Hello, hello,

After a long unexpected hiatus, I have returned back to finish what I've started. I took down the previous chapters and am now currently revising them. If you been around since the beginning then you would know the amount of times I kept revising this story to better flesh out an idea and sharpen the scenes as best as I could to make the story readable. I thought I did my best in my last version, but no — I reread this story and founds scenes that could been better written, sharpen and fit the realistic approach as well as improving on the ideas I had. Instead of going down the route of re-uploading them here again, I've decided to take the route and start from scratch. To differentiate between these two, I'm currently calling this With Bated Breath (2008) considering the year it was created. If you're interested in reading the new revisions and continuation feel free to follow With Bated Breath which is already up. This will be the last update I'll have under this one specifically. All future updates will be made in my new one. Thank you.