Title: The ARK Angels of DX in the Wrestling World War

Author: Kaykyaka

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the WWE and TNA characters used within this fictional story. No copyright infringement is intended and no money is being made by this work of fiction.

Ratings: T

Characters: Shawn, Cameron and Cheyenne Michaels, Amy 'Lita' Dumas Michaels, Hunter Hurst Helmsley, LC Helmsley, Aurora Rose Helmsley, Chyna, Trish and Randy Orton, Melina and Johnny Hennigan, Jeff Jarrett, Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, The Rock, The McCools, various WWE and TNA wrestlers.

Summary: On Monday October 29 2007 Vince McMahon declared war on DX by joining forces with Jeff Jarrett and TNA to launch a wrestling world war but the ARK Angels of DX want their daddies to focus on what's really at stake. NOTE: This story is written in reverse.

Chapter Thirty Five - Behind Blue Eyes

Thursday November 29, IMPACT Zone, Orlando, FL at 11pm:

Velvet Sky crawled to the Knockouts locker room while Vince's Hitmen applauded Mickie James for her match against the Beautiful Girl. As the other Knockouts helped her into the shower and prepared an ice pack for her back McMahon and the Main Event Mafia were congratulating Mickie James on her impressive bout with the TNA Knockout. Mickie James was so honored by the acclaim she didn't even stop to go and check out her opponent, something that was unforgivable in the Knockout Division.

"Congratulations Mickie you were incredible tonight," John Cena said giving Mickie James a big hug.

"What are you still doing here shouldn't you be home with Maria and Marion?" Mickie James asked but John Cena didn't reply he just smiled at her and before Mickie could repeat the question Vince McMahon wrapped his arm around her and ushered her to his office where Shane and Linda were holding a bouquet of red roses, "Are those for me?" Mickie James said.

"Yes, this is our way of saying thank you for making the Hitmen and the Mafia look so good against the TNA Originals. Now they know we mean business and anyone that doesn't fall in line will pay for their insubordination with their careers," Vince McMahon said and his family handed her the roses which she took in utter shock.

"Wow Mr. McMahon I don't know what to say, I mean you haven't even spoke to Stephanie and yet your giving me flowers? I'm just doing my job I don't deserve these but she does, please Mr. McMahon please go see your daughter before its too late," Mickie James said pleading with the wrestling mogul but Vince just smiled at John Cena.

"You were right she's got a heart of gold," he said to the TNA World Champion and Cena nodded and looked at Mickie James with those puppy dog eyes that made her heart cry out for air. "My daughter doesn't deserve these flowers but you do, take them home and put them on display and be proud of what you've accomplished in such a short amount of times Ms. James. Things are gonna get better for all of us here in TNA, as long as we stick together nothing will stop us from taking DX and the WWE down once and for all,"

"I don't know what to say this is all happening so fast I can barely breathe!" Mickie James said excitedly.

"Just breathe baby, take it all in this is only the beginning," John Cena said and Mickie James took a deep breath before jumping up and down excitedly like a school girl.

"Now that's more like it!" Shane McMahon said as Mickie James skipped to the TNA Knockouts locker room to check on Velvet Sky but ODB blocked her path.

"Hey Jess would you mind getting out of the way I wanna check on Velvet, I hit her pretty hard with that DDT I hope she's okay," Mickie said sincerely and ODB looked at the pretty red roses and shook her head.

"You do not wanna go in there trust me," ODB said, "The Beautiful People are furious that Velvet got jobbed out to one of Vince's Hitmen of which I am also a member and if I can't calm them down seeing you and those pretty flowers will send them over the edge. Nice match by the way,"

"Thanks Jess that means a lot coming from you," Mickie James said sarcastically and ODB furrowed her brow.

"What the F is that supposed to mean?" ODB asked offended and Mickie James smiled nonchalantly.

"Come on you're all talk ODB, you've never been World Champion frankly I don't understand why you're so highly regarded in this place. Until you beat someone of my caliber you're not even worth talking to," Mickie James said and ODB gasped at Mickie James arrogance.

"Why you stuck up little tramp, you're just like the McMahons who don't even care about their daughter all you care about is being above everyone else. Is sleeping with Maria's babyfather part of the deal or is that just a perk?" ODB said and Mickie James' face fell.

"I am not sleeping with John Cena," Mickie said adamantly.

"Maybe not yet but "No" isn't a word The Champ hears often and once he makes his move are you gonna have the integrity of a Women's Champion or are you going to break the code and betray a fellow competitor like Maria Kanellis?" ODB asked.

ODB touched a nerve because Mickie James' didn't say anything, she just shook her head looking at ODB like she wasn't even worth talking to, "Like I said I am not sleeping with John Cena and like you I too respect the code of the Women's Division, although calling Maria a competitor is stretching it a little even you have to admit that she's not in this industry because she can wrestle," Mickie replied.

"We've all gotta start somewhere and right now I'd rather see the Knockout title around her petite little waist that around your fat ass - BITCH!" ODB yelled and she spat nasty smelly whisky into Mickie James' face before storming back into the TNA Knockout locker room and getting hi-fives from all the Knockouts for her actions.

"Nice one ODB, it should have been me spititing in her face. Was she seriously gonna come in here and ask if Vevlet was okay?" Angelina Love asked disgusted, "I would have killed her if she came in here!"

Roxxi and Taylor calmed Angelina down while Kong, Rocka Khan and Raisha Saed offered sympathetic glances. Even though Awesome Kong was still the Knockout Champion she wouldn't be for long, it wouldn't be long before she would be forced to put MJ over at the next TNA PPV, Final Resolution.

Velvet Sky came out of the shower and sat down next to Angelina Love who helped her sit down, Love dried her hair for her while Christy Hemme helped her get changed. Sky could hardly focus, the Mickie-Go-Round DDT planted her head on the canvas and now it was pounding like a heart beat.

"My head is hurting so bad, I can't blink without an enormous migrane setting my brain on fire," Velvet said wincing in pain as Angelina dried and combed her hair for her.

"It was a great match you did great really, really great," Roxxi Laveaux said and the other Knockouts nodded.

"Yeah we're all proud of you Velvet, you both deserve better than this," Christy Hemme said and the Beautiful People sighed angrily before saying "We know" at the same-time. McMahon was burying them because they refused to suck up to the Hitmen, they were pro TNA not pro-McMahon and they were being made an example of just like Sting, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and Jay Lethal.

Torrie Wilson came in with the Motorcity Machine Guns and the Knockouts went ballistic when the Detroit natives strutted into their locker room.

"Get those two out of here Wilson, Velvet's still getting changed!" Christy Hemme said.

"Sorry girls but where I go they go, its not like they haven't seen a hot naked chick before," Torrie said obliviously and Angelina Love rolled her eyes.

"Let's not talk about your sex life Torrie, what do you want?" she said and Torrie strutted over to Velvet Sky and kissed her.

"HLA!" The Guns chanted while the Knockouts looked on in shock as the two Knockouts kissed right in front of them. Seconds later Velvet's headache was gone and she leapt to her feet and started dancing around like she was right as rain.

"I feel like a million dollars Torrie!" she said excitedly as Angelina tried to fix her hair and make-up.

"I thought you might, the Kiss of Life never fails," Torrie replied and the Knockouts frowned.

"The Kiss of Life?" Roxxi Laveaux asked, "What's that?"

"Well Wilson's been kissing girls for so long she got super saliva and she used it to cure Velvet's injury," ODB said and Torrie Wilson rolled her eyes while the Guns laughed it up.

"Actually I got the Kiss of Life from Shawn Michaels, there's nothing gay about it. I hope you don't think I was coming onto you Velvet, I don't kiss girls like that anymore," Torrie Wilson said but Velvet had switched gears and now she wanted to kick Mickie James ass.

"Get out of my way Torrie before I make those pretty blue eyes black and blue!" Velvet said and she bolted through the locker room door on a rampage. The Knockouts followed her out to the parking lot where Mickie James was hanging out with John Cena.

"Wait a second what are they doing?" Alex Shelley said as Chris Sabin held Velvet Sky back and Torrie Wilson covered her mouth.

"I don't know but we don't want to make Vince's new Golden Couple mad or we'll all be out on our cans," Wilson said as Velvet tried to break away from the Boise beauty.

ODB looked over Angelina Love's shoulder and Raisha Saed got on up Awesome Kong's broad shoulder for a better look.

"Is she doing what I think she's doing?" Roxxi Laveaux said quietly to Taylor Wilde.

"I sure hope not or I'm gonna run over there and kick her pretty ass all over the parking lot," Rocka Khan said and the spying wrestlers gasped as John Cena kissed Mickie James then they cheered as she pushed him away and slapped him.

"That's it Mickie put that two-timing dog in his place!" ODB said and it seemed like Mickie James was going to keep her word and not break the code. It seemed that way for about another five seconds then John narrowed the gap and kissed MJ again and this time she didn't pull away.

"Sonofabitch," Christian Cage said from inside his car on the other side of the parking lot and he called Edge and told him what was going on over on the TNA side of the wrestling world war while the Knockouts decided how they were gonna get rid of the worst thing to happen to the Knockouts Division since Cute Kip tried to be one of the Beautiful People, urgh.