You know the drill; Disney owns the characters and I'm taking them for a test drive.


"Ladies and gentlemen, it's time meet the bridesmaids and groomsmen," the emcee announced as the main doors to the ballroom opened. Monique came in with Felix wheeling alongside her. "The best man and made of honor, Felix Renton and Monique Davies!" They took their seats at the head table. "Now we have Miles Walker and Lynn Corrigable." Lynn and Miles walked arm in arm. "Wade Load and Joss Possible!" Wade was a little uncomfortable to have Joss on his arm, and she relished her escort's unease. "And finally, the cutest little flower girl in the known universe, Hana Stoppable!" As soon as the applause died down and the wedding parties were seated, the emcee spoke again.

"And now, ladies and gentlemen, it's time for the main event. I give you, in their debut appearance, Mr. and Mrs. Ron Stoppable!" Kim and Ron entered the ballroom arm in arm to the sound of thunderous applause, while the Queen classic "You're My Best Friend" played in the background. The wedding reception started as soon as they took their seats. "Refreshments will be served momentarily, and lunch will follow soon after." The DJ, a woman with blue and green dreadlocks, started some nice instrumental music as soon as the emcee shut his mic off.

Kim and Ron sat at their places of honor at the head table. Kim really didn't like all the attention that was being lavished upon them, but she knew that it came with the territory. It's just for today. Besides, it's not every day that a girl marries the perfect guy for her. She looked at Ron with unbridled affection.

"You okay, KP?" Ron asked when he caught her gaze.

"I love you, Mr. Stoppable." was all she said.

"Love you, too, Mrs. Stoppable."

Ron leaned in to kiss his bride again, much to the delight of the reception guests. "I guess we'll have to get used to that," Kim said, trying not to blush.

What Kim and Ron didn't know was that one Josh Mankey, a former boyfriend of Kim's, had gotten a picture of that little smooch. "What do you think, Tara?" He showed a display of the photo on his digital camera to his girlfriend, Tara King.

"Great shot," she said. "Is that what you're going to paint?"

"Unless I get a better one. But this one is definitely a contender." As a wedding present, and as a way of making up for the trouble he caused as a member of Team Ricochet, Josh had dedicated himself to getting the perfect picture of the newlyweds and painting a special portrait of it. Kim and Ron just didn't know it yet.

At yet another table sat the parents, grandparents, and siblings of the newlyweds. Dana Stoppable was again drying her eyes as she looked over at her son and her new daughter-in-law. "Is Mommy sad?" Hana asked the high chair her father had just sat her in. "Mommy's crying."

"I'm not sad, honey," Dana said. "Sometimes we cry when we're happy. And right now I'm very happy for your brother and sister."

"That makes all of us, Dana," Anne Possible added.

"Hear hear!" James said, raising his newly filled wine glass.


Steve Barkin could have sworn he saw a very familiar woman out of the corner of his eye; one he hadn't seen in quite some time. He was sure that she exited the ballroom, but when he went into the hallway, she was nowhere to be seen. Must be in the bathroom, he thought. He was about to go back in when he saw her, with a dark haired one year old old boy in her arms and a diaper bag slung over her shoulder.

"I am so glad those stink free diapers your dad came up with actually worked, sweetheart," he heard the pale green woman say. "You could've cleared out the whole ballroom with that last mess."

"Sharon Go," Mr. Barkin said. "Fancy meeting you here. Cute kid. Is he your nephew or something?"

"Crap," Sheila Gordon-Lipsky, the woman Steve Barkin knew as Sharon Go, muttered under her breath. "Steve," she said, trying not to sound irritated. "You look good." Actually, he didn't. He was wearing that same hideous suit he had worn on their double date with Kim and Ron back when Sheila was under the effects of the Reverse Polarizer.

"So do you, Sharon."

"You know that's not my name, right?" Sheila had hoped she wouldn't run into this particular face from her past. "Sharon Go was an alias I used so my brothers wouldn't find me. It didn't work, but that's what the plan was."

"Well, then, I'd like to get to know the real you," he said. "I know you're that green skinned lady Possi-, that is, the new Mrs. Stoppable used to tangle with on a regular basis."

Sheila shifted her son in her arms. "My name's Sheila," she said. "Sheila Lipsky. Mrs. Sheila Lipsky. This is my son, Joey."

"I, uh, didn't know you were married," the crestfallen man said.

"I wasn't when we met." I really hate being diplomatic. "Look, Steve, I was under the effects of a gizmo called a Reverse Polarizer when I met you. Miss Go was just a mockery of my own nicer instincts taken to the extreme. This is the real me. Honestly, I don't think we would've worked out. Turns out I go for the dorks." I'm gonna need a nice stiff drink after this.

"That seems to be a trend," Steve Barkin said, defeat heavy in his voice. And yet another one gets away.


James Possible couldn't help but notice how much the wedding wasn't costing him. Even the reception was coming in well under budget. The Middleton Convention Center refused to accept any money for the use of the facility; they were doing this to honor a couple of local heroes. The catering was provided by the students of the Upperton Institute for the Culinary Arts as a wedding present for their friend and classmate Ron Stoppable, and the DJ and emcee, a husband and wife team, had also refused payment.

It was the latter two who James was going to speak to in order to thank them. "Brenda, Nick," James said as he approached. The DJ had been set up right by the bar so people could make their musical and drink requests at the same time.

"Hello, Dr. Possible," Brenda said as she pushed a few dreadlocks out of her face.

"I just wanted to thank you two again," James said.

"Think nothing of it, sir," Nick, a bespectacled man with blond hair said. "We kind of owed your daughter."

"Yeah," his wife added, "if it wasn't for her wiring her Kimmunicator into my DJ rig after the power supply got fried, I wouldn't have been able to finish my set at the Effigy Festival. This was the least we could do."

That was pretty much the response James got from all those who refused payment. Even Rabbi Katz refused to take money; he would only accept a donation to the Jewish Community Center. Kim and Ron had touched the lives of so many, and those people were now taking it upon themselves to make Kim and Ron's big day as special as possible. James could only smile and nod. "You wouldn't happen to have anything by Elvis Presley with you, would you?"

"I never go anywhere without the King, Dr. Possible," Brenda happily replied.


A young woman with strawberry blond hair strolled nervously up to the head table. She was wearing a maroon dress and had a digital camera in her hands. Kim and Ron recognized her immediately. "Glad you could make it, Abby," Kim said with a smile.

Abigail Mann was the daughter of Kim's former commanding officer when she had been part of Global Justice's Fast Track program. Marcus Mann had been involved with illegally selling confiscated villain tech, and had tried to ruin any chance Ron had of getting any higher education just to ensure Kim's participation in the program. He was now serving a ten year sentence in a GJ prison facility. Abby had been a fan of Kim's for quite some time, and was thrilled when her fan site was given official status and a link on Kim's main page. She was ecstatic when she got an invitation to her hero's wedding reception. Wade Load had even set her up with transportation and accomodations.

"Thanks again for inviting me," she said. "Can I get a picture of you and Ron for my website?"

Monique quickly stood up and swiped the camera from Abby. "I have a better idea. You get over there with the lovebirds."

"That's not necessary," Abby protested. "I can take the picture."

"I like Monique's idea better, Abby," Kim said.

"Me, too," Ron added. "You can even hold Rufus."

On cue, the naked mole rat appeared on his human's shoulder and leapt into the young woman's hands. "Hi, Abby!" he happily proclaimed.

Abby knew she'd never win this argument. Besides, she thought as she took her position between the Stoppables, a shot of me with my heroes on my site is kinda cool. Abby had the biggest grin when the picture was taken.


Lunch progressed a bit too quickly for the newlyweds' comfort. They knew what was coming even before Nick the emcee made the announcement. "And now ladies and gentlemen, it's time to turn things over to Felix Renton and Monique Davies for the toasts." Nick handed Felix the microphone.

"I first met Kim and Ron at the carnival. I whooped Ron's butt at the whack a mole game." A few chuckles came from the crowd. "We quickly became video game buddies, and I regularly handed him his biscuit at Zombie Mayhem, mainly because the Ron-man has no idea what does and does not constitute a good weapon when it comes to dispersing the virtual undead. And he has a hard time with wireless controllers. And he has an addiction to cheat codes. That's right, Ron, I know all about those cheat codes of yours! But what was really funny was when I asked him how long he and Kim had been dating. I thought he was gonna burst a blood vessel trying to deny that he liked her!" That elicited more chuckles from the crowd, and a groan from the groom.

"Then there was Kim," Felix continued, much to the bride's chagrin. "The word 'overcompensate' doesn't even come close to describing how she was around me at first. All it took was Ron getting kidnapped by a grease monkey with a bad mullet for us to click. She denied there was anything going on, either, even though she got really jealous when Ron and I did a game night on her Friday Ron Night. I thought she was gonna burst a blood vessel denying it, too."

Felix got a serious look on his face. "Ron Stoppable is the best friend I've ever had in my life. He introduced my to my girlfriend, and he never saw just the wheelchair or treated me like I was fragile. He saw me as a regular guy, and I can never repay him enough for that. Kim, Ron, you two deserve all the happiness in the world, and then some. I hope today is just the first of countless happy days for you. To Kim and Ron!"

"Kim and Ron!" the crowd repeated.

Kim got really nervous when Monique took the mic. "Kim and I first met at that center of all things fabulous: Club Banana. I thought I was the queen of shopping till I met that girl." Kim's parents and her new husband had to agree with Monique's assessment of her. "Then I met that skinny guy of hers. Although he wouldn't know a quality wrestler if one sat on him, and even though his fashion sense leaves a lot to be desired, Ron's a good guy. One of the best. Felix said that Ron almost burst a blood vessel denying he had a thing for Kim, well it was worse with her!" The bride hid her face in her hands.

"I asked how long they'd been going out and she freaked. Wait, I take that back, freaked is an understatement. She went ballistic. I think she said 'best friend since pre-k' about fifty times in thirty seconds. But that wasn't as bad as when a girl, any girl, would pay Ron even the slightest bit of attention. I remember this one time that a girl got friendly with Ron and asked for his help," Monique looked squarely at Yori, "and Kim thought she was up to no good. It sure was fun watching her lose it like that. Except for when she started a chemical reaction that left me covered in red goop."

It was Monique's turn to get serious. "Saying I love Kim like a sister would be an understatement. I thought she would send me to the funny farm pretending she didn't love Ron, but they finally extracted their heads from their backsides and got together. I still remember when I told Kim to stand by her Ron. You see, Kim, this is what happens when you take my advice. It was a long time coming, guys, but as they say, the best things come to those who wait. To Kim and Ron!"

After the toasts, it was time for the newlyweds to have their first dance as husband and wife. Not surprisingly, the song chosen was "Could it Be." It was junior prom all over again, only Rufus didn't have to push them together to get them to start dancing. They were lost in each other, just as they had been three years ago. Kim's hand was in Ron's, and his arm was around her waist. They turned slowly, oblivious to all around them. Kim melted into Ron's arms and they started turning in the opposite direction. Then, as they did three years prior, Kim pulled back, looked Ron in the eyes, leaned in, and they passionately kissed.

It was the moment Josh Mankey had been waiting for. He took that picture faster than he had taken any photograph in his entire life! This is it! This is what I'm gonna paint. It's too perfect.

At that exact same moment, ice cold fear surged through the body of Shawn Stoppable. He had found an isolated corner to hide in and had armed the slingshot he'd smuggled into the convention center. But a smile and a wave from his adopted cousin Hana from across the room stopped him dead in his tracks before he could let his projectile fly. She's not human! Shawn quickly hid his contraband weapon and made a beeline for the table his parents were sitting at; he climbed in his mother's lap in the hopes that she could protect him from the toddling terror. Shawn was both furious with and terrified of young Hana, and right now, fear was the overriding emotion.

Next it was time for James Possible to share a dance with the new Mrs. Stoppable. Ben E. King's "Stand by Me" started playing, and Kim happily joined her father on the dance floor. They never said a word. Nothing had to be said. The looks on their faces said volumes. Kim was all grown up, and her father was very proud of her. Best of all, James didn't pull any of the stunts his own father-in-law had pulled when he and Anne got married.

When James joined his wife at their table, she gave him a peck on the cheek. "That wasn't so bad, now was it?"

"Actually, no it wasn't," he conceded. "It wasn't that hard giving her away, either." James gave his wife a goofy grin reminiscent of his new son-in-law. "Not like it was for your father." James shot a lokk across the table at his father-in-law. "Right, Howard?"

"Don't remind me," Anne groaned.

"Wait a minute," the balding red haired man protested. "I wasn't that bad, was I, Annie?"

"Yes, Howard, you were," Nana said before Anne could even open her mouth. "You were glaring at James during the entire father/daughter dance."

"And don't forget how you were when June got married," Anne added.

Howard Known sank a little in his seat. "You were my last little girl, Annie. Besides, I've gotten better since then."

Anne smiled at her father. "Yes, Dad, you're a lot better now than you were, and it only took you till Kimmie was born for you to get that way."

"Okay, people," Nick the emcee said. "The dance floor is now open. It's time to get down and boogie!" Elvis Presley's rendition of "Burnin' Love" started playing.

"Feel like cutting a rug, Dr. Possible?" Anne asked.

"I'd be glad to, Dr. Possible." The parents of the bride joined the elder Stoppables, Lynn and Miles, Josh and Tara, and the Loads out on the floor. Other couples followed soon after. Joss even dragged Wade out to dance, much to his discomfort. Even though she didn't really want to dance, Sheila left Joey with Nana Possible and shoved Drew towards the dance floor to get him to stop boasting that it was one of his failed plots that got Kim and Ron together in the first place.


The dancing continued until it was time to cut the cake. Instead of smashing a piece in Ron's face, Kim expertly and precisely flicked it at her brothers and nailed Jim dead in the face. "You're lucky it's your big day, Kim!" he shouted in mock outrage, clearly impressed with his sister's aim.

"Yeah," his twin added. "Wait till you get back from the honeymoon. Revenge will be ours!"

Kim wasn't too worried; the Tweebs were laughing while they made their threats. No, Kim only got worried when she saw the Tweebs engage in animated conversation with Warren and Wyatt Gordon, collectively known as Wego from Team Go. "That can't end well," she said to Ron.

"We might need to get Sheila in on this," Ron agreed, knowing the trouble his new brothers-in-law could get into with the replicating super heroes.


After a while, the newlyweds started making their rounds, making sure their guests were enjoying themselves. When they came to the table Yori and Sensei had been sitting at, they both smiled. Dean and Dana Stoppable were standing with the two ninja, who were having a joyful reunion with Hana. It was only recently that they learned Ron's adopted little sister was Yori's biological sister and Sensei's granddaughter. That made Yori and Sensei, in Ron's mind, extended family. They walked up just in time to hear Hana call Sensei "Grampa."

"We didn't know the Japanese word for 'grandfather,'" Dana said.

Sensei wiped a stray tear from his eye. "That does not matter. You have honored me with your thoughtfulness. Thank you."

"Like we told Yori, you honored us by placing Hana in our care," Dean replied. "We can't thank you enough for helping complete our family. And speaking of family." He held his hand out to his son and daughter-in-law.

"Stoppable-sama," Sensei said, bowing. "Thank you for allowing us to witness your nuptials."

Ron returned the bow. "You honor us with your presence, Sensei."

"And you, Kim Stoppable," Sensei said to Kim. "You are a very lovely bride."

"Thank you, Sensei."

Yori came up and hugged the newlyweds. "Ron-sama, Kim-san. I am very happy for you both."

"We hope that you will make a return visit to Yamanuchi soon, Stoppble-sama," Sensei said. "I am sure my students would very much like to see the Monkey Master and his bride. Besides, there is something I wished to discuss with the both of you; regarding when you shared the power. But that can wait. For now, please accept our congratulations."


Kim, Ron, and the elder Stoppables went back over to the parents table. Anne quickly grabbed Ron by the arm and ushered him to stand by the Tweebs. "Uh, Mom," Ron said to Anne. "What's the dillio?"

"I want a picture of my boys together," she said, glad that Ron called her 'Mom' without her having to resort to the puppy dog pout like she did on Christmas Eve.

"Well then," Dana said, handing Hana to Kim. "If Anne gets a picture of her sons, then I want one of my daughters. Unless you have an objection, Kimmie."

"None at all, Mom," Kim said to Dana. "Smile pretty, Han."


"All single ladies, front and center for the bouquet toss!" Nick announced. Tara, Joss, Lynn, Monique and Zita all vied for the best placement. Yori and several of the other ladies decided to stay out of their way; it was going to be a knockdown drag out fight to get those flowers.

Kim turned her back to the bachelorettes. "One, two, three!" Kim tossed the bouquet a lot harder than she needed to, just to make it a challenge. After bouncing between a few pairs of hands, the flowers came to rest in the grip of Zita Flores. She shot her boyfriend Felix Renton a devious grin that made him nervous.

"Guys, it's your turn now! Time for the garter."

Miles practically had to push Feilx's wheelchair out to the dance floor. They were joined by several other guys, including Larry, Josh, the members of Team Go, and a very reluctant Wade.

Kim sat down on a chair in the middle of the dance floor. Ron knelt down in front of her, slipped his hands up her dress, and deftly freed the lacy item from its home on Kim's leg.

"He did that a little too quickly, didn't he?" Nick joked.

Ron turned his back and, without warning, flicked the blue garter into the crowd and right into Felix Renton's unsuspecting hands. "You did that on purpose, Stoppable!" Felix protested. "This is payback for all those games you lost, isn't it?"

"Now now, mi amor," Zita said, taking a seat on her man's lap. "Just because I caught the bouquet and you caught the garter doesn't mean anything. I mean, it's not a conspiracy." She shot a wink at Ron. "Or is it?"


As with all parties, this one wound down and came to an end. All the guests except close friends and family left, and the DJ and emcee started tearing down their gear. Kim snickered as Joss dragged Wade over to talk to her father.

"Seems to me that Joss has taken a liking to young Mr. Load," James Possible said.

"They do make a cute couple," Anne replied. "Two braniacs together; it fits."

Lynn and Miles strode up to the newlyweds. "We're taking off," Lynn said as she hugged her friends. "Thanks for having us."

"Thanks for coming," Kim replied. "And thanks for standing by us, and I don't mean just for the wedding."

"Anytime, Kim," Lynn said.

"When can we expect you guys to come out to Tuscon?" Miles asked.

"Don't know, Miles my man," Ron said. "I'm kinda using up my vacation time for the honeymoon."

"But if you ever need us," Kim added, "we'll be there. Call us, beep us, you know the drill."

"Same goes for us," Lynn said. "If you ever need us, we've got your backs."


Pretty soon it was time for the newlyweds to depart. Kim and Ron changed out of their wedding clothes into something more comfortable and gathered up their luggage. They drove off in a Global Justice provided limo that had the words "Just Married" painted on the back. The limo took them to the airfield outside Middleton where Kim used to catch her flights to Fort Campbell while she was with Fast Track. A private jet with the Stoppables on board was soon aloft and flying them to their Hawaiian honeymoon. Kim and Ron were fast asleep before the plane even left the tarmac.

That was par for the course that first night. Upon arriving at their hotel, they checked in, went to the honeymoon suite, and then knocked out; they were asleep before their heads hit the pillows. Considering how badly they slept the night before, this was no big surprise. The marriage wasn't consummated until the next morning. In fact, the entirety of that morning was spent making sure their marriage was consummated properly.


The day after the wedding found the Possibles and Stoppables sitting in the living room of the Possible home, enjoying some quiet conversation. The Tweebs were testing out some of their miniature rockets with Rufus at the helm, so for the time being they were staying out of trouble. The parents of the newlyweds were enjoying a few pieces of leftover wedding cake that had been sent home with them, as well as a nice pot of coffee. Dana Stoppable looked over at Hana, who was happily napping beside her mother on the couch. "At least we still have a while before we have to worry about Han leaving the nest," she said.

"Same thing with us and the boys," James replied. "Although, we don't have as much time left with them as we'd like."

"No way, James. Remember what I said at Christmas? No girls. Ever. My boys aren't dating."

"Who said anything about dating, hon?" James asked his wife. "With their grades they can get into any college they want."

"College is fine as long as there are no girls." Anne Possible's denial about her sons growing up made the Stoppables chuckle.

"I still remember the first time Dana and I came over," Dean said. "Kimberly and Ronald were out playing in the backyard, and the four of us decided to get to know each other better. And now look at us."

"They grew up so fast," Dana lamented. "Next thing you know they'll be making grandparents out of us."

"That's all part of life," Nana Possible said as she came into the living room with a tray of lemon squares. As soon as she set it down the doorbell rang.

"That'll be Slim and Joss," James said as he stood up. He went to answer the door knowing full well that he had already heard this particular speech from his mother.

"Children grow up, leave the nest, get married, and start families of their own," Nana continued. "Eventually it'll happen for Jocelyn, little James and Timothy, and even Hana there." Nana sat down and ate one of her confectionary delights. "It's all part of life. Kimberly Anne and Ronald will have to deal with this same thing sometime in the future when their children grow up and start families. It's a never ending cycle, Dana, just as it should be. Besides, I'm rather looking forward to being a great grandmother."


Kim Stoppable happily walked down the beach with her hand engulfed by that of her new husband. She wore a purple one piece swimsuit with a black sarong tied around her waist. A pair of sunglasses and a wide brimmed hat protected her face and eyes from the bright sun. Ron wore a white tank top and a pair of red board shorts. A pair of shades and a ball cap protected his face from any unwanted rays. Although there were many other beach goers, the Stoppables didn't seem to notice them. For once, they weren't noticed, either.

"This looks like a good spot," Kim said when they came to a fairly deserted section of sand. She set down the bag she had slung over over her shoulder and started laying out their beach towels.

Ron, meanwhile was setting up the beach umbrella. "So, what's the agenda for the rest of the day, KP?"

Kim settled onto her towel. "I don't know, Ron. I was thinking we could marinate on the beach for a while, go back to the hotel for dinner, and then maybe make up for sleeping through our wedding night again." Monique is so never gonna believe we did that, Kim thought.

"I like the way you think, Mrs. Stoppable!"

"I thought you might," Kim giggled.

Ron quickly settled in beside his wife. "This is the life, aint it, KP? Just the two of us."

"For now, anyway. I'm half afraid that some disaster or villain sitch will pop up and we'll have to deal with it." Kim couldn't help but gaze into Ron's chocolate brown eyes. She scooted over to Ron and snuggled into him. "But you're right, Ron, this is the life." Kim sat up, took off her hat and untied her sarong. "Feel like joining me for a swim?"

"That sounds like a badical idea!"

For the next four days it was all about them. No world saving, no insane villain plots, no calls for help, no Team Possible. There was only Kim and Ron Stoppable, a young couple enjoying their honeymoon. If anyone deserved that kind of peace, it was Kim and Ron. When they got home it would be back to business as usual, but for now, their world consisted of just the two of them. They had more than earned it.


I give you a complete story, and a fulfillment of of a promise I made all the way back in "On the Fast Track;" Kim and Ron are now happily hitched. Big thanks to LTOAZFAN, Michael Howard, screaming phoenix, The Enduring Man-Child, Katsumara, CajunBear73, ZoeyChase08, Shrike176, Pablo Gilberto, daccu65, Sentinel103, soulman3, captainkodak01, Comet Moon, babbitrulez, and Fighting Chicken for the reviews, and thanks to everyone who took the time to give this a read!