ending; a wonderful fairy tale, but no happily ever after.

Aren't you a poet? She laughs.

I try, he says.

So, then what happened? They ask.

Thanagar attacked, he said. We all had to show each other who we were. Before then, I didn't know uncle Bruce was Bruce Wayne, or who uncle Clark was. And Diana didn't know who I was. She saw me, and joked about my hair. We flirted, but uncle Bruce was mad, because he liked her, he just didn't know how to show it.

Then what happened? They ask.

We split up. I went with uncle John, and Diana went with uncle Bruce. But, Diana saw some mean people hurting nice people, and stopped them. So, to hide, she and he went into a restaurant, and had to kiss to be inconspicuous- er- unfound.

How did you find out about that?! She demands.

Then, we all met up at uncle Bruce's mansion. We got some help, from Shay an-

Where was Shay when this was happening? They ask.

She was working with the bad people- but they lied, so she thought they were good.

But she knew you were good, they argue.

And that's why she came back to help us, he agrees.

When did you find out about that kiss?! She repeats.

She told us how we could beat the bad people, and, in the end, helped us do it. But, there was a problem, and uncle Bruce knew the only way to save Earth was to do something, but he'd die if he did it.

Uncle Bruce tried to kill himself!? They ask.

He was very heroic and dramatic back then, he replies. Uncle Clark saved him, though. But Diana was sad, because, even though she knew his reasons for doing it, he was still willing to die. She was very sad, but uncle Bruce didn't want to talk to her when she brought up how stupid he was. But, I saw she was upset, and, since she knew who I was, invited her over for some coffee at my place. We talked a lot.

About everything, she adds.

And then what happened? They ask.

'We fell in love, she says.

What about uncle Bruce? They ask.

You snooze, you lose, he says, and he kisses her.

Ewww! They scream.

Off to bed, then, he says.

Good night! She calls. Sleep tight! She turns to him. I like the long version of the story. She curls in his arms.

And we spent all night talking, he continues. And that's when you realized I hadn't flirted with you one time the entire night.

Just consoling, she agreed.

And that's when you kissed me, he says.

And you kissed me back, she says.

And then- we just kept on talking.


The end. I know there aren't many details at the end, but I think it's clear. Did I just contradict myself?


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