Midnight's Pixie

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Chapter 20: Prom

She was going to kill me once we figured out what I was dressing her up for. Actually, I was a bit surprised that she hadn't figured it out yet. I had assumed that Bella caught onto things quickly, given the whole figuring-out-the-Cullens-were-vampires thing. Obviously, I was wrong.

The mascara wand swept over Bella's thick lashes.

Bella sat patiently on the stool in my bathroom.

I lined her eyes with liquid eyeliner in two smooth strokes.

Bella wasn't struggling or fusing. I quickly brushed my fingers over her forehead. She felt hot… but then again, I wasn't the best judge of body temperature. She did look a bit flushed though. Was she actually getting excited about dressing up? I tried to hide a smile. Well, in any case, she wouldn't be too pleased once she finally figured out where Edward was taking her.

Rosalie moved motionlessly to stand in the bathroom. She stared at Bella, a sour look on her face.

I frowned at her. "Either stay and be nice, or leave," I breathed so Bella wouldn't hear.

My sister glared at me for a moment before sighing silently. She slowly began freeing Bella's hair from the curlers they were held prisoner by.

Bella's eyes snapped open and she looked at me questioningly.

I smiled at her. "Rosalie is helping."

Rosalie's hands immediately dropped from Bella's thick curls. Her golden eyes held the coldest death.

"Come on, Rose," I said quietly. "Don't be such a drama queen." I looked up at her, pleading. "For Edward."

Rosalie's gaze stung. There was a spark of fury in her golden stare, but she slowly raised her slender hands back to Bella's head and continued to liberate her brunette locks.

"Thank you."

Rosalie nodded, but remained silent. She loosened the last curler, pulled Bella's hair back and pinned it. Then she disappeared from the room.

Bella glanced up at me nervously. I smiled reassuringly at her and continued my labor of love.

I examined Bella, making sure she was perfect. At last, I smiled at her in triumph. She grinned sheepishly back. I quickly swept from the bathroom and grabbed Bella's dress from my closet. The blue silk slid through my fingers like butter as I slipped the garment from its hanger.

"Close your eyes!" I commanded her.

I heard Bella sigh. I waited half a second and then flew back into the bathroom.

"Stand up – eyes still close!"

Bella frowned, but stood, wobbling slightly.

I yanked the towel off Bella's body and slid the dress over her head as she screamed at the sudden nakedness of her body. I gently adjusted the dress over her hips until it hung perfectly on her frame.

I giggled. Edward was definitely missing out.

"Done!" I smiled at Bella, who slowly opened her eyes.

Bella looked down at the dress she was wearing, running her fingers over the bodice and flowing silk of the skirt.

"Wow," she breathed, "I have cleavage!"

"Who would have guessed that," I teased, smiling proudly at my masterpiece.

I held out the heels that went with the dress.

Bella's eyes widened. "I am not wearing those!" She pointed at her cast-incased foot. "No negotiation!" She added sharply.

I stared at her and then sighed. "Fine, wear your sneakers!"

Edward would be home in a couple minutes. I spun Bella around carefully, checking everything to make sure she was perfect. I smiled at her as she dizzily sat down on the edge of my bed.

"You look beautiful, Bella. Edward's going to love it."

A deep blush rose to her cheeks, illuminating her beauty in a subtle way that only humans possessed.

I quickly changed my thoughts, focusing on listing the members of the British Parliament in my head. There was no way I was allowing Edward to read my mind and ruin the surprise.

Bella started fidgeting with the bottom of the dress.

I raised my eyebrows questioningly.

"It feels too short, Alice… is there any way to make it longer?"

"Too short?" I stared at her with my mouth slightly agape.

She pursed her lips. "Alice, please… whatever this is that you're insisting I dress up for… well… please, just for me?"

I frowned. "I can't make it longer… but I can give you something to wear under it." I spun around and threw open my closet doors. I scanned the shelves for a moment and then slipped out a pair of silver leggings. I held them up. "How is this?"

Bella nodded and held out her hand. I passed her the leggings and turned to shut my closet doors.


I sighed. "Yes?"

"Could I borrow a sweater?"

"Bella, you're ruining the ensemble! Do you really have to be this difficult?"

She crossed her arms defiantly. "Alice. I've let you have your way with me for the past two hours. I am not leaving this house without a sweater. I'm vulnerable to the cold and wet. I need the sweater."

I bit my lip, surveying her stubborn expression. "Fine," I relented. I turned back to my closet and grabbed a cream sweater from a hanger. I balled it up and tossed it at Bella's head. "Have your sweater!" I sat beside her on the bed and helped her slide her arms into the sleeves. I carefully removed her walking cast from her leg and helped her into the silver leggings before securing the cast back over her leg. I slipped on her Converse and tied it tightly.

I stood up and smiled down at her. "Edward is here. Let's go."

"What? He's here already?" A look of panic flicked across her face.

"Bella, are you alright?"

She went pale for a moment before her cheeks flooded with scarlet. "I'm fine," she whispered. "I can't believe it's here…"


She shook her head. "It's okay, I'm ready." When she looked up at me, her momentary fright had vanished and was place with confident acceptance.

I was still slightly confused, but brushed it off and swept her into my arms. "Rose!" I called.

The door opened and Rosalie peered inside. She surveyed Bella for a moment, scoffed and then disappeared from the doorway. Bella tightened her hold around my neck, clearly intimidated by Rosalie. I squeezed her gently, trying to comfort her, and proceeded down the hallway.

"Don't peek inside my head, Edward! And turn around!"

I paused at the end of the hallway. Esme came out of her bedroom and smiled adoringly at Bella.

"You look beautiful, darling," she said, kissing Bella's forehead. "Have fun tonight."

The same horror flashed in Bella's eye for a split second before she smiled and nodded. "Thanks Esme, I'll try." She swallowed hard and held onto my neck tighter.

Carlisle stood at the bottom of the stairs with Edward. Edward had his back to the stairs, nervously shifting from one foot to the other. Carlisle whispered encouragement to him.

I lightly descended the stairs, which frightened Bella even more, who would have strangled me if I was human. I gently loosened her grip when we were safely at the bottom and I placed her carefully on her feet, making sure she was steady before releasing her from my grip.

Edward tensed slightly as Bella's scent began to saturate the air with her beautiful freesia aroma.

"Okay," I whispered. "You can turn around."

Edward took a deep breath and then spun on his heels. His eyes went immediately to Bella's, who blushed crimson. His golden eyes held her rich chocolate eyes until he slowly began to take in the rest of her. His eyes swept over her face and down her body. A smile broke across his lips as he caught sight of her shoe.

"Thank you, Alice," my brother breathed to me, "she looks amazing."

I beamed. "You're welcome," I whispered back.

I hugged Bella and gave her a swift kiss on the cheek. "I'll see you later. Try to have fun."

I skipped up the stairs and back into my room. Rosalie was already setting her hair in huge curlers. She glanced over her shoulder as I entered. She rolled her eyes and turned back to the mirror. "I don't know why you bother. As soon as something else happens to her, he's just going to run away. He always runs away from his problems."

I frowned at her and picked up my curling iron. "Why are you being so negative, Rosalie? Does she really bother you that much?"

She glanced at me from corner of her eye as she painted on cherry red lip stain. "It's not her so much as it is him."

I was silent for a moment as I let the curling iron set my hair. "Because he picked her?" I asked softly.

Her eyes darkened and she turned away. "She's human. He's going to ruin whatever chance she has at a normal life. She deserves the chance to have what we were deprived of."

I sat quietly as Rosalie finished her makeup, sprayed her hair, loosened her hair from the curlers and sprayed her hair again.

"Rose—" I began.

My sister shook her golden hair. "Alice, I don't want to discuss this. Let's simply leave it as that."

I nodded and began to apply my makeup. Rosalie sighed and slipped into her scarlet gown. It flowed down her body and hugged her curves perfectly. She spun to check her reflection at every angle. The back of the dress dropped to just above her hips, baring her porcelain back. She slipped into her Gucci red patent leather stiletto heels.

Rosalie carefully removed my black satin dress from its plastic bag and helped slip it over my head. The bodice was form-fitting with triangle cut outs strategically placed around the midriff. My black, Vera Wang sherry open-toed heels lifted me four inches. I twirled for Rosalie. "Think Jasper will approve?"

She smiled wickedly at me. "Of course." She winked. "Let's get going. I can't wait to show these teenagers what proper dancing is."

Due to Bella's fear of Edward's driving, we arrived at the Folks High School prom just before Edward and Bella. Rosalie swept into the gymnasium like a Hollywood starlet, Emmett strutting proudly behind her. Half the gym stopped and stared while their dates looked on with contempt. Jasper took more of a protective stance, my hand held securely in his as he navigated our way through the crowd. We followed Rosalie and Emmett to the middle of the gym and took up our dancing positions. Rosalie decided that we should start with a foxtrot and once a new song began, we were off, flying across the floor, twirling and spinning through the crowd of young bodies and blinking lights.

Edward and Bella entered soon after. Mike, Eric and Tyler glared at Edward while Lauren and Jessica glower at their dates.

I waved at Bella, who stared back at me in horror. I bit my lip to keep back a laugh and smiled up at Jasper. "She's horrified."

Jasper glanced in Bella and Edward's direction as we turned. "A little… her heart rate is elevated, but she still is feeling excited and anxious…" Jasper looked down at me. "Do you think she was expecting to be turned tonight?"

I almost missed my step, but Jasper kept me on my feet, swinging me back up into position. "I… I hadn't considered that. I can't believe I didn't realize…"

Jasper smirked down at me. "Did you actually miss something?"

I frowned at him. "No! That future is already set in her mind! I couldn't have seen it again, especially since that wasn't Edward's intention for tonight."

Jasper hugged me to him. "It's alright Alice, I won't tell." He softly kissed the crown of my head. "You look lovely," he whispered, the last word dripping with his southern drawl. I almost melted at the sound of it. We waltzed through the awkwardly swaying couples, our movements fluid and graceful.

I stared into my husband's butterscotch eyes. My love. My life. My everything. His eyes smiled back at me, pools of emotion. Love, adoration, wholeness and security filled my heart, swelling the lifeless organ until I thought it would burst from my chest. We belonged together. We fit together, two broken pieces mending the other into perfection.

His hands caressed my back, pressing me into the heavenly folds of his body. Jasper's cheek pressed against my temple, his lips whispering sweet words of passion in my ear. My arms encircled his strong neck, my fingers tangling into his thick honeyed hair.

There is nothing in the world that compares to the bliss of love; the happiness of connected hearts and the harmonizing of souls. Our love was the meaning of my existence. Jasper was the voice that had pulled me from my sleeping darkness and then steady hand of reason and security. I was the one who had calmed his wild heart and eased his fears. He was mine, and I was his… for eternity.

per sempre miniera

Forever mine

per sempre il vostro

Forever thine

per sempre il nostro

Forever ours