"Hey Bella, I was just on my way to see you!" Said Edward when Bella got out of her truck.

"Edward. We NEED to talk." she replies.

"Oh NO!" Edward starts to pull out his hair.

"Now don't do that you corn puff!" Bella laughs.

"What do you want to talk about?" Edward braces himself for the brake-up.

"Smurfs." she says flatly.

"Wait what!?!?" he asks shocked.

"Thats right! What did you think I was going to say? Silly Billy BOY!" she giggles.

"Bella you are such a geek!" Edward luaghs.

"You are a Turtle loving monkey licker!" says Bella and runs.

"BELLA!" Edward yells and scoops her up still running.

Bella sighs, "Poopy! I thought that maybe...just MAYBE, I could get away!"

"Never! You are MY little corn puff monster!" he says.

Spongebob pops out of NOWHERE!

"BAHAHAHAHAHA!" he laughs evily.

"What is it Spongebob?" asks Bella.

"Oh, where is Patrick?" he asks.

"Bakini Bottom." says Edward.

"Bye Bella! Edward." he says and leaves.

Just then Emmett comes up beside them. "Why you running?" he asks.

"Uhm..." having no answer Edward stops running.

"Gosh you silly cupcake!" Emmett says.

"Cupcake? Emmett what is wrong with you?" asks Bella.

"Aww Bells you're no fun with Ed here!" Emmett whine's

"Oh really?" Bella gets out of Edwards arms and runs in circles around Emmett.

"What are you doing Bella?" asks Edward.

"Getting my RANDOM on" she says.


"No I didn't!" Bella snaps. "SHUT UP!"

"Bella, I'm going to leave you to be random with Emmett." Edward leaves.

Emmett laughs, "Ready?"

"Yeah. You are such a BARBIE DOLL!!" Bella says.

"You snot licking tree hugger!" he laughs.

"WOW! you turtle sniffer!" she smirks.

And thus ending episode 2 of Random things with the Cullens. though it wasn't as funny...sorry I wasn't that hyper when I wrote this one.