"Bad news, gang." Dr. Richards started as he walked into the room where his three fellow scientists and friends sat around the TV after a long fight over the remote. The three of them had been sitting around the TV all day, seeing as it was a cold day in the middle of the winter. "We've got a bunch of hikers stuck out in the Adirondack."

"And they didn't send out a recovery team?" Sue asked.

"It's an avalanche dangerous area, they can't get a rescue chopper close enough without bringing half the mountain down." Reed explained. Johnny sighed.

"Stupid snow…" he mumbled under his breath as he got up with his other teammates to get into the fantasicar.

They were on the scene within the hour, landing the fantasicar out of the way of the avalanche zone.

"I'm gonna have to carry us all up there, aren't I?" sue asked her husband as they got out of their vehicle.

"And get us back." He teased with a smile. Sue smiled before creating a forcefield under the four of them and beginning their ascent up the mountain as a crowd of gatherers cheered. The cold air at the base of the mountain was nothing compared to freezing tempatures that only got colder as they continued to get higher up the mountain. Johnny had already set himself on fire and Reed was staring at a little gadget in his hands with a 3D model of the mountains and the location of the hikers.

"We're almost there." He said. "Turn sixteen degrees west."

"There they are." Sue said as she started to bring the four of them down to the hikers, and they got to work salvaging the tents for all the people. "Who hikes a freezing mountain in the middle of winter?" Sue asked Reed at one point during their search. Once they had gotten all of the men back down to the bottom of the mountain and out of the avalanche zone, one of the people they rescued approached them.

"Where's my son? Where's Robbie?!" he asked them frantically. "He went to try to get help before you get there. You've found him, haven't you? He asked. Reed looked down at the little handheld machine and started pushing buttons on the touch screen rapidly.

"I'm getting a inferred reading about twenty miles up the mountain." Reed explained.

"On it." Sue said. She jumped on a forcefield. After flying through the freezing air for a few minutes, she head Reed's voice over the communicator.

"He's about a hundred feet to your left." He told her. Sue started in the new direction and soon saw the climber's bright red coat partially covered in snow on the ground with him inside it.

"Robbie?" she asked him as she tried to get him to wake up. He started to stir and he looked up at her.

"My dad." He said weaky.

"We've got him at the base of the mountain, now come on, we have to go." She said as she started to help him up.

"Sue!" Reed's voice anxiously screamed in her ear. "Get out of there! There's about to-" A huge crumbling sound behind her drowned out the rest of Reed's words. The snow just above her was rolling down the mountain too quickly for her to get out in time.

Down at the bottom of the mountain, Reed, Johnny and Ben were watching the place where Sue should have been, hoping to see her flying into view. A few long, still seconds past before Johnny was covered in fire and flying up the mountain as fast as he could.

"Reed, where are they?" Johnny asked over his communicator.

"I can't tell. Their heat signals aren't getting through the snow." He explained. "But give me a minute, I'll trace Sue's communicator." Johnny was waiting at the place where Sue was last seen, waiting for Reed to give him the coordinates when just barely down the mountain, a bulge came up in the snow. A second later, Sue and Robbie burst up through the snow.

"Sue! You're okay!" He said as he flew over to her, just in time to see her grasp on her forehead weaken and her body collapse.

Johnny was flying back down the mountain after what seemed like an eternity, carrying Sue in one arm and Robbie in the other. He quickly dropped the conscious Robbie with the medical team and brought his sister to Reed.

"She collapsed after bursting out of the snow." He informed him. Reed's hand was on Sue's neck, checking her pulse. He sighed with relief.

"She's fine." He said. "But we should probably get her back home." He said.

They got Sue to the medical wing in the Baxter building, during which time she still hadn't woken up. This wasn't the first time that Sue had gotten knocked out by over exerting herself and her powers, but nonetheless, Reed was still sitting by her bed side as the heartbeat detector beeped rhythmically, holding her hand. Johnny came in to check on her at around ten that night, to find that Reed was nearly asleep in his chair.

"Reed, what did Sue tell you about this?" Johnny asked.

"I know, I know, bu-" Reed started

"Answer the question, Reed." Johnny demanded

"That if she ever faints again, I shouldn't sit next to her until she wakes up, I know, but that was only that once." Johnny glared at him. "Those four times…" he corrected. "But I'm still going to sit here." He finished stubbornly. Johnny sighed and rolled his eyes.

"Fine, fine… whatever… let me know when she wakes up." He said as he left.

A few hours later, Sue awoke in the hospital bed. She felt something in her hand, and looked over to see that Reed was holding it while he slept in a chair. She sighed and smiled, promising herself that the first thing she told him would be that he didn't have to sleep in a chair every time she got dizzy. She noticed that the clock read 2:30 as she hit the switch on the heartbeat detector and took the suction cup off her chest. She laid down in an attempt to go back to sleep, but it was obvious that Reed had cranked up the heat in the room to an extent that only Johnny could be comfortable, and despite the fact that she knew exactly where the thermostat was, she didn't want to wake up Reed by getting up to change it. So instead, she pulled the thick blanket off herself and tossed it on the floor, then managed to get back to sleep.

There was only one thing Sue was wrong about; nobody had turned up any heater. The heat that was causing her to toss and turn in her sleep, eventually unlocking her hand from Reed's, was coming from the fever in her own body. It was about an hour later when Sue did something that had always scared Reed when he was awake. She turned invisible in her sleep.


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It was just past eight when Reed woke up in the medical room of the Baxter building. He looked over at the bed and immediately noticed that it was empty. He looked over to the heart monitor, which was off and had nothing attached to it's other end, and he started to worry. "Why wasn't Sue in bed?" He decided that she must've gotten up already, and tried to put his mind at ease. He went to look for her in the living room, then the dining room, and kitchen, and when she wasn't anywhere, the worry really set in.


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