A/N: This came to me at eight something this morning and I was able to pen it down at 9:40am, ten minutes before I needed to leave for my class. Not my first fanfic, but it is my first Twilight series fic. Thought I'd ease into the fandom with a drabble, and maybe then I'll be able to finish the two one-shots I've started that are begging me to be written. R&R, please? This is the first thing I've written to be posted that has no intention of humor.

100 Word Drabble
Rosalie's PoV
Set approximately 1935, several months after Emmett's change. Directly after Rosalie reveals her past to him, in all the gory details she left out for Bella in Eclipse.

He Shouldn't, But He Does Anyway
A Twilight Series Drabble
By FlamingRedFox

"Emmett…" His name came out as a muffled sob.

"Shh. Shh, Rose," he mumbled, snaking his arms around my slender waist in the familiar way he always did. "Everything will be okay. I love you."

"I don't know why. You really shouldn't."

He grunted a negative and I pressed on. "I'm broken Emmett, and I doubt I'll ever be truly happy."

"But I can and I will spend eternity trying. Now smile for me babe."

Oh Emmett…

I turned around in his arms, letting a ghost of a smile lighten my features as I leaned up to kiss his lips.