Midnight's Pixie
I own nothing. Stephenie Meyer does.

"Forks High School is getting a new student," I announced to my family.

I had seen the vision earlier in the week: Chief Swan picking up his daughter from the Port Angeles airport, driving her back to Forks and helping her move her bags into his house. I'd seen her drive into the Forks High School parking lot too, in an old, rusted Chevy truck.

Everyone glanced up at me when I spoke, but not all were truly interested.

Carlisle, my adopted father, smiled warmly at me. "Yes, I heard some of the nurses talking about it. Seems to be the gossip of the town."

Esme, his wife and my loving adopted mother, smiled also. "How wonderful that Police Chief Swan will have his daughter here living with him! He's been living alone far too long. I'm glad the decision was made. When is she coming?"

"In about a week, I think." I couldn't be exactly sure of the time. I'd seen no date in my vision but the weather didn't seem to have changed much. It honestly wasn't very exciting as far as visions went, but I had to look out for my family, so I was keeping an eye out on any new developments around the small, northwest, Pacific town we were living in.

Rosalie, my beautiful goddess of a sister, looked up from her car magazine. "Did you see what she looked like?"

Her husband and my brother, Emmett, snickered. "No one is ever going to be more beautiful than you, Rose."

She flipped her silky, golden hair over her perfect shoulder. "I was just curious. Never hurts to know the competition."

"What competition, angel?" Emmett cooed into Rosalie's ear.

Edward snorted. Rosalie glared at my favorite brother and a soft snarl broke through her lips. Esme shifted nervously in her chair, turning away from her blue prints that covered the never eaten on dinning room table. She never liked it when her children fought.

"I didn't get that good of a look at her face," I said, trying to pull the atmosphere back into a peaceful setting. "She's brunette, slender… pretty average, I suppose. Maybe it was just the light, but she did look fairly pale… which doesn't really make sense – Carlisle, isn't she from Arizona?"

Carlisle rubbed Esme's shoulder fondly and smiled down at her. "Yes, from Phoenix, if I'm not mistaken."

"Hmmmm… it's very sunny down there," a beautiful voice said from behind me. I felt my beloved husband come to stand behind me, sighing contentedly as his muscular arms wrapped around my tiny waist. A soft kiss lingered on my cheek. "Very sunny," he repeated, but something like longing leaked through his lips.

I turned around in his arms and tilted my head back to stare up into his face. Darkening butterscotch eyes bore smoldering down into mine and if I could have blushed from the intensity of his gaze, I would have. I brushed his scarred brow with my fingertips and caught my finger in his honeyed hair. He sighed and leaned down to kiss me.

A rough cough and snicker stopped us. Jasper reluctantly tore his eyes from mine to glare viciously at Emmett. I clung tightly to his perfectly formed body, knowing that if I loosened my gasp for a second, that the two would pick up on their version of a wrestling match they had started earlier that week.

I breathed a sigh of disappointment and stuck out my lower lip, pouting that our kiss had been interrupted. Jasper glanced down at the sound of my sigh and then smiled. He ducked his head down to mine and kissed me, pressing his flawlessly lips to mine. He gently pulled away and glanced back at Emmett before he completely released me from his grasp.

He chuckled as I pouted more and cupped my face in his big hands. "Let me go teach him a lesson, Alice. He needs a good beating."

Emmett let out a victory cry and swiftly kissing Rosalie, bounded out the glass door into the cleared yard by the river. Jasper smirked at me and winked before following Emmett outside.

With my husband preoccupied, I walked over to Edward, who was sitting at his piano, staring at the keys. I lightly touched a key and a soft sound vibrated from the grand piano. He sighed and glanced at me sideways, his dark eyes tinted with golden undertones. He raised an eyebrow and then shook his head.

"I don't know why, I just don't feel like playing."

I cocked my head to the side. "You haven't played for ages, Edward."

He sighed again, running his hands through his already tussled bronze hair. He groaned softly as he rested his forehead against the propped up key cover.

I sat silently beside him, aching inside because my favorite brother was hurting. I was sure he was lonely, but he would never admit it in a thousand years. He snorted as he read my thoughts. "Am not," he said softly. I smiled. Of course. I knew he would say that. Perhaps he was right. Maybe his soul mate had existed in his own time, back at the turn of a different century, who was long gone by now. Maybe he really was content by himself, but I didn't believe that. Before I had found Jasper, before I even knew to look for him, I felt incomplete. Not that I remembered anything before waking up alone in the middle of a swampy, Mississippi forest.

"You're so lucky," he breathed.

I stared at him. "How is that?"

"You don't remember. You don't remember your family or life before this damnation. You don't know what you gave up… what you lost."

I bowed my head over the piano and picked out some more notes. "You really think its better not to know?"

He gazed blankly at my hands as I worked slowly through Clair de Lune. "Isn't it?" he murmured. I stopped playing. He looked up into my face. I could imagine what he saw there. Sadness mingled with pain. I concentrated my hardest, trying to remember as far back as I could… and all I came up with was waking up on the wet ground, surrounded by trees and the night sky, but alone. He looked down and took up my hand, squeezing it gently. "I'm sorry, Alice."

It's alright, I thought. I sighed. I just wish I could remember something. Anything. Even if it was a painful memory, it would be something.

Edward's arm came around my shoulder and I rested my head into his neck. "Did you ever want to go looking for answers?"

I snorted. And start where? The state of Mississippi? A lot of good that will do… I don't even remember what my last name was… just Alice. That's it… that's all I took with me from that life. I shook my head. I like my life now, Edward. I have Jasper and this family. I just want you to be happy too.

He snorted now. "I'm fine Alice, really. You don't need to make it your mission to make me happy. I'm just an apathetic person. I've done too many horrible things to deserve any happiness in this so called life or in whatever is after this for us." I pursed my lips. He stared at me speculatively. "Seriously, Alice. Please don't get it in your head to try something. I've already been the victim of Esme trying to match me up with someone, so please… I couldn't stand it if you tried too."

I snickered. Poor Tanya. Sure you don't want to give her another shot? She's always willing… trust me. I smiled wickedly at him. He leaned away from me, a dangerous glare creeping into his darkened eyes.

"Alice …" he started, a threatening warning bubbling in his voice.

I picked at the keys again and smiled to myself. It's so much fun messing with you. Don't worry, I'm not going to invite Tanya or any of the Denali sisters down for a surprise visit.

Edward's stiff shoulders relaxed a little. Outside, we heard a sting of curses. So Jasper had beaten Emmett… again. I smiled. I could think of the reward I would give to Jasper for that –

Edward's face twisted as he saw where my mind was wandering. I quickly caught myself before thinking anything too promiscuous. I grinned apologetically at him and he rolled his eyes and ruffled my wild hair. "I'm going for a run," he announced. "I'm not staying in this house with you rewarding Jasper and Rosalie consoling Emmett tonight. Not a chance in hell," he whispered to me, though I knew three other people heard as well.

He winked at me and then sprinted through the front door. Rosalie glared into the night after him.

I rose from the piano bench and danced over to her side. I took her hand and pulled her from her seat. "Come on, Rose," I said. "Let's go get our boys."