The ring shook underneath the weight of the battling monsters. The warriors thought alike and blasted each other with simultaneous clotheslines, sending them crashing down against the canvas to the delight of the live crowd. Jim Ross and Tazz cringed at the level of in-ring violence. The competitors were beaten, bleeding and exhausted. Fortunately for the squeamish, the Survivor Series Casket match match between the Undertaker and the Big Show was expected to end their feud once and for all.

It did, but not in the way everyone had expected.

The arena went pitch black as the two wrestlers continued to lay motionless. Blinding red lights began flashing on and off as dark goth metal music began playing over the PA system. A loud explosion in the aisleway turned the attention of the audience and the cameramen away from the lifeless Casket match. A perfect ring of fire was now visible on the entrance ramp. Before anyone could make a move to put out the blaze, a desheveled figure rose up from behind the flames.

Edge had returned from Hell.

Longtime fans of Edge's recognized the fire and red lighting. It was the entrance used by The Brood a decade earlier when Edge first arrived to World Wrestling Entertainment. To the delight and horror of those who remembered the group, Edge hadn't come back alone. Two other figures rose up beside him, protecting both his sides. Gangrel on his right, and Christian on his left. The Brood had returned!

The flames died down. The lights in the arena returned to normal. The reunited trio stormed the ring and proceeded to wreak havoc on all who stood in their path. The referee was shoved aside. The Big Show, who had managed to sit up on his knees, was quickly speared back to the mat. The Undertaker attempted his trademark sit up, but was stomped back down until he couldn't get up again. Both giants took a conchairto to their already bleeding skulls from Edge and Christian, while Gangrel exited the ring. The vampire opened up the oversized casket sitting at ringside, which had been built so huge due to the possibility of having to fit the Big Show's body inside. Slowly the two destroyed wrestlers were dragged into their final resting places.

The box was so huge that both Undertaker and Big Show managed to fit inside of it. For the first time in WWE history, a Casket match ended in a draw. More importantly however, the ultimate opportunist had struck again. Edge had successfully taken down two of the WWE's top stars upon his return with the help of his friends. The statement was a powerful one, but it also left many questions unanswered.

Why were Christian and Gangrel back?

Why did the Brood attack the Big Show?

Who would be next?

And how would Big Show and Undertaker respond?