Author's Note: Unfortunately due to time constraints I have to wrap up Hell Hath No Fury with this chapter. I've successfully crammed nine weeks worth of TV into one final afterword, along with restoring the WWE time line to its current place in the aftermath, so I hope this makes for an action-packed final read. I honestly wanted to carry this story through WrestleMania the proper way, but time was simply not on my side. I hope I gave you all an entertaining story. This rushed ending not withstanding, I think three months of total TV time written out week by week in real-time is pretty darn good. I hope you agree and will let this ending slide the next time I write for the wrestling genre.

This chapter begins on the first SmackDown after Armageddon and ends after WrestleMania. Enjoy!

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week 1

The Big Show arrived at SmackDown the week after Armageddon. He announced to the world that Vickie was in the hospital. He promised to put Edge there before the night was over, but Edge had other plans. He appeared on the Titantron. He was at a hospital bedside a visibly scared Vickie Guerrero. As he looked down at his injured wife, the woman he himself had put in the hospital, Edge informed Vickie that he had only stopped by to inform her that he wanted a divorce. Edge removed his wedding ring and dropped it into a nearby trashcan. He exited the hospital room and the Titantron went black.

That is until Chavo Guerrero's Titantron video began to play. The returning superstar entered the arena, got in the ring and took the microphone from the Big Show. Chavo explained that the last time he was on SmackDown, he became injured while wrestling the Brood. Much to Big Show's delight Chavo vowed revenge for his injured aunt. Chavo said he would start tonight with Christian. He said that since Edge liked to put people on stretchers that he would now do the same thing.

A nervous Funaki interviewed Gangrel inside the Brood's locker room later in the evening. He questioned if Gangrel was all right after Kane forced him to Hell at the end of Armageddon. Gangrel scoffed at the idea, stating that Hell was his home. He said that Kane would soon pay for his crimes against the Brood.

Chavo Guerrero defeated Christian in a match that went back and forth. Following the win, Guerrero attacked Christian with a chair. As promised, Christian left the ring on a stretcher.

week 2

The Big Show gave himself the night off the next week. His heart wasn't into a scheduled match against Gangrel. Instead, it was Show's turn to appear at Vickie's bedside. He brought her a bouquet of flowers with a card wishing her a speedy recovery. The female's blush indicated that she appreciated the kind gesture. Selfishly, Big Show had also hoped to run into Edge at the hospital, but he was nowhere to be seen.

Back in the ring Gangrel was awarded a forfeit victory, but the celebration was short-lived. Gangrel was attacked from behind by a chair-holding Chavo Guerrero. Gangrel was assaulted until a stretcher was rushed down to ringside for the vampire. His mission accomplished, Chavo dropped the chair and turned around. The wind was immediately knocked out of Guerrero's body by a returning Edge, who speared the "Mexican Warrior" to the mat. Jim Ross suggested Edge was at the arena this week because he was hiding from the Big Show at the hospital.

Just as quickly as he'd arrived Edge departed the ring, while Chavo rolled to the outside clutching at his stomach. With the ring cleared paramedics attempted to attend to the fallen Gangrel, but the Brood member was about to receive a taste of his own medicine. The lights turned red and began to flash on and off. Kane's laughter was heard over the arena's sound system. When the lights returned to normal Gangrel had been drenched in his own blood bath. Insult had been added to injury.

week 3

Big Show was once again with Vickie. To thank him for his support, and to extract a bit of revenge herself, Vickie announced that both Big Show and Edge would participate in the upcoming Royal Rumble match. This would allow Big Show to get his hands on Edge, who surely wouldn't turn down a chance at a WrestleMania main event.

Kane defeated Gangrel by disqualification when Gangrel spit blood from his trademark goblet into Kane's face. Gangrel struck Kane with the goblet, causing it to dent against Kane's forehead. Gangrel had won this round, but the war wasn't over.

Edge appeared in the ring for an interview. He said he'd win the Royal Rumble and reclaim the WWE title at WrestleMania. He also pointed out that Big Show's weeks of consoling Vickie were over. Edge cited the WWE rulebook, which stated champions had to defend their titles at least once every thirty days, meaning that next week Big Show and Undertaker must defend the tag team belts. Edge said that he and Christian would use their rematch clause in order to challenge for the titles.

Edge had planned to say more, but Chavo Guerrero struck again.

Edge left the ring on a stretcher that night. Would he recover in time for the match next week?

week 4

A Gangrel versus Kane match was announced for the Royal Rumble by Jim Ross. It would be a First Blood match, which was a match type Ross pointed out that Kane was undefeated in.

Backstage an angry Edge confirmed in an interview that he would compete tonight despite the injuries received last week at the hands of Chavo Guerrero. Edge challenged Chavo to a Stretcher match next week on SmackDown.


Edge came out alone. Jim Ross remembered that a similar tactic had been used when the Brood took out Kane. He suggested foul play was involved once more.

He was right.

Before the championship match began Edge took a microphone. He informed Big Show that he had some good news for him. The news was that Vickie had been released from the hospital. Edge said that he knew since Big Show had to fly into town for SmackDown that Show wasn't able to pick Vickie up. Edge said not to worry because he had some friends get her instead.

Gangrel and Christian brought a bound and gagged Vickie out onto the SmackDown stage.

Edge warned Undertaker and Show not to make a move or he would instruct the Brood to shove his ex-wife off the SmackDown stage and onto the concrete floor. He told Big Show to do as he was told and Vickie's health would be spared. Big Show screamed that Edge was a sick bastard, but nonetheless he forced himself to comply with Edge's wishes. He knew the Brood members were too far away. He wouldn't have been able to save Vickie in time otherwise.

Big Show was ordered to chokeslam the Undertaker. He reluctantly did so. Edge knew Undertaker had no remorse. He wouldn't care if Vickie was harmed. Big Show would. Edge entered the ring and told Big Show not to harm him or Vickie would get it. Show backed away. With the Undertaker still down Edge made the cover and won the Tag Team championships back for the Brood.

Edge left the ring. He went back on his word and told his Brood teammates to drop Vickie. Big Show ran up the ramp as fast as he could, but he wasn't going to make it in time. Fortunately, Kane and Chavo Guerrero emerged from the backstage area. They brawled with Gangrel and Christian respectively which bought Big Show enough time to save his friend.

With Chavo and Show distracted Edge left the arena through the crowd. He escaped both unharmed and as an undeserving champion. The Undertaker finally sat up in the ring and angrily stared down Big Show to end SmackDown.

week 5

Undertaker versus Big Show was announced for the night's main event at the start of the next week's show. Jim Ross informed the viewing audience that the Undertaker was furious about the tag title loss.

Big Show explained in a backstage interview that he did what he needed to do in order to protect his friend. He said Vickie was safe, and that that was more important to him than any championship. Big Show said that before the Brood arrived in WWE, he had some business with the Undertaker that had yet to be finished. He said that tonight he would finish that business and then take out Edge in the Royal Rumble.

Edge defeated Chavo Guerrero in a hard-fought Stretcher match.

In a backstage interview, Kane told the WWE audience that he planned to make Gangrel bleed at the Royal Rumble. He laughed maniacally.

The Undertaker defeated Big Show in the main event with a tombstone piledriver. He left the ring immediately following the bell. A disguised Edge made a beeling for the ring from the crowd and pummeled the already weakened Big Show.

week 6

Chavo Guerrero and Kane teamed up to wrestle Christian and Gangrel. The match result was a no-contest when all four men wouldn't stop brawling in the ring. The referee was tired of the rules being continuously ignored by the Brood and the people they wrestled. The referee threw up his hands, called for the bell and exited the ring. WWE officials finally separated the four men once Kane and Gangrel both succeeded in busting each other open.

In a pre-recorded sit down interview, Vickie Guerrero confessed to Jim Ross that she hoped Big Show destroyed Edge at the Royal Rumble. She said she was still shaken up and that was why she missed SmackDown last week and why she'd miss it again this week. She did promise to be at the Royal Rumble however. To cheer on the Big Show.

Royal Rumble

Gangrel defeated Kane in the First Blood match.

Christian defeated Chavo Guerrero in a bonus match, avenging when Chavo put him on a stretcher.

The luck of the draw worked against Edge, but the Royal Rumble rules worked to his advantage. Edge entered the Rumble match before the Big Show. The minute he saw the giant coming toward him Edge slid out of the ring underneath the bottom rope. This method of exiting the ring saved Edge from elimination. Big Show couldn't go after him. He had to fight off the other twenty-eight men in the ring who viewed him as a threat to their victory. Edge had been counting on that.

Edge sat on the sidelines as bodies went flying over the top rope one after another. Once the smoke cleared the final two men in the Rumble match were Big Show and Undertaker. The giants locked up in center ring and attempted to force each other over the top rope. As they battled for dominance, Edge snuck back into the ring and charged both men. With both Undertaker and Big Show's bodies hanging halfway over the top rope, Edge dumped them out the rest of the way and won the 2009 Royal Rumble match.

Vickie Guerrero frowned at ringside.

What had she done?

week 7

Edge gloated in an interview about his Royal Rumble win and his continued ability to outsmart the Big Show. He said he didn't care who won the upcoming Elimination Chamber match at No Way Out. He said whoever did would surely lose to him at WrestleMania. Unless one of his fellow Brood members won, in which case Edge said they would lay down for him.

Chavo Guerrero qualified for the Elimination Chamber over Christian.

The Undertaker qualified for the Elimination Chamber over Vladimir Kozlov.

Big Show hugged Vickie backstage. She apologized to Show for being blinded by rage. She said she should have never put him into a situation where he could gain a title shot from it. Big Show apologized in response, saying that it was his fault for not winning the Rumble. Big Show said that perhaps neither one of them had to blame themselves for Edge's victory, because together they could still take it all away from him. Big Show said Vickie should put him in an Elimination Chamber qualifying match next week. He said that unlike Edge, he wanted to earn his title shots. Vickie agreed.

week 8

Gangrel qualified for the Elimination Chamber over former "Edge Head" Curt Hawkins.

WWE champion Jeff Hardy did an interview promoting the upcoming Elimination Chamber match.

Big Show qualified for the Elimination Chamber match over newcomer Kizarny.

Matt Hardy qualified for the Elimination Chamber match over Zack Ryder.

week 9

Edge gave Gangrel a pep talk backstage. Edge said to win the Elimination Chamber match so the Brood could dominate WrestleMania. He emphasized eliminating the Undertaker, since he was undefeated in Elimination Chamber matches.

Gangrel promised to drink the Undertaker's blood on his way to victory. He then wished Edge and Christian good luck in their title defense later that night.

Edge and Christian versus Carlito and Primo Colon was the night's main event. The champions appeared to be dominating the match until a backstage camera turned on. It recorded a private conversation between Vickie Guerrero and the Big Show for the whole world to see, including Edge.

Vickie pouted. Big Show asked her what was wrong. She said she was lonely because Valentine's Day was coming up and she was single thanks to Edge. Big Show informed her that she wasn't aloen. That he was single too and it was difficult to find love when you were as large as he was. He said it tended to intimidate women. Vickie said she didn't find Big Show intimidating at all. Rather, she found him sweet, loveable and charming. Big Show replied that Vickie was smart, strong and beautiful.

The crowd cheered wildly as Big Show and Vickie shared a kiss.

"I told you!" Edge said to Christian. Edge pointed to the Titantron and screamed that his ex-wife was a "slut."

Carlito took advantage of Edge's distraction and rolled him up for a pinfall attempt. Primo knocked Christian off the ring apron before he could run in to potentially make the save. The referee counted Edge's shoulders down, and just like that Carlito and Primo had captured the Tag Team championships.

That's cool.

No Way Out

Edge did guest commentary during the Elimination Chamber match.

Jeff Hardy eliminated his brother from the Chamber match. A jealous Matt attacked Jeff afterward, allowing Gangrel to pin Jeff and cost him the title.

The Undertaker delivered a series of chokeslams. He successfully eliminated Chavo Guerrero.

Gangrel scored yet another surprising pinfall victory over the Undertaker with an impaler DDT.

It was down to Gangrel versus the Big Show for the WWE title.

To Edge's horror, the Big Show won the match and the WWE title.

Edge's eyes grew wide with fear as he stared into the scowling red eyes of the man he could no longer run from. Edge seized the opportunity at the Royal Rumble, and it would soon come back to bite him. If he wanted the title he now had to face the seven foot giant standing in the ring for it. The man with everything to gain - namely the revenge he wanted - and nothing of true importance to lose. He already had Vickie, the championship and a shot at Edge one on one. The Big Show needed nothing else in life.

WrestleMania was about to get very interesting.


The Colons successfully unified their championships with the championships of the Miz and John Morrison.

Gangrel's string of recent wins came to an end when he lost to the Undertaker. Another victim of the still undefeated streak, Gangrel learned that there was only room in World Wrestling Entertainment for one supernatural entity.

Matt Hardy defeated his brother Jeff.

The Big Show defeated Edge to retain the title. Vickie came into the ring after the match, got a few shots of her own in against her ex, and celebrated with her new love as balloons and fireworks fell from the ceiling.

The Draft

Two weeks after WrestleMania the WWE held its annual draft.

Christian was drafted to the ECW brand, where he began to target ECW champion Jack Swagger.

Gangrel was drafted nowhere. He wasn't seen again following WrestleMania. Presumably he retired to the Undertaker's graveyard.

The Undertaker stayed on SmackDown, but made a few unscheduled Raw appearances beginning Draft night when fellow WWE superstar Shawn Michaels became a little too vocal about which one of them truly deserved the title of Mister WrestleMania. A match between the two was scheduled for Backlash.

Edge remained on SmackDown with no wife, no friends, and no title. He faced an entire locker room alone and miserable for the rest of his days in WWE.

Vickie and Big Show were drafted to the Raw brand, along with the WWE championship. Vickie was eventually named Raw General Manager. Chavo Guerrero fell into a comfortable role as his aunt's assistant backstage. She needed all the help she could get.

For Big Show the sky was now the limit. New, difficult challenges awaited him, but with a loving girlfriend by his side the Big Show knew he could overcome anything.

The butterflies in his stomach were defeated the night he finally gained the courage to propose to Vickie in the middle of the ring.

They were married at SummerSlam.