Chapter One

Author's Note: Something I got from another book I'm reading (Miss Fortune by Sara Mills.) Anyway, I figured…the books were being published then, why the Hell not?

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The two brothers looked at each other. They were used to working only with each other…hardly trusting any other person. Unfortunately, this wasn't their town. They needed someone with an idea of the criminal elements in this city.

They'd talked to the detective over the case…an idiot; he'd sent them to this address. The oldest brother turned to the door N. Drew, Private Investigator it proclaimed. His brother observed, "Isn't there a Drew who's a lawyer around here?"

The oldest nodded, "This Drew may be his son."

"This is… Do we really need help?" demanded the hotheaded younger brother.

The more levelheaded brother simply opened the door. A young woman sat at the desk positioned in front of the windows. It was the only desk in the small office. A row of filing cabinets stretched across the right wall. On the left side of the room, a sofa took up most of the space.

The woman looked up. "Hello."

"Is Mr. Drew in?" the younger man questioned.

She shook her head, strawberry-blond curls brushing against her shoulders. "I'm Nancy Drew, Private Investigator." Her eyes scanned both young men, noting their weapons. "What can I help you with?"


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