In Bed – Part I


Sasuke sits on his bed and his older brother Itachi was wanting something from Sasuke tonight. The bed is covered with black rose petals, with Sasuke having no idea what's coming to him from Itachi. Sasuke's brother Itachi comes out of the bathroom with his black robe on, but ready to come off.

"Do you know what will happen, little brother?"

"Itachi, get away from me. Please, no."

"If you deny me, I'm sure you can imagine what will happen."

"Itachi, you leave me no choice if I want to prevent Konoha's destruction. Please… brother… touch me."

"As you wish."

Itachi put Sasuke unconscious with the Sharingan, slipped him under the blanket and turns off all the lights. Itachi joins him under the blanket and shows nails on his hand. He starts carving Sasuke's skin open with his nails and blood pours out. Itachi licks off the blood and takes off his robe. Sasuke is still asleep, unaware of what was going on. But he didn't make a sound.

"Sasuke, you are mine."

Itachi continues to carve open Sasuke's skin and rips open his shirt. Then Itachi opened his mouth, unwilling to resist the physique of his younger brother's body, and bit Sasuke on the chest and sucked out the blood that poured from the bite mark. But something happened that was really surprising. Sasuke smiled small and Itachi didn't know but Sasuke seemed to be enjoying it, so Itachi turned up the heat.

Itachi took his hands, undid Sasuke's pants, took his cock and sucked on it. Sasuke did flinch a little bit, but luckily was still asleep. Itachi then pulled himself free and took his little brother's hand. Itachi put his little brother's hand on his pants, Itachi pulled off his pants to reveal his cock and put Sasuke's hand on his cock. Itachi slowly rubbed his brother's hand over his cock and lifted up his brother's head. He put Sasuke's head over his vaginal area and put his cock in Sasuke's mouth. Sasuke sucked on his brother's cock without knowing it was his. Itachi moaned and groaned throughout the whole time Sasuke was sucking on his brother's cock, without knowing it was his brother's. Itachi knew that Sasuke knew it was his brother having sex with him the whole time. Sasuke then stopped and Itachi laid him back down. Sasuke was about to wake up, so Itachi put everything back the way it was and as soon as Sasuke woke up, Naruto walked in and couldn't believe what he saw.

"SASUKE! What's going on?"

"Uhhh… I wasn't raped?"

"Liar! Who raped you?"

"I did."

Naruto ran out, crying. Sasuke tried to go after him. But decided to stay and knew it was Itachi who did all that. He turned to Itachi and smiled softly.

"I knew it was you, brother."

"Smart boy."