Once they were back in the Baxter Building, Sue was again in the bed in the hospital room, only this time, there were a bunch of other doctors there. Sue had a whiteboard that she was writing anything she wanted to say on. They were monitoring her with an inferred scanner. Reed was sitting at her bedside while the doctors were running all sorts of test to try and diagnose her.

"Tell us exactly what symptoms you can feel." The doctor instructed. Sue started scribbling on the board.

'headache, muscle ache, fever, no voice, invisible' he wrote something down on his clipboard.

"Can you control the other aspects of your powers?" he asked.


"Have you ever lost your voice before?"

'not since I was 14 and I screamed at Johnny for an hour for reading my diary' Reed laughed under his breath after reading the board.

"Can you cough?" he requested. After two failed attempts, she managed a quiet and weak sounding cough.

"Do you get head and muscle aches often after over exerting yourself?"

'head-yes muscle-no'

"Is this headache worse than most?"

'yes, but I did get hit by an avalanche' One of the other doctors came into the room.

"Sir," he started, addressing the doctor already in the room and showing him an empty test tube, "we have a bit of a problem. We can't examine the blood sample; despite our best efforts, it's still invisible." Sue concentrated on the blood as hard as she could. It was usually easy for her to turn something so small invisible and back. Her head was throbbing again, but the vial suddenly filled with a bright red liquid. The doctors looked over at the inferred monitor and saw Sue holding her head in agony.

"Are you okay, Sue?" Reed asked. She nodded, then leaned her head back on the bed as the doctors left the room. A few minutes later, Sue picked up the whiteboard and marker, which instantly caught Reed's attention.

'Go away' she wrote. Reed looked at the board and wasn't sure whether or not to feel hurt that she wanted him to leave. Sue noticed the look on Reed's face and started writing on the board again.

'I'm fine, you have work to do' It read.

"I don't have work to do." Reed argued.

'You always have work to do' He laughed.

"No work is more important than you." He said. Sue put down the board and put her invisible arms around Reed's neck and pulled his ear close to her face.

"You spent all yesterday at my bedside, then all of today looking for me. Besides, after I fell on you, you hair needs to be combed to say the least." She said in a low, weak voice. Reed sighed in defeat, then whispered back into her ear.

"If it means so much to you, I'll take a shower." He heard her laugh.

"Thank you." She whispered before letting go of him. He stood up, attempted to land a kiss on her forehead but ended up kissing her eyebrow, making her laugh, then left.

Reed had never been one for long showers, but he was under the hot running water for at least half an hour, just getting the intensity out of his muscles. He was going back to Sue's room when Johnny stopped him.

"Don't go in there." He warned as Reed put his hand on the doorknob.

"Why not?" Reed asked.

"Susie's asleep." He explained. "I almost woke her up a minute ago and this mean, little Dr. Cuddins tried to bite my head off." Reed smiled and shook his head. It was nice to see that Johnny had clamed down.

"Well, Sue did tell me that I should be working instead of sitting by her bedside…" Reed said as he took his hand off the handle.

"Then go work, Sue's fine." Johnny said. Reed shrugged and made his way up to the lab.

"Good evening Dr. Richards." The computer greeted as he came into the room. "Would you like the full report of the intruder?" Until that moments, Reed had completely forgotten that there was an intruder alert earlier that day.


"Intruder attempted to log onto the computer's mainframe at 9:37 am by logging in as Susan Storm. Intruder refused to scan their fingerprint, and their voice matched none in the database." The computer said.

"Replay audio feed of intruder." Reed said.

"Searching." The computer said before playing the recording of a sick sound Sue saying her name.

"Add voice to library as 'Sick Susan'." Reed instructed.

"Voice added. File under friend or enemy?"


Reed was just getting started on a formula for fireproofing Johnny's cloths when one of the doctors came into the lab.

"Dr. Richards," he started. "Mr. Storm said I might find you here. We've diagnosed Susan with influenza B." he said.

"Then start her on flu meds." Reed told him.

"We have. I'm here to inform you that the majority of the medical team will be leaving."


"Two of our doctors will be trading off shifts to keep her under observation for the next 24 hours." He explained.

"Of course."

"And I would like to ask you if we have permission to break doctor patient confidentiality."

"For what reason?"

"I thought you might want us to." He started. "There are rumors all over the news that Sue is dead, pregnant, missing, or has cancer. We could tell everyone that she'll be fine, and nothing more."

"Good idea." Reed said, acknowledging that the last thing Sue needed when she woke up was a swarm of bad press everywhere she looked.

It was a few hours before Ben came into the lab unnoticed by Reed.

"Hey, Reed, Susie Q's awake." He said. Reed literally dropped the new communicator he was making for Sue and sprinted out of the room. He got to the medical wing and went into Sue's room. He saw the seemingly empty bed, but looked over at the inferred scanner. The bed actually was empty. He was sure his heart skipped a beat before he continued to stare at the monitor as though she would appear in any second. He was just about to gain control over his feet again when he felt someone drape their arms over his shoulders. He turned around and he only knew Sue was there because he could feel her leaning against him.

"Bathroom." She explained in a whisper before he had a chance to ask where she'd gone.

"What do you think you're doing in here?" Dr. Cuddins demanded in a thick French accent as he came into the room abruptly. Dr. Cuddins was just as Johnny had described him, short and mean; he couldn't have been over 5'2", and he had and angry look on his face that almost made him look constipated. He glanced over at the inferred scanner, then back at Reed, who had his arms either held awkwardly in front of him or on Sue's invisible back. "What's wrong with you?" he asked angrily. "Let her get back to bed. She is sick! She needs rest and plenty of liquids, not hugs!" he yelled. Sue laughed quietly as she let go of Reed and climbed back into bed. "Now you leave! You have the rest of your life to be lovey dovey, right now she needs to sleep." Reed couldn't help but smile at the idea of him and Sue having the rest of their lives to be 'lovey dovey' as he left.

In better spirits than before, Reed went back to work on the new communicator, and once he'd finished it, he settled in the living room, the closest room to the medical wing, with Ben and Johnny to watch whatever was on TV. They later ordered Chinese food, seeing as the three of them were hopeless when it came to cooking, then Reed read a science magazine from cover to cover while Johnny and Ben played videogames and simultaneously made fun of him for being too much of a nerd. It was 10:30 that night when the doorbell rang. They assumed it was a reporter finally coming up to find out what was going on, seeing as they surprisingly hadn't seen any all day, but instead, it was one of the doctors from earlier.

"I'm here to switch shifts with Dr. Cuddins." He explained as Reed welcomed him in. Reed led him back to the medical wing, where Dr. Cuddins was once again checking Sue's vitals. He soon had all of his thins back in his bag and left with a final warning towards Reed to "let the girl sleep." Despite which, the switching of doctors had woken Sue up, and she was now leaning against Reed who was sitting on her bed.

"Let me guess, Cuddins didn't let anyone in all day?" he asked.

"Not a soul." Reed sail

"Have you had your flu shots, Dr. Richards?"

"A few months ago." Reed answered. "Why?"

"I can guarantee you her heart beat isn't going to change, so if you two can sleep in your own bed tonight if you'd like." Sue nodded her head on Reed's chest so he could feel it.

"Great." He said, taking Reed's smile as a yes. "There are just a few things I need to go over with you before hand." He said, leading Reed out of the room. "If anything happens; her headache comes back, her muscle aches get worse, she starts coughing, or anything, let me know. The one exception to that would be if she turns visible again. We believe that here being invisible is a defense mechanism; her body's trying to protect itself from further harm, and won't go away until it feels safe again. If she does turn visible, then turns invisible again and can't turn back, let me know." He said. They walked back into the room. "Other than that, I do expect you two to actually sleep when you go to your room." Sue giggled.

"Anything else?" Reed asked.

"Nope, go get some rest. The both of you must be exhausted." He said with a smile. Sue took all the various monitoring devices off of her, and with Reed's help, stood up. They walked to their bedroom together and laid down. Sue fell asleep almost immediately under Reed's arm, and before Reed had fallen asleep, she came back into visibility.

Johnny was the last person still awake after 11:00. He usually stayed up late, and the only reason he was even questioning going to bed now was because Reed had woken him up at 8:30. He was flipping through the channels on the TV, hoping he could find something to keep him awake when his cell phone rang.

"Hello?" he said as he flipped open his bright red phone.

"Hey, Johnny, it's Frank." The voice of the familiar reporter said over the phone.

"Hey, What's up?" Johnny asked.

"I'm downstairs, you should see, it's a zoo. Tons of people are here prepared to camp out until they get a straight answer about Sue. People are saying she's dead or at least near it." He explained.

"Nah, Sue's fine. You can come up if you want, I'll let the doorman know I gave you the okay."

"Aww. Really, Johnny? You're the best."

"Anything for my favorite journalist." Johnny said cheekily

"See you in a minute then."

"See ya." he said before hanging up and buzzing downstairs. "Hey, Kevin, Let Frank up for me, will ya?"

"What about the other thousand people?"

"They can wait." A few seconds later, Frank was stepping out of the elevator.

"Thanks again for letting me up, Johnny." He said. "This is going to be the story of the century."

"No problem. Sue should still be sleeping in the med wing." Johnny explained.

"So what happened?" he asked.

"I don't exactly know how it started, but it ends with Susie having the flu and not being able to turn visible." Johnny said. "She'll probably tell you everything later. She likes you. Probably because you never twist or edit anything she says to make your story more interesting like some reporters." Johnny joked.

"I hate the scumbags who do that." Frank agreed.

"Okay," Johnny said as they approached the door to the medical wing. "Be quiet now, she'll probably be asleep." He said before quietly opening the door. They both looked over at the bed, Frank with his camera ready. Everything was unplugged and the inferred scanner was off.

"Is she there?" Frank asked.

"Doesn't look like it." Johnny said. They closed the door to the room and walked over to where the doctor with the night shift was finishing some paperwork. "Hey, doc, where'd my sister go?"

"She and Reed went to bed." The doctor said. "Don't bother them."

"We won't, we won't." Johnny said dismissively as he and Frank left and went towards Reed and Sue's room. "Now," Johnny started as he saw Frank checking the flash on his camera. "I'm sure I can trust you not to take any picture of Sue cuddling with her little boyfriend."

"Right, right. Of course not." Frank said as he put his camera away.

"I think she's still invisible anyway." Johnny said before slowly opening the door with a loud creak. They could both see Sue sleeping under Reed's arm and Johnny pretended to puke. "I sort of wish she was still invisible." Johnny joked. Frank had barely managed a chuckle before the door was slammed shut. Frank and Johnny exchanged confused looks.

"I'm gonna kill him." they heard Sue whisper from in the room.

"I know." Reed whispered back as he retracted his arm from the door.


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