Title: The Saxophone

Author: AllForLoveandHappiness

Summary: unrelated drabbles that show the relationship of Kelsi and Ryan. Challenge Posted by DC World.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything in this, not even the plots, for those go to DC World.

It sat there in the corner of the attic of Kelsi and Ryan Evan's home, gathering dust. To anyone else, it would seem like and ordinary thing, a saxophone, full of tarnish, yet to them, it met so much more…

Flashback to 6th grade

12 year old Kelsi was walking through the empty halls, carrying her saxophone as she hurried to band class. She was late, and boy, would she be in trouble. She kept walking until she heard a voice call out to her.

"Umm, excuse me?" She turned around and saw a blond boy standing next to a pretty blonde girl, "Umm, yah," he continued to say, "We just moved here and we're kinda lost, can you help us?"

"Um, sure," replied Kelsi, "Where are you going?"

"We're both going to music."

"OK, music's on the way to band, I'll show you."

"Cool," said Ryan, "What do you play?"

"Oh, umm saxophone." Said Kelsi shyly.

"I always wanted to play saxophone. Can you give me lessons?" asked Ryan.

"Sure." From then on Ryan and Kelsi would meet in the music room every Tuesday and Thursday after school and, along with Ryan's playing on the saxophone, a deep friendship would develop.

I always thought that Kelsi would play saxophone in the band…don't know why but…oh well? So anyways this is my response to DC Worlds challenge. Plz R&R

Thank you, Emma