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And she brought her sharp poisonous teeth down onto my neck.

It had been nearly a century since I had been bitten by another vampire who was intent on killing me. The pain was nearly unbearable; I felt the liquid fire, flowing inside of me. I felt Maria's teeth bite harder, about to tear the flesh from my neck.

"No", I gasped, trying to hoist myself up in a feeble attempt to get her off of me, I heard the rip as she slowly, agonizingly, started to pull apart my neck. I felt the skin breaking away from my body. I saw her small smile out of the corner of my eye as she gradually lifted her head, trying to cause me as much pain as possible, I could feel her feelings of victory.

I closed my eyes, prepared for defeat. When I closed my eyes I saw Alice's face, I saw the strength to fight back. The pain I was feeling now is nothing compared to the pain I'd feel if I never got to see Alice again.

"No", I said again, louder this time, defiant. I grabbed her head, ripping her from my body. We both stood up, I was gasping in pain and she stood there breathing evenly, a piece of my flesh in her mouth.

She spat it out, "Where is your family now Whitlock?" her voice low and malicious, "It's been quite awhile and there's no one here to save you yet."

I kept my mouth tightly shut; I knew it was only an attempt to break me.

"I guess that they don't love you enough to rescue you", she smirked "don't worry I'm sure they'll come to get your ashes."

I wouldn't give her the satisfaction of a response, I couldn't. It's what she wanted, what she needed; she needed to feel the control, the power she held over me at this moment. She wanted to know my feelings of failure as I felt the warm air glide over my open neck. But I couldn't; I wouldn't let her know how much her words had affected me.

She looked at me through her curious blood red eyes, trying to decipher my lack of response. A small smile took over her lips as we both started to circle each other once again; waiting to see who would make the first move. The small smile soon turned into her lips rising above her teeth and a snarl emitted from the bottom of her chest as we closed in on each other.

What happened next was a blur; there were sounds of flesh tearing, there were feelings of pain and fury from both of us, there was the rancid taste of Maria's skin in my mouth, all I could smell was the overwhelming odour of Maria's venom all over my torn body.

She had me pinned on my back, pieces of her skin falling off of her face. She let out a low, threatening laugh but I could feel remorse and grief from her; "I'll be sure to let dearest Alice know where your ashes are too." With that she brought her lips down, kissed my neck, whispered "we could have been good together Jasper", and I felt a small shiver of regret and sadness go though her. Then she sunk her teeth into my neck with ferocity.

As she began to pull me apart I closed my eyes. I wanted to live my last moments of stolen life with Alice, even if it was in my mind. I saw her face, heard her voice whispering to me, I could almost smell her.

"Get off of him you bitch!" and suddenly the weight of Maria was off of me. I weakly lifted my head to see Maria trying to get a grip on Alice, but of course Alice was always one step ahead of her. Somehow I found the strength to get on my feet again; I needed to help Alice, to save her.

I staggered forward, preparing to engage in the fight once more, I could see Maria weakening, Alice was new to this fight, she could see Maria's next move- she had the advantage. "You came back." I whispered as I tackled Maria from behind, keeping her to the ground.

"Of course I did." I heard her say before she tore Maria's leg off.

We looked briefly at each other, ignoring Maria's defeated screams. "I love you." I simply said.

"I love you too." And Maria's howls became louder.

Together we tore apart the monster from my past, together we lit the fire. While I watched the flames lick around the broken savage Alice came up next to me and put her tiny hand into my mangled one; I looked down at her with a smile "it still fits."

"Oh Jasper!" she buried her head into my chest, tearless sobs took over her body and she kept shaking her head while repeating my name. I stroked her hair, not trying to control her emotions; sometimes it was best to let her feel her feelings. Plus I wasn't sure if I could help her, I was trying to keep my own sobs at bay; I was trying to be strong for her.

"I thought I was to late." She cried. "When I saw you lying there; not fighting back anymore, it was-"She stopped, unable to finish.

"Shh, its okay, I'm okay" I let out in a strangled voice.

"No you're not okay! Look at you!"

"Carlisle can fix it." I said as the warm air and her small body encircled my damaged one.

"I wasn't talking about your body. I can see trying to hold back, it's okay you don't need to be the strong one now, let me be there for you this time." She said, calm now, stroking my forehead- the only part of my face that was still in tact. I looked down into her gold eyes and thoughts of what I came so close to losing came over me. I laid my head in the crook of her neck and finally let my feelings take over me.

Tearless wails escaped my mouth, my body shook and she held me the entire time, stroking my hair, whispering soothing words in my ear.

After what must have been hours I was holding her to my chest and I looked towards the fire. As I watched each piece turn to ashes it was like a weight being lifted from off my chest. It was finally the end to my past; I could finally fully focus on my future with Alice.

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