(2 weeks later)

The next two weeks flew by pretty fast. Tohru's jaw was almost completely healed and the dr. took out the metal braces, so Tohru was able to talk. Nobody had heard or seen Kyo for two weeks.

Tohru had been cleaning the house all day and she was exhausted, as soon as Tohru's head hit her pillow she was asleep. She had been sleeping peacefully when about 2 in the morning she heard her door open, she rolled over and opened her eyes. She sat right up and said, "KYO!" then she threw her arms around him.

"Shh… Tohru." Kyo said as he smiled.

"Where have you been?"

"I was out thinking…"

Tohru smacked him on the arm, "I was freaking out about where you went. I thought you went after Akito!"

Kyo laughed, "I'm fine Tohru. I'm sorry about Akito… I should have known he would try and do something to scare me into staying with him." Tohru tried to smile but her jaw still hurt. She scooted over in her bed n patted the open space. Kyo laid down next to her, "I love you Tohru." Tohru nuzzled into his arms and laid her head on his chest.

Kyo turned out the light and placed his other arm around her. Then Tohru got an idea, and she reached down to below his pants and grabbed onto his stick shift. Kyo looked down at her with a shocked expression. "I love you too Kyo." Then she slithered her head under the covers and within minutes Kyo was purring like a kitten, from pleasure.

Kyo moaned, "Tohru, stop… I'm going to…" Tohru laughed a little and continued to pleasure Kyo only harder. "Tohru…" Kyo didn't get a chance to finish saying what he was going to. He couldn't hold it any longer and exploded. The only sound he could hear was Tohru sucking.

Tohru came back out from under the covers and smiled at Kyo licking her lips. "Now it's your turn to feel good, sweetie." Kyo said as he rolled on top of her. He slowly kissed her neck and then heading south leaving a sweet kiss trail down her body. He completely passed over her most sensitive area as he trailed kisses down her legs as he slowly removed her PJ bottoms. Tohru put her hand on Kyo's arms and gently pulled him back up so he was out from under the covers. "What's wrong?"

"I'm not ready Kyo." Tohru looked away, "I'm sorry"

"No need to apologize Tohru. I can wait until your ready." Kyo got up and kissed Tohru. "Good-night Tohru." Then he left her room.